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It had been a while since I saw him now, probably about 2 weeks. But I couldn’t get him off of my mind. Every time I closed my eyes he was there, biting his lip to refrain from yelling out in pleasure, thrusting himself inside of me and filling me right up… No. I had to stop thinking about him. I couldn’t even understand what possessed me to act so impulsively – I guess going through dry spells really made people do crazy things. He was so hot… I stared out of my classroom window recalling his curly black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and his tasty lips, lips I was sure could do wonderful things to me given the chance…. Sighing, I looked at my blackberry for the time. This class was dragging on and no one was messaging me. I resumed my daydreaming. Because that’s all I’d ever have of him – dreams and fantasies, and our one time fuck behind a bookshelf in the downtown library. Once I realized what I had done, I took off leaving him no way of contacting me, and me no way of contacting him. All I had was a name – Alex.

Class ended with me feeling more sexually frustrated than ever. He was haunting my mind! I was quickly becoming bitter about not getting his contact information. As I grabbed my bags and headed for the washroom, I recalled going to the library a few days ago, hoping that by some miracle he would be there. Of course he wasn’t, the world didn’t work that way. Shaking my head, I pushed the door open more forcefully than I had intended and it slammed against the back wall. I really had issues that needed sorting out. I quickly changed into my cheerleading uniform, not wanting to be late for practice. I shoved my clothes into my bag and ran out the door – and crashed straight into someone’s rock hard chest.

My heart was beating faster as I looked up. Could it be?


“Renee, its me, Brian” I scowled instantly. Of course I was hoping for it to be Alex, and then of course it turns out to be the most obnoxious male on campus who just so happened to want to get in my pants. Badly. All the other girls loved him and envied me… I wished he’d just go after them. I pushed past him and started walking as fast as I could, hoping to find a crowd to lose him in. Brian kept up with me though, easy for him being almost a full foot taller than me, and relentlessly questioned me about “Alex” and if I was dating him, how serious we were, if he could beat him up… Which turned into more pathetic mumbling about how I should be with him and not this “wimpy Alex character”. I don’t know what came over me, or what possessed me (a recurring trend lately) but I stopped and whirled around on Brian.

“Yes, Alex is my boyfriend, no he is not wimpy, and no I should not be with you.” Great. Now I had an imaginary boyfriend that everyone would hear about soon enough. I blamed Alex – it was his fault anyways for taking over every thought in my head. Unfortunately for me, my words didn’t deter Brian, I’m pretty sure he only took that as a challenge… What was that saying? Something about just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean he can’t score? Typical hockey player.

We made our way into the main university hall, where we stumbled upon a crowd of people. Freedom! Not missing a beat, I told Brian I had to find my friend in the crowd and ran in, watching over my shoulder until I knew he was finally gone. Relieved, I began to look around to figure out why this crowd was here. I then heard a guitar playing and a very familiar voice singing. I pushed my way to the front.

I dropped my bag to the kartal escort floor and stared unbelievingly at the person in front of me. I pinched my arm lightly to make sure I wasn’t dreaming – nope. Wide awake. And I was standing in front of him, Alex, the same irresistible man that had haunted my thoughts for the better part of a month now, my imaginary boyfriend, while he sang his little heart out, strumming his guitar, igniting a flare of desire straight down to my core. I wanted him even more now that he was right in front of me. He hadn’t noticed me yet; his eyes were closed as he sang. I grew nervous; what if he didn’t recognize me? What if he didn’t care? What if stuff like that happened to him all the time? Okay, so maybe that part was a stretch, but he was really fucking hot. Anything was possible. I bit my lower lip lightly in anticipation as he sang the last verse of his song and stopped playing his guitar.

