Sex of My Dreams

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Double Penetration

This story is written from true life events, which I (Aliyah) have encouragingly been asked to submit and update as I see fit. 🙂 We thank everyone for reading.

Aliyah and D


Hot damn! What started as a little innocent internet flirting ended up in the hottest sex I’ve ever had in my short life.

I’d all but given up my search for decent, fuckable men in my area and then out of the blue he turns up. Just turned 18 in August; a mere baby. At first, I was thinking that he wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to please a woman, or that he wouldn’t have any interest in a larger woman like me. However, since I had nothing better to do, I decided to give him a go, and god! I’m so glad I did.

It was 2:30 in the morning when we started talking and by 3:15 he had me convinced to come pick him up and drive around for a while. As I was pulling up to his apartment I saw him walking and right away I thought, “He’s short, and damn he needs to eat some more.” But then he opened the door to my car and stuck his head inside.

“Hey,” he said and smiled. His face and his smile were enough to knock me off my feet. He’s Hispanic, just the way I like ’em, and he had his left eyebrow pierced. I started to get nervous. We drove around for a while, talking about music and whatever little thing I could find to fill the silence with. We made it all the way to the park and some guy yelled to me, “Hey you don’t have your lights on!” Oh lord, I was so nervous when I saw him I forgot to turn my lights back on. That could’ve resulted in a ticket, which would’ve made the situation even worse.

Oh well. Finally, I said, “If you give me a call tomorrow, you can come over to my house, if you want.” I really was thinking that after seeing me he wouldn’t want to come over. I dropped him back off at his apartment and went home dripping wet. The second thing I did after locking the door behind me was to go straight to my room, drop my clothes, and spread some lube over my throbbing clit. I don’t think my pussy has ever been that hot; if I had been outside in the cold, there probably would have been steam rising from it. I spent a good half hour using my vibrator imagining the ways he would fuck me tomorrow, if he called at all. Finally, I couldn’t bear to hold my orgasm in any longer, and I came with my face stuffed in a pillow so I wouldn’t wake up anyone else in the house. It was the most explosive orgasm I’ve had….well, since ever. I had to change my sheets because of the huge wet spot I left on the bed.

The next day, I woke up at 12 PM and immediately went on the internet hoping to catch him. He wasn’t on when I signed on, but almost right after I got there, he signed on and sent me and IM saying he couldn’t wait to see me later that night. I giggled with glee behind my computer and sent him an IM back telling him to call me when he was ready.

I’m sure you all know how it feels to have to wait for something you want. Well let me tell you, it was seven hours of pure torture that I had to wait for that boy to call me. Seven hours, and I used my vibrator twice. I was one horny little slut by the time he finally called me.

So I popped in my car and went to pick him up, and he looked just as hot as he had the night before. I was positively vibrating with sexual energy. I felt like I could barely drive. Lucky thing he doesn’t live too far from me. We got to my house and I immediately broke out the alcohol. Stupid me, I only had one bottle of the black cherry stuff, but luckily he didn’t want any and I downed the whole bottle rather quickly.

We went to my room and I put in a movie to fill the silence for a while. I looked his body up and down as he watched the movie but I knew he could see me looking because when I turned away I felt his eyes on me. He was skinny, but I love the feel of hipbones grinding into me. I smiled at him like the cat that ate the canary and told him to take off his shirt. I wanted to feel those hipbones for myself.

His body wasn’t really muscled, but the hipbones made up for it. I knew either my ass or my pussy was going to be bruised at the end of the night. “Bring it on,” I thought and I straddled his thin body, grinding my pussy against him; just a little though. God, think of the embarrassment if I left a stain on his shorts! He was lying underneath me, and looking a little smug as he lifted my shirt up and then I took it off completely. I unsnapped my bra and he tore it off my body, throwing it haphazardly to the side. He grabbed my tits and started squeezing for all his little hands were worth. My nipples got hard the moment his thumb brushed one of them and he noticed the change. He roughly pulled me closer to him and locked his mouth onto my nipple.

