self-control to supersexyhornygirl part 1


self-control to supersexyhornygirl part 1self-control have met me in the supermarket, he didn´t know me, haven´t ever seen me before. I was choosing candles for a romantic dinner, would i have with a close friend, and he was staring me a few minutes, and approached me and asked: “It is a very special person, isn´t it?”I kept looking self-control a few seconds, downing my dark glasses from my face and just responded: “Yes!”…I´ve got the candles, while he left and i have looked him again while he walked away…A few days later, i was coming home, before home entrance door and he touched me on my shoulder and said: “hey, how are you???”…I noticed self-control and kept silent a few seconds and replied: “Where from do you know me????”Self control did a çankaya escort smile and said: “the other day, in the supermarket!”I was wondering in silence a few seconds….he smiled….I´ve said to him: “Do you wanna come in ? Want coffee ?”Self-control didn´t know, but since the supermarket when i downed my dark glasses, was for have a good like on him, i thought myself on the moment i invited him to come in for a coffee, i said to myself very low, almost whipering; “He´s cute!”I suddenly discrete, looked to his jeans pants, and notice the size of the cock of self control, inside the jeans trousers…I was wearing sandals, jeans mini skirt, and yellow top, he could see my legs, and tits forms, he has noticed, he paid attention…I cebeci escort was trying to hold the keys to open the door, when as all of a sudden, i drop the keys by mistake, and self-control has rushed to get the keys. I was with my hand already and with mini skirt, my red panties, was noticed by self-control, which kept looking….I could see self-control´s dick was hard…Self-control offered to help me, because i was with bags, from the supermarket….i said “Yes”, he said: “Can i?”. and he was holding my bags, 4 bags, i bought lots of items, and came home by taxi..I opened the door, and asked self-control has put the bags on the place i said, on kitchen´s table.Self-control is a muscle man, strong, easy handled demetevler escort 4 bags, full of items, like it was just cottom…we started to chat, i said he could have a seat and i said that i would make a coffee, and i thanked him for the help with the bags…”Do you live nearby?”, i asked self-control….Self-control said: “I am in the hotel two blocks from here, and decided to come back, walking..”I discrete smiled and a little smile he could notice from me, and i was thinking, why not….Self-control was a complete stranger, i have never seen that person in my entire life, and my thinking as why not….was for a nice time with him…well, actually something more…We chated at the table for almost 20 minutes, we were having coffee, and he told me he was truck-driver and used to heavy objects, and i could see he got muscled, tall, handsome, good-looking, cute…and obviously thought of that dick fucking me, and i was thinking of a some “games”, yeah, self-control didn´t know about my secret room at home.To be continued…

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