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I don’t know if love is fickle, but I am sure it needs working at sometimes.

Let me tell you about Selena Goodchild. We were studying still life at the same night school, in town. The week had started with a male nude sitting for us. He was quite good looking, not too muscular, easy to draw. I started teasing Selena right after the class. We had been going out with each other for a week, but had never gone further than a kiss before parting. She was being cautious because of a bad relationship in the past, and I was respecting her wishes. We were getting along very well and I had decided to test the waters.

“So, what did you think of the model?” I asked as we walked to the car.

“I had trouble with his legs. I couldn’t get the shape right.”

“No, I mean did seeing him naked turn you on?”

“Of course not. Besides, he didn’t have anything worth getting worked up about.” She didn’t sound too convincing.

I laughed. “Well, I know you won’t have anything to worry about with me then. Not that I’m boasting mind, but that guy’s dick was tiny. He should be ashamed to be seen naked like that.”

She didn’t say anything, just looked at me till we got to the car, as if she was trying to work something out. We drove to her shared house in silence, but I noticed she kept glancing at me. Before Selena got out of my car I asked if she wanted to go to a movie the next evening. She agreed and we kissed goodbye. I held the kiss longer than usual and she didn’t seem to mind. As I watched her walk up the path I smiled.

The following evening I didn’t wear any underwear to the cinema, just jeans and a T-shirt. We met outside. I had already bought the tickets, making sure to get seats near the back. Selena was wearing a shoulder less top that showed more cleavage than usual and a tight pair of jeans. We kissed when we met and this time it was Selena who stretched the duration. I put my arm around her shoulder as we walked into the dark cinema. Selena put her arm around my waist with her hand resting on my backside. I wondered if she would notice my lack of underwear but she didn’t comment if she did.

We held hands during the film as usual, but occasionally I would stroke her hand with my thumb. A couple of times I used the other hand to squeeze hers as I looked her in the dark. The movie was a romantic comedy, chosen because I had read a review that said it was a feel good flick. I kept half an eye on my girlfriend and when she looked at me during the slushy bits I made sure to look back. The third time I caught her looking, I reached cross and ran my fingers down her cheek. The film had a feel good ending and we left in good spirits.

When we got back to the car, I lightly held her face still and leant over to kiss her. I didn’t need to lean far, she met me half way. For the first time Selena parted her sweet lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Her hands gripped my head, prolonging the experience for as long as she wanted. Our tongues pushed against each other, passing between mouths at will. I ran my hand down her neck and across her smooth shoulder. When she broke the kiss she was panting slightly, out of breath and flushed.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t help it,” she explained. “I needed to kiss you. You have such soft lips.”

I wasn’t about to complain. The unexpected addition of her tongue had had another effect though. One I hoped she wouldn’t take the wrong way. “I’m pleased you did. It certainly had an effect on me.”

I looked down at the hard-on rising between my legs and Selena followed my gaze. After a moment, in which I thought she might scream and run away, I heard her giggle.

“I caused that? Wow.” Thankfully she sounded amused rather than offended. Then she surprised me again. “Can I touch it?”

I think I blushed. “Of course.” I managed to splutter. Selena slowly reached across the gap and placed a hand on my leg. She looked me in the eye as her hand slid towards the bulge in my lap. I was holding my breath. When her questing fingers brushed against my balls I jumped. Her hand was withdrawn and a look of concern on her face before I landed.

“Are you all right?” Her voice was full of worry.

“It’s nothing. Just a bit ticklish. Carry on, if you still want to?”

Her answer was the placing of her hand back on my scrotum. I tensed but managed not to jump this time. She slowly, agonisingly, slid her delicate fingers up the shaft of my penis. She was still watching me tense and relax as she touched me. When she reached the head, her eyes moved to my lap and she watched the movement of her fingers as she felt me up. She looked at my face again with a mischievous grin.

