Sex with My Best Friend


I was chatting on yahoo messenger in May of 2005. While I was chatting with some of my friends, I received this message from some guy that I had never chatted with before. We exchanged some social chat for a little while and then things began to get interesting. Over the course of the next few months – we became very intimate – or at least as intimate as you can get online.

He began calling me at home and we would have phone sex – and he always managed to make me cum, usually more than once – but he was always at work and couldn’t cum for me. I always knew that he would be a great lover. We only lived about an hour or so apart so we began making plans to meet in person. We decided it would be easier for him to come to me, so he did.

We met in my hometown and drove to a motel not far away, but far away where no one would know me. He went in a got a room for the day. I had been looking forward to this for so long, I was already wet with anticipation. As soon as we walked in the door, he took me in his arms and began kissing me. He slammed the door behind us and our kissing became more fervent.

His hands were roaming all over my body as mine were his. I didn’t have many clothes on, so it didn’t take him long to remove mine. I proceeded to unbuckle his belt and slide his zipper down. I slid his pants and boxers down and on my way back up, I took his hard cock in my mouth. I didn’t feel like I had much experience with sucking cock – but he was moaning and had his hands in my hair.

We moved over to the bed and he sat down. I moved up to him on my knees and continued sucking atakent escort his rock hard cock. It felt so good in my mouth. My lips were moving up and down on him and my tongue was licking his cock until he was getting bigger and harder each time. His hands were moving over my 38D titties and I was enjoying this also, but I had to continue with what I was doing because I wanted to please him.

His breathing was getting faster and he warned me that he was getting ready to cum. I had only swallowed one other man’s cum and that was only one time, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle this, but I knew it would be the best experience I’d ever had. I could tell he was getting close, so I prepared myself. All of a sudden he began to thrust harder into my mouth and he held my head and I received the sweetest cum ever. It dripped down my mouth and I used my tongue to get every drop.

But he knew that I had to be satisfied and he knew that he would have his hands full. I love sex and I never seem to get enough. I looked up at him and I knew I had pleased him. He pulled me up on the bed. I knew he had some things he wanted to try and he knew I did too. We couldn’t decide what to do first. So he laid me down on the bed and began to caress my body. He began planting kisses on my face and over the my ear, slipping his tongue inside my ear and whispering how much he wanted to fuck me. I turned my head and captured his mouth with mine. Our tongues began a sexy dance all their own.

He began licking his way down further on ataköy escort my body and as he neared my titties I could hardly hold still.He took one tit in his mouth and rolled his tongue over the nipple making wet circles and then moved to the other one and took the nipple between his teeth and nibbled until I was moaning and arching my body into his. I said that I thought he should get down to business and eat my pussy. He said “with pleasure”. He moved down between my legs to find my shaved pussy. He said that a smooth pussy always turns him on.

I opened my legs wide and he moved my legs up over his shoulders to give him a better advantage. At first, he just tentatively licked at my slit – but then he rolled his tongue and began to tongue fuck my clit while he managed to slip one then two fingers into my pussy. I felt like I was in heaven. My clit began to swell with the attention I was getting from his tongue. He sucked my clit into his mouth and nibbled it with his teeth. No one had ever done that to me before and I was about to scream. His fingers began to move more rapidly in and out of my pussy. I was so wet, he managed to slip the third finger in. I began to feel my pussy muscles convulse. I yelled at him that I was cumming. Of course, he already knew that. He was licking up my juices as fast as they were cumming; however, he was continuing to finger fuck me. After licking up all my juices, he moved up over my body but left those wonderful fingers inside my pussy.

He moved beside me and began kissing me again. atalar escort My pussy was arching up to meet his fingers. I knew I was ready to cum again, but he looks at me and said “not yet”. He removed his fingers and I looked down at his cock and it was rock hard again. I was hoping he was going to slide inside me and make us one. His cock was about 8 1/2″ and nice and thick and I could hardly wait. I had never had a cock that big inside me before.

He put his knee between my legs and urged them further apart. He slid down and moved his cock head up to kiss my pussy. He moved his cock up and down over my slit, just inserting it enough to make me want more. I finally begged him to “fuck me”. He wanted to go slow, because he was afraid he would hurt me, but by this time, I didn’t care. He began moving slowly into me and by the time he was halfway in, I wrapped my legs around him so that he would have to move all the way in. He began moving slowly – in and out, his cock making long powerful strokes inside my pussy.

I said I need it faster and harder baby. He couldn’t resist. He began moving faster and harder, his cock reaching the very bottom of my soul. So far, it was the best fuck I had ever had and wasn’t ready for it to end just yet. I knew that I could last a very long time but wasn’t sure about him. Little did I know that he had taken Viagra before we began. He said, “Baby, my cock can stay hard as long as you want it to.” At that, I laughed and said “all day maybe”. He began pounding my pussy and we were both enjoying ourselves very much. I can’t be fucked too hard. After a little while of this, my muscles began convulsing and I screamed, “I’m cumming!” He screamed back that he was too. We came together in waves of ecstasy. He gathered me into his arms and suggested we rest for a little while. With a smile on my face, I nodded my agreement – but knew that this day was far from being over.

To be continued…

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