Secret Spy & Surprise Ending – Edited


Secret Spy & Surprise Ending – EditedI want to tell you a story from my youth.In the UK with have a six week long holiday/vacation from education during which many sports clubs, youth centres and leisure centres host clubs for k**s that have parents who work and don’t want their k**s left roaming the streets.My story happened when I was attending a summer club at my towns Arts & Leisure Centre. The main sports hall had been set up with different areas. The k**s could play football, basketball, or tennis. Or we could use the trampolines or large inflatables to amuse ourselves. It was all good fun but after a couple of days my attention started to drift.I realised that I could wander off from the hall, saying I was going to use the bathroom but in fact explore the whole building.I found my way to the theatre which it turned out was also hosting a k**s club. I would spend time sat at the back of the auditorium watching them rehearse a stage version of the movie ‘Grease’. The theatre group was run by two young adults, a man and a lady. She seemed very nice and encouraging but he seemed to do a lot of shouting at the youngster making them perform the same scene or song over and again until he felt it was right. I remember thinking that I wouldn’t want to be in his group.I carried on exploring and found the gym which was usually empty of adults as it was during the working day so I could mess around with the gym equipment and weights.The next thing I discovered was a very comprehensive set of staff passages which could be used to get all over the building without going into the public areas at all. I would occasionally bump into a member of staff or a cleaner who would either ignore me or who would accept my story that I had accidentally taken a wrong turn and who would point me back towards the main sports hall. But basically I quickly got pretty good at using my ears and eyes to spot any staff members coming and could duck into a store cupboard or around a corner before being caught.The first thing that I found that was of interest was a passage that lead under the stage of the art theatre. The space opened up so that I could move around freely under the stage where there were a couple of trap doors. I could see that there weren’t ever used as both were padlocked underneath. I assume that health and safety was a concern even way back then. The stage floor was made up of slats of wood over beams and there was almost a 1cm gap between each slat meaning I could easily see up to the performers above.I would sit under the stage listening to the young actors and actresses singing and dancing and generally thumping about above me. The great thing about ‘Grease’ was that all the girls were wearing cheerleader style skirts so I could look up from underneath and see straight up their little skirts. Needless to say, this help pass a good few hours with my cock straining against my gym shorts which I had to release and stroke again and again until I felt my hot spunk shooting from my swollen cock. I did this for two days solid and until I made my next discovery.The mistake I’d made on the first day was that after I’d shot three loads of spunk onto the floor I had tidied myself up and headed back to the sports hall. However on the second day I hung around until the end of the day.I’d spent another wonderful afternoon looking up the skirts of the young budding actresses and was already picking favourites. Some girls had underwear that was wedged up between their ass cheeks and others had little wet spots which seemed to be either towards the front of the knickers which I thought would be little trickles of piss from all the jumping around or others had wet spots more in the middle which I thought would have been sweat from all the dancing.Finally, after stroking my cock for the whole afternoon and again shooting spunk all over the floor at my feet I heard the lady teacher call out ‘Good work everyone, thats it for today. Please get changed and hang your costumes back on the racks’. halkalı escort This was quickly followed up by the man teacher in a very stern tone with ‘and make sure you shower please. I do not want to return you to your parents as sweaty smelly messes’.As soon as he’d spoken there was an eruptions of thunderous footsteps and I heard the hoard of actresses clearly coming down stairs! I instantly panicked and my heart was pounding assuming that they would be coming into my secret under-stage hiding place and I would be caught redhanded (or at least cock-handed). However, I was quickly relieved when I heard them move past my secret hiding place and I saw a glow of light from an adjoining room flicker into life at the far end of my secret room at the back of the stage.There was lots of laughing, shouting and screeching coming from the wall. I moved quickly toward the noise searching the pinholes of light that were piecing through.I pressed my eye up to a few but couldn’t see anything.I heard water come on and the distinct sound of a shower running.I moved quickly between the tiny holes, pressing my eye against each one until, boom, eureka! My eye took a moment to focus but I was staring straight across a little space into the changing area. In front of my were a few of the girls I’d been watching. They were already in varying states of undress and some were already heading to the showers.I