SEXUALLY FREE EPISODE 2 F/F As I stepped into the shower I heard a knock at the door and soon after that I heard Ashley’s voice talking to Ben. The words were un-defineable but I could tell they were having a conversation. As I let the water run down my lightly tanned skin, all I could hear was the sounds of water striking the inside of the shower. Then in the middle of all the water noises, heard the door creak open, and felt the breeze of cold air rush in from outside the room. I opened the curtain to see who it was and saw Ashley standing there in her pajamas. Sometimes she comes over in the morning to cuddle in the bed with me for awhile, and on days like today, to shower with me as well.”Are you going to hop in here or what?” I asked her teasingly.”Or what… I want to watch you for a minute.” “For what?””Because you’re so fucking sexy, and I love to watch the water run down your body.””Oh, you mean like this?” I practically purred. I took my shower poof and wet it down and added more than enough shower gel to do the job and have extra suds, lots of them. I worked up a lather and looked dead straight in her eyes and started rubbing the poof slowly up my arms and even slower down the middle of my breasts, stopping at my navel. I worked up a little more lather and put my leg on the edge of the tub and started again rubbing the poof ever so slowly against my skin, starting from my toes all the way up my leg to the top and covered my clean shaven pussy with suds.Ashley and I are about the same height, except she was maybe an inch  taller; about the same build, except she was more tight and toned. She has platinum and caramel blonde streaked hair that is thick and straight like mine but short. Her eyes are also one of the prettiest shades of blue you will ever see. Caribbean blue on the inside with a cobalt rim on the outside.I could see the fire that had been lit in her eye as soon as she walked into the room, was now smoldering hot. She peeled off her pajamas, left them on a heap in the floor, and eased into the shower. I liked my water hot, very hot, but it didn’t take Ashley long to adjust to the heat. Before long, her hands were all over on my body, rubbing the remaining soap over my skin. As I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to wet my hair, she caressed my breasts and started to flick at my nipple with her tongue. I moaned in pleasure and she sucked my nipple all the way into her mouth and played with it in her mouth with her tongue ring. Rolling her tongue ring over my nipple in just her right way was making me melt in the warm water. I leaned my head back up straight and wiped the water out of my eyes, and she was right there on my lips, teasing at them. I opened my mouth to her and she kissed me hard, trying to get me worked up. I slid my srm around her waist and pulled her into me close.You would be suprised how good it feels to rub your soft nipples against another woman’s soft nipples inn the shower. I lathered the poof again and squeezed all the soap out of it between our bodies. Then I twisted my body gently against her body, washing my body with her body. We stood there for a minute rubbing our bodies together then I tilted the showerhead so it would rinse us both off, and I kissed her. Nibbling at her lips and biting her lower lip, I enticed her to open her mouth to me again. We swirledL our tongues around in each other’s mouth while we caressed each other’s skin, standing under the steady heat and pressure and hypnotic power of the water.As  we kissed I slowly started to rub the poof all over her back. Using the slipperiness of the soap as a lubricant, my skin glided over hers, adding a different sensation to every touch. I could feel the water getting a little cooler, so I turned her around and wet her down and started to lather her hair. Ashley is afraid of getting water andsoap in her eyes, so knowing her eyes would be shut I leaned over and lightly circled my tongue around her nipple. I slowly raked my fingernails lightly up her thigh and up her stomach. My teeth teased at her nipples, taking a tender nibble every now and then, in between kisses and licks. Then water chilled again another few degrees, and I still needed to finish at least the most basic showering routine. So I turned to Ashley and said,”We are going to have to finish this out of the shower, honey pot. I still need to finish washing türbanlı aydın escort my hair, and I’m running out of hot water quickly.””That’s okay, I’d rather be on your new bed, anyways.” So we finished only the most essential washing, and ended up quite chilly at the end for all the effort. I stepped out of the tub and grabbed a comb to run through my hair.After the long locks were tangle free I opened the door and strolled out into the apartment, towel free,  still glistening from the water droplets hanging on my skin. I went straight over to the thermostat and turned it down so the air would shut off, scowling at Ben as I did so.”What?” he asked innocently as he sat on the couch  putting his shoes on. “I am sure when I got into the shower that the thermostat was not set on sixty-five degrees. I know  you like to look at my supple, perky nipples, but  you don’t have to give me pneumonia to get me to walk out here.” I gave a playfully dirty look and he just smiled.Ashley walked out of the bathroom then, in a towel that barely covered her breasts or her pussy, andBen looked on appreciatively. I knew he thought she was cute and one day I was going to treat them both and give in to the threesome bursting to happen, but not today.”What’s the matter?” Ashley questioned as she ran a comb through her hair. “Oh, nothing. Just Ben playing games, thinking he’s slick.””Are you going to walk around forever and air dry completely or are you going to come lay down on the bed for me and let me lick all the drops off of you?” Ashley purred as she