Seduced into Swinging Pt. 04


Like all serial stories it would be best to read the previous instalments to gain context and history.

Brenda and Linda are single ladies in their fifties who have had their sexuality and libido reawakened.

After going to Derek and Rita’s parties, Brenda has now been offered a job with Ray, one of Derek’s friends.


It wasn’t really a surprise when Ray phoned me a few days later. What did surprise me, and excited me somewhat, was the offer of the ‘exciting opportunity,’ he referred to, and an invitation to his house that evening.

I just had to tell Linda about it, and of course she turned it into something sexual.

“Do you think his wife will be there? What was her name? Izzy? She fucked that much younger guy we saw in the pool.”

“Yes, and so did you fuck a much younger guy, in fact you fucked two!” I took great delight in reminding her.

“Ditto,” she replied, and my pussy twitched at the memory of Gary and Owen.

In fact when I got to Ray’s house Izzy greeted me at the door after I’d nervously rung the bell. The house was quite large, set along a lane at the edge of town. The sat nav had found it quite easily, and as I drove into the drive various security lights came on, illuminating most of the large front garden.

“Come in Brenda, Ray’s just on a phone call at the moment, would you like a glass of wine, or something less alcoholic, a coffee maybe?”

“Better make it a coffee, I’m driving,” I replied.

“Come in here, I can talk to you in the kitchen.”

The kitchen was almost as big as the whole downstairs in my house, and Izzy commanded the area, strutting around telling me to sit at the breakfast bar. She was a very assertive woman, and very much ‘in charge.’

She was taller than me, slim, but with broad hips and shapely breasts. I was guessing she was a similar age to me, but she felt like my headmistress at school.

“Now I’ll say straight away Brenda, if you want to fuck Ray, I don’t mind as long as I know where and when. We both have liberal ideas, but I won’t have him messed about. He may think he’s a good businessman, but he’s a sucker for women.”

The declaration took me by surprise, I had no chance to respond as just then Ray came into the kitchen.

“Hi Brenda, thanks for coming, I hope Izzy’s not intimidating you, she’s very bossy!”

“I was just telling her, if she wants to fuck you it’s ok, as long as you don’t do it behind my back.”

“Bloody hell Izzy, you’re so embarrassing sometimes, I hardly know her, and you’re suggesting… well all sorts. Please take no notice Brenda.”

I was already blushing, not knowing what to say.

“Oh alright then,” Izzy replied, “I’ll leave you two to it, I won’t interrupt if you want to get down and dirty!”

In a flourish she departed upstairs and sheepishly Ray said, “God I’m so sorry, she’s a real whirlwind to live with. Shall we go into the lounge, and I’ll tell you why I invited you over.”

Nervously I followed with my coffee, and we both sat at either end of a four seater leather Chesterfield.

Ray had half a glass of brandy with him, and we both placed our drinks on the coffee table in front of us. The lounge was old school, lots of classic paintings on the wall, lavish soft furnishings, and subdued lighting.

“You know I put all the cameras into Derek’s house, I did his offices as well. That’s my business, cctv, surveillance, security.”

I looked around wondering where the cameras were in his lounge. Was Izzy watching and listening?

Ray chuckled, “Yes, there are some in here, can you guess where?”

I smiled, and after a few seconds, shook my head, “No, I’ve no idea.”

“Well, the clock above the fireplace, the curtain pole above the window, the plug socket by the door over there, they’ve all got cameras in, and there are a couple of microphones too.”

I shook my head disbelievingly, “I’d never have known.”

Ray laughed again, and continued.

“When I heard that you’d been in software sales before, and Derek had said you were a pretty ‘steady’ girl, I thought it too good an opportunity to miss.”

I must have looked puzzled.

“My business is expanding, and my clientele is becoming more upmarket. I’ve put in systems for five star hotels, politicians, celebrities, and I need someone like yourself with experience of selling tech. It would mean going to potential clients with one of my technicians and trying to close a deal.”

I was a bit stunned. I had no need to work, I was comfortably off from my settlement, after Jim had passed away.

“I’m not sure, you make it all sound very attractive, but I don’t need the pressure, or the responsibility, and it’s been ten years since I worked.”

Ray knew I’d be dubious.

“It would be on a trial basis. I’d be with you for a couple of weeks, along with Martin, my top man, then we could review after three months and if either of us isn’t happy we can part company. I’m prepared to pay you very well. What bonus veren siteler have you got to lose?”

