Sexual Frolic in the Sun

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I was lost. I had been wandering these woods for an hour now, and was completely turned around. My choices were to either keep going in the direction I THOUGHT I knew was right, turn around, or try to find someone to help me. Damn, it was hot! My water bottle had run dry miles ago. So much for being a girl scout and being prepared. I licked my dry lips and lifted my long, dark hair off the nape of my neck. Sweat had gathered between my breasts and trickled underneath them. Without giving it a thought, I reached behind myself, unlatched my bra, and slid it off from beneath my shirt, carrying it now. I looked down briefly to check myself. Laughing, I realized that I may be a tantalizing sight for some buck, my bare breasts seeking their way through the pale peach cotton material, my nipples hard and taut. Why are my nipples hard and taut? I thought. Again I laughed. Hell if I know.

God, it’s hot! There MUST be civilization around here somewhere! Does this path go interminably on and on? I was trying to enjoy the breathtaking view, enjoying the cool of the shaded trees.

I came around a bend and there it was! A beautiful, crystal clear lake, surrounded by the kind of lush greenery I had been walking through for miles! I was so hot, and the water looked so inviting. I didn’t hesitate. I stripped down and ran into the water, diving headlong into the shallow depths. The water was cool and refreshing, as I came up for air, my hair slicked back against my head. How invigorating this was to finally cool off! It didn’t solve my problem of being lost, but it certainly did wonders for my temperament right at the moment. I paddled back and forth in the water, treading here and there, just enjoying this spontaneous afternoon skinny dip.

After a time, I waded out of the water, looking around. I was definitely alone. I shivered in the afternoon sun. I wanted to dry myself in the sunshine, enjoy this moment for what it was. I scouted out a soft bed of leaves just back 50 feet from the water’s edge. It looked soft and inviting and called my name. I walked over to it, picking up my clothes as I went, and threw myself down on the leaves. I sat there, luxuriating in the hot sun, feeling goose bumps rise on my skin. My eyes closed against the streaming sun, I ran my fingers through my hair over and over again, using them to comb the wet locks. I could feel my hair drying quickly under the heat of the day. It felt so good sitting there, that I decided to lay back. Ohhhhhhh, how deliciously naughty this felt, laying naked outdoors by a beautiful lake, with only the birds and the bees to keep me company! I stretched out my body to its full length, like a cat, in the sunshine. My eyes were closed, an impish grin on my face, as I languished in the sun. I felt myself relax and reached down to fondle my tits, rubbing my nipples between my fingers. I didn’t know what had come over me, but feeling the sun bear down on my naked body, feeling the slightest breeze ruffle my hair, I felt sensuous and wanton. I involuntarily sighed softly, bringing my knees up, spreading my legs to the sunshine and the light breeze, feeling the breeze ruffle my pubic hair lightly. I enjoyed the bounty of nature as it closed in on my senses. I kept my eyes gently shut and continued to fondle my breasts, then let my fingers wander downward to my clit.

What had gotten into me? I didn’t care, as I rubbed my clit back and forth, once in awhile dipping my middle finger inside my pussy. Moaning now, writhing with pleasure in the hot sun…I opened my eyes and saw you.

You were standing at the edge of the woods, deeply concentrating on what I was doing to myself. I hadn’t seen you in months, and here you were. My first reaction was one of relief, as I knew I wouldn’t be lost in the woods anymore. My second one was one of pure titillation, as I knew you and I were good together, and the look on your face told me that you wanted me, and badly. Good! I was in a position where I wanted you just as badly right now. I had worked myself into quite a sexual lather, and could appreciate a good partner right now. What a stroke of luck that you were participating in your favorite pastime, hiking, right here in these very woods.

You were wearing a pair of khaki shorts, sport socks, what appeared to be hiking boots, and were stripped naked to the waist, your shirt tied around your waist. You had a canteen hanging around your neck. You nearly swaggered as you walked toward me, confident and panther-like in your stride. As you came closer, I noticed first the muscles in your chest and arms, defined, but not overly so. No hulking monster. Just toned and…nice. I had forgotten how exquisite you were. Next I noticed the sun glinting off your jet black hair, your dark eyes staring inquiringly at me. Your trim torso was covered in sweat from your efforts canlı bahis in the hot sun. Before I knew it, you were standing right next to me. “Good afternoon,” you said politely in your deep male voice, as you looked down on me in the sunshine. I had stopped masturbating when I saw you, so shocked that you were actually here, at this point in time.

