Sexually Strong and Dominant female here

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Sexually Strong and Dominant female hereI have this thing about my ass, it’s a massive turn-on for me, sexually.I stopped wearing panties when I turned fifteen and shortened my skirts so men could touch easily and having long slits up the back so I could bare myself to be fucked easily.Was my obsession a perversion or a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I watched a movie called crash when I was thirteen, too young I know, but in the scene the girl wearing calipers asks for help to get in to the convertible, her legs constrained with the metal braces and her short skirts rode high up her upper thighs and exposed her crotch, for me seeing that seemed to fulfill a sexual desire as it was no coincidence people told me I looked like her or she reminded them of me, seeing and feeling myself constrained like that and having a man fuck me, was the stuff that made me masturbate in the oddest of places and stop wearing my underwear two years later.I was never a natural beauty just a girl next door type, the sort men overlook and take no notice off unless there was something I did to make their heads turn, a plain Jane until I let my tits be seen or my ass, that I did in abundance on the beach always thong style so it looked as if I was nude down there from behind.The car wash was reminiscent of a car wash in actual fact as I sat in the back going through the wash and knowing there were a bunch of guys waiting to wipe the car down. I sat with my skirt around my waist, behind my daddy who was in the front seat, unawares the boys were rubbing my part of the car as I masturbated with an audience staring in and down at me.I have grown illegal bahis up with my perversions into a sexually aggressive woman, whenever I feel the urge to fuck, I go looking for a man to use.Sometimes I have a shitty day down at the office I go to this little bar at the end of town for a drink and a look-around where farm-hand and roughnecked guys are looking for some slag to shag and pump a load into roughly, that sort of sex is what I crave for good orgasms, all the lovey-dovey stuff I let my husband do before falling asleep, besides as II prefer bare-backing fucking and I don’t swallow the pill, I need a fallback coo-coo for any c***dren that might come if my eggs crack and I finish up getting fertilized. Two minutes ago I had arrived after a terse day in the office, ordered a glass of Chablis and looked around the darkened bar for something interesting, I felt dirty and even dirtier in my head.He was standing looking at his hand-held device, hopefully horny enough and looking at some ass, he was rugged and manly and I wondered if his cock was in the same proportions to his hands, like we were taught in secondary school, back then it was easy enough to find out. I smiled at that thought, how many cocks had I played with and never found out the answer?He looked up and our eyes met, he smoldered as I went into estrus early, I was hungry for a quickie before heading off back home to my housewife of a husbandAfter a long day at work, the release was exactly what I needed — my little treat to myself.Two minutes later, well almost two minutes, who gives a fuck, he was close to me at the bar and I turned to face illegal bahis siteleri him with my stockinged knees inches from his crotch and pointing directly at him rocking back and forth as I stimulated and crushed my swollen clitoris between my wet labia, a nice feeling as I waited for his opening line.’Buy you another’, he asked, as my eyes deliberately dropped down his upper torso and came to rest on his crotch. where my knees almost touched. He was clearly in his twenties almost half my age and that turned me on.One of the nice things about being confident in life and sex is that you quickly get to know how to seek out the ultimate in pleasuring yourself sexually, to dominate the males you confront and control their erections, steal their intended and freshly produced semen from their balls, semen intended for their weak women and to savour the flavour, by swirling it in your mouth before spitting it back into theirs via passionate kiss.I downed my glass and slid it across to him, my knees deliberately touching his growing bulge. He smiled as if he felt in control, my eyes caught the glint of his gold band on his finger, ‘Does your wife like the taste of shit’, I asked him huskily?I could see him waver slightly and wilt as he digested my words. I liked this bar, they had a couple of spare rooms at the back for £25, clean sheets and towels and I took out my purse and fished out exactly that amount.He shrugged his shoulders and lent against my knees as I moved them across his erection, I could discern he was a big boy, ‘Why’, he stammered slightly?I stood up and reached out and put my arm around his neck and canlı bahis siteleri drew him into me and whispered into his ear, ‘You’re gonna fuck me bareback in my tight arse, that’s why’.He was shocked as my hand took hold of his swelling bulge and I felt the cock with my fingers stroking the outside denim, ‘Let’s go’, I hissed into his face as I looked at the girl arriving with our fresh drinks, ‘We’re going to one of the rooms’ I winked at her and she left the bar holding the glasses and we followed her to the back of the building.I had done this countless times and Maggie had led the way on most occasions and spread the sheets as we both undressed. She was a sport herself married and tempted and on a couple of occasions she went down on the man to wet his cock for me as I watched and rubbed myself watching her blow him.I could see by the way she was taking her time she wanted to see this boy naked, ‘Naked boys turn me on for my husband to fuck’, she confessed once, that was why I let her spread the sheets and hang around as we undressed.He was a little embarrassed as I stood naked applying a ‘Glide’ lube to my asshole, ‘Don’t be shy k**’, I told him as he stood in ‘Cline’ underpants with a massive bulge in them.He glanced at Maggie who was also staring and licking her lips, like I was, ‘Wanna lick him first girl’, I offered and she nodded she did, what surprised me was she started undressing, ‘I want a little more with this once’, she said hoarsely. I had never seen Maggie without her clothes before, and I liked what I saw as she stripped down all the way, ‘God I thought, I think i’m in love as I made my over and took hold of her naked body, all three of us fell onto the clean crisp linen sheet, Maggie’s mouth around his cock, my own on his scrotum and my tongue licking his ass and my fingers buried in Maggie’s cuntTo Be Continued…………. if you wish so

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