Sex Before Christmas


It was late December, Christmas was close, and Ben was in the partying spirit. Every given opportunity Ben was down the pub getting absolutely leg-less. All of Ben’s mates went down the pub, including all the various girl friends he had accumulated over the years, except that is for Sophie. Since that night when Ben took her innocence, Sophie had turned into a bit of rebel.

She and Ben continued to have sex every so often (whenever her parents went to bridge), they experimented a lot, from being a shy little girl, Sophie had turned into an absolute animal, Ben could only just keep up with her, but he did and he enjoyed it. Sophie had come out of her shell, which pleased Ben a little, because Sophie was happier for it, she was more popular at school, she was more confident, she had blokes chasing her continuously, and she made the most of them. She told Ben how she once had three in a bed sex with two men from her part time job, how she loved being fucked in both holes at once, and how she would like to have three men at once, filling her every hole. She asked Ben if he would like to do this, but Ben declined, saying he doesn’t like sharing his women.

It was the 23rd, and Ben went to the pub to celebrate. There were few of his mates in the pub, but strangely none of his ladies were in. This disappointed Ben, as he had made a promise to himself to have sex every night leading up to Christmas Day, to make him feel he had earned his Christmas. It was only early so he thought some body would turn up and keep his promise to himself. The night dragged on; Ben got more drunk by the hour. It was about 10.00pm when two girls walked in the pub. Ben recognised one, Eve, she was 19 and quite fit and Ben had slept with her several times. The other girl Ben did not know, he had seen here around, driving through the village, but he did not know her name. She was a petite woman, about 5’3 with soft brown hair that had highlights in it.

She was wearing a tight pair of jeans that showed her legs of to the tee, they were slender and firm, and they led up to a perfect little ass, round and pert. She took her coat of to reveal a small tight T-shirt that hugged her chest, showing her belly and her navel. Ben always found the stomach a very erotic part of a woman body; to him it was nearly as sensual as his most favourite part of the female body, the ass. The mysterious woman had a sublime set of tits, they were perfectly sized, they didn’t sag, and they were firm and pert and sat there begging to be caressed.

Ben continued to drink and play pool, there was only him and his mate Dave left in the poolroom, both of them were suitably drunk. Ben kept looking up to stair at the mystery woman, gazing intently at her beautiful, sexy body. The two women got up and came into the poolroom.

“Hi Ben, hi Dave” Eve said

“Hey Eve” they both replied

“This is Julianne, she moved in to the house at the end of Letsbe Avenue”

“Hi Juliana” Dave said “pleased to meet you” Dave stretched out is hand and shook Julianne. Ben could see Dave checking Julianne up and down.

“Hey Julianne, it’s a pleasure to meet you” Ben put of his posh, sexy voice, trying desperately to impress her. He reached out and took her hand, brought it to his lips and kissed her hand gently. The caused Julianne to blush and go red.

“Hey there Dave” Juliana spoke “pleased to meet you Ben” she smiled sweetly at Ben. “Please call me Julie”

“Would you like a game of pool Julie?” Dave asked, “we’ll play doubles”

“OK, who’s with who?” Julie wondered, secretly wishing for her to be with Ben.

“We will toss for it” Ben said, at which point he took out a coin “Julie, heads your with Dave, tales your with me” He tossed the coin up and caught it with his left hand, slapped it on his right wrist. “Its tale, looks like your stuck with me I’m afraid.”

“I think it’s the other way around, I’m not very good at this game.” Julie said excitedly.

“Its OK, I’ll teach you.” Ben said with a why smile, as he looked deeply into Julie’s eyes, her eyes they were beautiful, a deep flowing brown, Ben felt as if he could get lost into her eyes forever if he wanted to, and boy did he want to.

