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Have you ever watched someone precious sleeping, just sat for long moments watching as their chest rises and falls, unaware that any one is even there, so oblivious, so content, so beautiful in their state of peacefulness.

Have you ever just watched in wonder at the texture of their skin, the warmth and depth of its color, its contours and imperfections.

Have you ever wanted to reach out and touch that someone, without them knowing, allowing you to just explore their beauty, bask in it.

I sit at the base of our bed and wonder, have you ever wanted to sit and do as I am now, would it thrill you as it does me to watch you, silently losing myself in the moment,as I cast my eyes over your body.

My eyes wander dreamily, its not lust I feel, not a desire to thrash about wildly with unbridled passion, right at this moment in time I just want to worship you, lose myself in the beauty I see before me.

Your surrounded by silk, black, it seems to highlight the radiance of your skin.. Sun filters through the window, emphasizing this, you seem to glow, I ponder how this is symbol of what you are.

I begin to feel a little like a voyeur and am tempted to walk away, but I cant I’m mesmerized.

You lie so still, on your stomach, head to the right, your right arm bent up wards, left bent beside you. I follow the line of your right arm, your clutching the sheets. Are you dreaming? I hope they are sweet. I look at your fingers, long and slender and I smile as I think of where they have been, so many times.

I look down your back, it curves so gently, I see droplets of sweat there, so tempting to taste them. Your butt twitches now and then and this makes me giggle quietly, would like to place my hand on your cheeks and feel when this happens, would you mind??

Your left leg long and slender, outstretched,your right leg bent at the knee, I can see your balls, and I laugh to myself as I suppress the urge to part your legs a little to give them more room.,I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in any way, my concern for such a silly thing moves me,again I’m tempted to leave the room but cant.

You’ve been so tired lately, I don’t want to wake you, but how can I touch you, how can I run izmir escort my fingers over your skin the way I want and not have you wake, I wish I knew how, for my need to touch your skin is overwhelming.

For what seems like an eternity I sit and watch, not disturbing you, you move in your sleep, every small movement endearing to me. Alas I cant resist and I move closer so I can touch you, tentatively I reach forward two or three times then pull away, would you mind? You’ve slept for three hours now its mid afternoon.

Finally I find the courage and touch the small of your back, so lightly I don’t think you could feel it. A droplet of sweat rolls down towards my fingers and I catch it, self consciously I taste it, yes its you I recognize that taste. The saltiness reminding me of the moments of passion we have shared, and I smile again.

I run my fingers gently down the middle of your spine, continue between your cheeks, you twitch again, but don’t wake. Your legs have spread wider now and I think back to my earlier concerns and I laugh to myself.

You shift your face in my direction now, crumpled on the pillow,I think of how beautiful your face looks,even with its puckered mouth, and screwed up nose. Can I kiss your face as you sleep? Would you mind? I don’t think so:)

I lean over you and kiss your cheek softly, you don’t flinch and I feel more and more bold in my exploration of you by the minute. I kiss you again this time on the ear, the back of the neck, your shoulders.

I wonder if your faking and know what I’m doing,but I don’t really care now that I am consumed by this fantasy. I maneuver my self across the sheets, carefully moving over your outstretched leg and kneel between them, lowering my face to lick and kiss the backs of your legs, over your cheeks, running my tongue into the curve of your back. I lower my chest to you, running my now hardening nipples over each cheek. You skin is so warm, sooo very soft, the tenderness I feel, profound.

I know you must be aware of my intensions now, but you still aren’t moving, I thank you in my mind, you are working with me, you know my needs all too well.

Moving deftly now I sit beside you and gently urge you to roll over onto your bayındır escort back, like a rag doll you fall, arms outstretched, legs apart, I look your body up and down admiring every inch. Strangely I am glad to see that you are not yet fully aroused, I want to watch closely as it happens at the touch of my fingers.

I bend and kiss your closed lips, push with my own to separate them, run my tongue around your lips, I sense a small gasp from within you, ormaybe not. I part your lips further and your mouth moves in response to mine, only your mouth nothing else, allowing my tongue to probe you, roll its way sweetly around yours. It’s as though you are my most precious toy, push each individual button and it responds how you wish. Oh how I love this game, what button shall I push next!!

I move to your left nipple, suck on it, tug it gently with my teeth, run my tongue around and around it, as I roll the right in between my fingers. I know how sensitive you are there, and marvel at your self control, how can you lie so still, Your body defies you and your nipples stand hard with my caresses. I run my tongue down into your belly, circling my tongue around your belly button, down into your groin. Again your body exposes the lie of your silent stillness, you are hardening before my eyes, as I draw circles on the skin around you. I watch inches away as you fill with blood, engorge, veins now visible along the length of you as your skin stretches tightly,

I run the tip of my finger sooo lightly from the base to the tip, repeating this two or three times, my butt in the air towards your face,I know you will be sneaking a glance, and this thrills me. I part my legs further so you can see more of me.

I begin to work on your hardness with my hands and my mouth, stroking, licking, sucking, milking, lovingly, smoothly, passionately. Still you don’t move how can you do that! I reach behind me and grab your hand and place it between my legs, and again like a push button toy you respond to my request, you slide two fingers into me, making love to me with those fingers, as your thumb massages my clit, so smooth with my own juices. I continue to work on you with my mouth as you do bayraklı escort this, me tightening, and rocking, you so hot and hard in my mouth. You do not even blink, just your fingers move.

The heat inside me reaches an almost unbearable level as we work magic on each other, and I sense the agitation from within you as you struggle to maintain the fantasy for me. Its time for me to release you from your desperation,, I move to taunt you one last time, and as I lower my wetness down to your face, for you to smell my passion, taste it, for moments you resist and I ache for your tongue on me.

Then without warning, your hands grab my cheeks from behind and you bury your face into me, I am so stunned I gasp loudly. You part my lips with your thumbs, probing deeply inside me with your tongue, you slide it inside of me over and again, you suck on my clit, lick me, bite me gently, I am so exhilarated by your sudden frenzy, I moan uncontrollably and with an intensity I have never felt before, you devour me. I feel am going to explode as I know you want to too and now, not a moment more.

You push me from you with force yet careful not to hurt me and you maneuver me onto my back, roles reversed, I am now your toy and I succumb to it, wanting now to be taken by you, your passion so wild your eyes cloud over

I lie flat and still my legs parted but flat to the bed, you move over me, lie on me only supporting your weight on your elbows and thrust your self into me and I cry out in ecstasy, grasp the sheets behind my head. Instinctively I curl my legs behind your back, you bend one knee raising yourself a little and you pound yourself into me, thrust your tongue into my mouth as you do so. Over and over I feel your hardness fill me, my sense of consciousness fades and I vaguely hear our screams.

Welling up from within my soul, a rush flows thru me and you sense it as you feel the same, and now we stare intently into each others eyes. Like a tidal wave, enormous in its force, we contract together and your warm fluids gush into me as I arch and contract around you, two souls merging into one in these few seconds.

Exhausted you fall to my chest and I lie stunned, a sweet smile curling my lips. Too overwhelmed to move, we lie, so overcome, we stare silently. Finally reality takes hold again and you lift your face to look at me,brushing a hair away from my face, kissing me gently you say “Would you like to play with me again some time?” And together we laugh.

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