I sat up, running my fingers through my hair. “Hello there. Nice of you to show up when you did.”

You smiled mischievously at me, the sun glinting in your eye. “It was my pleasure, believe me. I never expected to find anyone out here. I love this lake and was planning on a swim.”

“Yes, the water is fine. Why don’t you go ahead? I’ll wait for you.” With this, I winked at you. “And leave the canteen? I’m dying of thirst!”

You winked back. “I won’t be long.” You handed me the canteen. You began to strip down, as you walked toward the lake, leaving a trail of your clothing carelessly along the way. I watched your tight, pinchable ass as you jogged your way to the lake, diving in with zest. I took a long drink from your canteen, thanking my lucky stars.

I laid my head back and let the sun shine on my face, smiling to myself. I thought of the last time we had a sexual encounter together. You had surprised me then, too, just like today. And our time together had been explosive. I don’t know why we hadn’t gotten together sooner. Perhaps we wanted to leave it to chance? I wondered at these things, as I watched you romp in the water like a little boy. Something tugged at my heart, even as I felt something more powerful tugging at my crotch.

You emerged from the lake, dripping water, looking like a a walking advertisement for male sexuality. Everything about you oozed sex. I shivered, in spite of the hot sun. I could feel the wetness of my pussy from the earlier explorations that I’d made. I knew that the wetness wouldn’t go wasted. I shivered again, as you came closer. Your cock was another exquisite feature that I loved about you. Large in girth, a good eight inches in length when fully erect, it was an inviting piece of equipment.

I looked at your cock now, as you made your way back to me. Having just come out of the cool lake, it was semi-hard now, as your eyes devoured me. I smiled up at you and laid back on the leaves, rolling over, laying on my stomach, feeling the warm leaves beneath me against my breasts, my tummy. I couldn’t help but spread my legs, giving you an eyeful. I brought my arms straight out to my sides, then up over my head and lay still, waiting for you.

You crawled up behind me and began licking my calves, then my thighs. I moaned with pleasure, as I felt the sun beating down on us, feeling the cold water drip off your hair onto my thighs, the drops rolling down my thighs onto the bed of leaves. You came up behind me and kissed my back, every inch of it. I could feel your warm tongue, and the cool drops of water from your hair. The combination was sensational, as I laid there, enjoying you, enjoying your attention.

You were straddling me and I felt you lean over, sweep my hair to one side, and kiss the nape of my neck. I felt your hard cock brush against my ass. I knew it was fully erect now, and wanted to see it, but didn’t want to ruin this moment. I continued to lay there, spread eagle, feeling the sun shining right through my snatch. Your cock continued to drag against my skin, as you continued to kiss and lick my neck, my ear lobes, my back. You backed away, so that you were hovering over my ass. I got up on my knees then, putting my backside right in your face, legs still spread. I could feel your breath on my ass, then you rubbed your wet hair on my backside. You took a small, gentle bite from my right cheek.

My heart was beating ten times, no, a hundred times faster than normal! I moaned softly as I felt your mouth sucking on my ass. I lost all sense of who I was, where I was. The only thing I felt was your body close to mine. The blood drained — I swear — from my head, straight to my pussy. I wanted one thing from you now. Only one. I waggled my ass in your face as if to say, “come and get it”.

You — what was that noise? Growled. Yes, you growled, like an animal, as you dove in with fervor, your tongue finding the soft folds of my already wet pussy. Because I was on my knees, everything between my legs was pulled towards the ground with gravity. My clit was hanging, heavy and inviting, as you rolled onto your back and grabbed my hips, pulling my ass down onto your face. I saw fireworks of pure pleasure bursting in my head as your tongue danced and wagged its way along my clit. I felt your cool hands as they held onto my hips, commanding that I stay in this position so you could sup on my body. I heard the erotic sounds of licking, sucking, supping, as you feasted greedily bahis siteleri on my vagina, shoving your tongue in deeply, wagging it from side to side inside of me. I rocked my pelvis over your face, moaning with pleasure.