The four played pool for a while, Julie was right, she wasn’t very good at pool, but Ben was good enough to make it up, and they won a few matches. The two played together all night, exchanging small talk, finding out about each other. Neither of them could keep there eyes of one another, they would slyly look at each other when they bent over to take shot. Ben kept looking at Julie’s fabulous ass, he wanted it so bad, to touch, to rub it, to feel beylikdüzü escort the soft skin, to kiss and run his tongue all around it. It was unbearable he had to do something about, his cock was rising steadily and getting harder by the minute. He became quite conscious about the large bulge that was showing in his jeans, shit he thought to himself, he decided to relief himself temporarily. He took one last look at Julie, her ass, her perfect tits and her heavenly face, and went to the toilet.

He got into the cubicle and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down to his ankles along with his boxers. His cock was rock hard, lying flat against his stomach. He got some toilet paper in his left hand, sat on the toilet, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He pictured Julie in his head, her beautiful body. He wrapped his right hand around his throbbing cock and started to stroke it while he visualised Julie naked, laying on his bed with her stunning figure waiting to be taken by him.

Ben worked up into a quick pace, his helmet throbbing, he kept picturing her and worked his cock frantically until a shock spread through out his body. He put the tissue over his pulsating cock and pumped bucket fulls of cum into it, so much that it broke through the tissue and started to dribble down his softening cock. He caught his breath back quickly, cleaned himself up and pulled his trousers back on. At least that would give him some temporary relief he said to himself.

Julie saw Ben come out of the toilets and walk back towards the poolroom. She was transfixed by him, he was absolute gorgeous, a lot taller than her, very muscular, with a great set of buns. She had been watching him bend over the pool table all night, even before she was playing with him. She was so hot for him it was unbearable, she could feel a tingling between her legs as she became hotter the more she looked at Ben. He walked back into the room and sat on the windowsill, Dave and Eve were talking to each other, they had been together before and Ben thought it was probably a dead cert that they would tonight.

“I’m walking Eve home, she’s not feeling to well” Dave said, giving a sly wink to Ben as he did.

“You don’t mind do you Julie, I just need to have some bed rest I think,” Eve said “I’m sure Ben will walk you home, won’t you Ben!”

“Of course I will, I wouldn’t let Julie walk home alone. You never know who’s out there.” Ben said jokingly.

“You go home Eve, I’m sure Ben will look after me won’t you Ben?” she looked deeply into his eyes with a mischievous smile on her face.

Dave and Eve walked out of the pub. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two for a short period. Then Julie broke the ice.

“Are you going to teach me how to play this game properly then?”

“OK then.” Ben replied

Ben racked up another game, and broke off. When it was Julie’s shot, he showed how to line the ball up. Then as she bent over to play the shot, Ben came up beside her and reached his hand over her back and placed it on her cueing hand, and his other hand on the front hand. He leaned over her and pressed himself against, he could feel the heat emanating from her. Julie loved it, she could smell his masculine aroma, she pushed herself back into him, pressing her ass into his crotch, she could feel him getting harder, it turned her on so much. Ben felt his cock rise and push up against her wonderful ass, but he didn’t care, he wanted her so badly he had to go with the flow and hope she didn’t’ mind. He held her as she played the shot, neither of them moved for a while after the shot, they just looked at each other.

It seemed like an age, Ben fell deeply in to her eyes as he knew he would, Julie was mesmerised by him, and there faces slowly came together, they closed there eyes and kissed. The most amazing kiss ever, soft, warm, their mouths opened and their tongues explored each other’s mouth. As they kissed they rose up and locked themselves in a tight hug. Ben’s hand explored her back, the soft skin of her neck, he moved his hands down and rested them on her ass, it was even better than he imagined, so firm, so round, so unbelievably amazing. Julie put her arms around Ben’s neck, running her hands through his hair, gripping onto his broad shoulders. They eventually broke away from the kiss and stared at each other.

“Let’s go back to my place!” Julie whispered.

“Yes, let’s” Ben replied breathlessly

The two put on their coats and left the pub, they walked up the village to Julie’s house, arm in arm, but not saying a word. They got to beyoğlu escort her front door, and she put her key in and opened her door. As she walked in she turned to Ben and put a finger over her mouth, implying for him to keep quiet. They walked up the stairs, past a room with loud snoring in it, which Ben figured was her parent’s room. She walked along the landing and up some stairs into an attic room. Her bedroom was large and open; she turned the lights on, revealing a large king size bed with white sheets on. Julie turned around and wrapped herself around Ben, kissing him passionately, rubbing her hands all over his back and his ass.

