Sex in the City Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t read them already, Sex in the City, Sex on the Beach Ch. 01 and Sex on the Beach Ch. 02 are prequels to this story.

* * * * *

I was still wearing a shit-eating grin as a result of the weekend in Wildwood with Kate and April by the time I headed back to school. We hadn’t made any specific plans as to when we’d see each other once we were back on campus, but I didn’t suspect it would be long before I was naked with at least one of them. I had barely started unpacking in my new dorm room on the day of my arrival when April showed up. As she closed my door, which had been propped open, she told me that she was there to help me christen my new room and my new bed. She was quickly in my arms and we were making out before we started stripping each other’s clothes off. Our shirts went first then we each began to work on the other’s shorts, which both were soon at our ankles. She was massaging the bulge in my briefs as I reached back to unfasten her bra. I stepped back as I slid it down her arms, then fondled her perky breasts as she tossed it aside. I turned her and sat her on the edge of my bed as I knelt and started to lick and suck her hard nipples.

Gradually, I kissed my way down over her ribs and stomach, nudging her backwards until she was lying flat on my bed. I had her raise her ass so I could slide her panties off and admired her trim black bush surrounded by her tanlines before I started softly kissing her inner thighs. Her fingers were in my hair and, as I started to lap up the juices flowing between her lips, she let out a moan. I pushed her legs apart and she held them there as I slipped my finger into her and ran my other hand up over her smooth stomach to feel her tits as I licked her clit. She was immediately rocking her hips and, judging by how wet she was, I suspected that she was already worked up before she’d even arrived. While that would make getting her to orgasm a pretty quick task, it would also mean less time for me to enjoy the taste of her pussy. The school year was just getting under way, however, so I knew that there would be plenty of opportunity to bury my face between her thighs in the coming days.

Thinking that her orgasm was more important than me enjoying going down on her, I focused on what I’d learned during the course of the summer would get April to an intense orgasm. She was moaning a bit louder while rocking her hips faster and holding tightly to my head as the pleasure continued to build. She was getting even wetter and I planned to slip my cock into her as soon as she’d cum, which motivated me even more to give her that orgasm. Licking and sucking her clit as I slipped my finger in and out of her, she was moving faster and faster while getting a bit louder even though she was trying to keep herself under control given the close quarters of the dorms. Finally, she let out the telltale cry and began to shudder as she came. I lapped up the flood of juices until she was done, then raised my head. When her head seemed to have cleared, I suggested that she move up to the middle of the bed as I stood and dropped my briefs. She smiled at my stiff tool as she moved up to lie in the middle of the bare mattress, her legs spread and waiting.

I got onto the bed on my knees and moved between her spread legs before lowering myself over her and guiding my cock into her slippery pussy. We both moaned as I sank to the hilt, supporting myself over her on my elbows and leaning down to kiss her. We started making out as I slowly thrust in and out of her, relishing the snug, slippery feel of her pussy, as always. It was nice to feel her smooth skin sliding against mine as our tongues explored each other’s mouths and my cock slid in and out of her hot pussy. It didn’t take much time at all before I was feeling that familiar stirring thanks not only to the feel of her pussy as I fucked her, but the arousal of getting her naked and eating her pussy. I’d learned a trick for these situations that benefited the both of us; if she was on top, I always lasted longer and she always came faster. I fucked her for a little bit longer before asking if she’d like to get on top. She was amenable so I rolled onto my back and she straddled me, guiding my throbbing tool back into her snug, slippery pussy.

I played with her tits as she started bouncing kartal escort bayan up and down on me and we tested the squeak level of my new bed. Since this wasn’t her first rodeo, she knew what she needed to do to get herself to an orgasm with as much pleasure as possible and, if so desired, as quickly as possible. I contented myself with her hard nipples and soft, smooth breasts until she leaned forward, planting her hands beside my head, and we began to make out again. At that point, I slid my hands around to the firm curve of her ass and massaged her cheeks as they bounced up and down. I could feel her pussy getting juicier and more engorged as she got closer to cumming, which was helping to spur my own orgasm along. She pulled her mouth from mine as she was right on the verge and let out her telltale cry again as her body trembled while she came. Once she’d finished, she leaned down and kissed me before moving down between my legs and taking my slick cock in her fist. Wrapping her lips around it as she pumped the base, she slid her mouth down as I moaned with pleasure.

