Secretarial Duties

Big Nipples

Secretarial Duties[with thanks to my muse]“Wow, babe! You look really hot! Are you trying to seduce your new manager?” Bill looked up from his eggs and eyed Patricia. “Want some coffee, hun? Maybe got time for breakfast with me? Before you go hit on Mr. Krushank.”Patricia was wearing heels, a short, tight skirt, and Bill’s favorite low-cut top. He didn’t know it, but she also had her best pearls in her purse, along with black Wolford stockings, her travel sized vial of Cartier Baiser Vole, and a small make-up case. “No, silly, you’re supposed to meet me tonight for dinner downtown, remember?”“Oh, yeah. I forgot. Sorry, babe. I’ll be there…what, about 7:00? Where? City Fish?”“Umm. Coffee’s good. Yes, that sounds good … 7:00 at City Fish. You make the reservations. I’ll call you if something comes up.”“I was going to the cleaner’s today, babe – do you need anything dropped off?”Bill was currently unemployed and played the role of house-husband. He was having a lot of trouble finding a job, because he was too qualified for entry-level positions. Until he was laid off, he was the primary bread-winner. Now, he took care of the house – the house cleaner was too expensive to keep – and did most of the cooking. It was pretty clear that Bill was feeling a lot of stress about the situation. They weren’t in serious financial trouble, at least, not yet. But he was under a lot of pressure. He used to call Patricia his trophy wife – she was ten years younger, but with her Chinese heritage, she looked more like twenty years younger. Two months after Bill had been let go, Patricia had gotten a raise. That evening, celebrating, she had jokingly referred to Bill as her trophy husband, and it had really upset him. She had been much more careful since.“Cleaners…no, I don’t think so. I have to check.” Patricia poured herself coffee and glanced at the clock on the wall. “Oh! I’m going to be late. I have to run, sweetie. Don’t forget. Seven tonight.” Patricia set down the cup, and kissed his cheek. “Love you!”The sixty-minute commute was ordinarily a chance to get herself into a working mood. Today, however, the red “Check Engine” light came on and Patricia winced at the thought of another bill. They weren’t hurting, but they didn’t have money to spare, either. “It never rains but it pours,” she said aloud. “Please, let it be something minor. Something inexpensive.” She mentally crossed her fingers, hoping that whatever the problem was, it wasn’t serious enough to cause a break-down. Fortunately, she made it into work with no further problems. She usually had the car serviced at a place close to home, because it made it easier for she and Bill to coordinate. But she thought that maybe she should call someplace close by and try to get it in, even this morning. If she was lucky, she might still drive it home tonight repaired. Of course, with Bill coming in for dinner, she could always have him come to the office and pick her up. “’Morning, Trish.” Mr. Krushank joined her at the elevator. She didn’t really like being called Trish – it seemed more appropriate for a bar maid or a waitress than an executive assistant, and her entire life, she had never been known by that nickname. But Mr. Krushank kept using it and she finally stopped correcting him. “Good morning, Mr. Krushank. How are you today?” At least she would be able to ask for time to get her car to a garage right away. Running into him now was probably a good thing.“Fine. You? Ready to tackle those quarterlies?” Mr. Krushank had transferred here from the New York office and rumor had it that he was here to improve productivity. She didn’t really know much about him yet; he was divorced, two or three c***dren, all in college. Ex lived back East. Regular sessions at the gym three times a week and seemed to play racket ball frequently. He was in his early fifties, very distinguished looking. Actually, quite good looking. Not a big talker. Aura of confidence. A lot of the women in the office were very curious about him, and Patricia found herself suddenly very popular as people tried to learn more about him through her.She realized that today might not be the best day to ask for time off, but she also knew that she needed to take care of the car. Even if it were a minor problem now, she couldn’t afford to let it become a major problem. Or worse, to die on the way home.“Mr. Krushank, I’m having some car problems and I’d like to take the car to a mechanic first thing this morning. Would you mind terribly?” Patricia tried very hard to so professional and confident, rather than like a helpless girl.