I didn’t say anything for a moment.

“Can I sleep on it, it’s come out of the blue, I’ll need time to think about it?”

Ray was quite relaxed, “Of course, I’ve landed it on you, but in business you have to jump quickly, you’d probably know that.”

He swallowed the rest of his brandy, and got up to replenish it from the decanter on the table.

“I think the sort of clients I have will respect a more mature woman, I hope you won’t mind me saying that. I wouldn’t want a flashy bimbo, I want someone like you, intelligent, knowledgeable, dare I say sexy, but having initiative.”

I was blushing again, I wondered about the use of the word ‘sexy,’ and was it used deliberately?

“You are you know!”

I tried to hide the heat from my cheeks by raising the coffee mug to my mouth even though it was empty!

“What?” I muttered.

“A sexy woman!”

“Is this what Izzy warned me about?” I tried giggling, more uncertain by the second.

“I did tell you we were very liberal.”

“Yes, but making a pass on our second meeting? That is definitely coming on strong! And I’ve always thought you mustn’t mix business with pleasure, it can get awkward.”

He smiled, “All the more reason we should get it out of the way before your contract begins.”

At that point we both burst into laughter.

I couldn’t help pretending to be ‘hurt.’ My voice tried to show it.

“Get it out of the way? I’ve heard some chat up lines, but that takes the biscuit!.” I repeated it, exaggerating, “get it out of the way!”

“Okay, I surrender, usually I get my way, I’ll just have to wait with you.”

“You’re very confident aren’t you?” I said, “and Izzy is too, I’m surprised you two get on.”

I knew I’d got the upper hand, and I found my intransigence quite powerful. I knew he’d have me eventually, but I was going to make him wait.

“We’re like chalk and cheese, but she rules the roost at home. She’s watching us now, waiting to see me screw you.”

Ray’s devilish smile told me something I already knew. He could go upstairs after I’d left and screw his wife, but it did excite me, the voyeurism bit.

“Well Ray, I’m gonna go home and think about your offer, the job seems tempting, but it’s a big commitment. I’ll let you know within the next forty eight hours, one way or the other.”

Ray stood up, and before I left he reiterated that it could be a three month trial, so the commitment part was temporary.

As I left he kissed me. I left my lips on his just long enough to make him want more, and he knew it. He just uttered the word, “temptress,” before I got into my car and drove off.

I couldn’t get to sleep at all. Linda had messaged me asking how I’d got on, and what the ‘opportunity’ was. I texted her back and within seconds my phone rang.

I told her briefly about the offer of the job, but not about Ray’s attempts to seduce me. She was absolutely insistent that I ‘go for it,’ and inevitably she asked if I’d fucked him.

“God, you’ve got a one track mind, No he didn’t! He wanted to, but I teased him a bit, and I resisted. In fact I enjoyed that part.”

“So can’t you sleep?” she asked.

“No, I’ve got so much going around in my head.”

“Do you want me to come over, I’m not in bed, I’ve been watching a late movie?”

“I’m wide awake, but what time is it?” I replied.

I looked at my alarm clock, “it’s 11.45pm,” I went on, “I guess we could have a nightcap.”

I thought that perhaps a discussion would help my decision, and within ten minutes Linda was at the door.

“Okay, mine’s a brandy if you’ve got some of that expensive stuff left?”

Never one to stand on ceremony, Linda went straight over to the cabinet where I kept my drinks. Quickly we were both curled up on the sofa and Linda was anxious for more details.

“Where was Izzy, what’s she like?”

I described how she was very much the ‘boss,’ and how she’d left us alone and probably hoped she could watch us fucking.

“Wow, she’s quite kinky then, this business that Ray has, it must have all sorts of spin offs, his whole house must be like Derek’s, wired up all over.”

“God yes, he told me where the cameras were in his lounge. All the time I knew Izzy was watching us.”

“Fuck, that’s a real turn on for me, the whole idea of being watched.”

“It turned me on too, but I wanted her to know I was in control. I felt quite empowered by it, knowing she had almost given me permission.”

“I once masturbated for a guy online, it was a real turn on.”

The admission came out of the blue, and I half choked on the sip of brandy I was taking.

“You didn’t? You mean just like that?”

“Noooooo, I’d been chatting for a couple of nights, I was so horny, he was really good at role-play, and he did it for me too.”

“Fucking hell!” I couldn’t believe it, and Linda had one of her dirty faces on.

