Seduced by Auntie Rita

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Seduced by my auntie Rita and uncle Peter

I was 18 and started work as an apprentice. I lived in Kent and worked in London. Auntie Rita and uncle Peter lived in South London. They were keen 10 pin bowlers and asked if I wanted to join one evening which I quickly agreed to. After we had finished it was late and my parents agreed that it would be a good idea to stay the night with them. I slept in their spare room and as usual I had a wank before I went to sleep.

I wanked into a handkerchief, put it under my pillow and went to sleep. I got up in the morning, had breakfast and went to work. The next week I went bowling again with them. I met them at Streatham Bowling Alley and I noticed that auntie was wearing more make up than usual. In those days she smoked and there was something about seeing her cigarette clamped between her deep red lips. I was seriously attracted to her red lipstick and when she was talking I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips. Even though she was my mum’s sister I really wanted to kiss her.

We played our bowling games and went back to their home. We sat and chatted, had a coffee and then I went to bed. I had been in bed about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door and auntie came in. She was wearing a dressing gown and sat on the edge of the bed.

She took something out of the pocket and said, ‘here’s the handkerchief you left under your pillow last week, it’s OK I’ve washed it for you.’

I felt myself blushing and just kept apologising.

She said it was no problem and then before I knew what was happening she had her hand under the covers and on my ever hardening cock. Then she pulled the covers back and said, ‘would you like auntie to do it for you?’ I didn’t need to answer as she slowly started rubbing me. It felt wonderful. She undid the belt on her dressing gown and exposed her tits and said, ‘you can feel them if you want to.’

I reached up and got my first ever feel of tits. I loved how huge her nipples were. Sadly within a minute or two I knew I was going to cum and told auntie. She stopped, stood up and took her large satin knickers off and wrapped them round my cock and said, ‘that’s better than doing it into a handkerchief.’

She only rubbed me a couple of times and I was spunking into her panties. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips and said, ‘now it’s uncle’s turn, sleep well.’

What I didn’t know and didn’t find out for a few months was that she went back into her own bedroom, wrapped her cummy knickers round uncle Peter’s cock and wanked him off into them and then the next day he wore them under his trousers to work. I couldn’t believe what had just happened but it felt wonderful. I got up in the morning and auntie asked if I slept well.

Uncle said, ‘I hear you enjoyed auntie coming into see you last night.’

I was shocked that he knew and somehow managed to say, ‘yes it was great.’

We all had breakfast and I headed off to work.

For the next week I wanked izmir escort at least once a day and each time I fantasised that it was auntie Rita doing it to me. The next Thursday we went bowling and auntie said, ‘you can have me tonight as long as uncle can watch. Its up to you.’

I was shocked but of course I agreed. When we got back to their place we had a drink and auntie said she’d join me soon. I went into my room, got undressed and got into bed with a huge hard cock. Ten minutes later they both came in. They both had dressing gowns on.

Auntie took hers off and was naked underneath and she jumped into bed with me and then threw the covers off. Uncle undressed and totally shocked me. He had a white corset on with suspenders holding up stockings and a petticoat. His hard cock was standing in front of him. He sat down on a chair near us. Auntie started kissing me and put my hand between her legs and showed me how wet she was. She pulled me on top of her she guided me inside her. Uncle was now wanking himself.

I’m sad to say that I only last about a minute before I spunked inside her. I managed to stay hard and with her moving about underneath me I was soon fucking her again. This time she managed to cum and I rolled off her. She started kissing me and rubbing my cock. She shifted slightly and then carried on wanking me and soon I was shooting cum all over her. What I didn’t know at the time is that it was actually uncle who finished me off. This became the norm for the next few months. When it was her period she would wank or suck me off while uncle watched and wanked.

I was at home one Saturday when the phone rang and my mum answered it, after a while she came into me and said, ‘auntie Suzy wants to know if you want to go bowling tomorrow afternoon.’

‘Yes, OK,’ I replied.

Mum came off the phone and said, ‘she says go over about noon and you can have lunch with them.’

‘Fine,’ I replied. I was quite surprised as I didn’t know they went bowling on a Sunday but if it involved sex with auntie afterwards or even before that was fine by me. I took the train and got there just before 12 and rang the bell. Auntie opened the door and almost dragged me in. She was very heavily made up with lots of blue eye shadow and lots of deep red lipstick. She wore a white corset, suspenders, stockings and high heels.

But what amazed me was the size of her nipples and they were also covered in lipstick. She grabbed me, pinned me to the wall and snogged the face off me. Her tongue went straight in my face and I could tell she had been smoking. She took my hand and put it on her pussy – I have never felt it so wet and I slipped a finger inside her.

Eventually she stopped kissing me and took me into the lounge. Uncle Peter was sitting on the sofa, dressed in his usual corset, suspenders and stockings and rubbing his cock. She started undressing me straight away without hardly saying anything. When I was undressed she took my hand and we all went alsancak escort up to their bedroom.

On the bed were some items of underwear and she said, ‘it’s about time you sampled the pleasures of wearing ladies undies.’