strained harder to see and watched as one redheaded girl pulled her yellow sweater with a large white number 7 on the front up over her head. She was right in front of me. Probably only three or four foot away. She was facing me and I was surprised to see that she wore nothing underneath her top. She had an impressed and heavy pair of young tits which flopped down heavily as they were released from her pullover. I’m guessing that she was hot and sweaty because as she dropped her top onto the bench she cupped a tit in each hand and lifted their weight slightly upwards. She massaged her breast softly in her hands taking the weight of them away from her chest and into hands. She then used her towel to wipe underneath each breast in turn. She had piercingly pink nipples which stood like little buttons on her pale white mounds. Next she unzipped her short red cheerleader skirt and let it drop to the floor. Then she hooked her thumbs into either side of her white panties and bent down sliding them quickly down over her milky young thighs.As she stood back up I could see her beautiful red bush of hair. The hair was thin and almost transparent. I could clearly see the little ‘v’ of her skin. She turned around and bent over to pick up her skirt from where it had fallen and to hook off her socks. I now had sight of her tight little bottom. Her pale cheeks where high and tight and as she bent forward she presented her vagina and puckered little arse hole to my eyes. I was amazed to see the contrast of her white skin, her vividly pink pussy and her dark ringed arse opening. Unlike her pubic mound she had no hair at all on the underneath. Maybe she would get more hair as she got a little older. My cock was throbbing like an alarm going off. I pull my shorts down without breaking my gaze. I started to pump it hard with my hand.I could see that my beautiful vision was attempting to reach her sock which had flick under the bench and as I stared at her wonderful pink lips I saw the most amazing thing. As she stretched further to reach her sock she lifted her left leg slightly which caused her perfect pink pussy lips to part slightly allowing me to peer clearly at the folds and creases deeper inside her pussy. I remember thinking how it looked so very wet and red. I could see, even just in that few seconds, that there were sticky strands of liquid clinging to her lips and stretching across her hole.She managed to fish her sock out and stood up. She turned back to face me and again I could see her beautiful soft breasts and flaming red hair between her taksim escort legs. What happened next was so quick that for many years after I’ve questioned myself on if I really saw it. But I did. It happened. It was so quick and done with so little consciousness or self awareness on her part that I think it was a natural movement that she did without thinking about it. It was more of an instinct.The whole movement probably took no more than two seconds. With her left hand she reached down and picked up her towel ready to head for the shower. At the same time her right hand swept across her tummy and down between her legs. She ran her fingers through her pubic hair and rubbed them along her slit. I saw her middle and ring fingers pressing slightly upwards into her pussy and run from front to back and then back again. As she pulled her hand away I could see her fingers were now wet and a little gooey. I guess the movement was no different to when a guy adjusts his cock and balls (as we all do 500 times a day) but this was better as I’d only just seen how wet and sticky she was down there and as hot as this was it was the next thing that made it even better……. Her left hand continued to pull her towel upwards to cover her body as she was turning to head to the shower whilst her right hand absentmindedly made its way up to her face. Her sticky fingers went straight to her nose. I watched her nostrils flare as he drew in her own aroma. I watched her winch ever-so-slightly and pull back at her obviously pungent musk. Nonetheless she then popped those two fingers quickly into her mouth. She opened her lips and I watch her tongue move out to greet the incoming fingers. She sucked her fingers in and out twice and quickly. As she removed them she quickly inspected her freshly washed digits and I guess noticed a little residue on he finger finger so gave it one last lick.I really want to stress that this was not a sexy, enticing thing done to excite a sexual partner. It was a completely innocent and sub-conscious movement. Which is what made it so fucking hot. She didn’t sucked her fingers in a seductive fashion, instead she cleaned her fingers, tasted her pussy and moved on. As she moved off toward the shower I watched her smacking her lips together and rolling her tongue around her lips clearly enjoying the last of her musky, salty pussy flavour.My cock was set to burst. If I had already cum three times in the last few hours I would have already been shooting spunk but I needed a little more this time.This is where this experience takes a strange turn and I understand that the next bit of my story might not be to everyones taste. (please add comments to say if you like how this ended).My beautiful redhead walked away, heading to the shower. The only girl left in my vision was a heavy set girl which would usually be enough to excite me but I was still out of breath having watch my redhead tasting her sticky pussy. I pulled back from my spy hole for a second giving my eye a little rest and for the first time became instantly aware of the fact that stood behind me was the male teacher from the theatre group.There I am. With my shorts around my ankles. My hard cock in my hand and I am caught. Fucked. Done for!All I can do is to start to stutter and stammer a weak apology whilst I grab downwards for my shorts.