“Well, those reports need to be finished before you leave, Trish. But if you’re willing to work late if necessary, then certainly, do what you need to. I’ve got to finish my summaries anyway, so you can keep me company. Would you mind bringing me some coffee before you leave? Black, please.” Mr. Krushank stepped into his office, leaving Patricia feeling a little conflicted. Call Bill now and cancel? When she had planned a special evening? She needed to get the car seen to, but she was really counting on a romantic evening with Bill, to get his engine running. He had been less attentive since getting laid off, which she understood, but still that “trophy husband” comment, he had been practically platonic! At thirty-five, Patricia’s sexuality was in full bloom. Even before Bill, she knew she liked sex. She had already given guys blow jobs and had had vaginal sex and liked it. But with Bill she realized just how much she really enjoyed sex. Bill taught her that she could pleasure him by letting him watch her masturbate, by stripping for him, by letting him lick her, by watching pornography together, and countless other little things. He had taken her anal cherry. He taught her to deep-throat a cock. He was her first (and only) titty-fuck. Before he was laid off, they were screwing every night, sometimes more frequently. OK, sometimes it was love-making, but mostly it was just good, old-fashioned, stress-relieving humping. Since the “trophy husband” remark, they hadn’t been intimate at all. She missed the intimacy and she missed the sex.In her office, Patricia quickly called several garages, at last finding one willing to see her car today. She dashed out, dropped off the car – still with the ominous “Check Engine” warning, and took a cab back to the office. It was now 11:15 am, the morning lost to this errand.“Darn. Now I really am going to have to buckle down if I’m going to get those reports done in time to meet Bill at 7:00.” Patricia decided to skip lunch and push some meetings off until tomorrow. If she worked on nothing but the reports, she just might get done and still have her special evening.She ate a candy bar from the machine and the apple she’d brought as lunch. About 2:00 p.m., Mr. Krushank stuck in his head. “How’re you doing? Looks like you’re making real progress.”“Mmmm. I suppose. I really hope to have this done on time.” Just then the phone rang. “Hello, Patricia Winegarden speaking.” Pause. “How much will it cost?” Another pause. “And can I pick it up now?” Pause. “Well, then when? … Thank you.” Mr. Krushank had stayed during this. “Your car?”“Yes.” Patricia sighed a little. “It won’t be ready until 5:30. I’ve got to call my husband. Is there anything special you wanted?”“No. Just checking in to see how things are going. I’ve got more to do. Back to work.” With that, he left.Patricia got up and stretched a bit. On long sessions like this, she liked to keep herself fresh by periodically doing a few yoga moves. One benefit of the short skirt – it allowed a wider range of motion that she normally had. A few lunges, some brief bends, then back to work. She could call Bill a little later, after she had a better idea when she’d be finished.When next she looked up from her work, it was 5:15 p.m. Bill would be leaving soon, maybe even had left already! She hastily called him on her cell. It rang through to voice mail. Damn! Had he left already! She dialed again.“’lo.” Bill sounded really odd…he was drunk!“Bill, this is Patricia. Are you alright?”“Prisha? I’m sorry. I didn mean to get fired. Baby, I’m sho…sorry.” Bill was really drunk. He couldn’t possibly drive now. Damn. It never rains but it pours.“Bill, baby. Look, you should quit drinking and try to sleep if you can. I want you to promise to stay home. Do you hear me? Stay home! Promise me you’ll stay home.” Patricia could feel her anger rising and pushed it back down. Recriminations could wait until they were together.“I…what?” Bill didn’t usually drink much. He sounded pretty far gone.“Stay home, honey. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Patricia put her phone away. Another thing to worry about; if Bill decided to come for her, it was sure to end badly. But there wasn’t much she could do about it…maybe call a neighbor? No, that wasn’t good. They weren’t really close enough to anyone for this kind of thing. Why today?Just then, Mr. Krushank stuck his head in her office. “Look, Trish, I need to have the quarterly report ready by Friday. If I’m going to review everything and assemble the full report, I need your section by Thursday morning. Either you stay tonight and finish them, or stay tomorrow night.” Mr. Krushank’s tone was stern. “I’ll be working late tonight, and I’d like your company, but either way…I need your section by Thursday morning.” At this, Patricia looked up. His face was unreadable. “A…yes, sir. I