“Are you aliağa escort wearing underwear?” I grinned back. “You fiend. I spent ages deciding what to wear and you just decided on nothing!” She laughed, but didn’t move her hand.

“Are you going to let me go so I can drive or do you want to stay here all night?”

“I’m good.” She squeezed me through the material of my jeans. “I see what you mean about the model though. This thing in my hand feels much bigger than his looked. Can I kiss you again?”

She didn’t really need to ask. We swapped saliva for a while, each trying to pull the other’s tongue into our mouths. After a while she removed her hand, but only long enough to grab one of mine and put it on her breast. I could feel her nipple pushing the thin fabrics of her bra and top out. When her hand returned to my groin she started rubbing me, and massaging my erection. I took that as an OK to caress her impressive tits, which elicited a groan from her. Our mouths separated as we took a breath. I moved my lips to her cheek and kissed my way to her ear. Her eyes were closed and she moaned as I kissed her earlobe. My tongue began to run around the edge of her ear and then I took her lobe into my mouth. Selena shuddered and gasped and I released her ear to ask, “are you OK?” Stupid question apparently.

“Oh yes. That was great. I didn’t realise my ears were so sensitive.”

“Well unless you intend to make a mess in my trousers you ought to let go.”

“I’m only letting go when I get home mister.” She giggled.

“Then I better start the engine.”

I drove Selena home with the constant presence of her hand in my lap. An enjoyable experience, if a little distracting. When we reach her place I leaned over and kissed her again, feeling her tongue for the last time that night. As we parted Selena squeezed my still hard cock goodbye.

I am not sure how I managed to drive all the way home without incident. I can’t remember the journey at all as I was in a haze of lust and pleasure. Although it was quite late I still had a hard-on to deal with. I undressed and lay on my bed, dick in hand. Closing my eyes I thought back to the car and how Selena had reacted to my kissing her ear. My dick got harder as I remembered her lips and the way tongue felt. Thinking of the way her soft breasts felt as she fondled my manhood was enough to bring me over the edge. I sprayed my stomach with several spurts of sperm as the ecstasy overwhelmed me. I fell asleep after cleaning up the mess. My dreams were filled with images of Selena.

The next few days we both busy with other commitments, but managed to snatch a few minutes on instant messaging. We didn’t talk about the night at the movie till the fourth night after it. Selena broached the subject first by admitting she had been turned on by our passionate kissing and feeling my erection. I told her that I had had to masturbate to be able sleep when I got home. She was quiet for a while, then admitted she had done the same. I was a little surprised she was being so frank with me. Usually we just teased each other a bit, maybe the odd double entendre, but nothing so frank. I asked if she wanted to do it again, meaning the kissing and fondling. She said she was doing it at the moment. It was my turn to be quiet. I suddenly realised Selena had just told me she was masturbating as she typed. Talking about our session had got me turned on as well, and when I figured out she was getting off as we chatted I nearly burst out of my trousers. Shame to ruin a good zip, so I asked her to wait. I removed my trousers and then my shirt for good measure. I sat back in front of the PC and told Selena that I was now naked and intended to join her in her pursuit of pleasure. It was a few moments before she answered.

[sorry, busy.]


[you are too late]


[don’t let me stop you though I can catch up]


[I have a helpful toy]

{oh!} I was now typing with one hand as the other raced up and down the length of my penis. I could feel the pre-come oozing out of the tip, and it soon coated the shaft. We were both silent again on screen although I was breathing loudly enough to be heard next door.

{i’m near}

[me too, just need to touch it to clit] that did it for me. I had never heard Selena use such the word clit before. She must have been very horny to use it now. The thought that she was having another orgasm at the same time I was was awesome. It took a lot of control not to spray my seed over the keyboard. The high went on for a while after the physical signs died down.

[you ok?] The message received tone brought izmir rus escort me back to the present.

{sorry, busy}

[you too? Good] [we should get together tomorrow]

{yeah. That would be good.} We arranged to meet after 8 at her place. The people she shared with would be out on an overnight training course. We would have the place to ourselves. She forbid me to wear any underwear. She said she didn’t want any obstructions! Cool.

