Seducing Her Father’s Father

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The two people in the corner of the basement workshop could not have been more different. Robert Black, a 65 year old father of two and grandfather of 5, was quiet and reserved, and after retiring from his business had taken up a hobby, making birdhouses. Robert liked to work with his hands, and crafting the little houses kept his mind occupied.

The other person in the basement was Robert’s granddaughter Courtney, a bubbly 18 year old blonde who was going to start college in the fall, with her whole life in front of her.

The birdhouses were the premise for Courtney to visit her grandfather down in his workshop, but in fact Courtney didn’t real care much about her Grandpa’s hobby. She was more interested in her Grandpa.


The little old man sat frozen on the stool, his breath ragged as he stared at his granddaughter Courtney, who was standing a foot in front of his face. Upstairs, Robert Black’s wife of 42 years, Ella, was talking to the television, trying to prove that she was smarter than a 5th grader.

“What’s the matter, Grandpa?” Courtney asked playfully. “Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“No,” Robert wheezed, pushing his glasses back up his nose. “You’re beautiful, but your – you know.”

“My pussy?” Courtney asked, looking down at herself, having just slipped her shorts and panties down to show her grandfather her sex. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t – you don’t have any hair on it yet?” Grandpa Bob asked as he stared at the smooth mound inches from his face, the scent of her sex pouring into his nostrils.

“Course I do, Grandpa,” Courtney replied. “I get it waxed. All my friends do. Hair is square. Don’t you like it smooth? Feel it.”

“I can’t do that honey,” Grandpa told her. “Besides, you shouldn’t be showing yourself to me like this. What if your Grandma came down and saw you? This is very wrong.”

“She never comes down here,” Courtney said, reminding him that Grandma was afraid of spiders and anything else that might be lurking down there. “I know that, and besides, she was the one who sent me down here. She said you would like the company. Don’t you like me around?”

“Of course I do,” Bob said, his eyes fixed on the hairless entrance to her opening, a chasm that looked so innocent and tiny. “But not like this.”

“You didn’t mind looking down my blouse upstairs earlier when I bent over,” Courtney replied, gesturing at the blouse that she had taken off minutes before, along with her bra. “They look even better now, don’t they?”

“Yes,” Bob sighed, the perky little cones jutting straight out, and the plump nipples that looked like strawberries seemed to beg to be sucked on.

“Feel it Grandpa,” Courtney insisted, taking her grandfather’s wrinkled hand and bringing it up to her pussy. “See how smooth it feels? I don’t have hair anywhere besides my head. I get my pussy and legs waxed, but I shave my pits. See?”

Courtney posed for her Grandpa, sticking her titties out toward the old man while seductively running her hands through her short blonde hair. Bob’s eyes went from her breasts to her underarms, which were as smooth as the area between her legs, where his hand had been placed.

“I’m really wet, Grandpa,” Courtney said, easing her grandfather’s hand into the fold, and Bob’s hand jerked back when he felt the moistness at her opening. “I like it when you look at me like you do. I’m excited too. Here.”

Courtney kept her grandfather’s hand on her pussy while cradling his head with her free hand, guiding his face to her titty, and although he initially resisted, he finally gave in.

“Yes,” Courtney gasped when she saw Grandpa’s mouth take in her nipple, sucking on the plump nub while she let him nurse on her like he was a child. “You’re excited too, aren’t you Grandpa? I bet your dick is hard, isn’t it?”

“Please don’t, honey,” Grandpa Bob begged, but while he could have just jumped up from the stool and gone upstairs, he didn’t.

Instead, the senior citizen sat and did nothing while Courtney leaned over and pulled down his zipper. She was smiling as she reached in the fly of his baggy trousers, and when her hand worked inside of his boxer shorts, her smile really exploded.

“Oh Grandpa!” Courtney giggled. “You’ve got a big one, don’t you?”

“No. Please,” he pleaded as he watched his granddaughter pull his manhood out of the fly of his trousers.

“Look at you,” Courtney sighed as she slid her hand along the 7″ length of his cock, which seemed to be larger than she had expected. “You’re so big and so hard.”

The sight of Courtney’s little hand sliding up and down his erection was disgusting to the senior citizen, but he could not bring himself to stop her no matter how repulsive he thought it must be.

“Where do you want to put your big dick?” Courtney whispered into his ear. “In my mouth or in my cunt?”