need to go yeşilhisar escort get my car before the garage closes. Then I’ll work as late as needed.” Patricia decided quickly. After all, she had to have the car to get home because Bill certainly couldn’t drive in his condition, a cab would cost a fortune, and she wasn’t about to ask Mr. Krushank to drive her. She made it to the garage in near record time, thanks to a taxi unloading just as she stepped out of her building. Her bill was pretty modest, too. The light was triggered by the spark plugs, and this was apparently not a difficult fix. The mechanic even showed her the old plugs, although she had no idea what she was looking at when she saw them. How should she know what a bad spark plug looked like? She made it back to the parking garage just as the security guards were locking off the upper level. She had to show her pass in order to get in. But parking there was more secure, so she was pleased to have been able to get in. And there was an elevator direct from that level, she didn’t need to walk into the lobby and sign in. Patricia wasn’t in the mood for delays; get in, finish her work, get home, and give Bill a piece of her mind! Too drunk to even drive in! It didn’t matter that she would have had to cancel their evening anyway, he shouldn’t have been drunk. What if the car weren’t ready?“Ouch! Oh, shoot!” Banging her shin, Patricia had snagged her stockings on the security gate. “Oh, no! Why now?” While her shin was uns**thed, the stocking was a total loss – a large ladder from her ankle to under her skirt. Well, at least she could switch to the Wolford stockings in her purse, even though they were really designed for evening. “Better than having Mr. Krushank think I’m a total slob. And I’m not going out tonight, anyway. No one’s around. I can just do it when I get back to my office.”On her way back, Patricia stopped at the break room. The coffee pot was empty, so she microwaved a cup of water for tea. She bought a granola bar from the machine, that being probably the least offensive choice from the available assortment of candy, salty chips, packaged pastries, and snack mixes. When the tea was ready, she walked quickly back to her office, locking the door behind her. It wouldn’t do to have Mr. Krushank pop in while she was half naked. “Although,” she thought out loud, “he is kind of cute. And we could really use another raise.” She laughed to herself as she pulled the fresh pair of stockings from her purse. “And I’m really horny and really want to get royally fucked.” With that, she laughed aloud. The idea of having a casual sexual encounter was so unlike her, it was funny. She loved Bill, and couldn’t imagine being unfaithful. No matter how horny she felt right now. And her fucking Mr. Krushank for a raise – that was even funnier. Her skirt was too tight to change stockings while wearing it, so she slipped it off. She took a moment to lift her top and admire her tiny waist, firm abs – not a six-pack, but she definitely had muscles distinctly visible – and long, shapely legs, firm hips, and smooth crotch. She was wearing a garter belt to hold up her stockings – she liked the sexy look and Bill agreed. She couldn’t resist twirling a bit, dancing briefly before her desk. Why did Bill have to get drunk? It would have been such a special evening. She paused in her dance and gently caressed the thin silk fabric of her black g-string – another choice made with Bill in mind. Thinking about Bill and her imagined evening made her hornier than ever. She idly stroked herself through the fabric. Should she? Why not? The door was locked, she was going to be late anyway, and she could stand a little stress relief. She walked around and sat in her chair. At home, if she masturbated, it was usually in the shower or tub. Ummmm…she rocked back a bit and propped her legs on her desk, spreading them wide. Now in the shiny black evening shears, they looked really hot, if she did say so herself.That was better. Almost as comfortable as the tub. She used the forefinger of her right hand to tease herself with slow, circular motions. A little saliva as lubricant – there – oh, so nice. She just needed to … yes, she pushed the tiny g-string down, giving her fingers complete access. Now using two fingers, she continued the circular motion. She was starting to lubricate naturally. Very nice. It felt really nice, but she just wasn’t focusing enough to cum. Probably the surroundings were too strange to completely let go. Just a few more minutes, then back to work. Ummmmm…she was definitely tense. Felt so nice…“Trish?” There was a tapping at the door. “Trish? Are you OK?” Mr. Krushank! What to do? She couldn’t possibly get dressed…and the door was locked…whatever to do? “Yes, I’m fine. What do you want? I’m working,” Patricia cast around for her skirt. Ah – there! She picked it off the back of the chair and tried to step into it. Damned heels! Hard to balance. “I picked up some Chinese, Trish. Join me for a quick meal? Keep up your energy? Open the door for me, please.” There! She pulled her skirt up to her waist as she was walking to the door.