They both reached their hands around and proceeded to undo each other’s clothes. First the coats game off, then Julie unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and toned stomach, god he was perfect she thought to herself. Ben then took of Julie’s top, revealing an amazing pair of breasts, nestling in a white satin bra. Immediately Ben pushed his face into her cleavage, kissing her breasts running his tongue over the fabric, over her nipples as they pushed through the bra. His hands reached around the back and undid her bra, he moved his head back and watched as her satin bra fell off her tits, he gazed in aura. They were perfect, soft skinned, firm, her nipples were large and jutting out towards him. He moved closer and flicked his tongue out and brushed it over her right nipple, making Julie twitch and let out a gasp. He did the same with the other nipple, he moved his hands back around and caressed her breasts, kneading them in his hands, and he leaned forward and sucked on her hard nipples alternatively.

“Take me Ben, take me now” Julie whispered “I want you in me, I wanted you from the moment I saw you, take me now.”

Ben immediately picked her up; she wrapped her legs around his waist, looking deeply into his eyes. He walked over and laid her on the bed, straddling her. He noticed a couple of silk scarves on the post of the bed, a thought ran through his head, a notion he had to act upon. He bent down and kissed Julie, his tongue probing into her mouth. His hands pushed her arms back up the bed, he broke the kiss and moved himself up her body, and he leaned over and picked up the two scarves. He tied he hands lightly to the bed; Julie didn’t show any sign of struggling so he knew she approved.

When he finished he sat up and looked at Julie, lying there, completely under his control. As he looked he could see her eyes staring at his crotch, he was so hard, he was nearly busting out of his trousers. He stood up on the bed, directly above Julie, he slowly unbuttoned his flies and pushed his trousers down, then he pushed his boxers down showing off his large, hard, pulsating cock. He saw Julie’s eyes light up at the sight of his cock; her tongue slid out and licked her lips. Ben got on he knees, straddling her face, his balls hanging down about an inch from her mouth. Julie closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking in his scent, jesus was he horny.

Ben lowered himself down gently; resting his balls on her nose, then sliding them down to meet her lips. She opened her mouth and licked his balls, running her tongue around his big balls, he lowered more as she took them alternately in her mouth, suck on them. Ben knelt over her, his eyes closed just enjoying every second of it; he had to have her suck his cock. He leaned over her, held his cock in one hand, balancing himself with the other, and slowly guided it into her mouth, the tip first, the then whole head, then he gently slipped his full length in to her. Julie took it all, with no problem at all; she lay there sucking hard on his cock. He was in ecstasy, he slowly began to fuck her mouth, the sensation of her hot mouth, her tight lips wrapped around his thick cock. He leant there just pushing his cock in and out until he was about to cum.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd!” he screamed

He pulled his cock out just as he cum, wads of hot thick cum spurted out of his cock, all over Julie’s face, her neck, her hair, she lay there trying to lick as much as she could reach. Ben put his finger on her face and mopped up his cum and moved into her mouth, she swallowed all of it. Ben leant down and kissed, tasting his own juices on her.

“Now its your turn!” he whispered.

Julie lay there with her eyes closed, as Ben slid his tongue down her neck, around her breasts, over her nipples, sucking hard on them. As he did she lets out little sharp gasps. His hands moved down and undid her jeans, and then he slid his hand down bizimkent escort her trousers and cupped Julie’s pussy mound over her knickers. Her knickers were soaking; she was so hot down there. He started to rub his hand over her pussy lips, and he sucked on her hard nipples. Julie’s breathing became more uneven; she was letting out a series of deep moans. Ben finally pushed aside her panties and started to rub her bare pussy, her lips were covered in juices, her clit was hard, and he had no trouble in finding it, he slowly rubbed his thumb over it, rubbing circles over her. Julie was in paradise, her moaning was getting louder, she let out a loud shrill as Ben slid a finger into her tight wet hole, he started to finger fuck her, first one finger then two, pumping in and out of her juicy pussy. As he did this, his thumb rubbing her clit, and sucking on her nipples, Julie went into her first orgasm.