“No!” Bob said, pushing himself off of the stool and prying Courtney’s hand from his member. “I can’t.”

Courtney looked at the pre-cum on the back of her hand sex izle and then at her grandfather’s erection, still dripping as it swayed in front of him.

“I can’t,” the little old man gasped, although it was tough to tell whether he was talking to his granddaughter or himself.

“It’s okay Grandpa,” Courtney said, licking the white rope from her hand. “Don’t be mad. Think about it. You know where to find me.”

“I can’t,” Robert Black said while getting himself together, watching as Courtney put her clothes back on. “I’m not mad at you. It’s just…”

“It’s okay,” Courtney said, giving her grandfather a peck on the cheek before heading upstairs. “You’ve got all week to decide.”

Robert Blake sat back down on the stool and tried to get back to his birdhouse, but his mind was elsewhere. This was the first day of his granddaughter’s visit, and this was one hell of a way to start.


The ticking of that bedroom clock was louder than ever, Robert Black thought to himself, although he knew that sound wasn’t the reason he was unable to sleep. The reason was way down at the other end of the hallway. Courtney.

The evening had been torture, with his granddaughter being so innocent and helpful to his wife while they ate, yet teasing him whenever Ella wasn’t watching. Courtney had even reached over and played footsies with him, working her toes up to his crotch as she sat looking like a little angel.

She had taken his cock out of his pants, and he had let her, and when she told him he had a big one her words had sent shivers throughout his body. It wasn’t all that big, Bob thought, but as he looked down and saw the tent his erection was making in his PJ’s, he sure was hard. He had achieved more erections in the last few hours than he had in the last year combined.

Those perfect titties of Courtney’s were so firm and perfect, and she had actually put one of them in his mouth. As for that area between her legs, he had never seen one without hair on it, and while it seemed wrong, the memory of that smooth raised mound would not leave his mind.

There was only one thing to do, and Bob rolled onto his side, where Ella was. She was sleeping on her side facing the other way, and as Bob rolled over he eased against his wife, pressing his erection into the crack of her ample ass as he worked the nightie up to her hip.

He grabbed Ella’s breast, squeezing the doughy globe a bit while leaning into her ass. His hand went down between Ella’s legs, into the thick pelt of hair that grew in a wild triangle, and slipped a finger into her dry opening.

“Bob. Stop it,” Ella said, dismissing his hand and rolling away from his erection as far as she good.

How long had it been, Bob mused, as he tried to think of the last time they had made love? Over a year, for sure, although Ella had given him a hand job once a few months ago. A pity hand job done just to get him off of her, Bob recalled.

So Bob looked over at the clock that now read 10:45, and wondered how long it would be before he could fall asleep.


“Kelly!” Courtney said excitedly into her cell phone as she told her best friend about what she had done that evening. “I did it! Well, not really, but I got him down in the basement alone and took my clothes off!”

“Of course he was interested,” Courtney replied. “He had been checking me out all day, so after I took my clothes off he was drooling. He was so cute, trying not to look while checking me out. I had to put my tit in his mouth myself.”

“Yeah!” Courtney said. “I put his hand on my cunt and like he looks all confused and asked me how come I didn’t have any hair growing down there yet! Do you believe it? It’s like – Grandpa, I’m 18, not 8! Duh! He’s so cute.”

“Anyway,” Courtney continued. “He’s so shy that I knew he wasn’t going to do anything, so I pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock. He was hard and like, I bugged out when I saw how big it was.”

“He’s only like 5’5″ or something, you know what I mean? He’s about my height, and he’s skinny too, so when I pulled out his boner, I like couldn’t believe it. He’s not monster sized like your grandfather but he’s still got probably 7″,” Courtney explained. “Looks even bigger on his little bod! It’s not real thick but the head of it is way fat. It’s like a lollipop!”

“No, he’s circumcised,” Courtney lamented after her friend asked her about that. “I was hoping he was uncut like your Grandpa, because I want to do one of them some day. Anyway, he pushed me away just before I was about to go down on him, but I don’t think he’s going to be able to fight me off all week.”

“I love you so much for turning me on to this,” Courtney concluded, thanking her friend for the idea. “If you didn’t tell me about you and your Gramps, I never would have had the nerve to try it. You’re right. Old dudes are fun to play with. I’ll call again if something happens. Bye Kelly!”