She’d learned a lot over the summer, some from Kate, some from me and some just from all of the practice she got. It wasn’t that she was a bad cocksucker before; just inexperienced. Now she knew what felt the best and how to draw out the pleasure that I was feeling. I wondered if she wasn’t thinking about trying out what she’d learned on a few new cocks this school year. I knew that if she needed somebody else to practice on, not only wouldn’t it bother me, I’d be ready to round up some volunteers for her. I watched her lips sliding up and down my shaft, her petite hand still pumping the base, and glanced beyond her head occasionally to the curves of her ass cheeks highlighted by her tanlines. She quickly had my orgasm building while really raising the level of pleasure as I lay there and just enjoyed it. The closer I got, the harder it was not to start pushing my ass up off the bed, but I was encouraging her by telling her how awesome she was.

As my cock began to swell just prior to cumming, April remained focused and concentrated on getting me the rest of the way there. Just moments later, I was spurting down her throat as she continued to milk my cock dry. Once I was spent, she let my cock fall from her mouth and raised her head.

“Consider this room christened,” she said as she got up and started to gather her clothes.

“So that’s the way it’s going to be?” I asked, in mock indignation “You just take what you want and leave?”

“There, there,” she replied, pulling her panties back on, “You still have to unpack, I still have to unpack. But what are you doing later tonight?”

“Well, I’ve got at floor meeting at eight,” I said, “and I figured I’d try to get to bed relatively early so I can get up for registration tomorrow, but I’m free before that.”

She was slipping back into her bra as I admired her in her lingerie while we agreed that I’d swing by later that afternoon. I figured I should pull my own clothes back on so I could walk her to the elevator and soon we were both fully clothed again. I walked her out to the elevator without making it obvious what had just happened between us or how our relationship had changed over the summer even though we didn’t bump into anyone we knew. Once she was gone, I headed back to my room to continue unpacking.

My room was nearly finished and I’d caught up with my friends who were living on the same floor, but found myself ready for a break after I’d had some dinner so I headed over to April’s dorm. I knocked on the suite door and she opened it wearing a robe. She led me into her room, which was right inside the door so I only caught a quick glimpse of the common area of the suite and her suitemates. Inside her room with the door bolted, she let the robe slide off and hung it on the back of the door, revealing a very sexy black negligee underneath it. As I put my hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss her, she went right to work on my belt. I slipped my hands down to her ass, so obviously bare beneath the slippery, shiny material, as she got my jeans open and fished out my cock. I backed up to sit on her desk chair behind me while pushing my jeans down further while she hiked up her negligee, revealing her trim black bush, and straddled me. She lowered her hot, slippery pussy onto my cock and sat on my lap as it filled her.

Her legs were a bit short to get leverage as she straddled me on the chair, so I grabbed her ass cheeks and was lifting her up, sliding her up and down on my shaft. She was fairly light, being so petite, but I knew my arms would be able to take this for only so long. Her pussy felt fantastic, though, so I was enjoying having her riding me and it was obvious again that she was well worked up before I’d come along. We made out as she rode me until my arms were finally feeling a bit of fatigue so I lifted her off of me and had her turn around to escort maltepe bend over her desk. I raised her negligee, again admiring her sweet ass with the lighter triangle of flesh from her bikini, then slipped back into her pussy, wondering if she was still feeling positive about the anal sex we’d experimented with down in Wildwood. Her pussy felt so damn good, though, that I wasn’t worried about the possibility of never fucking her ass again.

