Sex with his sister & her girlfriend.

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Sex with his sister & her girlfriend.My sister, Sandra, is 35 years old, and 3 years older than me. I have known for quite some time that my sister is bi-sexual, but she has just recently informed my parents that she is living with a woman, and it’s more than a platonic relationship. I was introduced to my sister’s girlfriend over the holidays, and was pleasantly surprised. Kelly is 25, blonde hair, with long legs. She stands about 5′ 8″, has a very pretty face, but smallish, almost non-existent breasts. Sandra, has dark hair, is about 5′ 3″, but has large 36D breasts. When I was going through puberty I would sneak peaks at my sister when she was in the shower or getting dressed, and would beat off thinking about those big boobs, with the large pink areolas.After college, I moved about 60 miles away from home for work, but my sister still lives in our hometown, and now shares a house with Kelly. A couple months ago I had business in our hometown and rather than stay in a motel my sister invited me to stay overnight at her house. I arrived around 7:30 and was greeted at the door by Kelly. When she opened the door, she was wearing a pair of sweat pants and a tank top, without any bra, as I could see her nipples protruding through the thin fabric. Before I knew it, she stepped forward and gave me a big hug. I was somewhat startled as I had only met her once before, but this was a pleasant surprise. I was able to pull away before my growing member became too obvious. Kelly told me that my sister was at the store, and would be back soon. She showed me to the guest room, and asked if I’d like something to drink. I said it would be great if she could get me a beer while I changed clothes. When I finished changing, I walked to the living room, and found Kelly and my sister kissing each other passionately. I cleared my throat, and they turned and broke their kiss, both of them looking a little embarrassed. Sandra handed me my beer, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, as that was our normal greeting. Kelly and Sandra were drinking white wine and I was drinking my beer as we sat around the kitchen table just chatting. Sandra complained that she had strained her back at work that day, so Kelly suggested that she go for a soak in the hot tub. I got up to get another beer, while my sister went to her room to change into her swimsuit. Kelly had gone out back to make sure the water temperature was okay, and I poured her and my sister another glass of wine. My sister came back into the kitchen area wearing a thong bikini, and I was taken aback by how good she looked. Maybe it was the two beers without dinner that was affecting my judgment, but for the first time in a long time I was looking at my sister as a woman, and not just my sister. Her large breasts were spilling out of her top, and her recent infatuating with running had done wonders for her ass. It was round, and high and tight. The thong left nothing for the imagination.Sandra went out to the hot tub and Kelly went with her. Kelly was standing outside the tub while Sandra was relaxing in the warm, bubbling water while I popped open another beer in the kitchen. I was thinking to myself that if I played my cards right, maybe I’d get a chance to spy on them while they had sex later that night. Those cards would have been a pair, but little did I know that I had just drawn a full house! After a few minutes Kelly came back inside and said that my sister felt that they were abandoning me and said that Kelly and I should join her in the hot tub. I told Kelly that I hadn’t brought a swim suit with me, so I would take a pass. She was pouring another couple glasses of wine and said that I could just wear my underwear, and she would do the same. I was still a little reluctant, so Kelly stepped out of her sweats and stood before me in her tank top and a pair of thong underwear. “Come one and join us” she said, and she konak escort stepped out of the kitchen and into the backyard, carrying the two glasses of wine. “Don’t be a party-pooper” my sister called from the hot tub, “it’s not big deal, it’s just like a swimsuit” she said.”What the hell” I thought, so I took off my shirt and pants and walked out into the backyard in just my boxer-briefs. Staring at Kelly in her underwear had given me a “semi”, so there was something of a bulge in my package as I approached the hot tub.Sandra and Kelly began whistling and cat-calling me, as they noticed what was preceding me across the yard. I hurriedly hopped into the tub to avoid any further embarrassment. Kelly and Sandra were cuddled up next to each other as I took a seat across from them. Kelly teased Sandra saying “your brother seems to be packing something bigger than that new strap-on we just bought”. My face must have been turning three shades of red with embarrassment, but I was a little flattered at the same time. Kelly asked if it were true that guys always got turned on by watching two women kiss? I told her that not “always”, but usually, especially if the women were good looking. She then asked, what about two women who looked like her and my sister? I told her I believed that most guys would definitely be turned on by that. Before