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Subject: Seducing My Stepson Devon Chapter 1 Writer’s Notes: This is pure fiction. Not writing about any real person, place or thing. Also not advocating illegal activity of any kind, including sex with minors in real life. This is purely fantasy and it is meant to stay that way, material for adults only. If you like stuff like that and can see the value in it, please contribute generously to Nifty.Org. And if you get off reading this, please email me. I’d love to hear about it! — It was late, almost 11 pm, and normally as a 13-year-old he’d be in trouble for not being asleep on a school night. But it was spring break and Devon was enjoying his freedom. He just wondered if he would catch his sexy step father, Randy, jacking off again. Devon quietly crept down the stairs to the basement family room. His mom had already turned in, but he didn’t want to risk waking her up. As he got close to the bottom, he heard the familiar sound of a football game emanating from the wall mounted speakers and flat screen TV. He inched toward the sofa and peered over the back just like he had two nights ago when he saw Randy stroking his rock-hard tool with his underwear pulled down mid-calf. It was a sight Devon would never forget! Sure, he had seen plenty of dudes spanking it in porn clips and had even enjoyed a little mutual pleasuring with a couple of the other boys in the neighborhood. Everyone jacks off, it seems. But something about seeing his step dad doing it really got Devon hot and bothered. The fact that Randy had no idea Evan had seen him made it even sexier. In the darkened room, peering just over the couch back, the boy was able to watch his 46-year-old step dad blow his load all over his hairy stomach that night before scampering back upstairs and making a loud, showy re-entrance to cover his tracks. This time, though, Randy just had his hands in his underwear, probably just scratching his balls. He looked up and saw Devon and smiled, not caring at all that the boy was watching him fondle himself. “Hey Bud,” the stepdad said. “Hey,” Devon offered, making his way to the other end of the long sectional couch. “Past your bedtime, isn’t it?” “Nah, not on spring break,” Devon shot back. “Oh, yeah. Hey, before you sit, mind getting me another beer? And there’s some of that orange soda you like in there, too, if you want one.” Devon got the cold drinks and returned to the couch where Randy was now sitting. He glanced at his step dad and took in his nearly naked form. Lean, muscled shoulders. A dark tan from working outside a lot as the owner of his own construction company. His sparkling blue eyes seemed to almost glow as they reflected the flickering light of the flat screen. Randy had a nice pattern of chest hair that had golden highlights to match the curly, but thinking blonde hue of his hair. Just then, Randy caught Devon looking at him, frozen in his tracks standing there ackwardly with a beer in one hand and an orange soda in the other. The step dad patted the cushion next to his own and smiled up at the boy. Devon was not his biological son, but Randy had been married to Talia, his mom, since the boy was five. In those eight years, he had really grown close to Devon. Now that he was starting to develop physically with the onset of puberty, Randy felt a special bond with Devon that seemed to be growing stronger. It brought to mind his own experiences when he was a young teen. As the boy sat down, he caught a whiff of his scent. He smelled like a young boy, Randy thought. He glanced over at the lad and noticed his boyish charm. A bit tall for his age, Devon stood about 5’10 and probably would top out around 6’2. He loved sports, and had a nice, toned athletic body. Unlike himself, Devon was dark headed and had a creamy white complexion. “Does Devon jack off?” Randy had wondered. “I wonder if he and his buds ever stroke each other like my friends and I did.” Devon was sitting there, sipping soda nect to his step dad who was wearing only some thin, nylon basketball shorts. He always had a hard time keeping his eyes off Randy’s sexy hairy chest and the bulge in his shorts but having seen him erect and having an orgasm just two nights before made it almost impossible this time. “This game is a fucking bore,” Randy said in disgust, switching the channel to a movie. He settled back with his beer in one hand and his arm over his head. This gave Devon full view of his armpit, which was overflowing with dark blonde, curly man hair. A light scent of manliness wafted over the boy, making his lust for his step dad all that more palpable. On the screen, one of the actors was shaving at a