“I’m s s s sorry.. I w w w wasn’t, ermmm, I’m n n n not. . .” is all I can muster.He speaks firmly but very quietly. “Stand still. Do not move a muscle young man”.I’m got my short to my knees and freeze at his words.“This place is my little secret lad. Why do you think I make them all shower everyday, hmm?”Slowly my brain is catching up. It starts to dawn on me that although I’ve clearly been caught in here watching the girls he was also sneaking in to do the same.He speaks again, “turn back around and keep watching. Do exactly what you were doing before, right now”.I don’t know what to do, but in my panicked state my young brain does exactly şişli escort what I’ve been taught to do. ‘Do as I’m told’.I turn back and press my eye to the hole again.There is another girl now in my sight. She is very slim and has dark, almost black hair. This girl has a much prettier face than the redheaded girl but doesn’t have the redheads curves. She has a straight ‘up & down’ body, which no-doubt in her 30’s she’ll be grateful for but right now is a little embarrassed about. She has her towel wrapped around her body and is attempting to dry off whilst containing her modesty. Every now and then as she moves the towels against herself to dry off which parts the towel revealing a cute triangle of dark her between her legs. My cock betrays my environment and starts to get harder again. I watch her closely and she lifts her high foot up onto the bench to continue drying herself. This gives me a lovely clear view of her pussy and I can see that she has mush bigger and lower hanging pussy lips than anything I’ve seen before. My cock is fully hard again and it strains slightly.As she rubs her hand over her towel the movement shakes her fat pussy lips back and forth. I remember feeling that I’d like to suck on her dark long lips. I was imagining me underneath her and her lowering herself onto my face. My mouth opening up to take her meaty beef curtains and their sweet young flavour. I then felt a sensation that I have never felt before. The tip of my cock instantly felt hot and wet. It was nice but strange and I pull back from my spy hole and glanced down at my cock. I shuddered with shock, surprise and delight to see that the teacher had moved and was now kneeling on the floor with my cock in his mouth.I’d heard about blowjobs but never had one. I instinctively pulled away but his hand was firmly on my back pushing my towards the wall.I looked back through and saw that the girl had swapped feet and I could now see that her low hanging pussy lips were separated and hanging apart. This made my cock throb in my new friends mouth.Next, I felt him withdraw my cock from his mouth which made me glance down at him again. I could see that he’d release his own cock from his shorts. It was much bigger than mine but just as hard. I could see that his cock stuck upwards whereas my stuck out. He was stroking his cock with one hand whilst he kept his other hand on my back. He removed his hand from me and I watched him suck his finger into his mouth and he was making it very wet.He put his hand on my back again and push my once more toward the wall and my peep hole.The girl had pulled her panties on underneath her towel and was now fumbling with a bra. When she was ready she dropped her towel and quickly attempted to put on her bra. She was clearly shy in from of the other girls and I wondered how she would feel if she knew that I was watching her young tight body whilst her teacher was sucking on my rock hard shaft.She’d wrapped the bra around her waist and was attempting to work the clip but was obviously struggling to work it. She had tiny little boobies with dark nipples and I was enjoying how they jiggled as she became more frustrated with the bra fastening.My friend was sucking on my cock faster now. In and out of his mouth. If felt strange and I wondered how he got it so deep into his mouth as his lips were bushing against my balls on each stroke.His hand on my back had slid down and was cupping my bare ass cheeks which felt weird. All of a sudden I could feel his wet finger pressed against my bottom hole. I pulled back but he was stronger than me and as I pulled away and he pulled me back his finger went inside me.I didn’t like it. It felt very strange but once it was in it was like a switch on my cock. My cock was harder than ever and as he used his mouth he pressed me in and out from behind using his finger.I knew I was about to cum and I twitched in his mouth. He drew me deep into his mouth and I came so hard that my legs shook and he had to practically hold me up.I’m not sure when he removed his finger but I watched him drink down my young sperm and lick his lips.We both tidied ourselves up in silence.As I left my secret under-stage hiding place he told me that he would be there every day at the same time if I wanted to go back.Would you have gone back?

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