Sex text my boss ,,,,by mistake!!! oops


Sex text my boss ,,,,by mistake!!! oopsIt was a Friday afternoon,the weekend loomed and i was happy,id just been paid and had been promised a night if sex by my wife,it was around 3pm and my wife text me a picture of her new heels she was going to wear for me that night,we was texting messges of what we was going to do to each other and when i told her i was hard she text me asking to prove how hard i was so i nipped into a customers bathroom,dropped my boxer shorts and took a picture of my rock hard cock,added the words `i want to sink this into you right now `,sent it to Viv,my wife and waited for her reply and waited and waited.My phone beeped and i looked for Viv`s name to pop up but it was my bosses name that showed,`1 message recieved from Jane boss` came up on the screen,when i opened the message the shock hit me like a train,`my office now` it read,my heart pounded,`ive lost my fucking job` was all that kept filling my head,visions of Jane holding out my P45.I pulled upto the office and walked in,Jane was sat down with her glasses lordbahis güvenilirmi at the end of her nose,she was sat at her desk,she just stared at me as she grabbed a notepad and ordered me to sit down on the sofa in the next room,i waited what seemed like hours thinking what i could say to keep my job,Jane walked in,holding her phone up and showed the picture of my cock filling the screen.She asked `what the hell is this`? i told her it was a joke and that i was sorry and explained it wasn`t meant for her,she sat opposite me crossing her legs and tapped the tip of her pen on the notepad asked me `what do you think ive got to do Daz`? ,`Sack me i said` gingerly,`look im sorry Jane,ive messed up and it was a mistake,it wont happen again` i quickly added.Jane agreed it was a sackable offence but would keep it from her boss and keep it between us if i promised to do one thing,`anything` i replied.Jane stood up and walked over to me and stood close,grabbing my crotch she ordered i fuck her there and then lordbahis yeni giriş and it would be forgotten.To be honest i didn`t need asking twice because id often had a play over Jane,she was a very sexy lady and in her mid 40`s had a great body and i wondered what she was like outside of work.I wrapped one arm around her and pulled her close as i kissed her,my tongue slipping into her mouth,she pulled away,`i dont want romancing Daz,i just want fucking`she shouted as she unfastened her jeans and dropped them to the floor she stepped out of them and pulled down her knickers,stepped over to the sofa and knelt down on it,parting her legs as her fingers rubbed her pussy making it wet,ready for me,i unzipped my jeans and pulled out my throbbing cock and stood behind Jane and slid my thick cock into her juicy fanny,she was tight,really tight and could only manage a couple of inches before she wiggled away,`for fuck sake`she shouted as she forced me to the sofa,pinning me down `do you not know how to make a lordbahis giriş woman wet` she moaned as she stradled across me,lowering down onto my cock taking me again in her tight pussy she ripped open her top and pulled up her bra and fed her nipple into my mouth as i flicked them with my tongue she slid down another inch,as she eagerly rubbed her clit,within seconds she was down to my balls,her tight pussy gripping all 9 inches of me,her pussy was soaking and she started to fuck me,id fucked a few girls in my short time but id never been fucked by a woman,a real woman.Jane moaned loud as she grinded my cock inside her soft juice filled cunt,i just watched as she fucked my brains out,i was lasting longer than id ever down so in the past,Jane knew how to use a cock and how to get what she wanted from it.Her arms wrapped around my neck as she bounced,feeding her cock hungry pussy,my legs shaking as she ordered me not to `dare cum before her`,i moaned,she pulled off and squirted her hot milky cream over my chest,her fingers flicking her clit,as her hips girated and more cum dripped from her gorgeous shaven pussy,i leant forward and covered her pussy as she gushed again in my mouth.Jane pulled away again and walked away,i hadn`t cum,`you can save that for your wife tonight` she whispered as she left me gasping for breath on her sofa.

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