Sex story with gf

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Sex story with gfWe were home and u were telling me how much u miss josie and always wanted to play with her as u liked her a lot, so I told u on the weekend to go to hers and spend the night u were really happy about it and told me ud tell me what happens, so u went on Saturday morning and u let e know when u were at hers, u were at her door and she opened it for u, u gasped at how sexy she was it was a sunny day so she had a short skirt and a bikini top on u started to bite ur lip as u hugged her, so u got in and u changed into the flower dress with taned stockings and ur stiletto heels with ur see thro blacktop and went down to see her again and u found her in the garden playing with her self, u didn’t make any noises as u watched her u got so horny u had to have her so u went over got on ur knees and stroked up her sexy legs to her thighs kissing the inside of her thigh witch made her tokat escort jump she was shocked but she didn’t stop u she ran her hand thro ur hair pulling ur head back so she could kiss u and u loved her kissing u it made u orgasm then she pushed ur head to her pussy so u started by licking her clit teasing as she was moaning saying why didn’t u do this sooner then u stuck ur toung in her pussy tasting her juices u loved it so much u had to play with ur self so u started fingering hers and urs pussy in sinc while tasting her pussy as she moaned so loud then she pushed ur face into her sweet pussy and u felt her squirt on ur mouth u loves it so much then she stoped u kissed u and liked both ur fingers tasting ur cum and hers then she stood up and made get up to kissing u then took ur hand and started walking to the stable u were feeling so horny u wanted more, when trabzon escort u both got there she asked if u like big cock And u said yeah huge, she giggled and took u to her horse who already had he’s huge cock out ready u gasped but u liked what u saw and watch as josie went under him and started wanking him off licking and sucking it’s cock but it was to much to watch u gave up and crawled next to her helping her suck it’s cock u were loving it so much she then got somthing for u to lay on while u sucked the horses cock enjoying it she went down on u and started licking ur pussy making u moan and cum on her face she loved the taste of ur pussy tho and kept going then after s bit she stoped and told u to stop sucking it’s huge cock and grabed it and rubbed it on ur pussy teasing u witch u loved rolling ur eyes back feeling it’s huge cock as she slowly eased escort bayan it into ur pussy u were loving it so much moaning as it’s huge cock was inside u as far as u could take, then she started fucking u with the huge horse cock u always wanted to try and now no that u love it, after a few minutes she pulled it out and it was cumming all over ur pussy and belly and tits but u wanted to taste some so u lent up and and sucked he’s cock tasting it’s cum u loved the taste more then mine u couldn’t believe u done it but u loved it then josie started licking he’s cum off ur tits body and pussy making sure u were clean then u both kissed with toungs and went back to play in her bed the next day u went on ur own to the horse in the morning and fucked him u were now addicted to horse cock but u didn’t no josie followed u and watched as u let the horse cum in ur pussy u moaned so loud there was so much it was dribbling out ur sexy pussy and u loved it, the whole day u spent fucking the horse and Josie, then when u came home u were telling me about it and how u enjoy horse cock, but next is the new girl at ur work u really like u told me u wanted her pussy next

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