sink. Also shirtless and muscled, his physique also caught Devon’s attention. Just then the actor turned, dropped his towel and showed his square, manly ass as he stepped into a shower. As the shower scene continued, Devon felt his cock shift into full boner mode. When erect, he had almost six inches. It would be hard to contain in the flannel lounge pants he was wearing, so he reached over and put a couch cushion on his lap. “Hmmm,” Randy thought. “That’s what I’d do if I was popping a boner. Cover it up with a cushion. The boy must like that guy’s ass on the screen as much as he likes seeing me in just my shorts.” The pair watched the movie for a while, then Randy changed the station to a mixed martial arts fight. As a bi-sexual man, he loved MMA and wresting as a means of getting his fill of the male form, which he found to be just as stimulating looking at his wife and other women. One of his favorite MMA fighters was dominating tonight. His sexy, masculine features, powerful build and tight ass, plus Randy’s own wondering about the boy next to him, started to stir his own lust. He might not be the only one reaching for a couch cushion if his cock kept growing, escort bayan he thought. Devon’s cock was as hard as iron and pulsing against the cushion. The boy knew if he didn’t have something to cover up with, his lounge pants would be tent polled in the front. Between his sexy step dad and the hot MMA fighters, he had no chance of calming down. He wondered how he could slip away back upstairs to his bedroom to jack off and get some relief. Or maybe he could feign having to go to the bathroom, only a few steps away. But it might take a while to get himself to orgasm, and surly Randy would know something is up. It was crazy, but sometimes it felt like his step dad knew every lustful thought he had. Randy had played out dozens of scenarios in his mind that might lead to getting some father-son playtime with Devon. They ranged from catching the boy in the act with one of his friends to starting out talking about sex and masturbation and ending up with a sort of “demonstration” session. Those “Family Dick” videos made it all look so easy, he thought. He knew by watching that Devon liked men’s bodies, especially his. He had felt his young eyes on him at the beach, when coming out of the shower, and in the gym locker room. Just two nights ago, he heard the boy trying to sneak up on him as he was beating off right there on that very sofa. He let him do it and pretended he was unware of Devon’s presence and enjoyed knowing the lad saw him shoot a massive wad of hot cum across his hairy chest. “But how do I move from that to asking Devon if he wants to mess around,” Randy thought. The stakes were high. If he was wrong about Devon and the boy freaked out about a sexual proposition, Randy knew he could be in huge trouble. As he mulled it all over in his mind, he stole glances at Devon. The boy was clearly holding the cushion to hide his erection. Now and then, Randy could see him shifting uncomfortably, lifting his hips off the sofa to reposition. He felt sorry for him and turned on by the boy’s arousal, all at the same time. Devon’s stone hard dick wouldn’t give him a minute’s peace. Pressing the cushion down on it actually provided just enough stimulation to drive him wild. He could feel his legs tingling with excitement. His ass crack was moist, and he could hardly control the urge in his hips to thrust. He summoned all his courage to glance at his step dad, hoping he would be engrossed enough in the movie for Devon to get up and move either toward his room or the bathroom and get some relief. No such luck. In fact, just as Devon looked at Randy, he turned and locked eyes with him. Then he even smiled at him! “I’m tired of this charade,” Randy thought to himself. “It’s clear the boy is turned on and I’m going to say something about it.” Randy took a deep breath, remembered to smile warmly at his step son. “So, you and I don’t talk much about this,” Randy began. “But I’m a guy too, and I remember what it was like to be your age. If you ever have questions or need to talk about sex stuff with me, I am here for you, Devon.” Devon couldn’t believe his ears. But in another sense, his step dad’s words confirmed exactly what he seemed to intuitively know. It seemed like Randy was always reading his thoughts anytime he was thinking about sex. It was uncanny. Devon would think about some image he saw on line or jacking with one of his buddies and Randy would look over at him in the car, glance up from the dinner table or somehow make eye contact wherever they were. “Uh..well, I…” Devon managed. “I mean, yeah, okay. I will ask you if I