Ordinarily, my nipples aren’t canlı bahis very sensitive, but when he pulled gently with his teeth, lord, what a sensation. I think my pussy must have gotten even hotter as he switched nipples and then proceeded to leave a huge hickey on my left breast.

I could feel the moisture trapped in my silky undies and I lifted off him. He tried to help me undo his belt and I slapped his fingers away. “Let me,” I said to him or some fool thing like that. I unbuckled his belt as quick as I could and he lifted his ass so I could slip them off. I could hardly wait to see what lay beneath his boxer briefs.

He wanted me to suck him off, but I said, “I don’t blow strangers.” I finally slid his boxers down his hips and the first words out of my mouth were, “Holy shit!” It wasn’t that he was long, he was just incredibly thick. To use a popular description, his cock was as big around as a beer can. I don’t think my mouth would have even opened far enough to get him all in.

I pulled his boxers down even further and started stroking that monster. I teased him for a while, bringing my lips close to his cock but never actually touching it. I breathed across it, stuck my tongue out and brought it close, oh so close, to the huge head, but I didn’t touch him once. It was difficult to control myself, but I wanted him to come over again, and if I sucked his cock now, he might not feel the need to come back.

Before we had gotten together today, he had told me his favorite position was from behind. I got off the bed and took off my black underwear and my skirt. “Come on then,” I told him. “I wanna feel that huge cock stretch the shit out of me.” He stepped out of the boxer briefs and I realized I had forgotten the condom. By this time, I wasn’t in my right mind, and I totally forgot how to put on a condom. My hands were shaking and I couldn’t roll it down. Finally, he took over and in one smooth move, he pushed it all the way down his cock, which had grown even larger since the first time I had seen it.

He pulled me to him, my ass hitting up against his monster, the side of my face pressed against his, and he softly brushed his fingertips across my nipples. We kissed, not really a passionate one, but I could feel the heat coming from him. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

His soft touches quickly turned rough and he squeezed my nipples hard. Nearly throwing me down onto the bed, he took as much of my ass cheeks in his hands as he could and squeezed. He spread my thighs apart and seemed to be taking a look at my dripping cunt. Suddenly, I felt the tip of his thick cock start to push at my slit and as is slid little by little inside of me, I screamed into my comforter in a mixture of pain and pleasure. It felt even bigger than it had looked and when I thought he could go no further, I felt him push against my womb and his balls pressed into my throbbing clit.

What I had seen was him, only half hard. He was a keeper. I clenched my muscles around him, almost feeling the ridges in his cock. He stayed absolutely still for a few moments, maybe allowing my tunnel to get used to his girth. Then all of a sudden, he began thrusting. Every time he thrust into me, he hit my womb, and tears started to form in my eyes.

After a while, it stopped hurting and all I could feel was the wave of pleasure that swept over me every time he pushed himself inside. The whole time we were fucking I was moaning, “Ay dios, oh god!”

“Harder,” I screamed at him in Spanish and he sped up his pace, his balls slapping audibly against my clit, which by now felt ready to explode.

It was not long before I came, screaming and writhing underneath him, my hands clutching desperately to the sheets. He never stopped once, just kept fucking me, and I let loose a string of Spanish obscenities at him as he abused my pussy and my clit. I almost longed for him to finish with me, but the adrenaline built back up as he continued to fuck me. That’s when I started pushing back. I pushed my ass back at him as he impaled me, our bodies slammed together loudly.

The first thing he said in all that time was, “That’s right, my little gordita, fuck me back.” His hands spread my ass cheeks, which jiggled with each movement we made together, and I could feel another orgasm coming. The pleasure built and surged through my body and I came again. And STILL, he kept on going. I was going to kick his leg and make him stop, but finally he exploded filling the condom and I could feel his cum oozing out of my hole and dripping down my leg. Neither of us moved for what seemed like hours. My cunt was twitching around him, squeezing any last drops of cum out of his softening dick. I collapsed on the bed and he collapsed on top of me; we stayed like that for a long time.