It took him too long to open his eyes. It was as if someone flipped a switch and my life was moving in slow motion. When he looked up, he saw me and I saw the recognition flare in his eyes. Or maybe it was lust? Some combination of the two? Or maybe it was just wishful thinking. Neither of us said anything or even attempted to move. I was still in shock and I had had time to adjust. I could only assume that he never expected to see me again either. But here he was, singing and playing guitar in the main hallway of my university. A few girls pushed past me and ran up to Alex, giggling and fawning over him. He laughed at something the stupid blonde said and I growled with distaste as I felt the jealousy rise in me. It was ridiculous; I had no claim over him. I guess I just wanted him to want me as much as I wanted him. Stupid girls. If he wanted them, who was I to say anything? Disappointed and upset, I picked up my bag and turned to leave.

I was hurt, but mostly angry with myself for even hoping for a fairytale ending. Welcome to reality. I walked down the empty hallway, not looking forward to cheer practice at all. I felt a hand grab my wrist, spin me around and then pin me against the wall. Before I could say his name, his lips crashed onto mine. His tongue ravaging my mouth as his hands groped my body. I sighed, melting into his kiss as I thought ‘I guess he does feel the same’. He pulled away, but left his hands at either side of my head, as if afraid that I was going to run away. I looked up at him questioningly.

“I just found you. And you ran away. Why?” He demanded, his eyes flashing. What could I tell him? I tried to be vague.

“You seemed… Preoccupied. So I left.” He stared at me, first incredulously, and then he began to smirk as he realized something.

“You were jealous, weren’t you?” It was more of a statement than a question. I felt my cheeks heat up with the shame of being caught. There was no use in denying it.

“A little, yes.”

“Why?” He demanded, his chocolate brown eyes boring into my own. I felt my eyes wander up and down the length of his body, and my mischievousness returned to me. I looked him straight in the eye, bit my lip rather innocently, and trailed my forefinger down his chest. “Because I want you.”

He didn’t ask any more questions after that. I heard him growl lightly as he stole another kiss from me – I reciprocated wholeheartedly. He really was an amazing kisser. We stumbled awkwardly down the hallway, not wanting to let each other go or break the kiss we were so caught up in. My back ended up against a door, and I reached behind maltepe escort bayan me to push it open, hoping that it was empty.

We broke away from each other long enough to assess the status of the room – definitely empty. So we stumbled inside. “You’re… Cheerleader? … So… Hot” he mumbled between kisses, his hands trailing over my stomach and every other inch of smooth skin. He pushed me down onto a bench and stared at me hungrily… He wanted to devour me, I could tell. I knew then that he had suffered as much as I did, and I felt a little better about the situation. I happened to glance to the side, and I giggled. Smiling up at him, I said “Alex… We’re in the school chapel.”

He looked away from me toward the cross and the altar on the opposite wall, shrugged, then smiled impishly at me. He was up to something. “So we are, Renee. It seems a bit … Quiet in here, why don’t we put on a show? God will appreciate it.” I smiled in delight. He was definitely fun.

To answer, I trailed my nails over his arms, eliciting a shiver and the goose bumps he got whenever I made him feel good. I leaned forward and trailed kisses up his neck, down his jaw, and then placed little kisses on his lips, pulling away when he went for more.

“Uh – uh” I shook my head at him. “Small kisses only”. He raised an eyebrow questioningly, and mumbled, “we’ll see about that” under his breath. Before I could react, I was on my back on a pew and he was on top of me.

“I’m making the rules today little one,” he said roughly before kissing me deeply, as if to prove his point. He kissed down my neck and shoulder bone as his hands massaged my breasts. Just as I wished to feel his hot breath on them, he pushed the material of my shirt and bra up, exposing my breasts to him. I moaned as he took one nipple, and then the other, into his mouth, biting each of them lightly and teasing them with his warm wet tongue. I was soaked, waiting in anticipation for him. I felt him kiss down my flat stomach to the top of my skirt. That was quickly pushed out of the way too and I gasped as I felt his mouth on my clit. It was even better than I had ever imagined, his perfect mouth doing delicious things to me down there. I squirmed in delight, panting and moaning his name over and over.

” Did you enjoy that treat?” He asked, his finger replacing his mouth, continuing to tease me. I nodded, unable to form any coherent thoughts in my brain.

