Senior Year Ch. 04

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It was the day after I had gotten that blowjob from Carly and we had decided to go out. My friend Niko had invited us to his big house party to celebrate him getting into Princeton University. Niko is very smart, but he wasn’t a nerd and his parties were always insane, like something you would see on MTV or some other teen channel.

We had just pulled up to my house in my car, when Carly said, “Patrick, I’m think about experimenting with a couple of my other guy friends tonight, is that okay?”

Now, our relationship was mainly physical. That meant that I was allowed to screw around with other girls and she was allowed to screw around with other guys. As long as we were the number one, sexually, to one another, we didn’t really care what the other person did.

I looked her over. In all her 18 year old glory, her tits looked magnificent in her tight top, and I knew her ass was going to look great in her skin tight jeans. I looked really simple in loose jeans and a T-shirt.

“Baby, that’s totally okay, if I can do the same,” I said with a wink.

She beamed at me and said, “Deal!”

We walked into the house and the party was already in full swing. Music was blasting, people were dancing and grinding, and I loved the sight of it. Carly quickly led me over to the dance floor, and we started grinding. Her ass felt amazing against my crotch. She moved and swayed, and I swear she was trying to get me hard. Well, she was succeeding. My 7 1/2 cock was already getting stiff as I ground harder against her. I reached around her waist and slid one hand up her shirt and fondled her amazing breasts. With the other hand, I slid it into her jeans and rubbed my hand against her shaved pussy.

“Oh,” she moaned.

I felt her get very wet, and I thought that it was because of me, but I caught her looking at a pair of jocks across the room and licking her lips. I decided to let her have a little fun. I raised my hand and spank her, then quickly, roughly grabbed her ass right between her legs. She bit her lip and gasped in pleasure.

“You horny little bitch,” I said to her, “go show those boys a good time I’m going to find myself a piece of ass.”

She looked at me, winked, and skipped over to the jocks. One of them immediately grabbed her ass, while the other led her hand down to his crotch. I laugh and look around the room for a decent girl to fuck. I spied 18 year old senior Anna, who is kind of short, but she has a great ass and good C cup breasts. She has gorgeous brown eyes and wavy brown hair. She is wearing a pink blouse and tight jeans. Next to her is her best friend, 19 year old Kailyn, who is in her freshman year in college. Kailyn has the exact same sized breasts as Anna, but Kailyn has a tighter ass, blonde hair, blue eyes and is wearing a light blue tank top and short denim shorts.

I made my way through the crowd of people canlı bahis over to the two fine looking girls.

“Hey, ladies,” I said with a wink. I reached around both their waists and gave each ass a hard squeeze.

“Bold move, stud,” said Anna, “Your lucky I’m fucking horny as hell right now.”

I winked at her, “I’m feeling pretty damn lucky.”

“Oh, Patrick, you don’t need to be lucky to get with us,” said Kailyn, “You only have to be good in bed.”

They both giggled at that, and my smile got wider.

“Well then, let’s find a room girls, and you two can see just how good I am,” I respond.

“Alright, stud, let’s see what you got,” said Anna, raising one eyebrow slightly.

“Wait,” said Kailyn, “Aren’t you here with Carly?”

I looked around and didn’t see Carly anywhere.

“I think that she’s busy,” I said, “Come on, let’s find a room.”

I walked down a long hallway and saw that most of the doors were locked, meaning there was a couple in there fucking. We finally got to an empty room that seen to have been decorated by a girl who loves pink. The fluffy bed and pillows, the window shades, and even the walls were pink.

It didn’t matter. The girls pushed me onto the bed. Kailyn came over and undid my jeans and pulled them off me revealing my boxers underneath. Anna had started to make out with me. I felt our tongues sliding against one another. I lifted her shirt off without breaking the kiss, and she did the same for me.

Kailyn, meanwhile, had gotten my boxers off and was kissing my cock all over. She then slid her hot little mouth on my head and started to bob her head up and down my shaft, taking nearly the whole thing in her mouth.

I broke my kiss with Anna and said, “Oh yes, Kailyn, suck me like a pro!”

Anna then went over and sat next to Kailyn, and she started to suck my balls while Kailyn sucked me off.

“Oh, girls, that is great!” I moaned.

Anna then got up and removed her bra, so I could get a look at her magnificent boobs. She came over by me; I grabbed one in each hand while I kissed the left one all over.

“Oh that feels good,” she moaned.

I then licked and sucked on her nipple, causing her to moan a little louder. I then moved over to her right breast and gave it the same treatment.

“Oh God, Patrick, that’s great!” she moaned loudly.

I then unlatched my lips from her tits and told her to get her pants off. She quickly stripped out of the jeans to reveal a sexy black thong. She just as quickly did away with that. She the positioned herself over my face, and I could clearly she that her pussy was shaved except for a thin landing strip of dark pubic hair. She lowered herself onto me, and I slid my tongue into her pussy and started to energetically eat her out.

“Oh shit! Yes, right there, Patrick!” she said.

At the same time, Kailyn bahis siteleri had stripped completely and by looking down from Anna’s pussy, I could see that she had amazing tits and a nice little shaved pussy with only a thin strip of blonde hair on it. Kailyn had positioned herself over my still hard cock and lowered herself on to my shaft. I could feel her tight pussy squeezing me as she bounced up and down on my cock.