She had her head resting on her desktop as I held her by the hips and bounced my own hips off her ass. Her negligee had slid down to cover her ass so I slipped my hands up under it and back onto her hips, holding it up over her ass and allowing me to continue to admire it. I gradually slid my hands up from her hips to her dangling tits and fondled them as I slid my cock in and out of her increasingly slippery pussy. I would have been more than happy to fuck her like this until we both came, but she surprised me by asking me if I wanted to fuck her ass. When I told her that I’d love to, she quickly told me that she had lube, letting me know that she didn’t want me to just try slipping it in right where we were. I slipped out of her and, when she’d straightened up, I lifted the negligee over her head and set it on the back of the chair. She turned to me and we made out before she went to fetch the lube as I slipped the rest of the way out of my jeans and briefs. She handed me the tube of lube, kissed me, then got on all-fours in the middle of her bed.

I knelt behind her and slathered her ass with lube, probing her with my finger and eliciting a deep moan, then coated my tool and lined up with her asshole. I eased myself in as she moaned a bit louder then slowly began to fuck her ass as she gradually relaxed. I relished the tight feel of her ass with long, slow strokes and almost immediately felt the rumblings of a building orgasm. As I held April’s hips and gently fucked her ass, she slowly started to push back against my incoming thrusts. It looked as though she was reaching back between her legs to play with her pussy as I fucked her and based on how loud she was getting, it wouldn’t have surprised me. As my own orgasm was quickly building thanks to the tightness of her ass, it was quite obvious that she was right on the verge as well. I was wondering if her moans were carrying out into the common area of her suite and suspected that, at that precise moment, April couldn’t have cared less.

When she started cumming, she let out a wail that could not be interpreted as anything but the result of immense pleasure. I think she was still cumming when I started spurting into her ass and let out a moan myself that was probably lost in the racket that she was making. Once we were both spent, I pulled my cock from her ass and she slid down onto her stomach. I lay beside her, my body pressed against hers, as we caught our breath. When she rolled onto her back, we kissed some more and talked for a little bit before I had to leave to make my floor meeting. As I pulled all of my clothes on, she put away her lube and pulled on just her robe so she could walk me to the door. We didn’t kiss at the door, aiming to be discreet despite what her suitemates may have heard through her door, then I headed back to my dorm.

At our floor meeting, we basically introduced ourselves then went over the dorm rules. My good friends Rav and Brian were there along with another friend, Paul, who was our RA. Paul introduced us to Gloria and Sarah, who were also seniors in his department. Other than the two of them, there were several other ladies who caught my eye, like Tamara who was junior and an ebony babe. Sabbath was also an ebony babe, but lighter skinned and a freshman. Lorenza, Saskia and Kim were also freshman babes; Lorenza was from Italy, Saskia was a cute blonde and Kim was tall and lean. I had only seen Kim around the floor during my first day back, when I walked April to the elevator. I would have nailed any one of them, given the chance.

I didn’t end up getting to bed early as I had planned so that I could get to registration early the next day. I stayed up, catching up with old friends and meeting new neighbors so I had a tough time getting out of bed in the morning. I finally dragged myself to the shower, got myself dressed and headed out, stopping for a bagel and a coffee to take along with me. Imagine my surprise when I showed up at the gym and got in line at about the same time as Kate. She had taken the bus from her apartment with a bunch of April’s stuff and dropped it off at April’s dorm room first. Apparently, April had managed to get up early and was already finished with registration. I asked if she was heading back to April’s after registration, but she wasn’t, so I invited her over to check out my new dorm room. She knew exactly what that was all about and said she’d been hoping I’d ask but would have invited herself if I hadn’t.

Inside my room with the door bolted, pendik escort we started to make out and undress each other, much as April and I had done about 24 hours earlier. I got Kate’s shirt off and fondled her tits through her bra, then unfastened her skirt and let it fall to her ankles. When I ran my hands over her ass, I discovered that she was wearing a thong and stepped back a bit to check out her lingerie, which matched and looked incredibly hot. I asked her if she always wore such hot underwear to register for classes and she replied that she’d worn it in hopes of doing exactly what we were doing. I helped her out of her sexy bra, then fondled her full, round tits as she started to work my jeans down. She started stroking my cock, then sat on the edge of my bed and wrapped her lips around it, sliding them down the shaft. I moaned as I ran my fingers through her dark blonde locks.

