Sex Studio Secrets #25: Lauren-1:

Double Penetration

Sex Studio Secrets #25: Lauren-1:Lovely Lauren looks lovely: a slender sensual sexy sweet beautiful blond baby curious to cross bordersLovely Lauren longs for her first ever spanking of her bare bum by an erotic expert in the tasty treatLovely Lauren looks lovely: I invite her for a free visit to my sex studio and an intimate inspectionLovely Lauren longs to learn pleasures I promise her in my invitation to try my sweet sexy seduction!Lovely Lauren learns first how to properly present herself to me for intimate inspection as a startLovely Lauren learns fast from pretty Petra, my great granddod, presenting me her cuties from closeLovely Lauren bends over in sexy style: legs spread at either side of mine she shows me her love lipsLovely Lauren bends deep and looks at me beneath her hot hairy twat to play her pussy and come for meLovely Lauren looks lovely, no wonder she seriously enjoyed erotic encounters with both girls and guysLovely Lauren longs to be treated to a sweet sexy spanking orgasm no other lover ever proposed it her!Lovely Lauren canlı bahis imagines how she bends over my lap… her pale pretty beautiful bottom turned towards meLovely Lauren imagines how it will turn from pale to pink… how far will she let that Pro colour her?Lovely Lauren knows almost nothing about spanking, as rarely watches such sexy stuff for a turn-onLovely Lauren knows only that girls have to bend over and often to bare their bottoms for the slapsLovely Lauren assumes she can handle some dozen slaps by his bare hand to heat her beautiful bottomLovely Lauren assumes his turn-on as a dom is the point of it, she thinks she can handle that treatLovely Lauren is amazed how Professor Peter alternates between a dozen slaps and sweet sexy caressesLovely Lauren is amazed how wet she gets from his double attack, despite the burn at her hot bottom!Lovely Lauren longs for his caressing breaks when his finger follows her spine all the way down thereLovely Lauren longs for the next dozen spanks, hotly hoping he will reach her clit at next caresses!Lovely bahis siteleri Lauren loves how he teases her tight twat, she feels how wet she gets, it drips down her thighsLovely Lauren loves how she feels as an instrument he plays, his sexy cello, awaiting her hot tremolo!Lovely Lauren comes hard, moaning for more “Please Professor, do not stop your sexy erotic experiment”Lovely Lauren comes in proper position for a second series, severe as Professor hits her by both handsLovely Lauren loves to learn the pressure of sweet sexy spanking: the pleasures it provides her pussyLovely Lauren loves the second sexy attack of her virgin bottom best, as Peter hits her by both handsLovely Lauren longs to feel his manhood inside, as she feels his mighty member rising under her bellyLovely Lauren longs to be banged well by an experienced man with his wonderful wooden mighty manhood!Lovely Lauren lays face down along my stretched legs, so she can try to tease me by kissing my feetLovely Lauren loves how she feels both wide open and immobilised, her güvenilir bahis legs at both sides of his hipsLovely Lauren loves it how he lifts her hips, brings her love lips to his lips to lick her pussy juiceLovely Lauren longs for the moment he will finally enter one of her warm wet welcoming open orifices!Lovely Lauren longs to be taken by the thrusts of this trustful tall elderly gentleman’s proud poleLovely Lauren longs he will want to prey her pussy, prays to God he won’t try her virgin sphincter!Lovely Lauren loses control as she moves from first to second heaven and further up the sexy stairsLovely Lauren loses count of how often she comes from spanking by two hands while being banged wellLovely Lauren feels completely carried away from how her hot Professor makes love to her for so longLovely Lauren feels completely carried away and indeed her hot Professor carries her to his big bed!Lovely Lauren feels almost numb but longs for more tasty treats and tributes by her hot Professor PoleLovely Lauren feels suddenly something so unusual … Is this his finger at her backdoor, or even two?Leave your sexy suggestions for follow-up in your comments please, my dear readersLet me enjoy your joys by your likes:Leave me here please many ‘thumbs up’!

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