Seduced by Youth Ch. 03

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“I need a shower.” I said getting off the bed. I headed towards the door. I noticed that Laurie was following me as I entered the bathroom.

“I’m so sticky, so I thought I would join you.” I stepped into the shower and she stepped into it in front of me. She closed the shower curtain and turned on the water. She held a wash cloth under the water and lathered some soap in it. She handed me the wash cloth. “Wash my back?” she asked. I grabbed the wash cloth from her as she pulled her hair over one shoulder. I noticed on the back of her neck that there was a cigar burn scar on the back of her neck, but I did not say anything about it so that she would not have to relive that horrible day a week earlier.

I scrubbed her back as she pulled out the shampoo and washed her hair. “My ass, too.” she moaned. I scrubbed her ass clean as well. She then turned around and grabbed the hand I was holding the wash cloth in and pressed it to her chest, as I scrubbed her chest and stomach clean. She then forced izmir escort my hand to her crotch. She started moaning as I scrubbed her pussy.

“It’s your turn.” she said as she lathered soap onto another wash cloth. I turned around and she scrubbed my back clean. She then lowered the washcloth to my ass and scrubbed it clean as well. “Turn around.” she shyly ordered and I turned back around. She scrubbed my chest and stomach clean. I felt my cock begin to harden as she started scrubbing my cock and balls. Once she had them clean, she dropped the washcloth. “I’ll get it.” she whispered as she knelt in front of me. Without her full height blocking the water flow, it rinsed me off.

She stuck out her tongue and gave my balls a couple of hard licks, causing my dick to get even harder. She guided my dick into her eager little mouth, and grabbed hold of my ass cheeks so that she could get the full length of it into her mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to hold off too long when she started sucking alsancak escort hard on my dick. “I’m going to cum!” I cried as she continued sucking my dick. I shot my load deep into her mouth and she swallowed my whole load of jism. She didn’t gag or let a drop drip out of her mouth.

Laurie stood up and pinned me against the shower wall. “I know what you want.” she whispered into my ear. She kissed me roughly on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the residue of my cum on her tongue. She reached behind her and turned off the water.

We climbed out of the shower and I grabbed a towel and started drying her off. I picked her up and sat her on the counter. I grabbed her feet and started rubbing them. “That feels good.” she whimpered. I leaned down and started licking her feet and sucking on her toes. She started panting like crazy.

Laurie leaned backwards, supporting her weight on her hands. “Eat my pussy.” Laurie begged, spreading her balçova escort legs. I pulled her to the edge of the counter and leaned down farther. I started licking her pussy and licking and sucking her clit as she started moaning loudly. I could taste her sweet nectar as she orgasmed. She reached down and grabbed my dick. A couple of strokes and it was hard again. “I want you to fuck me from behind.” she announced as she hopped off of the counter. She turned her back to me and spread her legs. She stuck out her ass and guided my dick to her pussy. I slid my dick into her sweet pussy and grabbed her hips. I started to fuck her slow and easy. She started moaning, “Fuck me hard.” I started fucking her harder until I shot a load of cum into her hot, tight pussy.

I picked up a towel and dried myself off. She turned to face me, and I kissed her on the forehead. “I have to go out for a while.” I told her. “While I’m gone, make yourself at home.” She nodded her head.

I exited the bath room. I went into her room and quickly grabbed the piece of paper that I wrote the sizes of Laurie’s cloths on. I then went to my room and got dressed. I put on a pair of loose shorts with no underwear, a polo-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. I headed out of the door.

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