“You’re so bad, you keep coming bedava bahis out with these revelations. You mean he ‘wanked’ for you, and you brought yourself off for him?”

The influence of the brandy on an empty stomach was clear.

“It seemed really intimate at the time, and then halfway though I wondered if he was recording it, or anyone else was watching. He had this enormous cock, bigger than any I’d ever seen, and it really got me going.”

I was squirming myself, curled up in my pyjamas on the end of the sofa, listening to Linda’s lurid description.

“He told me he had a big one, and he asked if I wanted to see it. I just blustered, not sure what to say, and he suddenly unzipped himself and took it out. It was huge.”

My mouth was open in astonishment, and I could feel my pussy on heat.

“Anyway he began stroking it, and it grew bigger and stiffer. He was talking all the time, saying suggestive stuff until he asked me if I wanted to see him cum. I didn’t know what to say, I was so turned on. When he asked me if I’d do the same for him I just went for it.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it, what happened, did you cum?”

“I just got carried away, I had my fingers under my skirt, my eyes were watching him on the screen, rubbing himself faster and faster. Both of us were making incredible sounds.”

I think Linda saw me fidgeting.

“This is getting you going now isn’t it?” she giggled.

“Stop it, tell me what happened.”

“I watched him cum, his cock just erupted, spunk going everywhere, and he was grunting away, it really made me cum too. When I’d finished he logged off and I never saw him again.”

“Jesus, I’m not sure I’d have the courage to do that, in front of someone,” I said it quietly, feeling guilty about the intensity between my thighs.

“Why don’t you do it now… in front of me?”

Shocked by Linda’s question, I went hot all over, and my heart stopped.

“Linda!” I croaked as I spoke, “no way, I couldn’t.”

I glanced at her, and her eyes were alive and excited, I’d seen that look before.

“Go on, touch yourself, I know you’re ready.”

I was hunched up, my knees under my chin and I could feel my cotton pyjamas clinging to me. I squeezed my thighs together harder, and hugged my legs.

“Go on,” Linda repeated.

For some reason I felt I needed the release, the fact that it was my friend asking, was outweighed by the effect of alcohol. We’d both been on our sexual adventure together so it seemed to make it easier and more daring.

I lowered my legs down and slid one hand under the elastic of my pyjama bottoms.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, you keep leading me astray.”

As my fingers reached between my thighs I could see the damp patch in the crotch of my pyjamas, but I wasn’t ready for what happened next.

In one movement Linda slipped off her end of the sofa, onto her knees in front of me. Grabbing the fabric either side of my hips she tugged my pyjama bottoms down my legs and off.

“Linda!” I yelled, “What the…”

I’d barely started to say anything before she buried her head between my thighs. In the few seconds it took to put my hands onto her head to try to stop her, her tongue was inside my very wet pussy.


Instead of pulling her head away, my hands were actually resting there, not wanting to do that.

“Oh fuck, Linda, oh my god, you’re just…”

My words turned into a long moan as I knew our discussion had already taken me halfway to orgasm. When she began to suck and lick my clit, there were no words, just moans and gasps of pleasure.

It didn’t take long, I was panting, breathing rapidly as Linda’s tongue worked it’s magic.

“Oh god Linda, I’m going to cum.”

Relentlessly she went on sucking and licking until my body quivered and my orgasm arrived

“Oh my god… oh my god,” I kept saying between trying to catch my breath, and lifting her head away from my sensitive clit.

“Oh fuck Linda, you’re such a sod, Jesus, I can’t believe what we’ve just done.”

Linda was up on her knees in front of me, wiping her face on her sleeve, with a beaming smile.

“Ha! gotcha, see you did it… in front of me!”

I was lying back against the cushions on the sofa, legs akimbo with my pussy openly on display. I suddenly realised my indelicate pose, and I sat up wondering what to say.

Linda broke the silence, continuing to be provocative and decidedly naughty.

“It’ll be your turn to do that to me next time.”

Already flushed from my orgasm, I must have gone even redder.

“You’re so bad!” the idea exciting me so much I shocked myself when I added, “do you want to stop the night?”

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became even more intense. As Linda shuffled forwards on her knees she pushed up to the sofa’s edge, between my thighs.

Nothing was said before the taste of my pussy juices on her lips filled my mouth as we kissed. It was a few seconds before Linda said, “Shall we, I think we’ve known there deneme bonus might come a time…”

Nothing more was spoken as we climbed the stairs. I left the light on outside the bedroom and we both undressed and got into my bed. I wanted to repay Linda for the pleasure she’d given me and I found myself saying, “It’s my turn, just let me do what I want to.”

