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Subject: Fw: Sex Merit Badges 5 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, please stop reading now ! Attention men around the globe. Nifty needs our financial support to survive and thrive. Get your credit card and whip it out. Donation before masturbation. Seriously org/ Please send constructive comments to me at Akman2001@yahoo. Thank you, guys ! Sex Merit Badges 5 The butthole cleaning process had two stages. Skinny dipping in the cool waters of Blue Springs followed by warm showers. Frisky excitement hit the naked scouts in the big gang shower room. The other counselors and I squirted Dawn liquid soap into the hands of scouts who washed the cracks and buttholes of their buddies. . “Get your fingers in there and get those tight little hiney holes squeaky clean,” I declared though the steam of the showers. Counselor Dennis said, “Clean those manginas, boys. Good butt stuff depends on good hygiene !” Once everyone was clean, dry and ready for the Butt Stuff merit badge, we assembled in the big tent, paired up and ready for action. Scoutmaster Buck and Cameron’s dad were boned and stroking and checking out all the sexy boy flesh spread before them. They were dripping. In the center of the tent were sexy brown brothers, Miguel C and his big, bearded Bro, Jose C. I was next to them with my new butt buddy, Mike L. Since I cleaned his tight boy butthole, I could sense This boy’s perfect young bubble butt was hungry for my tongue and fingers and finally my 16 year old cock. Can’t wait to get in his hot boy butthole. Jerry, a hot swimmer and popular counselor, told the scouts about butt fun and how eating ass was good practice for eating pussy. The big dicked stud guided us through rimming, aka ass eating, telling us to lick around the hole and then to tongue fuck it. He told us to get into it and eat ass like a pitbull chows down on a pork chop ! Guys laughed at that one and a few woofed ! I had Mike L moaning big time and next to us, Jose’s pointy tongue and karabük escort scratchy beard had his stocky little brother, Miguel shivering and moaning with lust. After giving and receiving rim jobs, Jerry taught the excited scouts about prostate massage. Lube was passed around, fingers inserted and rubbing against the love nubs of naked, horny Boy Scouts. Every Dick in the tent was hard and dripping. Almost every boy was moaning from intense anal pleasure. Miguel and Mike L were writhing in pleasure, skewered on our massaging digits. Next to us was young, blond, Cameron getting an expert prostate workout from his naked, hard and dripping father. Cameron’s skin had a pink sex flush, his eyes were open wide and his 12 year old mouth was formed in a perfect circle. He stared into his dad’s lust filled eyes, overwhelmed by the pleasure in his boy hole. Buck, our popular scoutmaster, rock hard and dripping Dick honey, walked around the tent, checking out the Butt Stuff Merit Badge lessons. He was pleased and smiled at what he saw. Buck felt it was his sacred duty to teach the younger generation of scouts the joys and pleasure of guy sex. He loved the cameraderie of boys exploring each other’s bodies and working together to get off. It was so special to teach and watch a young guys jerk off or get sucked off for the very first time. Magical! Mike L did a good job eating my ass and an excellent job rubbing my P Spot. He almost made me bust my nut but I told him to pull his fingers out of my asshole. I wanted to save my load for some advanced Butt Studies. The lube went around again and tall, lanky and big cocked counselor, Dennis talked the scouts through lubing up, penetration and basic ass fucking. He covered speed and angles of fucking, going deep, pulling out and shoving it back in. The sounds in the tent were incredible, moaning and ass slapping as the squishy, sexy sounds of butt fucking. So hot ! Dennis continued, “Remember scouts, this experience will make you experienced Sex karaman escort partners and wore attractive to girls. Or guys. Whatever floats your fuckin’ boat. It’s all good” I leaned over and whispered in Jose’s ear and then whispered to Cameron’s dad what the three of us were gonna do to put on a show stopper for the troop. “Listen up, Troop,” I shouted. Jose and I and Cameron’s dad are gonna take these three hot boy asses to Pound Town and blow our loads in them. That’s right, guys. We’re gonna seed and breed their hot boy holes !” Cheers and approval from the guys ! We three tops stepped on the gas and power fucked our bottom boys hard and deep. We three roared as we busted our big creamy cum loads, filling these prime boy butts with our hot sperms. “Ok, boys. Now we keep fucking in order to turn our spunk into a frothy mixture. I call it churning the butter ! Miguel and Mike L and Cameron were taking cock on all fours, backs arched. These hot young studs were our bitches, hard and in heat. We pulled out and shot more sperm on their battered assholes. “Gentlemen, this is called a cream pie and you can do it in an ass, male or female or in a girl’s pussy. Next, we will drop down and suck up and eat out all the churned up cum load. We call that felching.” I heard scouts say stuff like that’s wild. That’s amazing. I wonder what it tastes like. And I wish I had a dad or a brother like that ! Next we flipped Miguel C and Mike L and Cameron onto their backs. Then we crawled up over them until we hovered over the boys below. It took a second, but the troop started chanting, “Open up. Open up. Open up !” When the boys opened their mouth holes, Jose and Cameron’s dad and I dribbled long ropes of spunk and spit down into their thirsty mouths. The bottom boys swallowed down every fuckin’ drop ! The other scouts gasped and moaned with lust and surprise. Applause broke out around the big canvas tent. The three bottom boys sat up and smiled. “That’s called a Snowball !” Laughs and giggles kars escort around the tent. Miguel and Mike L and young Cameron were well fucked and well fed. Those scouts were happy campers. Big Dennis looked fucked out when I saw him cuddling with cut hottie, Luke and heard him ask, “Luke, you gotta get your hot ass dad to help out Buck at our next troop camp out. He’s built like brick shithouse. Man, I’m a top with you young guys but I would totally bend over for your dad !” “Wait, “How big is your dad’s cock ?”, Dennis asked. Young Luke said he wasn’t sure but guessed it was 8 or 9 and pretty thick. “My dad is really busy with his fitness and lifestyle gyms but I will try to talk him into taking a weekend off with the troop. But I’m a little nervous about what he will think about our Sex Merit Badges. He is an Eagle Scout but the only merit badges he ever told me about were the normal ones,” said Luke. “Scoutmaster Buck and Cimarron’s dad could, maybe, feel my dad out before the camp out, just to make sure he will be chill about the stuff we learn and do on camp outs. I fucked and felched and fed three more boys that night, including my new buddy, Andy in what devolved into a fun and depraved Boy Scout orgy that went on into the wee hours. That’s a big reason our troop is so popular with boys and a few select dads trusted by our Scoutmaster! Oh to be 16 again ! The Butt Stuff Sex Merit Badge was a huge fuckin’ success. The last images I saw before I drifted off was the youngest scouts sucking the pre cum honey off Buck’s big daddy cock. I saw The fit counselors body worshipped Buck, finger fucking his Ass as they sucked his nips and hairy, low hanging balls. These older guys took turns sucking our charismatic scoutmaster and they wanted his cum. Buck thanked them but said his sperm was reserved for the youngest scouts who now believed that swallowing his sperms would give them big muscles and big dicks. They wanted to be Big Boys as soon as possible ! The youngest, skinnyest naked boys were hard again and lined up on their knees so Scoutmaster Buck could jack off into their young and innocent mouths. It was like a daddy bird was feeding his baby boy birds. So fuckin’ hot ! Please send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks, guys !

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