Seduced into First Anal


Seduced into First AnalI was feeling horny which means I wanted to suck a nice juicy cock. I posted an add on Craigslist and after a few emails I was on my way to Bob”s apartment. When he opened the door I realized I hit the jack pot. Bob was a good looking man and like me, was divorced. He was in a Tshirt and shirts and from the looks of things not much more. He led me into the bedroom where we got naked really fast. He approved of my hairy body and as he walked over to me I could feel my heart race. He put his arms around me and he started to kiss me. I’m usually not much into kissing guys, but Bob was a great kisser and it really turned me on. I embraced him and started to really get into it, I was caressing his muscular body and he massaged my mody. He rubbed my cock and balls, squeezed my ass, and deeply Frenched kissed me. His hands found my nipples, and my lips found his nipples. He pinched my nipples really hard bringing a small Ooh from my lips. Each time he pinched and twisted my nipple it was harder than the previous. The pain was getting intense, but each successive pinch and twist turned me on more and made my dick ache more. He then pushed me to the ground and I started to suck his wonderful cock. It was fully erect at 7-8 inches. The head was average thickness, but the shaft went from average thickness to a base that was incredibly thick. So thick my fingers would türbanlı yozgat escort not make it all away around. It was a great dick for sucking. I could get a little over half of in my mouth. i sucked his cock and it started to ooze some tasty per-cum. He then said lets go to another room. He led me outside to his covered porch which did not offer much privacy. He asked if I had ever rimmed a guy and I said “yes once before.” He put his hands on the table and I got behind him and started licking. Before long I was putting my tongue in his anus tasting his pungent ass. He started to talk very dirty to me saying I was his ass .licking slut. I was so fucking horny when he turned around and I could not wait to get that cock back into my mouth. I kept sucking him in the open air. The risk of other neighbors seeing us was turning us both on. Finally, he pulled out of my mouth and led me to the living room. There he laid on the couch and he had me straddle him 69 style. He was still talking dirty to me calling me a cheap slut as I sucked his cock. I was rock hard and he started to caress my balls and dick as I sucked him. His hands slid up my ass and down towards my head. He grasped my head and started to push me down on his cock and he trusted his rock hard dick up. He some how knew how much I could take as he fucked my mouth. türbanlı yozgat escort bayan I only gagged a few times. Bob then let up and I took a few second breather. I felt a wet finger start to rub my anus. It moaned because it felt so good. He told me he wanted to fuck my tight virgin ass and I told him I did think i wanted that. But he kept playing with my ass and then I felt his tongue on may ass. Oh boy! Did that feel good. His nice warm tongue sliding over my puckered hole. I started to eagerly suck his some more and then felt him push a finger into me. i jumped a second but when he started massaging my prostate I felt cum fill my loins and i became incredibly horny. He did not even ask, he just told me to get up and he leaned me over the arm of the couch. My heart was racing, as he spit onto my ass. He kept spitting and pushing the spit into my ass with his finger. My dick was so hard and was pressed up against the arm of the sofa. He said I must be horny because I got into position so easily and my anus was relaxing nicely. I was breathing hard, I was shaking nervously as he took his finger out of my rectum. And I could feel the his cock head rub against my anus. It felt wonderful, even when he pushed in a tiny bit and pulled out it was heaven, He then told me he loved this position I was in because it was türbanlı escort yozgat like he had me pinned. I realized how vulnerable I was but that seemed to turn me on more. He told me to grab the couch pillows and the he pushed. It felt ok then he met the resistance of my inner anus ring and he pushed his dick abruptly past the resistance. YEOW! I felt a pain like never before. I was grunting and making all kinds of sounds. He started to fuck my ass back and forth. My ass felt so stretched from his cock. Grunting was about the only thing that made the immense pain tolerable. After a few minutes I started to quiet down as I started to get used his dick in me. Then he asked if I was getting used to it, and I said “Yes”. He said my ass felt so tight and and now it was time for me to take the other half of his dick in my ass. He pushed deeper and the pain returned as his thick base stretched me even more! I was grunting loudly as he repeatedly pushed all the way in. My anus was sore, but the deeper strokes of his dick really massaged my prostate, We soon got into a rhythm and I could feel that my dick was aching to cum as I rubbed it against the the arm of the sofa. Bob was starting to get close and I was grunting like a wild a****l when all of a sudden an orgasm rocked my body. I shot cum on the arm of the couch and It was the most intense orgasm I ever felt. This drove Bob over the edge and he pushed deep as he could and shot his huge load in my ass. He shook as his dick kept unloading in my virgin ass.He laid on top of me for a few minutes and then pulled his softening dick from my very sore but satisfied cum filled ass. He had me stay there as he said he needed to wash up. I dressed and went home with a leaky stretched asshole.

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