“Here. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to lose track of what I was doing. I don’t really want to have any…Oh, how much did you get? Did you really think I eat that much?” Mr. Krushank had both hands full. He held a large plastic bag, obviously filled with small containers, in his left hand. His right hand held a six-pack of Sapporo. “I wanted to be sure to have something you liked. Let me by.” He pushed past her, seeming not to notice that her blouse was not tucked in. “Hey, I forgot to get chopsticks. Go to the break room and get some forks.”Patricia silently breathed a sigh of relief. She straightened her clothes as she walked to get the forks. Odd, Mr. Krushank’s office was open. Should she close it? She decided she should and reached inside to the door handle to draw it closed. She glanced inside and noticed something odd. Mr. Krushank was visible on the monitor in his office! In fact, the monitor displayed her office, with Mr. Krushank arranging several small boxes of Chinese food. What? How?Then it dawned on her. There was a camera in her office! Mr. Krushank was spying on her! He must have seen her dancing, undressing, and masturbating! What the hell was going on here? She studied the image more carefully. The picture was probably coming from the webcam in her computer. He must have accessed her computer’s webcam! Oh my God! She had masturbated spread wide in front of her computer just minutes ago! What a show he must have seen! Ew…Patricia suddenly felt uncomfortable. What should she do? This was too creepy. She suddenly wanted to talk with Bill. She was out of her depth here. She knew it wasn’t right, but she wasn’t sure what to do now, right now-no HR person around, those reports had to be done, should she say something now? Maybe she should leave. But she didn’t like the idea of just leaving now. She was uncomfortable, but she didn’t feel physically threatened. Oh, Bill, why choose tonight to get drunk? She decided to focus on getting her job done, and deal with this situation later. She closed the door, got the forks, and headed back to her office.“Alright, the gang’s all here. Here.” Mr. Krushank handed her a bottle of Sapporo. “What do you feel like, moo shu pork? Roast duck? Yo choi with oyster sauce? Salt and pepper shrimp?”He seemed totally comfortable. Perhaps he hadn’t been watching. Maybe it was some kind of office-wide security thing. She took the proffered bottle. She didn’t really want to drink too much – she planned to be driving in a short while. Watching Mr. Krushank carefully, she took a slow sip, delaying conversation. “Maybe some yo choi, please. Is there rice?” Greens with oyster sauce sounded tasty. And she hadn’t really eaten much of anything all day. She realized she needed to be careful with the beer, too. Slowly, Patricia, slowly. Mr. Krushank answered. “Yes, here, we can share. Take the container, eat what you want. You don’t have cooties, do you?” He handed her a carton and laughed. “Sorry, I should have remembered plates, serving ware…I’m just not very detailed oriented, I guess. That’s why you work for me…to remember the details.” Another laugh.“It’s OK, you eat first. I’ll wait.” Patricia took another sip of the Sapporo. She liked beer, but didn’t indulge often – too many calories. She liked beer – but she liked cheesecake better and preferred the occasional slice of cheesecake to the occasional beer. But tonight there was no cheesecake, and the beer distracted her from the odd situation.Mr. Krushank had already started. “How’s the work going?” He asked between bites.“Oh, what? I’m sorry. I didn’t hear.” Patricia had zoned out, had not been paying any attention. “I must be more tired than I thought,” she said. “I’m having a bit of trouble focusing.” It was so nice to be sitting here, not working on the report, just relaxing.“How’s the work going?” Mr. Krushank stopped eating, and watched Patricia carefully.“I’m fine, Mr. Krushank. Jus’ fine.” Patricia felt a wonderful calm, almost bliss, filling her. She smiled and closed her eyes, leaning back in her chair.