Courtney clicked shut the phone and plopped onto her back on the bed, running her sexmex porno hand up and down her pussy, which had become wet again just telling Kelly about her fun with Grandpa. Tomorrow was another day, and she made a vow to try even harder to seduce her grandfather.


At just before midnight, Bob Black had grown tired of the duet of the clock ticking and his wife Ella snoring, so he crept out of bed and went to the bathroom. He stood over the toilet, his cock still semi-erect, and managed to point his cock down far enough so he didn’t make a mess.

After he finished, he shook his cock, and then shook it some more. The shaking turned to stroking, and in less than a minute his fist was wrapped around his member, giving it hard and fast strokes.

As he jerked off, the sound of the slapping skin echoing loudly in the bathroom, he couldn’t help to think that a few hours ago it had been Courtney’s little hand on his cock, her high school ring with the bright red stone sliding up and down while she jacked him off.

She had asked him if he wanted to put his cock in her mouth or her cunt – actually saying that word to him – and he would have actually had an orgasm if her stroking had continued much longer before he stopped her.

Bob happened to look up at that point, into the mirror in front of him, and was disgusted. A 65 year old man reduced to jerking off like a schoolboy, teased to the breaking point by an oversexed granddaughter that probably was getting fucked by every swinging dick in her neighborhood.

Robert Black crammed his dripping erection back into his pajamas and left the bathroom. He meant to turn left to go back to his own bedroom, but instead he turned right, down to the spare bedroom where Courtney was sleeping.

He stood outside the door, his forehead against the wood, listening to what he thought was music playing inside. The pounding was his heart, he realized, as there was no sound on the other side and no light peeking through the bottom of the door.

Courtney’s asleep, Bob said to himself. Let her rest. They would have a talk the next day, and she would be told in no uncertain terms that what she had done down in the cellar was wrong, and he was just as wrong to not have stopped it from getting that far.

They would go to church together, maybe, and pray and ask forgiveness, and then never think about it again. Like it never happened, the entire incident would cease to exist.

Bob stepped back a bit, and then his hand reached for the doorknob. He turned it and just opened the door a crack, wanting to make sure that Courtney was okay. After all, he used to tuck her in every night back in the old days. The moonlight streaming through the curtains lit of the room enough for him to see his granddaughter safely under the sheet.

The door closed, and Bob leaned against the wood once more, only now he was one the other side.

“Grandpa?” Courtney said softly, sitting up in bed and pushing the sheet down. “I was so hoping you would come to visit me.”

“Just wanted to make sure you were okay,” Grandpa Bob said, his voice quivering and cracking.

“I am okay now,” Courtney said as she put her feet down on the rug and stood up. “You wanted to see me again, didn’t you Grandpa?”

Bob shook his head as Courtney lifted her nightie up over her head, and even in the moonlight Robert’s fading eyesight could see every curve of her lithe body.

“Come here Grandpa,” Courtney whispered, and like an extra in a George Romero movie, the senior citizen found himself taking the few steps over to his granddaughter. After he got there she dropped down to her knees on the rug, unsnapping his pajama bottoms and letting them fall.

“Got myself off before just dreaming about sucking your big dick, Grandpa,” Courtney confessed, her hands stroking the shaft, and then she leaned forward.

“No!” Bob groaned as he watched Courtney’s mouth open wide, her teeth only lightly grazing the plump glans as her lips moved over the head of his cock and slid down the shaft.

The senior citizen looked down at the blonde haired girl as her lips went nearly all the way down the length of his cock, her face disappearing in the grey cloud of his pubic hair briefly before pulling all the way back.

“No,” Bob protested again as Courtney’s lips slid all the way down his cock this time.

This wasn’t what he wanted. This wasn’t what he came in her for. Courtney – sweet woman/child – was doing things to him that were wrong, and the way she was doing it left no doubt that this wasn’t the first time.

Her mouth was wet and warm as she swallowed his manhood, and her hand had his scrotum in a death grip, churning and kneading the long dangling sac as he fought a losing battle. Pulling away and stopping it, as he had done earlier, was not happening this time.

Instead, an orgasm with an intensity that brought back memories of his youth roared though his body, and although her tried to warn Courtney, she was now holding sikiş izle onto his bony butt as his cock erupted into his granddaughter’s mouth.

Bob’s knees buckled from the force of his orgasm, and although Courtney made a little choking sound, she kept sucking while her grandfather’s cock kept jerking and spurting into her mouth, and she didn’t let up until the prodigious member went limp in her mouth.