Your hair was nearly dry, as you stuck your hair up into my snatch and turned your head this way and that. Your soft locks tickled my clit and skidded along my pussy. You continued to rub your soft hair along the inside of my thighs, as I jerked involuntarily at the sensation. I never thought I could cum without direct, continual stimulation to my clit, but the sensation of your hair running along my inner thighs, along my ass, had me hovering on the edge of orgasm.

You continued to lift your head and rub your hair into my crotch, grinding it into my pussy. Then you dropped your head back down onto the ground, and taking long, luxurious licks at my clit, sent me over the edge. I felt the orgasm grip me, sending me tumbling down, down, down into a sensuous abyss of hot molten love. My body wracked with pleasure, jerking, as I moaned your name. You scooted out from underneath me and got on your knees, licking my ass, running your tongue around the opening to my anus. I was still on my knees, resting on my elbows, legs still apart. I took deep breaths, enjoying the aftermath, enjoying the sun shining right on my ass, knowing you were behind me, watching, waiting for me to come back to earth and join you. I knew you wanted to continue this sexual frolic in the sun. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

I began to turn to face you, but you grabbed my hips. “No, wait!” You exclaimed. “Stay just like that.” You slid two fingers into my snatch. I turned briefly to see you. I watched as you rubbed my cum onto your cock. Your rod was now glistening with my cum…eight inches of pure pleasure just waiting to fuck me.

I had my head turned to the side, my hair hanging down to the ground on the other. I smiled beguilingly at you, once again waggling my ass at you. “Fuck me,” I said.

You nearly tackled me from behind, groaning. I could feel the soft leaves beneath my knees. I could feel your hard cock against the crack of my behind. You reached around and grabbed my breasts, both of them simultaneously, squeezing them gently, rolling the nipples in your fingers. You pushed your cock, covered in my cum, into my pussy. I lifted my ass to meet your cock. You shoved forward, burying yourself in me. I sucked in my breath as you did this, feeling the rock hard intrusion. I closed my eyes and waited for the wetness to lubricate you as you slid back out and in again. I bit my lip, knowing the pain would become pleasure soon. You reached down and began fondling my clit with one hand, the other cupping my tit. I began to relax and go with it.

I stood straight up on my knees. Now we were both standing on our knees, you directly behind me. I leaned back against you, resting my head in the crook of your neck. I reached my hands around behind me, hugging you closely to me. You continued to fuck me, as I turned my head toward you, finding your mouth. I was dizzy with desire as you met my mouth with yours. I shoved my tongue into your mouth. There was just something about this intrusion of your mouth with my tongue, even as you intruded my pussy with your rod. I fucked your mouth with my tongue while my pussy was being fucked with your 8-inch rod of pleasure. My arms still wrapped behind me, around your back, I let them wander down to your ass. I pulled you in each time you rammed me from behind. I pinched your ass cheeks gently. This only encouraged you to push harder.

You slammed your cock into me as I moaned, continuing to shove my tongue in and out of your mouth. I let go of you and placed my hands between our bodies, between your legs, seeking your balls. I so enjoyed your balls. They were firm, but soft at the same time. They were fragile to the touch, hanging down the way they were, so vulnerable to the elements. I softly stroked them, squeezing them gently in my fingers. All the while, you were stroking my pussy with your cock. I could hear you groan as I played with your balls.

I wanted to see your face, wanted to stroke your chest, wanted to take you for a ride. I dislodged my mouth from yours, and fell forward, catching myself on my hands, so that I was now in the doggie position. I crawled forward, dislodging myself from you. You grabbed my hips, pulling me backwards. You hovered over the top of me, putting your arm around my waist, under my tummy, hugging me close to you. Your mouth was next to my ear. You licked it. “Where do you think you’re going?” you whispered.

“I’m going to fuck you.” I whispered back.