“Oh fuck! Oh shit! It is so good!” screamed Kailyn.

“Oh yes!” I moaned into Anna’s pussy.

Kailyn was plunging herself down onto my cock with a passion. I could feel her cunt squeezing my shaft each time my cock filled up her tight little pussy.

“Oh yes! Yes!” she screamed.

The pleasure she gave me made me eat out Anna more ferociously, my tongue basically fucking her. I then curled it out and used it to flick and suck on her button. I grabbed and massaged her ass so I could plunge my tongue deeper into her cunt.

“Oh shit yes!” Anna yelled.

I then used my tongue to suck on her button, while I slid two fingers into her hot cunt.

“Oh fuck yes!” she yelled.

Kailyn was still fucking me for all she was worth. Then, I felt her pussy really tighten up.

“Oh shit, Patrick! I’m cumming!” Kailyn screamed.

I felt her pussy tighten even more and her juices flowed onto my cock. While she got off of my shaft and lay there gasping, I was still fingering Anna.

“Oh shit, Patrick that feels great!” she screamed as I drove my fingers in and out of her hot cunt.

I added a third finger and she gasped with pleasure. It sent her over the edge.

“Shit! I’m cumming!” she yelled and came onto my fingers.

She rolled off me and lay panting on her back. I held up the fingers that were now coated in her juices and had her suck them clean. Then while she was still in the ecstasy of her orgasm, I positioned myself over her and drove my throbbing cock into her wet snatch.

“Oh yes! Yes, Patrick!” she yelled.

“Fuck, Anna, you’re so tight!” I exclaimed.

Her pussy was tighter than Kailyn’s, and I could feel it squeezing and rubbing against my cock even harder than Kailyn’s had.

“Oh fuck yes! It is so good!” Anna screamed.

I fuck her with a great passion. Fast, hard, and deep, I plunged my cock into her tight pussy. In and out, I fucked her brains out. It wasn’t long until I heard…

“Shit! I’m cumming, Patrick!” Anna screamed as her cunt tightened and her juices flowed over my cock.

She lay there in pure euphoria, and I had to catch my breath as well. I then saw Kailyn crawl over to Anna and start eating her out.

“Oh yes,” Anna moaned.

Kailyn had obviously done this before, and this made me think that the rumors at school that she was a bisexual were probably true. While Kailyn flicked her tongued in and out of Anna’s pussy, I got a great view bahis şirketleri of her tight ass and a nice image of her asshole. I hadn’t gotten off yet anyway so I decided to go for it.

“Oh yes, bitch, lick that cunt!” Anna screamed, and I could see that she had grabbed the back of Kailyn’s head and was pushing the blonde deeper into her snatch.

I was really turned on by this, so I positioned myself behind Kailyn, grabbed her ass, gave it a rough squeeze, and licked her quickly from pussy to asshole. I slid one finger into her asshole and I could hear her moan into Anna’s pussy. I took that as the signal to go ahead. I spit into my hand and rubbed my cock to lube it up. I then grabbed Kailyn ass again and slid my cock into her asshole. I heard her gasp with pleasure into Anna’s pussy. I started to pump slowly in and out of her ass, gaining speed with each thrust.

“Shit, Kailyn, your ass is so tight!” I yelled, and I heard her moan loudly into Anna’s pussy.

“Fuck yes, slut! Keep licking!” Anna screamed.

I was now pumping in and out of Kailyn’s ass as hard as I could, and I could hear her moaning loudly and gasping into Anna’s cunt.

“Fuck yes, Kailyn!” I yelled, “Your ass is amazing!”

“Shit, Kailyn, I’m going to cum soon!” screamed Anna.

I could see that Kailyn was using two fingers and was pumping them in and out of Anna’s cunt, while she kept licking her.

“Shit! I’M CUMMING!” Anna screamed as she came all over Kailyn’s fingers and face. Kailyn licked up all of Anna’s juices while Anna lay there breathing hard. This made me lose it.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” I yelled, and I grabbed Kailyn’s ass and thrust deep inside her.

I spilled glob after glob of cum into Kailyn’s ass, filling her up with my sperm. This sent Kailyn over the edge, and I felt her tighten up and then spill her juices on the bed.

We just laid there panting and catching our breaths for a second. Then I helped the girls clean up and put our clothes back on. We left the room, and each girl gave me a peck in the cheek, thanked me, and then disappeared into the still thick crowd at the party. I looked around and found Carly dancing in a big crowd of people.

I walked over to her and said, “Hey, want to go?”

“Sure,” she said, “After this one song.”

So I sat down on a couch and watched her dance, which was very sexy, and waited for the song to finish. After it was done, she skipped over to me and gave me a big kiss.

“So how was your night?” she asked.

“Pretty good,” I said, as we walked out the front door of the house and made our way to the car, “Yours?”

“It was ok,” she said, “Those guys weren’t nearly as good as you are though.”

I laughed. We got in the car, and I drove her home. When we got there, she gave me a romantic goodnight kiss.

“See you tomorrow, babe,” she said with a wink.

“Ok, baby, see you,” I said.

I watched her walk to the front door, and she turned around and waved at me before disappearing inside.

I smiled and thought, ‘Pretty damn good night.’

I then laughed and drove off.

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