Sex Is The Best Medicine


Tom is ill in bed and you’ve made him some tea. You walk into his bedroom where he’s sat up against the headboard with his bare torso showing and the rest of his body covered with the duvet.

“Hey babe, how you feeling?” you smile walking over to him.

“A bit better now you’re here.” He winks. You giggle and decide to climb onto the bed and straddle him while still holding the cup. Tom frees his hands from under the duvet and rests them on your waist pulling you closer.

“Whoa, nope, no physical contacts until you’re better.” You avoid his lips, leaning over to put his tea on the table.

“Please babe, afternoon sex might make me better.” He pouts while his hands wander up your back.

“Nice try. Now drink your tea, play some Xbox and focus on getting better eh?” You tell him before giving him a peck on his forehead. “That’s all you getting, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.” You tease while getting off him and head out of the room.

“You’re such a fucking tease.” Tom hisses throwing a pillow at the door. You walk back, leaning against the frame and laugh at his sulking.

“Get well soon Thomas.” You wink closing the door behind you. – That night:

You’re in bed and Tom is sat on the edge with a controller in his hand. It seems you made him create an unhealthy addiction to COD. You suddenly feel something come over you, the similar feeling you get most nights before going to sleep. You feel horny. Eventhough Tom is ill, within seconds he has become alot more attractive to you. You get out from underneath the duvet and crawl towards him.

“Tom Tom…” You whisper, you only ever call him that when you want something and you definitely wanted him right now.

“What?” He says not taking his eyes off the TV or noticing what you called him.

“Tom Tom…” You whisper again but this time start to nibble his ear.

“Babe…” He says still slightly distracted. “Babe, stop.” He moans but you don’t listen and continue to plant kisses down his neck, sucking on certain spots so it left a mark. “Stop it, I’m trying to play this.” He says in his best stern voice. You eventually stop, getting annoyed by what he just said and cock your acıbadem escort leg over him so you’re sat on his lap, facing him.

“Look. I’m handing myself to you on a plate here. So do you want me or this?” You snatch the controller off of him. Tom doesn’t say anything and just looks at you. “Well?” You pester him for an answer he can hear the annoyance in your voice.

“I knew you couldn’t resist me.” He says a massive cheeky grin now pasted on his face, grabbing you before spinning around so you’re on your back making you drop the controller.

“Bastard” You spit but can’t help smiling that you’re getting what you want. Tom laughs and begins to kiss you. It gets more and more heated by the second as he brushes his tongue against your lip begging for entrance. You open your mouth gladly accepting before tugging at his boxers. You’re both ready for bed anyway so there wasn’t much material to get in the way. You try and slide your hand in to feel the bulge that was now pressing against you but Tom grabs your hand, pulling away.

“Ah! I don’t think so; it’s my turn to do the teasing.”

A rush of excitement travels around your body at the thought of Tom in control, even though you loved to tease him, you loved him taking the lead just as much as he did. Tom grabs both of your hands and lifts them over your head. Before letting go he gives you a stern look meaning you had to keep them there. As you lay there motionless, he plants kisses all over you starting with your jaw line and gently works his way down your neck while his hands wander down your body until he reached the bottom of your tank top. Not wanting to waste any time he leans back and takes your top off in one swift move smirking slightly that you aren’t wearing a bra. You feel a blush surface your cheeks before his moist lips crash back onto your body causing you to shiver. Tom takes your breast in his mouth, teasing and pulling at your nipples allowing them to go hard. You start to moan softly at his touch, not wanting the others to hear. Just the feel of his tongue circling your nipples is almost enough to send you over the edge it was that akbatı escort good. You moan his name in frustration, All you want is for him to fuck you now. You feel Tom chuckle slightly against your skin making you shudder. He removes his lips from your breast and kisses your stomach one last time before sliding his hands down your curves, grabbing onto your shorts and panties and pulling them off in the process. Tom shoots a look at you, his eyes full of desire; he’s lusting for you just as much now. You give him a seductive look encouraging him to continue as his eyes revert back to your area. He opens your legs, spreading them as far as they would go and begins to stroke your inner thigh. You squirm a little at his touch making you hornier by the second. When satisfied with how wet he’s making you, Tom bends down and you feel him blow on your clit before plunging his tongue inside of you.

“Holy Shhh-“you scream, reaching for a pillow to stifle your moans. The most amazing feeling shoots through you, warm and electric. You feel your stomach tighten; you’re close to orgasm when Tom decides to replace his tongue with two of his fingers. He moves them in and out of you rapidly. You’re now panting and bucking against his hand, your back fully arched. If he’s not careful you’re going to cum all over his hand and sure enough the whole inside of your body just explodes. His eyes are fixed as the pleasure of your orgasm hits you, still not removing his fingers. Once finished, you make eye contact with Tom who is still mesmerised by you.

“Now that was hot.” He says eventually taking out his fingers which were now dripping with your cum.

“Shut up and just fuck me already.” You demand grabbing his hand and licking your juices off. Tom’s eyes widen admiring you before standing up.

“Your wish is my command.” He winks, pulling off his boxers and entering you in one sudden thrust. You gasp as you take the whole of his length. Grabbing your waist, he begins to create a steady rhythm as he pumps inside of you. You can already feel the intense pleasure and heat building around you both. You push your hips up so he aksaray escort can fuck you even deeper, digging your nails in his back. This wasn’t enough though; you want more, you want Tom to go faster and harder than ever before. You beg for him to do this and without hesitation he satisfies you sending you into complete ecstasy. You feel like you have been at it forever before Tom’s breathing becomes uneven. He’s going to cum any minute but refuses to stop. He carries on pounding in and out of you making you scream in pleasure; you didn’t care if anyone heard you anymore. His eyes were shut tight and the vein in his neck was pulsating as he was trying to last as long as possible. You both continue to groan each other’s names until you both feel the sensation in your stomach and reach your climax together.

Tom collapses on top of you and you both stay there while you get your breath back. The whole room now lingers of sweat and sex. Tom then rolls off removing himself and lies onto the place beside you.

“You never fail to amaze me Parker.” You pant, cuddling into his toned, sweaty body.

“Well what else did you expect?” He laughs gently kissing your forehead. “We better get some sleep.” He suggests looking at the time.

“No, not yet” You start to say as he looks on in confusion. “I’ve got to return the favour.” You smile seductively as you slide down the bed until you come into contact with his now limp penis. You then use your hand grasping it firmly and start to motion up and down his shaft slowly. You glance up at Tom who is biting his lip trying his best to resist.

“Babe…Ahh!” Before he had chance to talk you lower your mouth onto his penis making him groan instantly. You use your tongue to tease the rim before sucking again creating a steady rhythm as you attempt to take it all in. Tom grabs your head pulling your hair back out of the way as he throws his own head back in pleasure. He forces you to go faster, making you gag slightly before you feel him tense. “Babe- oh shit- I’m gonna…” He was unable to finish his sentence as he released his load into your mouth. You manage to swallow the majority of it before moving back up to face Tom who was still trying to get over what happened.

“I think we’re even now.” You giggle, wiping the remainder of his cum off your lips. Tom pulls you closer kissing you passionately before placing the covers over the both of you.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Tom whispers, gently playing with your hair as the motion of his chest drifts you off to sleep.

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