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There is also a main character list for quick reference, for those of you that want a good visual picture. While this story over all is a work of fiction, like any good story there are many elements of reality, especially when it comes to the sex in this story. Without condoning or condemning every sex act written about in this story is possible… I welcome positive or constructive feedback, however I will ignore negative comments. ail DB SECRET FAMILY-Chapter 6: We are a Family We’ve had Dakota for 12 days, and Blake’s two-week family leave is almost over. Even though I’ve wanted to spend every second with our baby boy, I made sure that Blake and Dakota had plenty of one-on-one time together. Besides I was busy child-proofing the house and backyard. With the boys help, we child-proofed the house, put a decorative safety fence up around the pool and hot tub. I also put another fence up around the Koi pond. I’ll be installing one of those huge back yard playgrounds in the near future. Dakota has slept in our bed every night, and we’ve made love in front of him 8 times now. The last few times he was lying next to Blake while he kissed both of us. Last night Dakota took Blake’s cock into his mouth without any prompt and drank his load only spilling a few drops. I knew Dakota wanted to do it, he’d asked me, but I left it as a surprise for Blake � one which he really enjoyed. In fact, Blake seemed to sound a bit guilty about how hot it was to have his son go after his cock, and greedily suck down his cum. I stroked Blake’s ego a bit by simply winking and saying, “Like father, like son”, then grabbing his naked tight bubble butt. Dakota’s also taken to suckling on both of our nipples. I’ve allowed him to fall asleep a few times while nursing him with my big tan nipple. His little cock gets hard sucking on our nipples, for him, though, it’s about the closeness and the bond which was lost with his mother, not anything sexual. I know he’ll grow out of it, and it’s better for his teeth than sucking his thumb. Blake and I chatted this morning over coffee, we’re going to do something special for Dakota and make him the center of our attention tonight. I’ve serviced Dakota orally six times now, each time he’s more receptive and animated as I forget about me and make him feel good, with my talented mouth. Tonight, both Blake and I are going to worship our baby boy till he has one of his amazing little full body dry orgasms. Blake hasn’t seen him dry orgasm yet, but I know Blake and Dakota have played and explored each other’s bodies in the tub on several occasions. This morning we decided to homeschool escort bayan Dakota for the next few years at least, all things considered we could easily provide a better education than public school. The only thing we had to consider was socialization, which I’d done some research on and of course help from my husband the kid shrink means we had it down. In fact, we’re headed to the biggest park on the nice side of town right now so Dakota can play, and we can have a picnic. I wasn’t much help on the playground because I couldn’t fit inside the equipment, without great difficulty. My shoulder width and upper body mass is just too much, so Blake took over on kid duty. Of course, we got our stares from the other parents and kids. It’s not so much the gay thing as it is my massive hairy body in a tank top, clearly in a relationship with a beautiful boy half my size who looks barely old enough to drink, and we have a small son to boot. Now the reasons for the stares varied: a few were bigoted fucks, but they were all little pussies, most were simply curious, and some a little more curious than others. You know the type: married guy out at the park with the fam, wife isn’t much too look at and here comes half-naked Blake down the slide with little Dakota. Of course, Blake’s shirt and shorts have ridden up, so Mr. Average Suburbia guy gets a good look at all that smooth firm male flesh and is caught leering by me. I don’t have to do anything, I consider it a compliment, however his guilt and shame were amusing to watch. Sorry. I get off on making closeted guys squirm, especially in public and with Blake around I can figure out who the closet cases are. There were two gay couples as well. Both are what I call `mirror couples:’ gay or lesbian couples who could easily be mistaken for siblings or at least close cousins. It’s common in the LGBT world, obviously I’m an `opposites attract’ type. Pleasant smiles and nods were exchanged, but they made no effort to approach us. As we’d find out later, a gay couple with a young child screams `not available for fun’ to many, not that we really cared. I got some interesting looks too, I had two middle-aged mothers who gave me the `cradle robber’ look. They just need Kai to fuck them off their high horses, it wouldn’t be the first time for Kai. I had one younger mother who didn’t care that I obviously preferred boys, she kept giving me the `Daddy come fill me with your babies’ look. This look not only combines the obviously flirtatious eye contact and lip-licking, she keeps looking constantly at my crotch and I do mean constantly. It doesn’t help that I’m wearing lightweight hemp shorts, and a jock strap, with my favorite cock ring on. Even though Dakota has the broken arm, with Blake’s help he can do all his age appropriate things and Blake even helps him do some harder stuff, which means Blake does all the work, so we both tell him he did a great job. Hey, that’s being a dad to a little kid. New gawking material for the park crowd arrives in the form of a lesbian couple with their eight-year old-daughter. Of course, the lesbians introduce themselves to Blake, because he’s obviously other than straight. I see him point my direction where I’m setting up the picnic under the shade of a tree, then Blake and Dakota head over to join me. A few minutes later the nice lesbian couple asks if they can join us in the shade for their own picnic. By the end of lunch, Dakota and their daughter Kora are fast friends, and we’ve exchanged contact info to set up playdates for the kids. The first kocaeli escort bayan will be a pool party at our place. In situations like this, Blake and I find it better to explain how we met and let them know that Blake’s a genius with a PhD. This tends to make people forget or at least excuse the fact that Blake’s indeed young enough to be my son. Blake also likes to portray it that he pursued me. This tends to make people more comfortable around us, even though it was 100% mutual, and I’m anything but passive. In the coming years Kora becomes a regular playmate; her two mothers never know