I heard the quiet sigh as I leaned towards her and we kissed again. I felt the total nakedness as my breasts pressed against hers. Our tongues played with each other with my fingers exploring her body.

When the kissing stopped my mouth moved downwards to take one nipple between my lips. Again she groaned while my hand moved to her pussy. Linda was very moist, ready and willing for me to do what she’d done to me.

She tasted divine, my tongue slipping between her labia, and then up over her clit. Her body jerked in reflex as the tip of my tongue touched it, and a loud moan of pleasure came from higher up the bed.

As I lay between her thighs she spread her legs wider. I set to work, slowly and methodically arousing her. It was thrilling to me, the renewed experience of a woman’s body.

“Don’t stop Brenda… pleaseeeeee don’t stop!”

I knew it wouldn’t be long.

“Brenda… yes… oh yes… ” was the sign we’d arrived.

With a cry of exultation she came, shaking, bucking, her body pushing me upwards, until I lifted my face away.

“OH… OH… Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she went as she slowly relaxed into the mattress.

I hauled myself up beside her, and we hugged, my thigh sliding between hers, feeling the dampness of her pussy on my skin.

Our breathing subsided and we kissed once more. I laid my head on her shoulder and we drifted off to sleep like that.

I woke up around four ‘o clock when Linda came back to bed from the bathroom. The memory of what had happened seemed more real, and I was half surprised when she took me in her arms and started to kiss me again.

“I didn’t thank you last night,” she whispered, “it was good wasn’t it?”

“Mmmmm, very good,” I replied, and offered my lips towards her. It came naturally when we made love again, just as dawn was starting to break through the gap in the blinds. We both used our fingers, we both flexed our bodies against each, we both made each other cum. When it was time to get up, I let her shower before she came downstairs to the kitchen.

“Coffee?” I asked, and Linda said the unspoken, “yes please, and I want to say, let’s not have last night change anything.

I smiled, “No it won’t, but at least we won’t be shy next time!”

“Now who’s being naughty!” She smiled, before she switched her question to Ray and the job offer.

“Will you take it, I think it sounds great fun?”

“A job’s not supposed to be ‘fun,” I said jokingly, “but yes I think I will, it’s only for three months first off.”

When Linda had left I decided I’d phone Ray to accept his offer.

He was absolutely delighted, and suggested I go to his ‘unit’ for lunch and have a look round, but also to meet Martin, his tech guy. It was all a bit of a whirlwind, and the least of my worries was how to dress. I decided on a business like blouse and trousers, with a jacket that could be worn or not. Heels were an afterthought, but it provided some femininity.

The unit was on an industrial estate on the outskirts of town. It wasn’t large, but big enough to have a couple of offices, a small showroom, and the rest was a warehouse area with shelving and various storage facilities.

Martin turned out to be a guy in his early thirties, tall, athletic, but a bit nerdy looking with glasses.

Ray gave me the grand tour which didn’t take long. Martin disappeared while Ray and I had a sandwich with some fruit juice from the local snack caravan parked along the road outside.

“I’m excited by you joining us,” he said, “I’m going to suggest you come with me and Martin this afternoon. We’ve got a little job on. It’s a house installation, we’ve costed it, and Martin is putting in some cameras. I thought we could go along and see how it’s done. We need you to see how we work.”

It sounded interesting and I was glad I wasn’t going to be thrown in at the deep end. It turned out to be an elderly couple who needed security as there’d been a spate of break-ins in the neighbourhood.

But next day turned out to be very different.

I had to be at the unit for eight ‘o clock. The three of us were going to a large house some thirty miles away. Ray was tight lipped about it, just saying it was a woman who was ‘suspicious’ of her husband, and wanted something discreetly installed to see what he was up to while she was away on a work project.

When we arrived I knew exactly why he hadn’t told me any more details. We sat in the car while parked some distance from the house, and Ray texted the client.

“It’s all clear, we can go now Martin.”

Martin drove us to some large wooden gates and pressed an intercom. Nothing was said, the gates just opened revealing a long drive up to a very large country house. When we got to the front door it was opened by a woman of about thirty, looking slightly nervous.

My mouth dropped open as I recognised her. It was Rebecca Brownley, a political correspondent on one of the main tv channels.

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