“It’s okay Grandpa,” Courtney was saying as she got to her feet and consoled her grandfather, who was sobbing softly. “You didn’t do anything. It was me.”

“No,” was all Bob could say as Courtney led him over to the bed, and when she sat on the edge and pulled him down to his knees between her legs, it was clear what she wanted.

“Yes, Grandpa,” Courtney said as she pulled Bob’s nearly bald head into the valley between her legs. “Lick me. Lick me all over.”

Bob’s nose fell right into the pert fold, and he found himself licking Courtney’s pussy despite how horrible it all felt. There was no justification to what he was doing, none at all. What would Ella say if she came in and saw him sucking their granddaughter’s pussy like this?

The feel of her buttery smooth skin against his cheeks made it ever more perverted. So what if she was 18? She was still his granddaughter, and he had never so much as thought about her like this.

Her thighs were clenching Bob’s head as he worked her clit like he used to do Ella’s, and her body was thrashing around on the bed while she made muffled squeals that left no doubt she was cumming. Bob kept tonguing the very wet channel until he felt her body go limp and her legs let go of his skull.

“Grandpa – that was so good,” Courtney said as she slid down on the floor with him. “You really know how to eat pussy.”

Bob shivered when he heard the vulgarities come out of his granddaughter’s mouth, but he did not resist when she wrapped her arms around him and ground herself into him.

“I want you to fuck me,” Courtney said as she reached between her grandfather’s legs and grabbed his flaccid tube, pulling and stretching on it while kissing him in a way that she never had before.

Bob accepted her tongue, and began dueling with it himself as he ran her hands up and down her soft skin.

“Are you on Viagra, Grandpa?” Courtney asked as she pulled on his limp dick.

“No honey,” Bob said, and the very thought almost made him laugh. “Me and your Grandma – we don’t – you know.”

“You don’t fuck anymore?” Courtney asked. “Grandma lays next to this big dick and doesn’t want it?”

“No, honey,” Bob said. “But regardless, you and I – we can’t be doing…”

“Tomorrow night Grandpa,” Courtney said, nibbling on his ear. “You and me. We’re gonna do it. Go get some rest so you can put me through the headboard tomorrow night.”


Robert Black made a point of avoiding Courtney as much as he could the next day, and since Ella had taken Courtney shopping with her, that meant he wasn’t forced to look anybody in the eye most of the day.

Dinner was tough to handle, but Bob ate fast and made a hasty retreat to his basement birdhouse workshop after finishing. The senior citizen was busy working on the project he had been working on the night before when he heard the footsteps coming down the steps.

“Hi Grandpa,” Courtney purred in his ear as she came up behind him, hugging him and grabbing his crotch. “Why so quiet all day? Saving up your strength I hope. I need to get fucked so bad.”

“Why do you talk like that?” Bob asked his granddaughter as she moved over to lean on the work table. “The foul language.”

“I dunno,” Courtney said as she waved around a carrot. “If it bothers you I’ll stop.”

“Please do.”

“You think I’m a slut, don’t you Grandpa?” Courtney asked as she licked the pointed end of the carrot before biting it off.

“I’m in no position to judge anybody, Courtney,” her grandfather said. “After last night.”

“I’ve only fucked… I mean done it with 2 guys,” Courtney explained. “I do suck a lot of guys off though. I love to give head. But as for doing it, you’ll only be the 3rd.”

“I won’t be any such thing, Courtney,” Bob said, glancing over at his granddaughter. “I have no… what are you doing?”

“Getting ready,” Country said, giggling at the expression on his face when he saw what she was doing with the carrot.

Courtney had her shorts and panties pulled down, and had put her foot up on a box. The carrot had she had begun eating was now sliding slowly in and out of her sex, and after a few seconds she pulled out the glistening vegetable and showed it to her grandfather.

“You’re bigger than this, Grandpa,” Courtney said. “The other two guys I’ve had sex with weren’t as big as you either. This is gonna be great.”

“Courtney, I know this is a different age, but still and all grandfathers do not do things like that with their granddaughters.”

“Sure they do,” Courtney said. “My best bud Kelly has been doing her Grandpa for months. He waited until her 18th birthday and then gave her the present ever. She was a virgin until that night, but he popped her cherry. He fucked her in the pussy that night and rammed it up her ass the next night. He’s got a big one too, like you do.”

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