The next day at work passed in a blur. I was like an automaton, going through the motions but not really paying any attention. When I got home I started to get nervous. I had the sudden fear Selena might change her mind or maybe she had a different idea of what we were meeting for. I didn’t eat very much and twice I made a cup of coffee but didn’t drink it. I showered and dressed and was ready far too early. I brushed my teeth twice. I decided to listen to some music to calm me down. I put the CD in the player and turned up the volume. Soon I was singing along to the familiar lyrics and by the end of the disc I had calmed down.

The drive there went by quickly, I probably broke all the speed limits, and I was ten minutes early. Rather than knock on the door I decided to drive around town for a bit. I didn’t want to ruin anything Selena had planned by arriving at the wrong time and I really needed to calm down. After three circuits of the one way system I pulled into the drive of her shared house and stopped the engine.

As soon as the door was open wide enough a pair of arms pulled me in and my face was assaulted in the best possible way. Selena tried to kiss all of my face but I intercepted her as she passed my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her willing mouth and we explored each others fillings. Eventually we broke off to catch our breaths, and close the door.

“Hi!” I was too dazed to say anything more intelligent. Selena smiled and pulled me into her room.

“Sit here and let me kiss you.” She ordered me and I complied. I was glad she knew what we were doing because at that moment my mind was blank. I sat and she snuggled close. I reached out and held her face still.

“Do you love me?” She asked. I kissed her nose. I kissed her cheeks. I kissed her mouth.

“Do you?” She asked again.

“Yes. I love you.” Selena smiled and cuddled me, burying her head in my shoulder. We hugged and kissed for what seemed like an hour. I could smell her hair conditioner and the soap she used. Her cheek against mine was soft and warm. I traced my finger across her cheek and she tried to bite it. We played the game again, this time she caught my finger and sucked it in, her eyes locked on mine.

“I want to suck on something else. Something bigger.” As Selena said this she put her hand on my rapidly hardening dick. “Any objections?”

“Err. No.” Blank mind again.

Selena pushed me back on the bed and undid my belt. With a little co-operation from me she managed to get my trousers off.

“Good boy. No undies.”

She reached out a hand and lifted my erection up. Her soft hand gripped my hard flesh and began to move up and down the shaft. With every down motion the foreskin opened to reveal the sensitive crown. After a few strokes, and with her eyes looking at my face, Selena leaned down and put her lips around the head. She didn’t move her hand or head, just her tongue. She watched my startled reaction as she lapped at the head of my cock. Her actions were rewarded by the release of pre-come. She raised her head and spread the clear liquid with the palm of her hand, coating my shaft.

“It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen one like it. It’s much bigger than that model the other day. I’d love to draw it sometime.” Before I could respond, Selena put her mouth back on my cock and slid her lips down the shaft.

“Oh my.”

For the next few minutes I watched as the prettiest woman in my world try to swallow my erection. When her lips moved up, her hand pulled the skin down. As she took my length in, her hand squeezed my balls. I watched her take more and more into her hot mouth. Eventually she reached the base.

“Is that all of it?” She asked. Her face showed her happiness at accomplishing the task. Mine was just a grin. “I am so wet now. Even my jeans are soaked.”

“Come here, let me feel.” She moved around the corner of the bed and I slid over, reaching out. Selena was still sliding her hand along my cock. When I could reach her crotch I found she wasn’t kidding. I could feel her wetness even through the thick denim. “I want to see you naked.”

“Mmmmm.” Her mouth was full again but she let me go long enough to remove her clothes.

I izmir escort pulled my shirt off and when I could see again I was treated to the girl I loved naked and waiting for me. “I love you, Selena. You are so beautiful. Come here, I want to kiss you.”

