Secret Incest Love Affair Pt. 01


All characters are over the age of 18!

This story is dedicated to my Aunt Janice that passed last year. None of this happened but I can always dream.

My Aunt Janice was a real hoot in the family. She was crazy, wild, and didn’t care what people thought. She always spoke her mind. When it came to holiday’s she went all out especially around Halloween. She went really all out and scared most of the neighbors.

One thing I really liked about her was she managed a strip club called Lady Godivas. It was a pretty nice size building. Growing up I always fantasize about her. I knew she had a bisexual side to her that no one in the family knew.

Technically she was my dad half sister. Different mom but same dad. I had a huge crush on her and by the time I knew her she already retired. I think she knew I had a crush on her but nothing happened. But a girl can dream and this is how it starts.


One day after my 21st birthday I needed a side job. My job was decent but I needed more cash. I was already out to my family and to the public I was lesbian. Half of my family approved and half didn’t. When my dad side didn’t, my aunt was the only one that accepted and took me under her wing.

I kept going back and forth about applying to be a stripper. My figure was 4’10”, blue eyes, petite lean body and 34c boobs. Over time I learned where my aunt worked and been in there a time or two. I decided to finally applied for a stripper/cocktail waitress. Either one will worked. I had previously got my liquor license just to have it.

The next day I was off from work when I got the call.


“Well yalova escort hello my favorite niece”

I smiled and blushed into the phone. It was my aunt calling me about the job.

“giggles, Hey Aunt Janice”

“I got your application for the stripper/cocktail waitress job”

“what made you decide to finally apply?”

“Finally????” the word struck in my head.

She knew, oh dear god!

My aunt, my crush knows I would finally cave in.

She been at me for months away from the family to apply. I always knew my aunt was a dominant one. I was a submissive the whole way around and one day she whispered in my ear,

“come join me”.

I still remember that day. As I got back to reality I answered my aunt truthfully.

“I need the extra cash and also spend more time with you”

“Mmmm I see, how about you come in tonight and have an on site interview as well?”

“I would love that and thank you”

I heard her giggle on the phone. Was she trying to seduce me at her job? Would I get it and be our little secret?

My mind was wondering. We hung up and I went to buy a new two piece for tonight.

I found me a sexy ocean blue set with very little covering. I typically didn’t like males but I knew females came in there and as long as I had my aunt by my side it was well worth it.


Later that night I got ready to go to my interview. I got to the strip club and showed the bouncer my ID and that I was there for an interview. He paged my aunt and she came down and greeted me.

“My darling how are you?”

“You ready for your interview?”

“Yes I am”

I followed yalova escort bayan her to her office and set in the chair in front of her desk. The interview went very well even though I was her niece she wanted to keep it professional.

She asked me why I wanted to work there? and that this would be only between us. I felt relieved when she said that.

“I want to work here because I have always admired this environment growing up and plus I need the extra cash”

“Mmmm I see, did you come prepared?”

“Yes I did” as I said while squirming in my seat.

I knew growing into my teenage years and part of adulthood that our feelings were mutual. I knew she could smell my wetness as she had this look into her eyes.

“Can you show me what I told you to bring?”

“Yes ma’am”

I stood up and rose to my feet and slipped off my shirt then my pants showing my aunt the matching ocean blue set. I heard my aunt gasps a little and from the corner of my eye I could tell she wasn’t trying to bite her lip. She came over to me and circled around me, grinned and whispered in my ear from behind.

“Mmmmmm nice choice darling, lets see what you have out there and maybe will give you the job” as she nibbled and giggled like a mistress giggle.

I was squirming, wet and ready to show my aunt what I had. She showed me the way and introduced me to the dancers.

Some of them was older than me and some were my age. She also introduced me as her favorite niece and be nice to me. They warmed me with open arms.

The whole night went by fast as I showed my aunt what I could do. I moved my hips sexually and guys and girls escort yalova were tipping me left and right. I felt right at home.

Afterwards, we was in her office and thats when she offered me the job I said I would love to. She smiled and whispered in that mistress tone.

“Now your mine little one” and winked.


Couple of nights have passed I couldn’t wait to start on friday. Friday night finally came as I wore my new ruby red bikini that I knew would not only catch the guest but my aunts eyes as well.

That whole week I got all my pre employment done. I entered the back door where all the staff went in.

All the girls greeted me and opened me with open arms. It was nice and wonderful to click with most of the girls. All of them teased that I looked just like my aunt and that I am lucky to have her.

My aunt came in as now she is my boss. She got her routine by gathering all of us girls and told us when to go on. We each got to pick our music each night. At one point when I was getting ready I saw my aunts eyes scan me. I knew this new bikini would turn her on. It was game on. I knew something has to happen. I wanted to be my aunts submissive.

The night went on and I got up on stage twisted around the pole, did a couple of boob faces in some guys and girls. When it was break time my aunt whispered in my ear,

“Come and see me after your last dance I got something special gift for you” and smiles devilishly.

The night went on and I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for me. I did my last dance and got my stuff and went to my aunts office.

I went into the office and she got behind me and whispered in my ear, “Ready for your gift little one” as she nibbled on my ear as I gasp and moaned.


Thats the end of part 1 let me know how you like and I can’t wait to write part 2 😉

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