have any questions.” “Good, good,” Randy said. “You know, when I was about 13, I started jacking off. It was a great way to explore my own body, vent my feelings and deal with some of the hormones in me. I don’t want to embarrass you by bringing it up but I want you to know jacking off is a normal part of growing up and everybody does it.” Devon was frozen. His sexy step dad was sitting here, inches from him on the couch, talking about the one thing he had thought he was able to do in secret. He let Randy’s words sort of hang in the air for a while, not sure what to say about them. After a long pause, Randy put his hand on Devon’s knee, inches below the couch pillow. He caressed it slowly, then he leaned over and practically whispered in the boy’s ear. “You jack off, don’t you, Devon?” The boy stayed silent, but slowly nodded his head. His step dad’s large, warm, manly hand on his leg felt so good. So did his hot breath in his ear. Devon wished Randy would run his hand further up and caress his aching cock. Just as he was thinking that, his step dad’s hand began to move ever so slowly up, under the pillow. Devon almost groaned out loud with pleasure. His cock pulsed, and he felt a little trickle of fluid slide down the shaft. Did he pee? Did he cum and not know it? What was that!? “I still do. In fact, I am pretty sure you know I jack off because a couple of nights ago you came down here and saw me get myself off, didn’t you boy?” Randy said. He was controlled by lust now. His hand was inching up to Devon’s upper thigh. He could feel its warmth and muscled firmness through the thin flannel. The back of his hand sensed the heat from his crotch. He was inches from the boy’s ear, knowing that his hot breath had to be adding to his aroused state. Randy’s own cock was fully erect now. He glanced down to see it clearly outlined in his gym shorts. As he glanced back up at Devon, he saw the boy looking at it too. “You know, we don’t have to sit here like this, both of us with hard-ons. We can help each other out,” Randy said. “Guys do that for one another sometimes, you know?” Devon was full of fear and arousal at the same time. But he slowly nodded his head. “You have friends you jack off with, right?” Randy asked. Devon nodded kocaeli escort bayan yes and wondered if somehow Randy had caught him and some of his buddies jacking up in his room one of the many times, they had indulged themselves. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom. Or anyone. It’s the guy code. What we do stays between us, right?” “Yes,” Devon said. He was surprised to hear the word leave his own lips, but he was so glad he had said it. This had to be secret, most of all from his mom! Randy, now completely turned on, got even bolder. He grabbed the pillow from Devon’s hand and slowly pulled it away. He saw his boy boner clearly poking up against the flannel lounge pants he was wearing. He slid his manly hand up and caressed it. It felt like a little steel spike against his palm. There was a little wetness there, too. Aha! Pre-cum. A sure sign the boy was loving this as much as he was! m Devon let out an audible sigh of pleasure, which Randy took as permission to go even further. He found the button fly of the lounge pants and deftly undid it. Moving the fabric of the pants slightly, he set Devon’s hard dick free and it sprang through the slit like a bird flying through an open window. There it was, his step son’s 13-year-old, fully erect cock in all its glory. Circumcised and surprisingly thick, Randy guessed the boy was at least five inches, maybe six. He had seen grown men with cocks not nearly as big or as nicely shaped. Randy scooted over as close as possible to Devon, freed his own cock from his gym shorts and put the boy’s hand on it. He too, was leaking pre-cum and as Devon began to slowly feel around on his daddy cock, he spread the goo around the head sending waves of pleasure all over his body. The step dad and son sat there, gently stroking one another. Their male juices provided all the lubrication needed. It felt good, it felt right. It felt very intimate and inviting. Randy nuzzled next to Devon’s neck, the boy smelled so good. He wanted more of him, so he stopped fondling his hard dick long enough to help him out of his shirt. That’s when Randy noticed little black hairs forming in the boy’s arm pits and near his navel. “There is nothing sexier than a young boy being kissed by puberty,” Randy thought. He loved how Devon was part child and part man at the same time. He kissed the boy’s neck and caressed his smooth, white chest. His pale pink nipples were inviting, so Randy kissed them too and lovingly sucked on each one. Then he caressed Devon gently as the boy sighed and moaned. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time, Devon.” “Me too, Daddy,” the boy said. The father and son found each other’s mouths in that moment. The kiss was hot, passionate but very tender. They kissed for several minutes as Randy caressed Devon’s smooth, white flesh and eased him out of his lounge pants. Now Devon was completely naked and felt so vulnerable as Randy touched his chest, stomach cock and balls. He was almost whimpering with pleasure. “It feels so damn good,” Devon thought. “But I need to touch him, too. I want to touch him, too!” That’s when Devon reached over and caressed his step dad’s furry chest for the very first time. The coarse daddy hair sent his passion level up about a dozen notches. It was even starting to get hard to breathe. Devon literally was shaking and panting. Randy liked the way his innocent, virgin step son felt under his hands. But he couldn’t resist his sizable erection. He squeezed it, stroked it and found a rhythm Devon seemed to like. The boy awkwardly felt the Daddy fur on his step dad’s chest and then slipped his hand back down to slowly attempt to jack his eight-inch, beer-can thick cock. It felt so good to have a smaller, smooth young hand around his hot boner, Randy thought. Devon’s step dad was beating him off like a pro. Uncontrollably, the boy’s hips raised up off the sofa a few times and thrust into his hand. He had never felt such intense pleasure. Just then, Randy leaned over and spit on Devon’s cock. The slimy saliva added more lube to the equation and made Devon moan. “heh heh…” Randy laughed under his breath. “You like that, don’t you, boy?” “Ye..yee..yes!” Devon stammered. If this kept up he’d be blowing his load in the next few minutes, but he was not near the point of no return. He turned and looked again at Randy. He was dying for another kiss like the one that had ignited their passions. Randy caught the lustful, wanting look in his step son’s eyes. “I can fucking read him like a book,” he thought. Then he leaned over, grabbed Devon and kissed him full on the mouth. This time, his tongue violated the perimeter of the boy’s lips. Devon’s mouth open to Randy’s searching tongue like a flower. His cock throbbed, and Randy wondered if he had just sent the lad over the cascade falls to a powerful orgasm. But Devon still was not close. He loved his step dad kissing him like this. The way he kissed his mother. The way a man who wants you kisses you before he takes your mouth or ass with his cock. The boy loved how Randy was holding him and he leaned into the kiss to submit himself fully to the moment. Randy loved how Devon was responding. He leaned harder toward the boy as he kissed him and the two eased down onto the sofa with the step dad on top of his son. The boy’s smooth, white flesh felt so ender and inviting underneath him. Devon’s cock was poking him straight in the abdomen and Randy’s hard member was assaulting the boy’s taint. A few inches lower and he’d be close to his sweet, pink pucker, Randy thought. He thrust his hips a bit to see if he could connect with Devon’s sweet hole. He thrust more and more and felt a little give near the boy’s hole as Devon sighed and moaned with pleasure. Then Randy remembered how hung he was and how small Devon’s kocaeli escort little virgin hole probably was. For a moment, he came to his senses and realized that if he was going to fuck his son, he had better make sure the boy was ready for it and there was plenty of lube. So he slid down and kissed the boy’s tender, pink nipples. Devon gasped and sighed and gently caressed his step father’s manly head. He had no idea that his nipples were so sensitive. The pleasure having Randy’s rough beard and searching lips and tongue on his breasts was all new and very exciting. Randy would not fuck his step son that night, he had decided, but the boy could definitely benefit from a blowjob. After working him into a trance-like state of arousal by pleasuring his sweet boy titties, the step dad slid further down and kissed and licked the little black hairs near his navel. Then he went even further and grabbed Devon’s hard cock by the base. He took one long, admiring look at it and then plunged it into his throat. He swallowed the teen’s boy cock down to his thick, black pubes and felt his young, tight balls against his chin. Devon gasped. He had never had his cock in anything or anyone before, just hands. It felt amazingly good. He couldn’t even process how good it felt or the fact that it was his step father who was sucking him so expertly. Part of him did feel in that moment that he should be the one sucking Randy’s cock, and an