She opened her arms and we embraced, our skin touching for the first time. I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest and her hands running up and down my back. I pulled her down onto the bed and we kissed. I kept her mouth busy by inserting one of my fingers and moved my own lips down her neck. Remembering the reaction to me chewing her earlobe, I gently kissed my way towards it. I ran tongue around the edge of her ear and then sucked the lobe into my mouth. Selena groaned with delight as I mauled her ear, and she sucked my finger harder. I left a trail of kisses down her neck, past her shoulders to her left breast. Using both hands and my tongue, I squeezed, sucked, massaged and licked her breasts till she squirmed.

“I didn’t know you were a breast man.”

“I’m not. I’m a Selena man.”

She laughed at my joke and I proved my point by kissing her mouth again. We tongue wrestled for a while until she broke of and asked “have you finished exploring my body?”

“Not just yet. I haven’t got a map so it might take a little longer yet. Why? Have you got other plans?” She laughed again and I took the opportunity to slide down to her belly. One of the things enjoyed about Selena was her pierced navel. You could never tell which of the plethora of belly ornaments she owned would be attached. Tonight she was wearing a simple bar with ball ends. The top ball was inscribed ‘plaything’ and the bottom ball ‘foxy.’ Both things I would agree with.

I started kissing her again, moving in circles around her navel. Each full rotation I would suck on the belly bar. After six circles I changed tack and kissed a line straight down to the neatly trimmed pubic hair covering her groin. Up till now Selena had kept her legs together, but my hands gently eased them apart. I could smell her arousal, a lovely scent. I teased her for a while, kissing her thighs and abdomen, but she soon grabbed my head and pushed it towards her sex.

“Get on with it. I can’t stand the wait!” I didn’t need to be told twice.

I tenderly slid my tongue up along the slit between her legs. I could taste the wetness that had earlier dampened her jeans. I used my fingers to open the hot lips of her pussy and let my tongue seek the source of her moisture. I pushed between the swollen labia, flicking my tongue up and down. I could hear Selena gasp and squeal as my attentions brought her more pleasure. I slid a finger between her pussy lips and towards her clitoris. When it made contact Selena jumped. I pushed against the engorged nub and added my tongue to the stimuli. Loud grunts came from her mouth and my hand was being covered in her juices. A sudden spasm rippled through her body, signalling an orgasm. I kept licking and playing with her delicate clitoris, prolonging her orgasm until I was pushed away by Selena’s thighs closing.

When she had calmed, down I asked how she felt.

“Now there’s a stupid question. I’ve just come all over you and you want to know how I feel?”

Instead of answering me, Selena grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed. She rolled me over and once again her hand gripped my dick. During the whole evening I hadn’t softened and now she wanted to reciprocate her orgasm. Selena returned her talented mouth to my penis and began to suck and jerk with ferocious speed. It didn’t take long before I could feel the onset of orgasm.

“Uh.. I think i’m… Going… To… Ahhh.” I didn’t have the time or breath to finish my warning. A sudden eruption of sperm finished it for me. Selena didn’t stop sucking as the spurts flew from my cock. I filled her mouth and watched as the excess semen oozed out from her frantically moving lips. When I stopped coming, Selena removed her mouth and made sure I was watching when she swallowed my seed.

With her hand still on my softening penis, Selena kissed me. I could taste my juice on her lips, but it didn’t matter. I was past bliss, laying on a bed with the woman I loved on top of me.

“Thankyou.” We said it together, then giggled.

An hour later I bid her goodbye. I had an early start next day and didn’t have a change of clothes, so I decided to go home. Selena hadn’t stopped me but she seemed a little sad that I wasn’t staying the night. More than anything I didn’t think I would survive the night if she decided she was still horny.

The next few days we didn’t have much time to ourselves, and as the days stretched on it seemed we never would. After a couple of months of frustration we seem to have drifted apart. We haven’t had any contact in over a week now. We are still on good terms as far as I know, we just don’t have anything to say. I must make time to see her.

If you are out there Selena I miss you.

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