Sex at work fantasy


Sex at work fantasyAs a construction worker, i have had fantasies of certain customers and locations. I have always enjoyed working at peoples places, and making their homes updated. The homes i have worked at, the customers I have worked for have always been pleasant and enjoyable, even at times, flirtatious. This is where the story begins…I was in this brand new house we were building for this woman. She was short, shoulder length blonde hair, c cup, and always wore these tights that were black and so tight, they were sheer and I could see her thong through them. Whenever we would talk, we would have this half smile, and the look in our eyes that we both knew, we wanted eachother. One day, while i was working on the cabinets in the kitchen, no one else on the job site, she showed up to check on the progress of her new home. I was laying on the ground when she walked in and saw me. “Hey you,” she said as she noticed my legs in my tight work jeans with holes in the knees. I leaned up and replied, “hey cutie, how are you doing today?” I noticed that day, shebwas wearing this tight tank top showing off her tone stomach. I knew she was a gym rat, and thought to myself, “she must be on her way to the gym, and i am jealous of that gym equipment.” She asked, “how is thebday going for you?” I said, “could be better, could be worse, but the things here are going well.” She tilted her head to the side and asked, “well it sounds like a good day for you, but why isnt it going great?” “My girlfriend broke up with me a few days back, and im having a hard time with it, but im getting passed it.” “Oh i am sorry,” she replied with a sad face. “Nah, dont be. She wasn’t the one, so back to the dating pool I go,” I said with a smile on my face. “Oh yeah? You have some dates lined up?” “Nah, I am fishing, but i haven’t found anything i like, except one, but i am holding back with her.” She asked, “why not go after her?” “I am afraid that it would be unprofessional for me to pounce,” as I wink at her. She gets a shy smile and looks up at me and says, “I bet she won’t consider it unprofessional. In fact, I bet she would like it, alot.” Up to this point, I figured she at least had a bf since a beautiful woman like her rarely would be single. I asked, “a girl like you must have someone special in her life.” She laughed and replied, “nope. He moved for work over a year ago, and never visits me anymore. I broke up with him and decided to buy and build this house. Its time to set up roots again and start over.” “Wow, he is a moron! A girl like you is a gem. A diamond in the rough. I would never leave a girl like you high and dry like that.” She looked me in the eye and said, “who said anything about being dry? And how did you know i was high?” She giggles out loud, and i join in. I slowly realized she wasnt joking about either of those statements as her chest became blushed, and her eyes went from being playful, to lustful. bursa escort I looked up at her and noticed she was now biting her lip and staring into my eyes. I stood up, wiped sweat from my brow, took off my work gloves and walked closer to her. She stood still, never breaking eye contact. I lean up against the kitchen island and said, “what are your plans today?” “Well i was on my way to the gym, but i figured i would stop by and see how you boys were doing. Is there anyone else here today or is it just you?” “Nope just me. The other guys are out of town working on something else, so it is just me, all alone today.” “Good,” she said as she took one step and grabs me by my waist and kisses me very passionately. Instantly it went from flirtation, to “I need you now” emotion between both of us. My 6ft frame, broad shoulders, and her tiny 120 lb frame fit so perfectly, like 2 puzzle peices. I wrap my arm around her waist, and lift her up and sit her down on the counter top i was leaning against, while still passionately kissing. She instantly wrapped her strong legs around me and pulled me into her. I slide one hand onto the small of her back, and the other on her cheek, sliding my thumb up and down, feeling her soft, smooth skin. Her hands slide down my sides and she rips off my shirt. Sweat glistens off my chest, and she slides her hands down my abs, and feels my toned stomach. She lets out this big sigh that said she loved what she felt. She stops kissing me and leans back, and slides her hands up and down my abs, to my “V” than grabs me by my pants and pulls me back into hard. She starts kissing me hard as she grabs me by the back of my head. At this point um I am so turned on, i cant hold back anymore. I grab her too and pull it off quick, realizing she isnt wearing a bra. I grab her firm breasts and squeeze them both. She sighs again and starts moving her hips back and forth, trying to grind her pussy against me. She grabs my pants and undoes them and slides them down, slowly, releasing my throbbing cock from the restraints on my tight jeans. Still kissing eachother, she very lightly slides her hand up and down my 8 inch cock, over top my boxer briefs. I moan with excitement, feeling her soft hands on me. I grab her yoga lants at the waistline, and start sliding them down. She lifts herself up off the counter as i slide both the yoga pants and her thong off, never breaking our lip lock. I lean down and slide her shoes off quick and yank those pants completely off and get them out of the way. I want her now, so bad, I need it. I stand back up and she yanks my boxer briefs down and pulls my big, shaved cock out, and starts stroking and rubbing my shaft, than my head, making me throb rock hard. She leans back, licks her hand and gets my dick nice and wet. She slides to the edge of the counter, than i pull back so I can feel her crotch. I grab her by the back of the neck and hold her there, as I look bursa escort bayan down at her crotch. She has a landing strip, but completely shaved the rest of the way. I