image of him on his knees while sexy Randy towered over him flashed into his mind. Randy sucked and sucked the teen tool until he knew Devon was about to explode. He had him right on the edge and then he stopped, pulled the boy upward in a long, seductive kiss and over on top of him, hoping he would return the favor. Devon was only too eager to try out his cocksucking skills for the first time on the one plan on planet earth that always got him rock hard, his own step father. The boy slid into cocksucker’s paradise between his daddy’s legs and tried to throat the big eight inch tool, but it was too much for him. He coughed and gagged. Randy chuckled. “Easy son, just suck the head.” So that is exactly what the boy did. It felt so damn good, too. And it was so sexy hot to see his reddish pink little mouth stretched wide to take the fat head of his cock, Randy thought. He gently stroked the boy’s hair and guided his head up and down to increase the sensation. Randy could have blown his load right into the lad’s mouth, but he didn’t know if Devon would like that or not, and he wasn’t ready to cum. “Let’s fucking milk this moment for all it’s worth,” Randy thought lustfully. He watched Devon take more and more of his head, then some of the shaft down into his mouth. He felt his cock start to violate his step son’s little throat and he wanted to bear down on him, but he decided that would be too much. He pulled Devon off of him, squeezed the base of his thick cock and caused a huge glob of pre-cum to ooze out of the tip. He wanted to see what Devon would do with it. Devon desperately wanted his step father’s dick back in his mouth. Seeing the glob of pre-cum only made him want it even more. He had always wondered how anyone could swallow a load when giving head, and now he knew. He wanted nothing more for his step dad to fill his mouth with hot cum. He lapped at the clear, salty fluid on the tip of Randy’s penis and adjusted his grip on his balls before burying the cock in his mouth again. Randy was almost proud of the boy. He had some real promise as a cocksucker and he was so fucking cute. He thrust his dick in and out of his step son’s mouth and loved watching it emerge glistening with teen spit. When he got to the edge, he pulled Devon off of him. “You’re gonna cum first, boy,” he announced, pushing Devon back down on the sofa and attacking his rock-hard cock. Randy pulled out all the stops. He was an accomplished dick sucker who had been at it since he was about 12 or 13. As he thought about his first real time with a grown man at about that age, his uncle Steve, and realized this was Devon’s first time, he got more and more turned on. His passion fueled his cocksucking and brought the boy right to the edge. Randy caressed sweet boy pucker as he sucked. Just as he was putting a fingertip into his sweet little ass, Devon entered the throes of orgasm. His head shot back, his whole body stiffened and quivered. Randy added a frenetic pace to his sucking and mouth fucking, knowing the boy was about to cum. In one powerful moment, Devon exploded into his step dad’s willing mouth. Randy held the sizable load on his tongue before swallowing and nursing the boy’s still hard cock as he came down. “You like that, boy?” “Yes, oh yes!” Devon said. He immediately looked at his step-father’s leaking, rock hard cock and dove for it. He thrust the head in his mouth and tried to imitate what Randy had done to him, rapid, up and down strokes with his whole mouth. He loved how the cock was poking the back of his throat and how Randy’s salty pre-cum tasted. He loved how Randy was in full control, holding his head down so Devon couldn’t stop the flow of pre-cum if he wanted to. He swallowed as it built up in his mouth. Then he noticed more and more pre-cum was forming, and finally he felt Randy’s thick, powerful daddy cock pulsing between his lips and in his hand. Randy grunted and lurched forward with a jolt as he fired multiple blasts of hot, thick man juice into his stepson’s hot mouth. The boy dutifully swallowed several times to get the viscous liquid down his gullet. He didn’t want to spill a drop of the man seed. Finally, the pulsing stopped. Devon eased off his step father’s meat and looked up into his crystal eyes. He smiled with approval and ruffled his hair. “Good job, son.” Randy said. “Good job.” They cuddled for a while enjoing the afterglow. Finally, Randy broke the silence. “Did you like it?” “Yes!” Devon said without hesitation. “Can we do this all the time? Please?” Randy laughed. “Well, yeah, I suppose we can. As long as it stays between us.” “Oh, it will, Daddy. It will.

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