“You should finish your beer, Trish.” It seemed like a very sensible thing to do, under the circumstances. Patricia took a deep drink and set the bottle on her desk and smiled at Mr. Krushank. “’Sat OK?” She was thinking that he was cute, that this was very nice, she felt so nice right now. Mr. Krushank came over and took the bottle. “You’re not done yet, Trish. You want to finish it, don’t you?” He sat on the edge of Patricia’s desk. “You’re very beautiful, Trish. You’re easily the most beautiful woman here.”Patricia gave him a very sleepy smile. “’Sank you, Mr. Kru…sh..ank. I feel so good. So nice of you ta brin’ food. Mmmm.” “Drink your beer, Trish.” Mr. Krushank said, handing it to her again.Trish carefully reached out, took the bottle and took another deep drink, emptying the bottle. She smiled as she handed it back.“Thank you, Trish,” said Mr. Krushank as he took the empty bottle. He carefully set it aside.“Now, Trish, stand up for me.” Mr. Krushank wasn’t asking. She wasn’t sure why he wanted her to stand, but it did seem reasonable. She stood, a little wobbly.“Trish, you are a very sexy woman. I love your ass. Show me your ass, Trish.” Mr. Krushank reached out and, grasping her hips, turned her to face away from him. “Such a nice ass, Trish.”Patricia felt so comfortable. Mr. Krushank was being so nice. “You like m’ ass?” She awkwardly wiggled her butt. She felt so … good! Really, really good. So warm and calm and so, so comfortable. A little sleepy. Safe.“Oh, you have such a nice ass. So firm and round.” Mr. Krushank was running his hands over her butt, cupping the lower sides in each hand and jiggling them. It felt…nice. Strange but nice. Very nice.Mr. Krushank squeezed her butt lightly. “Oh so nice, Trish. Let me see again. Let’s just take your skirt off again.” He turned her to face him, slipped his hand to the front of Patricia’s skirt, unfasted the clasp and unzipped it quickly. Patricia didn’t resist, she just let it happen. “Oh, what a gorgeous ass you have!” He cupped her butt again, then squeezed harder. “Mmmm. Feels so good. Just want to squeeze you.” Another squeeze.Patricia smiled, somehow very pleased that Mr. Krushank was so taken with her ass. His attentions were rousing her from the peculiar lassitude she was experiencing. Something wasn’t quite right, but she was enjoying being caressed. “Have I mentioned that you have an irresistible ass, Trish?” Mr. Krushank seemed unable to stop rubbing, squeezing, pinching her. “Oh, so round. God, Trish, so sexy. I just want to kiss your ass. To bite you.” With that, he bent over and first kissed, then nipped her butt.Patricia knew something was wrong with this, but it felt really good. Too good to worry about right now. Another kiss. Another nip. And another, harder. She liked it. Very much. She bent further over and moved her legs apart a bit to give him better access. “Oh, Trish, so beautiful. I just want to …” Mr. Krushank gave her butt a sharp smack. “Mmmmm. Such a great ass.” He smacked her again. And again. “Do you like that, Trish?” He smacked her again. “You like it, don’t you?” Another, harder.Patricia felt confused. She was pretty sure she liked how she was feeling, but she knew she just wasn’t thinking straight right now. Nonetheless, she and Bill had played with restraints once or twice, but Bill wasn’t very assertive with her, and he had never tried punishing her. With Krushank, she liked it. A lot. She could feel her body responding. He smacked her again, twice more. Mr. Krushank pulled her arms behind her and pushed her down on the desk. Taking both her wrists in one hand, he smacked her butt again, even harder. “Do you like this, Trish?”“Yessss. Ow! Oh, yes!” Patricia was surprised by her answer. But she did like it. She liked the feeling of confinement, of being controlled, of being overpowered. Each sting was a special kiss, exciting her, arousing her, inciting her. Even through her haze, she knew she liked it. She just want him to use her every way. However he wanted. It would be wonderful. No decisions, just do what he wanted.“Do you want me to stop, Trish? Would you like me to let you go?” Mr. Krushank was breathing hard, although whether from exertion or excitement wasn’t clear. “Oh… OW! … No! … Hold … Tight!” She inhaled sharply with each slap, separating each word. Her breathing was quickly growing harder, too, but not because of exertion. She could feel the wetness in her crotch. SMACK! “Such pleasing roundness.” SMACK! “I want you completely bare-assed.” SMACK! He hooked his fingers under Patricia’s g-string and pulled it down until it lay atop her skirt on the floor. SMACK! “Yes, that’s better.” SMACK! Patricia spread her legs further apart, silently inviting him. Still holding her arms pinned with one hand, shefelt Mr. Krushank fumbling with his belt using his free hand. He leaned over, bringing his lips close to her ears.