I gathered my senses long enough to undo his belt he didn’t push me away or stop me so I shoved my hand down the front of his boxers and grabbed his rock hard cock. He groaned as I stroked him. I reached my other hand forward and undid the buttons of his jeans. I pushed him off of me so that he was standing up and I pulled his pants, along with his boxers, to the floor. Wasting no time, I slipped his hard cock into my warm, wet mouth, slowly teasing the head with my tongue before I took the whole thing in.

“Oh god, yes!” He groaned, his hands holding my head as he thrust lightly in and out of my mouth. After a few thrusts, I pulled away, trailing kisses up his shaft as I looked up at him, my eyes silently pleading with him for more.

“What do you want, Renee?” He asked in a husky voice. Why did everything about him turn me on so much?

“You know,” I said slowly trailing my hands down his chest, and up his shirt.

“Tell me,” he ordered, though he leaned his head back and groaned. I guess he liked the way I was touching him. I wanted more, and I guessed he wouldn’t escort pendik give it to me unless I asked.

“I want your cock inside me. Please Alex, please fuck me?”

I heard that small growl in the back of his throat again just before his lips claimed mine another time. He pulled me up and bent me over the pew, making sure that he could see my expression as he pushed himself inside me. It felt so good to have him there again and I had to bite my lip to keep myself from crying out. I felt him sliding in and out of me… An amazing feeling I had come to conclude. I felt his hands on my ass, gripping it as he fucked me, and then I felt him slap me. Stunned at first, I looked back at him. Then I smiled mischievously and said, “Do that again”. He smiled back and obliged. It felt good. I stepped away from him and made him sit on the pew. I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto him. I grinded my hips into him and he kissed me to silence my ever increasing moans. I felt myself right on the edge.

“Al.. Alex! I’m going to-ah. I’m going to…”

He looked at me and asked, “Going to what?” as he thrust himself deep inside me and grinded his hips against my own. I gasped; He pushed me over the edge and I called out his name, as loudly as I could, as I felt wave after wave of ecstasy crash over me. My body tightened around his cock again and again until my orgasm subsided. Just as good as last time

“I was going to say cum,” I managed to gasp. I sat there on his lap for a few minutes as I caught my breath, feeling his still steely cock pulsing inside me.

“Now, I need to take care of you.” I said matter-of-factly. I pulled myself off of him and got down on my knees in front of him. Before he could protest -though, why would he really? – I took his cock into my mouth, all the way to the hilt. I bobbed my head a few times, letting him rub against the back of my throat, before slowly sliding my lips up to tease the tip with my tongue. I looked up at him, and the cross on the wall seemed to be illuminated behind him, almost like he was my own personal god – sex god maybe – and he deserved to be worshipped. After a few more minutes of sucking, licking, teasing and kissing, I grabbed his cock with one of my hands (which looked rather small in comparison) and pumped him faster and faster.

“I want you to cum Alex, cum for me.” I said in the most innocently sweet voice I could muster. He nodded and moaned in response, his body convulsing. He must be close. “Ren… Ee… I’m going to-” he grabbed my head and brought it down to his cock, just in time for him to explode into my mouth again. I reveled in the bittersweet taste I remembered from the first time before I swallowed it all. I smiled up at him and licked my lips. “Delicious” I murmured, before I kissed him.

I felt his hands tighten like vices around my wrists, and I pulled away to give him a questioning stare. I sure as hell wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’m not letting you run away again Renee. Not without a phone number, or an email address, or a class schedule or something.” I smiled.

“Don’t worry Alex, I won’t be letting you leave until I get the same from you.” Serendipity wouldn’t happen again and I wasn’t taking any chances. I stood up, offering him my hand to pull him up too. He helped me straighten out my uniform. I pulled out my phone – practice was basically over. I’d probably get into trouble, but I didn’t care. My imaginary boyfriend was so worth it. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed down my neck. Who knows, maybe he wouldn’t have to be my imaginary boyfriend for long. High hopes maybe, but a girl can dream. He stole my phone from my hand and ran away with it, I laughed and chased after him, grabbing my bag on the way out. Hopefully we’d have more encounters like these at least.

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