came around behind me. She kissed my shoulder, licked my neck and encircled her arm around my waist, I knew she was staring at Ben the entire time. I heard her towel fall to the floor, then I could feel her breasts against my back. The hand  that was around my waist lingered slowly across from one hip, then to the other, and on to my navel.Ashley then trickled her fingertips lower and lower until she was tickling centimeters above my clit, still looking at Ben. “If today is the day you two are going to let me join, then let’s go, if not you need to take her in there and finish her off or I will.” Ben teased Ashley.”I thought you already did that.” I joked.”You want me to do it again?” he smarted back.”No, that’s why I have my girl here.””Then take your pussies into the other room where I can’t see them, or else you two are going to have unexpected company.” “You don’t have to tell me twice, see you after work, Ben.” Ashley wasted no time in grabbing my hand and tugging me softly in the direction of my bedroom. I followed her willingly and closed the door behind me. As I leaned against the door, Ashley closed the space between us and pressed her body against mine, kissing me once again. I am one of those people who can be totally out of the mood to have sex, and if I am kissed in just the right way I can be in the mood in a matter of minutes. I also love kissing other people that have tongue rings too. It is sort of like a duel in the mouth, many times you can hear the clinking of metal on metal, depending on how hard you are kissing. I was a little chilly from the air being so frigid. I had goose bumps, and my nipples were hard. Ashley took one of my nipples in her mouth and warmed it into softness, then paid equal attention to the other. I stood there a moment letting her lick off the stray water droplets that had not dried yet, before I interrupted her. I couldn’t concentrate on Ashley and the wonderful things that she was doing to me in my current state of frigidness. “Honey pot? Can we take this to the bed? I am almost shivering, and I can’t focus on anything else but that right now.”She walked over to the bed and crawled in, lifting the covers for me to join her. I did and curled up to her for a moment, savoring the warmth of the covers, and her body heat. She had started to rub my back all the way down to the outside of my thigh, slowly, with just enough pressure to make the warm friction. Then on the stroke back up she rubbed toward the inside of my thighs. Her palm was still pretty warm and the friction was driving me nuts, as well she knew it would. I rolled over with a whimper, and Ashley was right there, kissing me thoroughly. We kissed for a few moments while her hand was still busy trailing over my body, making me shiver with anticipation, türbanlı aydın escort bayan even though I was now fairly warmed up.She was circling her fingertips closer and closer to my clit, and getting more aggressive with her kissing.Then she threw her other leg over mine so that way she was straddling me and broke off our kiss. Ashley started to make a trail of kisses, licks, and bites on my neck, and then she headed down to my nipples. There she spent some time kneading, sucking and kissing my mounds of flesh. Her hair was spreadover my body, tickling me, adding to every sensation. At this point I was practically purring, and she knew I was ready for her to go down on me. She licked a long lick from my breasts to my navel and then she licked tiny little licks from my navel down, until she had reached the point right above my clit. She then reached over and opened the drawer to my bedside table, and rummaged through all the condoms, lube, flavored jellies, vibrators, and extra batteries until she found the vibrator she knows I like her touse the best.The vibrator was one of my most expensive toys, and was well worth the extra cash if you know what I mean.It was large in girth but not in length, and it was made to look like a real cock, with a fleshy feel andveins running up and down the length of it. It used a C size battery if that tells you anything, and I will just say it was excellent as far as texture, and vibration was concerned. Ashley scooted down on the bed so she could have some space and to get closer to my snatch. She licked on the inside of my thighs, slowly licking closer and closer until she was licking my lips, and then she stopped, I lifted my head to look at her, and as soon as we locked eyes, she stuck out her tongue and started to touch the tip of her tongue to the tip of my clit. I broke eye contact with a moan and my body arched to her tongue. At that same second she started deeply probing my pussy with her tongue, making sure I was nice and wet. When she was satisfied that I was wet, she grabbed the vibe from the bed and gave me a little show, giving it head. Then smiling at me as she turned the dial on the bottom bringing it to life, and she slowly pushed it into my slit, twisting it back and forth slowly with a little twist of her wrist as she was working it in.Now she was focused on every little queue that my body makes, to let her know how close to orgasam I was. She knew that she was good, and she liked to flaunt it, making me wait until the last possible minute for my orgasam. There was one time that she kept me on the brink for an hour, just to prove that she could get me there without letting me cum, unless she wanted me too. I was getting close, now, with her fucking me with the vibe, licking my pussy lips, and rubbing my clit lightly with her fingertips. She knew it, too. She took the vibe completely out of me, so that it was just resting at my opening and stopped everything but he licking on my pussy lips. She licked a long slow lick from the bottom of my hole all the way to the top of my clit, then started slowly the figure eight lick on my clit that sends me over the edge every