slide my strong fingers lightly onto her clit, than feel the opening of her vagina and notice she is almost dripping with excitement. She is all ready and almost begging for my cock, as she moans as my fingers slide in and out of her wet pussy, as she is still stroking my hard dick. I get back in between her legs, and she uses her legs to pull me closer, as i slide her to the edge of the counter. She grabs my cock and pulls it towards her awaiting slit. I want tontease her a little bit, so i let the head penetrate her slowly, firmly. She moans with anticipation. I pull it back out. She looks at me like, “wtf are you doing!?” I get a sly grin on my face, loving the fact that she wants it so bad. So i do it again. This time, a little deeper. As i pull out again, she gets frustrated, grabs me by the dick, and wraps her legs around me, and forces me in, hard and deep. I could feel her tremble as my cock penetrated her so deep, I could feel her uterus. The walls of her vagina convulse as i slide slowly back and forth as i stay deep inside her. She starts rocking her hips back and forth and i feel her wetness all around me. She leans into me, starts kissing me deep, and moaning louder and louder. I grab the back of her head and grab all the hair my big hands can get. I pull her head back and start pumping her, and she bellows out, “omg dont stop!! Im cumming all over you!!” I feel her pussy get soaked, as it drips off my cock, onto my balls, and onto my thighs. Her vagina starts convulsing so hard, i have to slam my cock into her or else it would squeeze me out. After she came, i pull out, pull her off the counter, spin her around and make her go face down onto the counter top.She extends her hands out above her head trying to grab anything she can and says, “pound me you big dick bastard!” This makes me go anamalistic. I grab my cock hard and squeeze it and make it as hard as i can, and slam my cock into her waiting pussy. She moans loud and grunts as i give her every inch. I firmly grab her hips and smack her ass as im pumping away. She gets louder and louder and starts yelling my name. “OH MY GOD YES! FUCK ME HARDER! HAARRDDEERR!!!” I keep going harder, faster, and thannreach around and start playing with her clit as my other hand reaches up and grabs thos big, firm, bouncing tits. She screams, “YES! YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!! OH FUCK ME!!!” She starts cumming all over my cock, i feel her just getting wetter and wetter. She is still cumming when i pull out, and i kneel down and start licking that tight, wet slit. This makes her start quivering. She swings her hand around to the back of my head and she starts moaning louder again, and she says to me, “holy fuck! How do you do this!? Im going to CUUUMMMMM!!!” She cums again, her first escort bursa multiple orgasm. Her legs begin to shake. She cant hold herself up anymore. All of her weight is now on the countertop. I spread her ass cheeks and lick that tight slit clean. I want every last drop. And i make sure i clean that pussy with my big flat tongue. I stand back up, she is still shaking and looks back at me and says, “give me a second…. i need to catch my breath.” I watch her tremble, stroke my cock as i slap her perfectly round ass. She stands up, turns around, and her eyes are screaming, “fuck me.” She tells me to lay down. I get down onto the floor, next to our clothes that are piled together.She kneels down and starts sucking on my cock. At this point, i have precum all over the tip of my dick, and she licks and plays with it with her tounge and fingers. My eyes start rolling into the back of my head as i hold off cumming. She takes me deep into her mouth, and deep thoats every inch of my cock. She moans while doing it. I look down and notice she is playing with her tits, and her other hand is playing with her pussy while she is taking my dick deep and slow. She sits back up, swings her legs over top of me, grabs my throbbing cock and she sits down on top of it, taking the whole thing in. She leans forward on too of me, wraps her arms sround my head, and starts punding my cock in and out if her, deep, hard, fast. She wants to use my dick to cum again. I wrap my arms and squeeze her on top of me, holding her body down, grab her ass, and i start pounding her from underneath. I feel her open her hips, and just moan louder and louder. She reaches around and i notice she starts putting a finger into her ass. As soon as she does, she lets out this deep grunt/moan, and opens her hips and legs. I feel her pussy open up and take every inch of me. She starts to moan deep and in between the grunts, looks me in the eye and says, “i fucking love your cock, i cant stop cumming all over it…” i can take it anymore. This pushes me to the edge. I stop pumping her and i tell her, “OHHHHH, you are going to make me explode! Where do you want me to cum???!!” She slides down all the way on top of me and says, “right where you are. Fill my pussy. I want to feel your cum inside of me for the rest of the day…” she starts pumping my inside of her, I cant hold back. I wrap my arms around her waist, and i shove every bit of my rock hard cock as far inside as i can get, and erupted. I bellow out “IM CUMMING!!” She rocks her hips and gets sent over the edge and cums with me. We both are moaning loud and hard, as we both have the hardest orgasms of our lives. I came so much, i am just oozing out of her, down my cock as it is still pumping more of my cum inside if her. I feel her pussy squeezing and convulsing, her uterus pulsing onto the tip of my dick. Our orgasms seemed to last for 2 or 3 minutes, moaning and grinding the whole time. As soon as we come to, we start to laugh at how amazing it was, and how hard we both wanted it.Let me know what you think in the comments. I appreciate you reading, and if you like it, let me know. I will write some more.

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