Seduction at 37000 Feet Ch. 01


He looks at his watch as he waits, somewhat patiently for her to arrive.

They were to meet at 1 pm to catch a flight to London. His stomach already in knots in anticipation of the flight. This was not helping to ease the upset he felt. “Where could she be?” he pondered.

Watching the line develop to head through security, seeing the minutes tick away. Standing there in his perfectly tailored suit, ready to enjoy their first vacation together. That is when he sees it happen. Slowly every mans eyes, and most of the women turn in the direction opposite to where he is looking. Instinctively he knows that she is here. As he turns in the direction of their gaze he sees her for himself.

Her long jacket open as she walks gracefully towards him. Her long shapely legs encased in the black nylon of her stockings. With an air of confidence she moves towards him. The black dress that he so loves clinging to her ample breasts, fitting over her form like another layer of skin. She is a goddess and he cannot take his eyes off of her.

“Sorry I am late,” she laments quietly into his ear.” I just couldn’t find the right underwear to go with this.” She smiles and whispers so only he can hear, “So I am not wearing any.” with that she turns to move through security.

Realizing he has not moved, she looks over her shoulder and says, “You coming?” the look in her eyes tells him that she has mischief on her mind..

Still incapable of speech he smiles playfully and turns to join her as they go through.

Once inside security they make their way through the shops and purchase small things here and there for the trip. Her hand taking his as they walk. He wonders if she can feel the shaking in his normally calm demeanor. As if reading his thoughts she squeezes his hand lightly and smiles gently.

Soon the flight is called to board and they make their way down the ramp and find their seats.

The luxury of first class gives them good leg room and comfortable seating. The overnight flight is not full and they find themselves in a more secluded part of the large jumbo jet.

He makes himself comfortable in his seat while his new love excuses herself to the ataşehir escort ladies room. While she is gone he prepares their area. Snacks, I pods, and Noise Canceling headphones. Everything is here waiting for them. “Perhaps we can get some sleep on the flight,” he thinks to himself.

He watches as she returns and sits beside him.

“May I take your coat hun?” he asks.

No words are spoken but the question is answered in one heart stopping moment as she drops the small black dress that only moments before, had been clinging to her curves. It lands in his lap with a soft plop.

The reaction in his body is swift and immediate. Heightened by the sight of a shapely thigh as she adjusts her long coat.

The half sigh, half moan that escapes his lips elicits a shy smile from her and she nods slightly. Noticing that he has slumped a bit in his seat the flight attendant makes her way to him.

“Everything alright sir?” she says in a smooth British accent, her auburn hair cascading over her shoulders.

I am just not going to get a break tonight, he thinks to himself.

To her he stammers.”Uh-huh,well,no actually I am uh, fine, but thank you.”

“If you need ANYTHING sir, don’t hesitate to push the button,” she looks at him and turns to move away, he watches as her hips sway nicely from side to side.

That is when he realizes that Melinda’s mouth is next to his ear whispering.”My, she is quite beautiful, but I think you will be more interested in this,” and with that he is aware that his hand is being guided up her legs to the very top of her stockings, high up on her thigh.

The sudden thrust of the powerful jets engine pressing him back into his seat, the forces pushing against him, feeling it from head to toe, to groin.

The powerful force causing the hand on her thigh to slide farther up grazing her naked mound. Her legs close tight holding his hand there as she jumps slightly at this unexpected touch. Somehow he manages to keep his groan unnoticed. The same can not be said for his now raging erection. The feel of her dampness against his fingers make his shaft look avcılar escort like a rocket ready for launch. With ground control announcing in his head,”All Systems go for launch sir,” it calls out “Fire when ready!”

Trying to conceal his rocket, he reaches up and grabs a blanket to cover himself. He swears he can hear snickers coming from beside him. A flush of red rushes over his face as he sits back, covering his throbbing member.

It is with some relief that he sees the food and drink cart coming. He dutifully lowers his tray table down over his lap. Smiling, “Ahhh covered at last,” he mutters to himself.

As that same flight attendant arrives to take his drink order, he feels the zipper of his suit pants going south and a set of 5 long slender fingers snake inside his briefs and wrap around his shaft.

With a school boy crack in his deep voice he orders his hot coffee. “With cream please,” he manages.

“Maam, what about for you?” asks the attendant.

“I believe I will have the cream too,” she says almost inaudibly

His cock twitches as she squeezes gently.

“Excuse me ma’am?” says the confused woman.

“Oh sorry, nothing for me just yet, maybe in a few moments,” she says with a slight giggle.

“You’re so bad,” he says with a smile.

“Yes I am,” she huskily responds,

With that she starts to stroke him slowly, and he sighs.

As the coffee arrives the attendant sets it on the tray and smiles at him and, was that a wink between the two women?

“It will be awhile before I can come back to get you a refill. Perhaps you will be ready for it by then,.” and with a smile, her and the cart disappear and the stroking intensifies beneath the blanket.

“Oh, baby,” he groans heavily.

His breathing becoming erratic, he feels the swelling in his cock and the tightening of his balls began to overtake all thoughts of the coffee.

Sensing that he is about to lose control she says, “Take your damn coffee, I want your cream!” and she lifts the tray as he moves the coffee.

As swift and graceful as a deer she takes his pulsing shaft in her avrupa yakası escort mouth. Deep throating him in one motion.

Bobbing her head just a few times until he is spewing his cream down her throat as her moans are gagged by his large cumming cock.

His body finally starting to relax as she swiftly cleans him with her tongue.She licks her lips, “Mmmmm oh yessss,” She mutters, “Now,its your turn.”

She pulls back her coat and spreads her legs wide.

The juices of her obvious orgasm glisten on her soft swollen petals

“Make me cum again,drink me,” she hisses, “make me cum hard.”

She takes his head in her hands and pulls him hard between her legs, his mouth and tongue meeting her lifting and very ready pussy.

Pure animal lust takes over as he licks inside her sweet vaginal lips. Her hips grinding against his face as her hands hold him tight to her.

He is a total captive of her overwhelming need to cum!

His fingers rubbing her clit as she shakes and shudders at the pleasure he is giving to her. Until,with her head thrown back and her hips thrusting hard she pulls his tongue deep. His mouth open as she squirts over and over into his mouth, biting her lips to keep from screaming as she cums down his throat.

“God she loves this man,”she quietly thinks as he takes every drop.

As she releases her grip on his head he raises up and licks his lips. Seeing her shaking as she closes her coat and tries to regain control.

As if on cue the buxom attendant is once again at his side “You ready for that coffee now miss?”

A flush of red over takes my loves face,”Yes,I think I am.”

“Oh and sir, I think you have something on your face right there,” and before I can wipe it off, she slides her finger over the corner of my mouth and turns, licking her finger as she walks away, a moan spilling over her lips.

I turn with a look of surprise in my eyes.”What was that all about?” I ask with a shocked expression on my face.

“I don’t kn…..” she stops suddenly as her mouth hangs open.

My eyes follow her gaze to the stewardess as she points to the corner by us.

Up in the corner of this transatlantic bound aircraft was a tiny surveillance camera. Looking back to see our hostess nodding her head with a wry smile.

I look back at Melinda, not sure what to say.

“Hmmmm,we still have 10 more hours,whatever shall we do?” she sighs.

“I think we need to join the club, you know, the mile high one,” she smiles as I laugh..

“Yes I think we do.”

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