“You sexy slut! God I want you! You’re so amazing! I love your smell, the feel of your skin. I’m going to have you, slut!” He pushed her face down onto the desk, her ass sticking over the edge. In this position, her crotch was nearly level with his.Patricia heard a zipper and felt his hand fumbling again, then felt one butt cheek being pushed aside. Some thick rod – Mr. Krushank’s cock – was pushing against, no, sliding into her. She gasped. Her eyelids fluttered and she leaned back, pushing him further into her.“Oh, God, you’re so tight. So wet. Ummm. So good.” Mr. Krushank realized that she not only wasn’t struggling, but she was already wet, slippery, excited, ready for him. He pushed himself slowly even deeper. “Your cunt feels fantastic!”Oh God he was so big! Much thicker than Bill! Patricia arched her back and moaned a little. Mr. Krushank’s cock was incredible! If only she could play with her clit while he was fucking her! Her arms were still immobile, pinned against her back. His cock felt so good! He was so deep in her, and pressing deeper. Another moan. Now buried in her hot, wet pussy, Mr. Krushank reached around with his free hand to tease her breast. He discovered her nipples were already rock-hard! This slut loves fucking! And she’s such a good fuck! He started moving in and out very slowly, twisting her small, firm breast cruelly. “You sweet yellow slut, you! Oh, God, your cunt’s so good! That’s it, slut! Push back! Yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, God, I want to fill you!” Patricia tried to position herself to get as much of Mr. Krushank’s cock inside her as she could. His movements were very slow, very deliberate. Patricia was lost, torn between the intense feeling of being fucked by this new, strange, beautiful cock and the equally overwhelming sense of calmness, serenity. In the back of her mind, she knew she’d been d**gged, but it didn’t matter. Being fucked by Mr. Krushank’s cock just felt so wonderful. He moved back and forth, never completely withdrawing. She felt herself stretch to accommodate his cock when he thrust in, and relax as he withdrew. She was so close! It felt so good! She raised her hips a tiny bit more, intensifying the pressure on her clit. His next thrust carried her over the edge. “Ahhhhh! Mmmmm!” It was hard to make coherent noises, let alone speak.Her orgasm caused her pussy to contract even more tightly and Mr. Krushank reached his own climax. “Uhnn. Yes! Yes! Yes!.” Releasing her arms, he grasped her hips with both hands and pulled himself even deeper into her. “Oh shit, yes! Don’t move! Ah!” Patricia realized that, unlike Bill, Mr. Krushank’s cock was not shrinking. It wasn’t rock hard, but it was still firm. Still on her stomach, she could feel his cum leaking a little, hot, very hot, slowly trickling over her clit. “Mmmmm. Sooo good.” She gently contracted her PC muscle, in effect, massaging his cock.“Oh, don’t squeeze me out! Christ, that was un-fucking believable!” His right hand was again kneading her butt cheek, gentler than in the throes of fucking, but very firmly. “No, stay in.” Patricia reached behind her, pulling Mr. Krushank as firmly into her as she could. “SOOO good!”She paused. “More?” Patricia’s voice was soft, and heavy with lust. “Please?”She twisted onto her back, causing Mr. Krushank’s cock to slip out. She could easily feel his heavy load now flowing down her crack. The sheer eroticism of that liquid flow gave her a mini-climax. She reached out to stroke his cock.“Ooh! So big! So wet!” She again slipped her arm around him, drawing him close to her. She took his cock and tentatively licked it. “Mmmm. You tas’e like me.” She sucked him a little harder, engulfing about 1/3 of his rapidly stiffening shaft. “Like dat? Me too.” She gently sucked on one ball and played with his ball-sack. Mr. Krushank inhaled sharply. “Mmmmm. Don’t stop.” Patricia went back to sucking his cock, bobbing her head nearly the entire way up and down his hardening cock. She paused occasionally to lick the very tip, then resumed sucking. Mr. Krushank’s eyes were rolling up and he was making little thrusting motions with his pelvis. “Oh! Oh! Mmmmm. That’s it, slut. Oh, yeah! Suck me.” Mr. Krushank’s hands were now holding her head, guiding her, controlling her timing. “Suck a little harder, slut. Ah! Ah! No teeth!” Patricia smiled to herself. Bill could never hold back when she sucked him. He usually came when she licked the head of his cock. Having a partner who wasn’t quite so excitable was … satisfying. She felt her intensity increasing again. It was so amazing…this feeling of just melting into him. She had never orgasmed sucking Bill’s cock, but she was going to cum now. She loved this cock. She lovingly sc****d her teeth on it as she pulled up. “Ooh…ahhh…I said no…mmm…no…ah…no teeth.” His cock was quite hard now. Judging from the way he was thrusting his hips, he was close to orgasm. Patricia smiled to herself again, and ran her palm against his abs, then down his thighs. She realized she liked teasing him, bringing him to the edge, then backing off. She loved Bill completely, but it was impossible to do this with him…he came too easily, too quickly. She lightly scratched Mr. Krushank’s balls with her nails. “Ahhh!” His entire body stiffened. He pushed her head away! “I need to fuck you now!”Using all her concentration, Patricia pushed him down on the desk. “Yes!” she said and quickly swung her leg over his hips. She held his hard cock and lowered herself onto it, squeezing her PC for all she was worth.