I could say anything else, Kelly turned to my sister and began tongue kissing her and fondling her breasts. Through her water-soaked t-shirt I could see Kelly’s nipples hardening and sticking straight out through the material.As quickly as they started kissing, Kelly broke the kiss and asked if that had turned me on?I was embarrassed to admit that my cock had grown almost to its full length, so I tried to explain that it was different if one of the women was your sister. Kelly could see I was fudging with the truth, so she glided over to me and grabbed my cock under the water. “If your cock is this big without being turned on, I can’t wait to see it at it’s full size” she said as she gave me another quick squeeze before sliding back over next to Sandra. Her hand fell below the water line, and I could tell she had placed it between Sandra’s legs as my sister’s hips were rocking back and forth, causing small waves in the hot tub. “Didn’t Sandra tell you I’m bi” Kelly asked? “She didn’t tell you that I had never been with a woman before your sister corrupted me?” Sandra tried to interject, but before she could Kelly must have slipped at least one finger into her pussy because Sandra’s voice caught in her throat and she threw her head back and closed her eyes. “Well, she’s told me lots of things about you Sam”, Kelly continued. “Sandra told me how you used to spy on her when you were k**s. She also told me that she would spy on you when you were jerking off in your room or in the bathroom. You didn’t know she was turned on the by the sight of your hard cock, did you?””Kelly, that’s enough!” shouted Sandra, as she pulled away and jumped out of the hot tub. “I told you those things in confidence” cried Sandra as she stormed off, back into the house. “Don’t worry about her, she’s just a little embarrassed” said Kelly. “She’ll be fine, and she’ll thank me for it in the morning” Kelly asserted with a wink. Kelly glided across the water, and sat on my lap with her arm around my neck. My hardon was pressed against her tiny little ass, and she wriggled a little bit as she came to rest. “Mmm, that feels nice. I haven’t had a real cock since I started with your sister 6 months ago.” “Wait here for about 15 minutes, then come looking for us in the bedroom” said Kelly. She gave me a quick kiss, and hopped out of the hot tub and walked back into the house, shaking her tight little ass for my viewing pleasure. Those next 15 minutes were the longest minutes of my life. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking I was about to konak escort bayan do, but I was more than ready to do it.I stepped out of the hot tub, and stripped out of my soaking wet underwear, wringing out the water as I walked toward the sliding glass door. As I walked through the door, I could hear soft music coming from down the hallway and could see the flicker of candlelight in the darkened corner of the house. I softly walked down the hall, toward the sound of the music. It was coming from the master bedroom, and when I got there the door was about half way open. I looked into the room, and there on the center of the bed was my sister, completely naked, lying face up with Kelly lying with her head between my sister’s legs. Kelly was also totally naked and I watched as her ass twitched from side to side as she stroked my sister’s pussy with her tongue. Sandra’s eyes were closed, and I once again was staring at those wondrous tits, with their pink areolas and large nipples. Sandra was moaning, and I could hear Kelly slurping up Sandra’s juices as she began to buck on the bed. Kelly wrapped her arms around Sandra’s thighs to hold her tight as Sandra screamed in orgasm and collapsed onto the bed. Kelly remained between Sandra’s legs, lapping up her juices. Just then, Sandra looked up and saw me standing in the doorway, absent-mindedly stroking my cock. Sandra jerked her head to the side, looking away from me. I was about to retreat to my room to jerkoff when I saw Kelly looking at me, and motioning me to join her on the bed. I slowly walked across the room, the sweet smell of sex was mixing with the scent of vanilla from the burning candles, causing my cock to get even harder. Kelly patted the bed next to where she lay, between my sister’s legs, as she spread Sandra’s legs even further apart. Now Kelly and I were both lying between my sister’s legs, and I could see the moisture glistening from her pussy, mere inches from my face. Kelly kissed me and I could taste my sister’s juices on her tongue. Kelly turned from me and went back to licking my sister’s outer lips. After a few seconds she said “mmm, Sam, come taste your sister’s cum”. Sandra quietly said “no” and tried to push my head away, but Kelly removed her hand from my head as I drove my tongue into her pussy. “Ahhh”, she cried in ecstasy as she pounded her fists into the bed, and thrust her hips upward forcing my tongue deeper into her snatch. She tasted even sweeter than I had imagined all those years ago in my bed at night. Kelly and I began taking turns, licking my sister’s lips, and clit, and tongue fucking her slit until Sandra came twice more.”I’ve tasted Sandra, now I want to taste her brother” proclaimed Kelly as she rose to her knees and began teasing my cock with her tongue. She was cupping