our family secret. This park becomes a regular place for our family, usually just Dakota and me. We meet some really close friends here in the years to come. But that’s a different chapter. We get home a little after 2pm and Blake puts an already asleep Dakota down for a little nap, while I unpack the truck. We hang out at the pool for a while till a horny little Blake indicates he needs some Daddy cock. We dry ourselves off and make our way to the dungeon, taking the baby monitor with us. Blake hops in the sling and I proceed to use his boy pussy for a good half-hour. I eat his sweet pink hole and work my tongue inside the velvety pussy lips. I love eating his hole, but I love breeding it more. I stand still and line my cock head up against his eager pussy, then I pull the sling to me impaling him in one thrust. His boy cunt is so well-trained I can pound him without mercy, ravaging his prostate with every thrust. Blake holds onto the chains for dear life, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, as he moans like the whore he is. Drenched in sweat, I finally shove myself balls deep inside him, filling him with 4 volleys of Daddy’s milk. We rinse off and check on Dakota who’s still fast asleep. We decide to let him sleep longer because of the plans we have for tonight. I get a break from cooking. Blake makes homemade pizza and salad for dinner. I smoke a bowl, then sit back to relax and watch some MMA, while Dakota plays with his toys. I can’t help but be distracted by his beautiful naked body playing on the bear skin rug. Just before dinner’s ready, he comes up to me, reaches out and grabs my flaccid cock then kisses it on the head. “I love you Daddy Bear,” he says with a smiley giggle, still holding my cock. I pick him up and put him on the couch, leaning over and kissing his soft cock. “I love you too, Baby Boy.” I reply. He giggles and blushes, he’s so adorable. I pull him into me, and we spend the rest of the time cuddling as he plays with my chest hair, while I watch TV. I caress him gently, paying extra attention to his little pink hole and his little boner. He coos and nestles into me whenever I touch him just right. I’ve put my hard cock up between his little legs, my cockhead exposed, and he has one hand gently playing with my foreskin, teasing me. Blake serves us dinner, we sit on the floor to make it easier to help Dakota. The rest of the evening is spent with all three of us under a blanket, naked, cuddling as a family. At 8pm we head up to the bedroom for a family bath, then our special plans with Dakota. Dakota’s taken to peeing in the tub, he also likes to make a show of it, by standing up and letting out a stream into the tub like a classic marble cherub fountain, wearing an adorable grin on his face when he does it. We dry off and head to the bed still naked, laying Dakota in the middle. Blake and I join him, cuddling up and sharing kisses. We start taking kocaeli escort turns French kissing him as he giggles and squirms. Eventually we go lower, licking gently as we kiss his body. Dakota closes his eyes and starts giggling and squirming more. Eventually, I find his lovely white mounds, while Blake takes Dakota’s genitals in his mouth. I gently spread the tiny handfuls of boy flesh and my tongue finds his winking pink pussy. He squeals at the sensory overload, then lies still, lost in ecstasy. Blake alternates sucking his cock and balls and worshipping his body, so he doesn’t dry orgasm too soon. I work his boy pussy with my tongue. He relaxes enough that I get my tongue inside him for the first time. As I breach his virgin hole he gasps and whimpers clutching the sheets. I’m surprised and pleased that his expression of sexual pleasure is just like an older boys or man’s. For some odd reason I was worried this kind of sexual pleasure would be somehow alien to his young body, but that’s definitely not the case. I make tongue circles inside his pussy. It’s much different than an older boys’ hole, while tight, the ring is much more pliable, and relaxes easier than a boy well into puberty. The velvety tissue itself is thinner and more delicate, much easier for my tongue to move and swirl while inside him. Dakota’s breathing becomes heavier and more ragged, he begins to tense up. Blake continues suckling him and I have my tongue buried in his pussy. I hold Dakota’s hip, still not sure if he’ll shake when his dry orgasm hits. This high-pitched squealing moan emanates from Dakota as he shudders and convulses, his ass contracts, pushing my tongue out but I still keep working his hole. Blake keeps Dakota’s cock and balls in his mouth as Dakota’s orgasm subsides. Blake and I are so hot that we fuck while Dakota watches, this time I really fuck Blake rougher than Dakota’s ever seen, and we both climax at the same time, me seeding Blake’s hot pussy. Dakota crawls over and begins to lick Blake clean, this time licking towards Blake’s just fucked pussy, so I hold Blake’s legs open and Dakota dives right inside. I laugh, as Dakota eagerly slurps, and licks at Blake’s loose hole. “OK Baby Boy I think you got it all,” I say as I pick up Dakota and lay him on Blake’s chest. We get all cuddled and turn out the lights. “Daddy Bear…? Dakota asks in the red glow. “Yes, my Baby Boy? I reply. “Uh…Umm… Can I play Mommy?” He asks. “What do you mean by `Mommy?” I inquire. “Daddy Blake plays Mommy …you fuck his pussy. I want to play Mommy…” he asks with a smile. I laugh, but Blake, while slightly peeved at the analogy finds the humor in the request nonetheless. I gently explain that his hole is still way too small to be fucked by anyone, but if he wants, we could start playing with him to get it ready for Daddy cock. He agreed but I knew he really didn’t understand. In the morning Blake and I talked it over and we begin our online search for the smallest set of anal training toys we could find. That night we repeat making love to Dakota. This time I use a well-greased finger to gently slide inside him and massage his tiny prostate, it was like a hard little pea. I was surprised how easily Dakota allowed my finger inside him. One small grunt and that was all. Dakota didn’t last long though, within a minute of finding his prostate he was squealing in ecstasy, his tiny body wracked by another dry orgasm. Then just like every night he falls asleep safe and loved between his two daddies. NOTE: From here on, the Chapters will jump through significant periods of time, first months sometimes years. Also, from here on out the primary storyline will be about the exploration of love and sex within the Secret Family, and later on, their wild sexcapades with others.

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