“Unnngh. Oh God…so tight. I…can’t…so…good…ahhh…please…don’t…make…me…cum.” He held her hips and tried unsuccessfully to keep her from riding him. “So good. Please. Slower.”Patricia raised and then lowered herself again and again. His cock was so GOOD! But she didn’t want him to cum too quickly, so she slowed down a little. And this time she could play with clit while she was fucking. Mmmmm! That’s the way. Oooh, yes. That’s definitely the way!“Feels so good. You?” She pushed herself down a little harder, a little faster, than previously.Another groan from Krushank. His head was tilted back, eyes closed, mouth open. His hands rested on her thighs, having relaxed their grip. “Oh my God, woman. You’re so good!!!”Patricia smiled again. She was close herself. Using her fingers made it a lot easier to control her own pace. Probably, though, she wouldn’t be able to get him hard again for some time so best not to let him come too soon. She slowed her up and down motion, and relaxed her PC muscle as much as she could. Oh, it felt so good when he slipped into her again, filling her, stretching her. She was SO wet! His breath was almost ragged; he was about to cum. On an impulse, she leaned forward and kissed him. Hard. His arms slipped around her neck, his hands clasping together, trapping her, shielding her. “Mmmmmmm.” Her tongue forced itself between his lips. She felt his cock twitching, cumming inside her. “OH…OH…OH!” Her own orgasm was likewise intense. She stopped moving, letting the sensations wash over her. His cock was softer, but still not flaccid. It didn’t seem to be shrinking, either. She slowly moved her hips in a tiny circle, feeling him inside her. “That was nice. Let…me – just stay…there. Yes. That’s nice.” Her tiny circles became a very gentle rocking. Back and forth on his pelvis. “Mmmmm. That feels nice. Patricia, you’re so GOOD! It feels so … just amazing to cum inside you. I…sex has never been so intense before. I…I want…” he was struggling to explain, well, something. But Patricia wasn’t interested in listening right now.“Ssshh. No talk.” Patricia’s intensity was building quickly and she knew she would be able to cum again if he would just maintain his semi-erect condition. She rocked a little more intensely now, still fingering herself. The semen inside her was being agitated, whipped into a foamy substance that lubricated her fingers quite effectively. When Krushank quit talking, she could even hear the squishing sound he made, pistoning inside her. “Just let me … this is SO good … your cock is incredible!” Krushank’s cock had stiffened again, so Patricia could rock even faster. “Almost…oh so good…AH!” Krushank’s cock twitched again, bringing Patricia’s climax. Another orgasm washed over both of them. His cock was so perfect. Thick, beautifully thick. And just long enough to fill her. Guys always talked about have a huge cock – but they don’t seem to realize that too long is much worse than a little short. This, this was … fucking amazing! She silently laughed at the expression – so perfect.“Patricia, I…” He started talking again.She reached down and put her fingers over his mouth. “Shhh. No more talk? Enjoy.” This time, she could feel his cock shrinking a bit. Even so, it was about the size of Bill’s erection, although probably a little more flaccid right now. She didn’t think most guys could orgasm three times inside an hour. He WAS her boss, and he was a bit of a jerk – but he was one awesome fuck. She wanted to have the best of both worlds; she just needed to figure out how to do it. It was so good having him inside. Mr. Krushank was holding her. She felt so relaxed…she just needed to close her eyes…Her next awareness was feeling cramped, restrainted. Opening her eyes, she realized she was on the couch in Mr. Krushank’s office and that someone – hopefully, him – was holding her. Her head felt very fuzzy. That bastard! He had d**gged her! She’d sue him! Take every penny he had …Krushank stirred a bit. His morning wood was impressive, particularly in light of the activities of the night before. Patricia realized