“YyyyyyyeeeeesssssssSSSSS” Julie screamed.

Her body spasmed all over, the scarves tightened, her legs flinched erratically. Ben kept on fingering her for a while, as he watched her jolt all over. She came for a long time, dripping juices all over Ben’s hand and on to the sheets. Ben bent down and kissed her, for a while Julie had no energy whatsoever, she lay there, sweating, breathing heavily.

“I want you in me now!” she demanded.

“Yes sir!” Ben replied with a mock salute.

Ben moved his body down and knelt between Julie’s legs, her pussy was glistening, and her dark brown bush was gleaming. His cock had hardened again, and was ready to enter this tight, hot sweet pussy. He held his cock in his right hand and slowly brushed it up and down her wet slit, rubbing it over her hard clit. This was met with low groan, and pleas from Julie to fuck her. He slowly pushed the tip of his thick cock into her; she was so tight, so wet, so warm. He lifted her ass of the bed, raising it to the level of his cock as he knelt there, he pushed it in further as Julie pushed herself onto him, and she squirmed and wriggled as his thick cock pushed and throbbed into him. Ben then slid back out a bit, then in again, he did this for a while, building up the pressure inside of her.

Then with a sudden shove, Ben thrust his cock deep inside of her, stretching her pussy to the hilt. As soon as his cock was forcefully thrust inside of her, Julie felt an electric shock flow through her, from her clit to her toes and through her hole body, as an orgasm rippled through. This gave new live to her; she started to buck her hips violently, pushing as hard as she possibly could against his cock. Ben started to thrust faster and faster, his hands grasped on her buttocks, pushing as deep as he could. As Ben had just had a blowjob, and had a wank in the pub a few hours earlier, he took a long time in fucking Julie. Ben never relinquished his pace, he kept thrusting fast and deep, Julie started to lose count of how many orgasms she had had. She lay there, covered in sweat, both hers and his; eyes closed in seventh heaven. After a good hour of pumping his cock in her tight pussy, Ben started to push frenetically.

“Yes yes yes yes oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Ben shouted out.

He thrusted deep inside her, pushing as hard as was humanly possible. He shot cum hard and fast into Julie’s wet pussy, the force of the shove and the feeling of cum hitting her, sent Julie back over the edge. She wrapped her legs around Ben’s waist pulling him into her, and she went into a mind-blowing orgasm, screaming out, her breathing was heavy, her whole body flexed and arched. Then it was over; she lay down, trying to catch her breath, while Ben withdrew his limp cock from her now aching pussy. Ben collapsed on her, kissing her neck. They both lay there for a few minutes catching their breath. Julie could feel both his and her juices flowing out of her pussy, dripping over her ass and onto her bed. Ben looked at her and smiled, pressed his lips softly on hers. He then moved his lips down her chin, her neck, running his tongue over her breasts, down her navel, licking her mound.

Then he started to lick all the juices that were around her pussy, sucking at his own cum, lick her sticky thighs, running his tongue over her ass hole, sucking at her lips and clit, greedily eating all the juices he could find. When he finished, he straddled Julie again, moving up her body. He stuck his balls over her mouth as before, she licked the juices of them, running her tongue up Ben’s now limp cock, she took in her mouth and sucked it clean, getting every last drop of cum out of his cock. As she did this Ben finally untied her wrist; she moved her hands around and massaged his buttocks. When she finished cleaning his cock, he moved beside her, lying next to her, holding her in his arms.

“We should this again!” Julie whispered.

“Definitely!” Ben replied.

They lay there together and drifted of to sleep in each other’s arms, both dreaming of one another and the sexual adventures that would happen to them.

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