Finally, bahis siteleri when both of us had begun to breathe normally, and my legs had stopped shaking, he got off me and reached for some toilet paper I kept next to the bed. He was gentleman enough to pull off a wad and hand it to me, and I quickly shoved it between my legs. I stumbled to the bathroom and spent a good ten minutes cleaning myself up. My pussy ached from the stretching he had given me. When I returned to my room, he was all dressed looking as if nothing had happened.

I really didn’t know what to say to him besides, “Damn!” He just smiled at me, and waited for me to get dressed. I did and then I collapsed on the bed, the part where there wasn’t a wet spot. He layed next to me and we kissed, this time passionately. His hand caressed my face and brushed back the stray hairs that were nearly plastered to my face with sweat. Pulling away, I asked him, “Are you sure you’re only 18?” He laughed at me and showed me his I.D.

As soon as I was feeling able to drive, I said, “Let’s go.” We drove off to his apartment and I dropped him off.

“When do you wanna get together again?” he asked me and I laughed. “I don’t know how much more of you I can handle.” I wasn’t even joking; my whole body was sore from the fucking he had given me.

He laughed and said, “I’ll call you,” and I just nodded in agreement.

Wednesday night, we met at a park that’s a block from my house. He told me to wear a skirt and no underwear, so I did and sat on a picnic table waiting for him to show up. It was dark and there was no one around, so I didn’t mind as the wind blew my skirt further up my legs and I felt it as it blew across my pussy.

He finally got there and without hesitation turned me away from him, forcing me to kneel on the bench and bend over the table. My legs were already spread and my pussy was dripping wet just waiting for him. He unzipped his pants and stuck his already hard pole into me. He fucked me on that picnic table, just as hard as he had in my bed, and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning too loud. We both came pretty quickly and I think I left fingernail marks in that table from holding in my screams.

Thursday came, and once again, I found myself in my car, going to pick him up. My new nickname for him is Energizer Bunny and when I told him about it, he just laughed. We went to a deserted wood that’s outside of the city limits, as we both can’t get enough of the thrill of outdoor sex.

In the time that it took us to get there, he put his hand between my thighs and just let it rest there; the simple gesture had me so distracted that I almost forgot where I was going. I reached my hand over to him and unzipped his pants, releasing his raging, throbbing cock. I let my thumb brush over the head of it oh so slightly, just enough to cause his breathing to increase and tiny drops of pre-cum to form. I ran my finger through them, and brought the finger to my mouth; his eyes never left my face as I licked my finger clean and said, “Mmmm.”

We finally got to the park; I decided to take the plunge and let his monstrous cock into my mouth, right in the car. I teased him for a while, blowing and just barely letting my tongue touch him; his hand tangled in my hair, urging me to stop the torture and take it all. My mouth barely fit around the thickness of his shaft; I was afraid I would hurt him with my teeth. But ever so slowly, I lowered my mouth down and down, trying desperately to reach the end, but knowing that the task was impossible. I had less than half of his swollen member in my mouth and my gag reflex was already resisting him.

His hand in my hair was becoming more urgent as I let my tongue caress his large vein, almost begging him to be quick about coming so I could relax my jaw. But I should have known better; nothing is quick with him. I sucked like a child with a good piece of candy, lapping up the salty pre-cum from his head as I tried even harder to completely swallow that huge pole.

My fingertips played lightly over his balls, eliciting moans and squirming from him, and I felt sure that he would cum at any moment. Amazingly, he didn’t and my jaw was beginning to make loud popping noises as I worked my mouth up and down his shaft. Desperate to make him cum, I stopped sucking and let my hand work his cock while I licked his stomach, which brought shivers but still no cum. I even tried talking dirty, “I want you to fill my mouth with cum so I can swallow it.” Begging, “Come on, you know you want to.” He just smiled and continued to relax, while he again brought his hand to my head, as if saying, “Stop talking and get sucking.”

I opened my mouth as far as I could and slid it over his cock once again, trying frantically to suck it all down and bahis şirketleri finally settled for sucking, with my tongue rapidly pressing against his vein; he seemed to like that. Finally, in a frenzied burst of energy, I sucked hard and long and it seemed I stopped breathing for a moment as I desperately sucked that monster. I stopped thinking about hurting him; I just abandoned myself to the feeling of his silken shaft in my mouth.