that she could have her cake and eat it too.She gently got up, taking care not to wake the sleeping man. Then she knelt at his crotch and lovingly took his cock into her mouth. Krushank groaned a little and his cock throbbed in her mouth. She ran her tongue firmly around the glans, then licked it. Krushank’s hands found the back of her head, entwining in her hair. She pulled up, leaving as much saliva as she could. She straddled him, again feeling that incredible cock fill her. Her lubrication made it easy to accommodate it completely. She pushed hard against him, and squeezed her pussy tight. “Oh, GOD!” Krushank’s eyes were wide open now. Both hands were twisting Patricia’s nipples, already hard from the excitement. Patricia felt his cock get even harder and smiled. With one hand, she played with her clit while the other gripped the back of the couch, keeping her balanced on Krushank, who was increasingly rocking his hips – and her – up and down.“Don’t you cum yet!” She hissed at him. “Not…yet!” She stopped rubbing herself, spat into her hand, and resumed her masturbation. Krushank’s breathing was very ragged, so she relaxed her pussy a bit and tried to slow down his thrusting. “Slow down. I want to cum too.” She realized she DID want to cum. She wasn’t very clear about what all happened last night, but she was clear about feeling horny. And she knew Krushank could help with that.Krushank’s hands had stopped twisting and were now caressing her breasts. His breathing was still a bit ragged, but shallower now. His hips were definitely moving slower. “Is this better? I’ll … don’t move … I can’t … hold it … much … longer.” Krushank tried to accommodate her.She saw their reflection in the window, her naked atop this thrusting body. She looked so … different. Her body was so slender, so tight. Her breathing quickened. She looked so … sexy. Desirable. Wanton. She … she … oh, God, that cock felt so good, so big! “AHHHH!” As she came, she squeezed his cock again, knowing it would bring his orgasm. It was only fair. Besides, she realized she like the feeling of his cock twitching inside her, and the tiny pulse of hot cum spurting against the walls of her vagina. Krushank moanned. “Oh, yes. So good. So good to cum in you.” She smiled down at him, bent over and kissed him. She raised herself enough to pull his cock out and swung her leg clear of Krushank’s body. She left a small puddle of cum in Mr. Krushank’s crotch.“Sorry. You shouldn’t cum so much.” She was smiling. “I’ll get you a towel. Just stay put.” Bare-assed, she walked back to the break room to get some cloth towels. Good thing it’s so early no one else is around yet, she thought. I must look like a high-priced whore – black heels, black stockings, garter belt…and cum running down my thigh. She wiped her thigh and crotch, put that towel in the laundry, and grabbed a couple more towels for Krushank before returning to her office.“Here…look, I’ll be respectful during business hours, but calling you ‘Mr. Krushank’ seems a little too formal, under the circumstances. What’s your first name?”He took the towels and soaked up as much of the fluid as he could. “Barry. My name is Barry. Patricia, I know you’re married but I..I…I really want to see you again. I mean, if you want to. I can be very discrete.” He gave exaggerated attention to his crotch, not looking up as he dabbed and wiped.“See me? Or fuck me?” Patricia laughed. “Well?”“Well, I mean, er … you seemed to enjoy it, too. And I … I told you how I feel about it. I want to be your lover.” He looked her straight in the eyes now. “Sex with you was … I don’t want it to stop. I need you.”Patricia tilted her head and smiled at him. “We were good together, weren’t we?” She pulled her g-string back on, and picked her skirt up, shaking the wrinkles out.“Look, Barry, I like the idea of fucking you – your cock really is amazing. But it has to be completely on my terms. You have to do exactly what I say. And you have to realize that Bill comes first. Always.” She stared at him, making clear that she was declaring, not negotiating.“Agreed.” Barry looked like a little c***d, being told he had to be good or he would get a toy.“I need to get home. I’ll come in later today and finish those reports. I can have them done by noon, assuming you don’t interrupt again.” She smiled. “Yes, I understand. That would be good, Patricia.” He actually sounded contrite.“I also think it’d be a good idea if we both work late on Thursday, too. Like tonight.” She laid her hand on his arm. “Yes. I’d like that.” Barry smiled.“And one more thing, Barry. Thursday, we won’t need your beer.” Patricia smiled at him. “Now I’ve got to get home and clean up.”

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