She grabbed my ass as she slid her mouth up and down my tool for a few minutes before bringing her tits up and squeezing them around it. She slid her tits up and down my cock, the soft, smooth flesh feeling outstanding. After a few minutes of that, she turned and crawled onto my bed with her ass in the air. I got behind her and pulled her thong aside so that I could slip into her dripping pussy. She was so hot and wet that I slid right in and we both moaned as my hips touched her ass cheeks. As I held her hips and started sliding in and out of her, she reached back to stroke her clit to help herself along. I couldn’t resist sliding my hands around and fondling her big breasts as I humped against her ass, gently squeezing her hard nipples between my fingers. She was moaning continuously as I fucked her and she toyed with her clit, growing louder the longer we went at it. When it sounded like she was getting closer to cumming, I straightened up, releasing her boobs, and took her by the hips again.

I was fucking her with long, full, slow strokes as I tried to get her the rest of the way to an orgasm while feeling mine beginning to build up at the same time. Typically, it was a few weeks into a school year before I found someone willing to fuck me, but this year was literally starting off with a bang. If I didn’t hook up with another chick all year, I didn’t really think it would bother me too much with April and Kate ready and willing. I relished the feel of Kate’s hot, wet pussy as I slid in and out of it, over and over, my hips tapping her ass repeatedly. Her moans were getting to the point were I knew she was right on the verge and enjoying every second of the build up. My own orgasm was slowly building as well, but I was fairly certain that she’d cum before I did. Even when I felt her pussy getting even wetter and more slippery just before she came, it was still just far enough off that I was able to fuck her right through her orgasm. She let out a cry and I could feel her trembling while my cock was flooded with a fresh flow of her juices.

When she let out a sigh, indicating that she’d finished cumming, I pulled out of her and had her roll over onto her back. Straddling her ribs, I lay my cock between her succulent tits so that I could fuck them some more. She held them together for me and I slid my cock in and out of her cleavage, the soft smooth flesh feeling so incredible on my throbbing cock. My orgasm had been well on its way when I’d been fucking her pussy and continued to build fairly rapidly as I fucked her tits. I fucked slowly, though, drawing out the pleasure for as long as I could, not knowing when I’d get the next opportunity to fuck her tits, since she didn’t live on campus like April and I did. Kate was watching the head of my cock as it moved in and out between her tits and, though I considered just blasting my load toward her chin, I decided against it at the last minute. When my cock started to swell in anticipation of me cumming, I moved forward and slipped it into Kate’s hot mouth. She slid her lips up and down, holding onto my ass, drawing my orgasm out of me until, with a cry, I started shooting my load down her throat.

When I was spent, I moved to sit beside her on the bed and couldn’t resist fondling her tits as she lay there on her back. Kate mentioned that, since we’d now be seeing each other every day in class, she was hoping that we’d be having sex at least once a day, too. I looked her up and down, eyeing her trim blonde bush peeking out alongside her askew thong and her big freckly tits, and asked her to go ahead and twist my arm. We both laughed when my stomach chimed in with a loud rumble. I realized that I had only eaten that bagel on my way to registration, so I asked Kate if she wanted to go grab some lunch. We pulled our clothes back on and headed out to go grab a sandwich, nearly running over Kim on our way to the elevator. I said “Hi” now that I knew her name and she returned it but was looking at Kate as she did.

After lunch, Kate hopped on the bus back to her apartment and I headed back up to my dorm room. I put away a few more things then decided to take a walk over to the bookstore and blow some big cash on my textbooks. A few hundred dollars poorer, I was back in my room perusing my new books with my door propped open when Kim came by.

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