Sex Type Thing

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I was with my husband at a friend’s wedding. It was held at the same place as our wedding, which brought back bittersweet memories. We’d been separated off and on for 4 years now, and hadn’t had sex for two of those. We were best friends, but that was about it. We would like to make it work, especially for the kids. But life gets in the way, and passion fades.

Dinner ended, and I got up to get another drink. As I walked past a table on the far side of the room I saw him: the guy that got away. Granted, that was 15 years ago, but I had had many thoughts about him since then. He was the guy I just never had time to get into bed. We went to high school together and dated for a few months after graduation. We had some heavy-duty make-out sessions, but could never close the deal. They were hot though, something I still thought about a lot. We’d drifted apart once we started college.

His name was Dominic. He was maybe a couple inches taller than me, with black hair and brown eyes. Every bit the Italian that his name suggested. He was sitting with someone I assumed was his wife. She kind of looked like me, with blonde hair and fair skin, but without my curves. He looked up at me and our eyes locked for a moment. An instant knot formed in my stomach. I got my drink and went back to my table. We kept our eyes on each other the rest of the night.

After the wedding reception was over, my husband and I went to the hotel bar to keep the night going with some of my friend’s family. I had a slight buzz on, but nothing too serious. Then I watched Dom walk in with his wife. Again we watched each other while we made conversation with those around us. That’s when the STP song “Sex Type Thing” came on, and instantly, our eyes locked onto each other across the canlı bahis room.

That was our song. It was playing during one of the hottest hook-ups we’d had. We were in his white Toyota pickup. I was straddled over him in the front seat, with his hands up my shirt, assaulting my nipples. We were grinding and I could feel his hard-on through his pants. I could have cum right then and there. Then the house lights in my driveway came on, and the party was over.

I’m sure the thought in his head was the same thing. Immediately I stood up, looked at him and walked out of the bar. He must have gotten the message, because he excused himself and followed me out into the lobby. I knew where the Bride’s Room was; the little private room for the special girl was right next to the bar. You could still hear the music pulsing through the walls…..

“I am, I am, I am, I said I wanna get next to you…”

We walked into the dark Bride’s Room, closed the door behind us, and immediately started kissing. He put me up against the door. It was like we’d never stopped from that night 15 years ago. His tongue was hot in my mouth, and I was biting at his lips. He hands were on my breasts, kneading them. I was pulling off his blazer. …..

“I’m gonna learn ya my philosophy…ya wanna know about atrocity….”

His hands went up my black lace dress and found my bare ass cheeks in a thong. He pulled my hips closer to him so that I could feel his excitement. I was back in that truck, I was 17 again, and I needed him more now that I did then. He left my mouth and I let out a small moan of need with a heavy breath. He ran his teeth down my neck to my cleavage. My skin-tight dress was wrapped around me and he removed his hands from my ass, and shoved my dress bahis siteleri and bra down to my elbows. My large DD breasts were ready for him.

“…I’ll give you something that you won’t forget. I said you shouldn’t have worn that dress…”

He was rough with me. He bit, pinched, and sucked hard on my nipples until they were red and angry. By now my panties were a wet mess. His hands went to his pants, and he went back to attacking my mouth. I listened to him unbuckle and unzip his pants, then he shoved them down to his ankles. He grabbed my ass, picked me up and carried me the few steps to the couch. He fell on top of me and I could feel his hard cock against my panties. Just one thin piece of black cloth between us. I know he could feel how wet they were from my throbbing pussy.

“….I know you like what’s on my mind, I know it eats you up inside…”

He shoved my dress up and ripped my thong to shreds as he tore it off my body. I let a little scream of surprise escape my lips. “…Here I come, I come, I come…” With one quick movement, he found my juicy hole and impaled me on his stiff cock. I moaned and threw my head back, feeling myself stretch around him. I hadn’t actually seen his dick yet, but I could feel how big and thick it was in my pussy. I squeezed my muscles around him as I heard him whisper “Oh, God…” into my ear.

He started his long, hard strokes into me. It was fast and furious. It was years of pent up frustration. I wondered if he’d spent nights thinking about me, too. There was that delightful sweet pain as he pounded me deep inside. He grabbed my left breast and fed it to himself. Electrical shocks starting at my pussy and my nipples ran through my body, and I could feel myself tipping over into ecstasy.

“…..Here bahis şirketleri I come, I come, I come…”

You’re damn right.

My hips started to move with him. I wanted all of him inside me. I grabbed his ass and dug my nails into him as I pulled him deeper into me. I moaned and buried my head against his neck. I could smell him and feel his sweat as he fucked me. I felt his pulse beating fast in the veins of his neck. I could feel the release begin. I looked Dom right in the eye and let go. I fell back on to the couch and arched my back. He started to slam into me harder, the sound of him slapping into me timed to the beat of the music. I knew he was feeling me cum around him. My hard nipples were rubbing against him and I grabbed a fistful of his shirt as my pussy spasmed. I know I was screaming and hoped the music was loud enough so no one could hear us and know what we were doing. Our spouses were just on the other side of the wall!

“…Here I come, I come, I come…”

As I was coming down from my peak, his was beginning. His throbbing shaft kept disappearing into me, as he switched to quick, short, hard thrusts. I could hear him start to grunt. His hands held my hips steady as he continued to pound into me. “Oh, fuck!”, he moaned and started to fill me full of his hot cum. As he pushed in and out I could feel our juices drip down from me. He leaned up and I could see the dim light on his face as he came into me.

“….Here I come, I come, I come….”

He collapsed on top of me and I could feel the small twitches from his dick inside of me. He kissed me as he withdrew and I felt the rest of our juices puddle on the couch beneath us. I didn’t know how I would begin to clean myself up to return to the bar. I know I definitely looked like I just had the shit fucked out of me, because I did. Then I realized I still hadn’t spoken to Dom in 15 yrs. As he caught his breath on top of me I said, “Hey, Dom. How ya doin? Long time, no see.”

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