I came back to my senses as I felt his cock jerk and I braced myself to swallow his load. He exploded into my mouth, a Spanish cuss word issuing from his throat as he threw his head back, still holding onto my hair. Jet after jet of hot, thick, salty cum was shot into my mouth. I desperately tried to swallow it all, but nearly choked on the quantity.

Finally, the stream subsided and I swallowed the rest of it. I didn’t even notice that during that time, my lips had partly opened and some cum had escaped them, dribbling down my chin. We were both breathing hard, and I licked his whole shaft shiny and clean again, while his hand on my head started to caress my hair like I was a little puppy dog.

He looked down at me smiling, and I slowly licked the cum from my lips. I used my finger to scoop up the leftovers on my chin and that too I put in my mouth, swallowing that last precious fluid. Looking briefly at my cell phone, I saw that a whole hour had gone by since the time we had arrived at the woods and now. I laughed and said, “Time sure flies when you’re having fun.” And he noticed then too and laughed with me.

It was 10:15 and no one is supposed to be at the woods past 10, so we left quickly; glad that no police had come to check. “You up for anything more tonight?” he asked and I nodded as my trembling hands fumbled to light a cigarette. We drove back to my house, and as soon as we were safely inside my room, he pushed me onto the bed.

His cock was still hard as he pressed down into me; the seam of my jeans pressing against the light material of my panties. I lifted his shirt and anxiously dug my fingernails into the smooth skin of his back, eager to feel him inside of me. He must have got the message because he took off his shirt and pants in record time, as I struggled out of my jeans and panties, leaving my shirt on.

And just as I had teased him earlier, he teased me now, putting one finger on my aching clit and rubbing roughly against it. He replaced the finger with his thumb and I felt two fingers slide into my already damp pussy. I moaned as he began to pump these two fingers in and out of my dripping hole, his thumb putting unbearable pressure on my clit.

I bucked my hips, begging him to sink his still hard cock into me. He’s such the strong, silent type, because as I lay there on my back, helplessly letting his hand work me, all he did was smile down at me and increase the speed. “Do you like that?” he asked in a whisper.

“I would like it better if you had your huge cock inside of me,” I said breathily. “Please.” He acknowledged my request, and withdrew his fingers from me. I waited for him to plunge his cock into my depths, but it seemed he had other plans. My legs were hanging off the side of the bed and I used them to pull him to me. He spread his body over mine, still not entering me, but letting his mouth fuse with mine. I felt as if I were on fire as his tongue explored my mouth, playfully flitting around.

His mouth never left mine as I felt him begin to slide into my steaming pussy; my kiss urging him to move faster, harder. Finally, he was all the way inside and he broke the kiss, raising up to thrust himself into my hole. Each time he entered, I felt a wave of pleasure. He went harder, and faster and I knew orgasm would soon come to me. All I could hear was the “slap, slap” of his body against mine and the rush of my own heartbeat in my ear. His arms circled my thighs as he brought his body into mine and I pushed back in rhythm, my body jerking with the movement.

I lost all thoughts as I felt the tide of orgasm sweep over me; I only know that my hips were lifted off the bed and I was screaming his name over and over as I writhed. Gradually, I returned to myself and he was still thrusting away. Finally, he once again exploded his hot cum deep into my waiting pussy; my muscles were still clamping around his cock in the after-orgasm. He collapsed on top of me, our breathing still ragged, and neither of us moved for quite some time afterwards. I was so tired I almost started to fall asleep, but he made me wake up, reminding me that I still had to take him home. “Can you walk?” I said, my body not even wanting to move an inch. He laughed and said, “No, it’s too cold out.”

Finally, I groaned as he soft cock slid out of me with an audible pop and I attempted to sit up. We kissed again and I knew that this was just the beginning of a beautiful fuck buddy relationship to come in the future. ‘Cuz you know what they say about the Energizer Bunny…just keeps going, and going, and going…

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