my balls with one hand while she licked up and down the 8 inches of my dick with her tongue. At the same time, Sandra and moved around and had positioned herself underneath Kelly so that she could eat her pussy while Kelly sucked my cock. After teasing me with long licks like you would a lolly pop, Kelly finally took the head of my dick into her mouth as she pumped the shaft with her hand. Her lips and cheeks were spread wide as she tried to get more of my cock into her tiny mouth. I was tweaking her erect nipples as my sister sucked on Kelly’s clit, sending shivers through her body, which I could feel on my dick. I was really getting into it now, and I grabbed Kelly by the ears and began fucking her face while my sister was slapping her ass and tongue-fucking Kelly’s pussy.I could feel Kelly’s body tensing in orgasm as I blew my load down the back of her throat.Kelly’s throat contracted reflexively, taking every drop of cum I had to offer.We all fell into a pile in the middle of the bed, with Kelly’s head resting near my semi-hard rod.”Come taste this” Kelly said to escort konak Sandra, meaning my cock. Sandra just shook her head “no” at first. “Photos”Come on, you know you want to” Kelly said, as she grabbed Sandra by the hand and pulled her toward my waiting cock. Sandra leaned forward, and I could feel my sister’s breath on my cock, which caused it to twitch as it began to fill with blood once again. She lightly flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue, and my dick jerked upward hitting her in the lips. With that, she grabbed it around the shaft and sucked the head into her mouth. This was completely surreal, this was my sister with my cock in her mouth! I could feel the heavy weight of her breasts pressing against my thighs, which only made my cock harder. As it swelled some more, I heard my sister begin to gag on its length as she took it down her throat. Her nose was pressed against my pelvis and I could feel the tip of my cock pressed against the back of her throat. “You never knew your sister was such a great cock-sucker, did ya” asked Kelly? “Now I want to see if you can eat pussy as good as your sister can” she demanded. With that, Kelly climbed above my face, and squatted down so that her pussy lips were resting just above my nose. I arched my head back, and began licking her outer lips. Kelly let out a soft moan, and sank lower so that her ass was resting on my forehead, giving me greater access to her snatch. She was rotating her hips as I licked and sucked at her pussy lips and clit. Just then, I felt Sandra’s mouth leave my swollen cock. I tried to look and see what she was doing, but my view was blocked by Kelly’s body. I felt a hand on my shaft, pulling it straight up toward the ceiling. A second later I felt my cock engulfed by warm flesh. Kelly readjusted her position, and I could see my sister was now riding my manhood. She was grinding back and forth, while she and Kelly kissed and stroked each other’s tits. I now had Kelly’s clit firmly between my teeth and was sucking on it with all my might, when she came in a gush all over my face. She almost fell forward, but was caught by my sister who was now beginning to thrust up and down on my shaft.Kelly spilled over to the side, and my sister leaned forward so that I could suck her nipple into my mouth. I reach around and grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands and began to help her ride up and down my cock. Sandra grabbed my head and pulled it forward so that I could suck more of her tit into my mouth. She leaned back a little bit and pressed her tits together with her hands so that I could lick and suck on both of her nipples at the same time. I was concentrating so hard on those tits that years earlier I had only dreamt about, that I hadn’t noticed where Kelly had gone. However, I soon felt a warm liquid dripping onto my balls. I took my attention from my sister’s boobs for a second and looked behind her to see Kelly kneeling behind her wearing a strap-on, and slathering some kind of lube on to the dildo and onto my sister’s ass. Sandra stopped moving, and I spread her ass cheeks apart with my hands. Kelly moved closer with the strap-on, and then Sandra let out a short gasp, and fell forward upon my chest as the head of the dildo slipped past her sphincter.As Kelly slid the dildo into my sister’s ass, I could feel it pressing against my own cock through the thin folds of Sandra’s flesh. This caused my cock to grow even more. Once Kelly had pressed the full length into my sister’s ass, she began thrusting in and out. I held Sandra’s body tight upon my cock as an anchor as Kelly began pounding her ass with the dildo. “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass” Sandra began to scream in a tone I had never heard before. My sister had become just another fuck toy and wanted to be used. As Kelly pounded her ass, I began to thrust my hips, shoving my cock up her twat to match Kelly’s motions. In no time at all, Sandra was shuddering in orgasm after orgasm. I could feel my balls tightening, and let loose with a deep thrust and a scream as I filled my own sister’s pussy with my cum. The three of us collapsed into a pile on the bed and slept for a few hours.

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