Sex Dream (pretty messed up, hope you like it!) Ye


Sex Dream (pretty messed up, hope you like it!) YeSo this last night I pretty much had the best sex dream EVER!It went something like this:I was working in a research lab. On another planet. That’s where I met my partner, a beautiful slender humanoid young female. She had an almost elf-like figure, long legs, and Latin skin which had a slight green glow to it. So there we were in our lab, eyeing each other curiously.She suddenly got up, and came close to me, putting her hands on my crotch, she whispered in my ear “I know a place…”. I was intrigued, so I got up and followed her across the room, out the door, and into the hallways. We went to the top floor of the building, where out of the ceiling she pulled a ladder and motioned to get up. Once there, we quickly dis-clothed, and I started fingering her, first with 2 fingers, then realizing that she had a much larger pussy then any human I had met before. so more fingers followed. I told her that I didn’t think my cock could satisfy her, to which she replied to let her worry about that ;)!She started moaning as I began inserting first my fist, and then my forearm into her big hot pussy.I began to thrust my arm in and out. In and Out. I started to suck on her clit, which quickly became engorged and almost the size of my dick!I thought to myself WOW! This must be the hottest sex I’m ever going to have!My humanoid partner suddenly had an injection ready for me. I went to protest, but she being stronger then me quickly had her hand over my mouth and me immobilized. ‘Damn’ I thought to myself, eryaman escort ‘what now?!’ She brought the needle down to my cock. I couldn’t think straight, panicky I tried to get away, but… too late, the purple substance was gone already, injected directly in my penis. My dick suddenly felt weird, growing bigger and bigger… It was now the size of a horse! I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I touched it… It was real alright! ‘HOLY SHIT’. my partner was already waiting, staring at me with lustful eyes, and eyeing my newly grown cock.I went over to her and she grabbed it and started to stroke it softly, my sensitive cock now started to throb and it could move. It was like it had a mind of its own. She put it up to her pussy and told me to fuck her like there was no tomorrow! I pushed in, and felt some resistance halfway in, So i pulled out a little and with all my weight, I pushed forth. My dick entered her all the way! I thrust a bit, and leaned forward. She started to kiss me passionately, and I fueled by lust started to thrust faster and faster. We were still kissing when she started to moan silently.This went on for half an hour when suddenly she cried out ‘I’M COMING!’ I was nearing climax as well so I sped up, wanting to cum just as she did! That had to be the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had! It actually started gushing out around my dick which was still embedded deep in her belly. She then told me to get on all fours, since she had a ‘treat’ for me. I did, and as I said I was ready, I felt a sharp pain in the emek escort area of my asshole. ‘What the fuck?!’ I suddenly felt hornier then I have ever had, and a bit dizzy. Unable to think straight, I felt her enter my ass with her hand. It didn’t take long and she had her entire fist embedded in my tight hole. I was told to relax. It felt so wonderful however, that I was already really relaxed.I felt her fist withdraw a bit and hoped that it wasn’t over. She plunged down with all her might, and fondled with my still huge limp dick, that was when i felt her shoulder touch my butt. She was actually in me shoulder deep! And now she started to fuck me with her arm for all she was worth!A couple minutes later she again withdrew, but only up to her elbow. ‘Please, give me more!’ was the only words I could muster. Suddenly I felt a second hand enter my already stretched ass. Her second hand was quickly inserted as well, so she started to work my depth, I couldn’t believe that this felt SOOOOO good! She was nearing her shoulders again, when she noted how big my hole was, and that there was enough space between her both arms, to easily fit another. That was all I could take and I came!In one quick motion she pulled out both her arms and looked at her work. ‘You have the biggest hole I’ve ever seen!’ She said to me as she looked at the gaping hole that still had the same diameter as when she had her arms embedded deep in me. ‘Try to close it’. I tried, but couldn’t. I stared at her in disbelief. She just smiled. But it was such elvankent escort a sweet yet lustful smile, that i quickly stopped worrying about my ass and just stared at her beautiful smiling lips. She kissed me again, with more passion then before, and went to work on my ass again. With both hands deep in me, I felt a tugging inside of my belly. When She pulled out, with her hands came a meter of ass meat that she had pulled from deep within me. She let go of it and grabbed the end of it with one hand while with her other hand she started to fist my meter long prolapse! I could actually see her hand move inside of my ass-meat! This continued a bit, until finally she reinserted my intestine back into me. But my hole still wouldn’t close.I kissed her gently, not worried about my hole and its state. ‘Lets try something, I will lift you on your calfs, and you will push really hard, as if you had to take a shit’ ‘OK.’So I did, and what happened next was unbelievable. The entire meter of intestine that she had pulled out of me before, just fell out my ass, and touched the floor. ‘Sweet.’ Was all I heard her say. She then proceeded to put everything back into place and told me to lie down. She rubbed my dick, and it sprang back to life, with me on my back, and my dick towering a half a meter above my belly, she started to ride me hard and fast.When we were done, she told me that the effects of the penile injection would go away after a couple days, but what was done to my ass would stay. She also told me that from now on, I would be unable to close my asshole. It would forever stay open. ‘The more we stretch you, the bigger in diameter it will become, Your hole will forever stay in its non closing condition. The only thing to to, is make it bigger and bigger.’I agreed.Then my alarm rang.

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