time. I started to moan and she picked up the pace a little, at the same time turning the vibe up a little higher.She then started rubbing the head of the vibe up and down my slit, using a little pressure. I bit my lip and started to play with my nipples pinching and twisting them. She picked up the pace again and used more pressure. As I moaned and whimpered louder, she knew I was going to be coming very soon and was accommodating me by flicking her tongue even faster. My belly was tightening, and my toes were beginning to curl, and at the split second before I came, she shoved the vibrator into my hole as far as she could.My whimper turned into almost a scream as I came violently and my body arched off the bed. As I worked on letting the sheets go from clenched fists, Ashley came up and grabbed my hair to direct my lips to hers and she kissed me hard, knowing I like the taste of my juices on her lips. She was completley turned on now. I knew if I worked fast, I could have her cumming in a matter of minutes also. After we kissed for a moment and I had the taste for pussy on my lips, I scooted down the bed fast, so that way she would still be on all türbanlı escort aydın fours. When her pussy was over my face I grabbed her ass, massaging it as I delved into her pussy fold with my tongue. I probed my tongue into her slit, licking up her juices eagerly, the amount of wetness proving that she was ready. I then scooted out from underneath her and turned around so that way she was still on the bed on all fours and I was kneeling on the floor next to the bed, her pussy in my face. I ran my hands up her back and then down again, smacking her ass lightly. I ran my finger up her leg from the back of her knee and tickled her pussy lips, and Ashley let out a squeal.I smacked her other ass cheek, and then kissed it, letting my tongue lick a pattern on her skin, circling closer and closer to her hole. I licked my finger and rubbed it back and forth on her slit to get it nice and wet, then I carefully inserted it into her pussy, a little at a time. I withdrew it a little and then inched a little more inside, almost making a throbbing motion. I could tell the way she was looking at me over her shoulder that she was wanting it all, but I was not done playing with her.I grabbed another vibrator out of my drawer. This one was not as thick, but long and had anal stimulation as a second feature that drives Ashley crazy. Ashley loves anal, and it’s the quickest way to get her off.So I turned the toy on at a low speed, and I slowly and lightly rubbed the tool from the top of her clit all the way to her asshole, leaving it there for a moment longer than anywhere else, and adding a little more pressure.Ashley was already starting to shake, a sign of an imminent orgasam. “Flip over and let me lick that honey pot” I told her. She happily obliged.Now she was laying on her back, on the edge of my bed, with her feet on the floor. I spanked her pussy several times each swat a little harder than the last, just to get her blood flowing. (Ashley also likes it rough.) I smiled and crawled up her to kiss her mouth.The kiss was filled with urgency and need on her part, but I wanted her to come hard for me, and that required working her up to it.I moved to her neck and while I was biting her neck and raking my teeth across her flesh there, my fingers sought her clit and I started to rub it slowly.Ashley’s legs relaxed a little more, and my mouth moved towards her nipples. At first I licked them, and then I blew cold air on them to make them harden.Ashley’s breasts are beautiful when her nipples are hard. Then I teased at them with my teeth, and I could hear her sharply sucking in her breath through her teeth, all while my fingers were working slowly on her clit.I moved lower, stopping to bite at her hip along the way. I positioned myself on the floor, and grabbed for the vibrator. I paused for a minute, my face just an inch or two away from her pussy. I exhaled carefully so she would feel the warm breath on her pussy. I could tell by the whimper she emitted that she felt it. I turned on the toy again, this time on the highest setting, and set it on her clit for a moment rubbing it like a hotdog in a bun against her folds.I knew she was ready now because she pulled her feet off the floor and held her legs spread wide open against the bed in a cheerleader’s split that gave me all access to her intimate areas, so I could lick her while she could look at me. I looked at her, while she looked back at me, and I slowly moved the vibrator closer to her hole, making sure to have the anal stimulator in the right position. Then I moved my tongue over her clit and slowly started to lick, as I slowly started to push the toy deep inside her being careful not to insert it too far. I didn’t want her to get the anal stimulator action until she was coming.I started out slow, but worked up to a frenzied pace rather quickly, my thrusting strokes matching my tongue speed. Ashley was soon dropping her head back on the bed, and reaching up for a pillow, to bite on and cover her face. When you use a vibrator on her she tends to scream.Just as she had located the pillow, and started to pull it towards her, I bit the side of her pussy lip a little. Then I quickly slid the rest of the vibrator all the way inside her and made sure the anal probe had hit the right spot, and flattened out my tongue and shook my head back and forth violently to make her cum. As she was exploding with her orgasam I fucked her with the vibrator, and she shook all over, screaming and squealing, until I pulled it out of her. She sat there for a moment, regaining her senses, as I crawled back up on the bed. She looked over at me and smiled, and said “I swear you are the best I’ve ever had eating pussy.” I said “I know,” a little full of myself.

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