She put a suspender belt on me and sat me on the edge of the bed, then put some fishnet stockings on and clipped them to the suspender clips. I loved the feel of them against my legs. My cock was standing to attention.

She said to uncle,’can you get Rob ready for the lipstick.’ Uncle came over and took hold of my cock and slowly eased my foreskin back over the head, it felt wonderful. Then auntie took her lipstick and thoroughly coated the head of my cock with the lipstick, let it dry for a minute or two and then put another coat on. I looked down in admiration.

The rest of the afternoon was one of total filthy, perverted sex with me fucking and licking auntie’s cunt, wanking and even sucking uncle for the first time. He didn’t cum in my mouth but I know its only a matter of time before he does. He did however spunk all over my face and auntie licked it off and then kissed him. Both of them wanked and sucked me and the pleasure was as good whoever did it. The following Thursday we went bowling and back to the usual routine with all of us having filthy sex again. This carried on every week with the occasional Sunday afternoon visit. By now they were dressing me every time in corsets, seamed stockings and even high heel shoes and referring to me as their little sissy. The only thing I stopped at was being fucked in the ass although auntie did use a butt plug on me.

When it was her period she would either wank or suck me off and I would do the same to uncle. In the summer they invited me to go on holiday with them to the Isle of Wight and we stayed in a holiday camp. Every night I slept in auntie’s bed and uncle slept in single bed. By now she had a large dildo and uncle loved wanking each other off while she fucked herself with it while smoking a cigarette. A few months later I met a girl and had trouble getting away every Thursday and it gradually fizzled out although auntie and uncle did suggest I bought her along as well but I knew she wouldn’t be up for that.

Months later I heard that they had taken a lodger and was curious to find out more about him so I phoned auntie and she suggested i went and met him. I made my excuses at home and with my girlfriend and went to their house one evening. I was quite shocked when I met him. His name was Mark and was 24 but only looked about 16. We all had dinner together and auntie said, ‘Mark dear, do you mind if Rob spends the evening with us?’

What he replied shocked me. ‘Mummy, that will be lovely, can Rob be my big brother?’ he asked.

‘That’ll be OK with you Rob, won’t it? she replied.

We finished dinner and did the dishes and auntie said she was going up to change. She came back a few minutes later with her face fully made up, a white balçova escort all in one bra and corset with suspender straps, stockings and high heels. She was also carrying a handful of underwear for us to put on. Mark quickly undressed, his cock was already hard and a little smaller than mine and in not time at all was wearing a corset, suspenders and stockings. I undressed and put some undies on too.

Meanwhile Mark was undressing uncle and then put stockings and suspenders on him too. Auntie sat on the sofa and Mark went up to her and said, ‘your little boy needs to suck mummy’s tittys.’

He lay on the sofa with his head on auntie’s chest and said, ‘mummy, please let me suck your tits.’

With that auntie eased her tits out of her bra and Mark immediately clamped his mouth round one her tits and sucked it.

The look on her face told me how much she was enjoying it. Mark rolled over and his cock was standing to attention and throbbing. ‘Mummy,’ he asked, ‘can you get uncle or my brother to suck me off, I really need to cum.’

Uncle and I looked at each other and he said, ‘I’ll get to do this again tomorrow, so you might as well.’

I had only ever sucked uncle’s cock before but didn’t hesitate and knelt on the floor and took Marks’ cock in my mouth. Uncle came round and squeezed his balls and kept saying, ‘cum for mummy and daddy, shoot your spunk for us.’

Auntie was holding one of her tits and feeding it into his mouth and saying, ‘ suck mummy’s nipple, suck her milk out.’ I felt him about to cum and held his cock tightly in my mouth as he spurted deep inside me. I sat up and opened my mouth and let it drip down over his face. Auntie leaned down and licked it off.

Uncle said, ‘daddy’s turn to cum now, you know the way daddy likes it, don’t you’.

Mark certainly did know and as he sucked him he slid a finger inside his ass and finger fucked him. Uncle didn’t last long. Finally it was auntie’s turn and again he used his mouth and tongue on her. I watched as she held her cunt open and Mark licked her out before she cum all over his face. I lay on the sofa and auntie kissed me using her tongue. I loved the taste of her lipstick, meanwhile I had two mouths and hands wanking and sucking. Who it was that actually made me cum but I really didn’t mind. Sadly I couldn’t stay the night and had to leave.

A few weeks later I bumped into uncle and he told me that Mark had left and they were looking for another lodger. A month or so later and auntie told that a 17 year old girl called Rosie had moved in and in her words was ‘their submissive sex slave.’

I met her a short time later but never got to spend the evening with them. I was then in a serious relationship. I often wondered who else auntie and uncle had been involved with. I only tended to bump into them at Christmas and other family get togethers.

I always asked what they were up to and was told,’just the same as before but a lot kinkier and with different people.’ I knew I was always welcome to go and have some fun with them but never did.

All the above really happened. These days it would be called abuse but I really enjoyed it all and would do it all over again. It made me the filthy minded wanker I am today.

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