sensual moon night


sensual moon nightA bit of a chill in the air, a slight breeze from the north tonight. The moon is almost full, no clouds in the sky. The stars always amaze me here, so many more than can be seen in the city. The slight crash of the tiny waves against the beach echo every few seconds from the cliffs next to us. As the fire grows to take the chill from the night the stars get fewer in the sky but my attentions turn to her. The blond hair reflecting the fires glow, the gentle curves of her body accentuated by the huge contrast of the fires light below her standing figure, the moon light above, and the darkness that surrounds from every other direction. The blankets laid down now near the fire opposite from where the breeze is pushing the smoke. I can feel my blood flowing, the excitement of the evenings gifts tantalizing my already overly horny mind. She sits down, marshmallow stick in one hand and her drink in the other. I hold her drink as the melted treat becomes a s’more. A bit for her and a bit for me as she takes her time feeding us both. The marshmallow stuck to her lower lip is the perfect opportunity to aid her with a kiss. She notices the fact that the moon light, while giving us warning would give someone a perfect view of us. She hesitates as her drink rests in the sand and my hands begin to roam. Her hair in my hand, a gentle tug because she moved with it tuck exposes her neck line to me. I think you got some her too, as gentle soft kisses work there way around her neck. A lay over at her ears gets her legs rubbing together. Her worry about on lookers gone in a flash. Her breasts recently trapped by her bra are warm to the touch. Her nipples hard as rock by the time the tips of my fingers make their circles and reach them. Her breath is becoming rhythmic already. Her eyes reflecting the fire light as my lips again proceed to hers. As my tongue wrestles with her I pull her straps around her hands and her bra with a tug gets thrown to the side. I think I missed the blanket guess she will be carrying that home. Her hands roam, she notices the bulge türbanlı çanakkale escort in my shorts with a soft graze as she concentrates on my thighs and belly for right now. Her neck and ears continue as intermittent targets while her lips remain my main focus. My hands rubbing her face and hair sternly yet softly. I pull her underwear from under her skirt tossed on the sand by her bra. The soft skin of her breasts tasty to my lips, the nipples getting a brushing of my tongue as I begin my journey further south. Softly and slowly my hands roam between her knees and the very highest of spots at the top of her thighs. A few giggles between deeper breaths comes from her as the touches tickle her and she jerks a slight withdrawal, quickly returning to her place to enjoy the passion. I lay her down as my lips and tongue take turns exciting her neck, ears, lips, and breasts. Her belly skin soft and tasty tonight, smells like dove body wash, pleasant gentle not the over power stink of body spray. I nibble my way around her navel as I pull her skirt up and work my body between her legs. With her breasts below my finger tips I work around her labia. Pressure on the sides and withdrawing as I get over her clit. I draw a sensual line down her labia center as I feel her need to move on. I work my shorts off with my ass in the air to keep any sand from important places as I continue to pleasure her. She is excited beyond belief, I can smell her wetness and taste it as I get to the bottom. Working my way up the side and back down from the top I stop at the hood and begin my circles. Her hips moving with the movements of my tongue, her thighs spreading to accept my gifts. Her nipples could cut diamonds at this point as my finger tips gently move across them on their orbital path around her breasts. The smooth inside of labia excites me even more as I work my way down for a little tongue fucking before heading north to her clit again. The circles continue through some little orgasms , she is holding back and I can’t türbanlı çanakkale escort bayan have that. The tip of my tongue goes after her hood, focusing ever so small circles directly and continuously on her clit. Her hips are going crazy, her juices dripping away on my chin as it rubs her opening in matching circles. She can’t help herself at this point and cums wildly digging her nails into my back and pulling my head first into her body and then trying to push me away as it hits full throttle. If there was anyone the beach tonight they know what we are doing now. I move up, my lips to hers, my body laying along side of her, arms and legs wrapped keeping her warm and letting her body relax from the tremors that still run through her. I can taste the salt from her tear that I brushed with my nose when I first came up to kiss her. Her hands begin to visit my body as she finally relaxes. Her soft touch I always welcome was there but drained from exhaustion. I roll my hips between her thighs and enter her, wow exceptionally wet this evening. I enter her softly, slowly, gently, with passion. The rhythm soon takes over and she begins to come back to life, her legs moving up and around me, her arms cradling me hands locked at the finger tips below my shoulder blades. Her thighs parallel to mine, feet dangling behind me, she begins to enter the rhythm. Her pussy getting wetter to the point you could drink her passion with a straw as my head continues its trip along her g-spot area. I kiss her and roll to my side throwing her on top as I end up on my back. This is going to suck later as I feel the sand beneath my shoulders. Her kisses start at my lips and work their way to my neck and down to my nipples. Her teeth feel good as they pull against my dark skin. Her wetness dripping around my balls and my lower belly. It is warm and passionate until the coolness of the night air chills it. I push her up and cup her breasts in my hands pressing her nipples closer together. My tongue finds the mark exciting türbanlı escort çanakkale both of them simultaneously, a little nibble with my teeth and back to licking. Her hips bouncing up and down north south east and west finding her placement and rhythm to put her over the edge. I know it is coming as she stops the every direction and starts rocking her hips in short but strong grinds against my pelvis. She arches her back getting the exact spot she wants me in and grinds away, I lay back enjoying the expressions on her face and the tone and pace of her breathing. My eyes wander to her breasts swinging under her shirt that has fallen with my hands moving to her waist. As she comes I grab her waste and bring my hips up and keep the action going through her orgasm. There is no doubt she came as my midsection and the blanket are now soaked, can’t blame me for the wet spot tonight 😉 I flip her on her back and then to her belly, bring her hips up her weight on her knees, pushing her shoulders to the ground arms out in front her tits to the ground. I bring out her golden-bullet from the pocket of my shorts and place it against her clit, soaking up her wetness with my fingers I move to her ass. The slow stretching process opening her up to be able to take me begins. I work the juices aided by some extra lube until she readily takes my two fingers. I grab her hips strongly in my hands as she takes over her toy. The head of my cock begins my slow decent to my balls touching her pussy. As her grip relaxes I speed up the pace a bit. Much excitement has left me little time to enjoy her ass so I take it slow and sensual. The combination of her toy and her ass getting fucked has her quickly to a rhythm. Her breathing matches my movements and sensual turns to thrusts as her muscles relax and she accepts me without restriction. I cum as she cums and we relax down to the blanket together, me laying behind her still inside waiting on everything to relax and the ever sad separation of our passion. After the wash-up process we throw a towel over the wet spot and throw her underthings in the backpack. The fire now feed with new wood we sit under the blanket enjoying a shared drink, the moon has moved over and glazes the lake with it’s white light. After some chatting and snuggling, the fire feed to stay the night, we lay down my arm and leg d****d over her body. Her hips begin to move against me as she feels my renewed passion swell behind her…

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