I grabbed your arm, the one under my tummy, and pulled it away from me. You moved back and away. I turned around and left you room bahis şirketleri to move in on the bed of leaves. You grinned slyly at me as we switched positions. I straddled over the top of you. I took your hands in mine, moving your arms out to the side, pinning your arms to the ground. Your head came up toward my tits and you began licking and sucking on one, then the other, greedy, as if the very act somehow nurtured you.

You groaned as you did this, seeming to enjoy every nibble, every bite, every flick of your tongue. And with every nibble, every bite, every flick of your tongue, I felt my pussy get wetter and hotter. I spread my legs wide over the top of you. At this point, the only thing for me to do in response to your ministrations to my body, was to grind against you. My pelvis had begun its incessant rocking, demanding more, more, more from you.

Never letting go of your hands, I felt you lift the lower half of your body toward me and try to place — no shove — your cock into me. I moved away, so you missed your mark. You looked inquiringly at me, quirking an eyebrow. I felt full of mischief, as I continued to pin your arms to the ground, sitting on your pelvis, your cock, hard and ready, sitting outside my door. I rubbed myself all over you, covering you in pre-cum. You lifted your head and watched me do this.

Then I lifted up, aimed for your rod, and lowered myself on you. You were so erect, you didn’t need any help in getting in there, you just slid right in, all luscious 8 inches of you. The fulfillment of your cock, large and rock hard, inside my wet, hot, warm tunnel sent me tumbling.

The sun continued to beat down on our bodies, melted together as they were, the soft ground all around us, the only sounds coming from you and I. The moans coming from myself only made you moan louder. I rocked back and forth on top of you, letting go of your hands now. I lightly scratched my nails down your chest, raising goose bumps on your skin. I knew the sensation was tickling your skin and titillating you all the more. You rocked with me, as your rod made its way in and out, in and out of my tunnel. The wetness surrounded you.

Your eyes were closed, your head laid to one side, as you enjoyed me fucking you in the hot sun. I was sure we may both catch on fire, rubbing against each other as we were. You opened your eyes and placed your hands on my hips, demanding that I pick up the pace. I did, following your need to a tee.

You looked anxious, like you wanted even more from me. You pulled yourself out of me pushed my hips back and away. You spilled me to the ground so that you were on top of me. You slid your hands under my tight shapely ass. You lifted me, raising my legs over your shoulders, then reached down and grabbed your shaft, placing it back into me. I looked at your face, intent on fucking me with all your might…like your life depended on it. You drove your cock into me as I screamed with pleasure, feeling as if you were literally nailing my back to the ground. You shoved it in deeper, hanging onto the backs of my thighs.

“Oh yes!” I cried, “Fuck me! I want more of that!” This is what you wanted. I KNOW it’s what I wanted.

I felt as if your cock would break me in half, yet the hot sun bearing down on my tits warmed me, making me feel soft and pliable. There was something terribly sensual about having the sun shine directly on my tits like that while you were driving into me. My legs over your shoulders the way they were, the powerful sensation I could feel at this point was your cock inside of me.

Driving yourself deeper and deeper into me, I knew I was going to cum again any second. Your face indicated that you were on the brink. I saw the sweat dripping off your forehead. Your hair had long since dried, but the sweat had the wet locks falling over your forehead. We were sticking together in the heat, the sun scorching our bodies. “Finish it, fuck me to the end!” I cried.

You started with a low moan and got louder, that growl emitting from your throat, until you were yelling my name, long and loud, as you came. There was no sound in this secluded woods except that, and it was deafening, as you came with a mighty finish. You shoved yourself into me several more times, even as I felt myself spinning down with you. Down, down, down we went together.

No sound but your breathing and mine. My legs were still over your shoulders. Your cock was still lodged, semi-hard inside of me. Sweat trickled between my breasts, down my back, in between my thighs. You were covered in a shiny sea of sweat.

“What were you doing here?” you finally asked, when you could catch your breath.

“Looking for a way out. I was lost.”

“Lucky me,” you laughed. “You want to take a swim, and then we’ll go find your car?”

“That would be divine. Last one in is a rotten egg!” as we scrambled to our feet, running for the lake. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time we ran across each other. Fate would see to it. Our next adventure was sure to be, I just didn’t know when.

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