Sexy Coffe

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Sexy CoffeSitting down at a coffee enjoying the rich smooth taste of my coffee after the first sip, this guy start’s to wave’s at me?Alright might be to the people behind me or to his girlfriend if he has one, (he is sexy cute) any ways he doesn’t stop waving. Like what is wrong with this dude. My friend join’s me a while later and as we get talking she sees him waving as well. And waves back, I very politely tell her “what the hell are you doing?” Her simple reply was something I did not expect but laughed at, “Waving back, he looks lonely.” We both stopped to laugh at her reply as a sexy guy like that would not be lonely at all, “REALLY? Now why wave back that was an invite to him shame, I don’t want to find out he is a weirdo or something.”“No way’s, LOOK at him yum that body and his hands you see how……………..”“Hello ladies, thank you for waving I have been trying to get your friends attention for some time, how are both of you doing?”What the hell just happened, Stacey, who never keeps quite around a guy, even ones she doesn’t know is quite? And why my attention? What is up with this guy, ok I’ll play alone and see what he wants I’ve got nothing to lose.“Hi there, why where wanting my attention may I ask?” Now I wait for, you where so close to the waiter or I was hoping that you could get my friends attention for me answer.“I saw you take a sip of your coffee and the way you enjoyed it, I am sorry to say was sexy I wanted to come over and see if I could possibly enjoy a cup with you?”LOL really me sipping my coffee is sexy, it might be the way I enjoyed it yes but really that’s a new one on me. Stacey in total silence just looking at this guy, suddenly say’s “Yeah I was just about to go you can have mine I have a few things to do I will catch up with you later on ok bye um, um, um, be good LOL love you babes.” What just happened? Why is she being so weird, why is she leaving, what is her problem I am sure he would leave most likely after leaving his number or something.“So she has something to do and has not touched her coffee, do you mind if I enjoy it with you?”Ow what the hell he can I am paying, bitch didn’t even leave anything for it ow well time to make a new friend. But I get what she was so silent, how does a guy with big hands like that feel ow fuck, I am going to kill her now I am turned on. But how many fingers would he be able to fit in me? That hand would cover my tit and I am sure I would get a wonderful tit massage from him. I wonder how big he is? Does he have a straight cock or does it bend to the side like most ……………..“So are you going to reply or just sit there?” What did he say something? Did I miss something ow fuck I did again my own little sex world, behave, behave, “sorry repeat that I was off In my own little world” ow thank goodness didn’t add the sex part I am happy. canlı bahis “ Do you like Rugby? Any sport and do you drink?” Of course I drink, water, coffee, sometimes tea, juice, coke and and and don’t answer like that“ Yes, I drink depending on what is offered” Good answer well done don’t go off into if he was tied down OMG really fuck this needs to end he is cute well sexy and hopefully big, what are you thinking?“Wonderful, whiskey? Would you drink that as I know most girls don’t like the taste and that ……..”“Woo Nelly I drink whiskey and you can not define one woman to the other we are all different with different attitudes, thoughts, and feelings as we all won’t feel the same about one particular thing.”“Wow you have a voice it’s nice to hear it, please don’t take that as sarcasm, it is just I was wondering do you only talk around women? Or did I give you a fright in waving at you, God the way you took that sip keep’s coming to my mind, and you just did it again it is so sexy,”“Me drinking my hot coffee is sexy to you, well have you ever had a coffee blow job? I am guessing no, I should not talk about this to you as I don’t even know who you are and what you want.”“A, what a coffee blow job what is that? How does that work who does that?”“LOL really blow job is all it takes to get a guy to be focused. Typical male tendency use your smaller brain to guide you, it you might as well make it talk for you, what did you want and why come over, I will leave what I owe for my coffee which ow too bad is finished I will leave you to yours, bye now”Ow fuck I was rude and I cannot believe I did that wow. How can my friend be like that yes so what I have no boyfriend but I’ve just ended a relationship. Really I need to talk to her about this, as I was walking towards my car thinking of what had just occurred and how angry but extremely horny I was I hear this voice in the back ground. I don’t have anyone with me there are plenty of people on the street it could be for anyone and I don’t like to pay attention to being shouted at. As I get to my car this hand stops me from opening the door, ow my a mugging right now I hope this dude doesn’t think cause I am small he can take what he likes. As I think about it and how I am positioned, if I turn quickly and lift my knee to his balls that would give me enough time to drive away I just hope that he isn’t fat cause it not going to work, well one way to find out. As I turn I get pinned to my car, its that guy why did he follow me and why is he looking at me like a rabid dog? “Yes how can I help you now?” I am hoping he will just want my number and go away.Without saying anything he kisses me? What is happening this only happens in the movies, but I like, I like a lot. Well I don’t know how long we stood there like that but when my rational senses took over I pushed he off of me. bahis siteleri “Thank you, but I don’t know you and you don’t know me………..” “And I don’t care fuck you are a sexy woman, the way you walk to sipping your coffee to the way you talk I want to get to know you better and fuck your brains out if that is possible? But I WANT YOU”“Again what just happened?” He this somebody without a name laughs and put’s his big hand on my cheek and softly rub’s my face, “what just happened is what a man will do to try and get a woman even if it is just to fuck her and hope it works.” I just looked at him, huh? Rewind please I had given him a mouth full of rude behavior and now this? Um do these things really happen?As I am thinking, shocked and trying to make sense of all of this, he is touching me, my face, my neck, over my nipples and I am already horny this is not going to end well for one of us. As I am about to say something he rubs my clit and ow my, it feels so good I want more, I am wet and now getting soaked, he must feel it. He takes my hand as if we were a couple that had been going out for years and places it on his large hard cock, I like the way he is moving himself in his jean’s almost as if to invite me to come play. “What, what do you want?” I was hoping to just give him my number and go home to fuck myself I will have to use both dildo and vibrator for greater pleasure. I forgot I have that egg ow, wet has nothing on me now.“I WANT YOU, let me fuck you let me make you feel like the only woman on earth, I will make you my queen.”“Where and when?” Please don’t tell me he lives close by.“Now and at my house, you can leave your car it’s this way.”Now he is pulling me with him my options are get away and fuck myself or… see were this will go my pussy is crying for male attention, a hard cock to get deep into my wet tight hot pussy, mmm the thought is just making me want more feel more of fuck it, as the guy’s put it find them, fuck them and forget if not why not my turn to have fun.As I thought his place was not too far and wow I have never had a guy treat me like this ever, does he keep to his word about treating me like a queen? As I was thinking this he had opened the door, picked me up shut the door with his foot, and off to what I would say was his bedroom upstairs? I am now thinking what am I going to be a queen of sex, well that idea isn’t too bad now is it? Or am I going to be his queen sex slave of fuck it.“I don’t want to rip your clothes off as you won’t have anything to wear later and I want to make you remember every pleasurable move, touch and kiss.”Okay I can feel I am about to cum, “Alright, here done easy as one, two, ….” Ow yes being tossed across the bed and having him right there on top of me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As I wanted to kiss him he moved away but why? As I lifted my head to bahis şirketleri see OMG I couldn’t breath, having a tongue lick my pussy again was ow my ahh his tongue licking me so gently. “I am going to CUM!!!!!!” Ah hmmm ow yes when was the last time I had this? I just wanted more so much more.“You are so wet and taste so good do you want me to lick you some more?” What is he talking? No what can’t be fuck me “FUCK ME YES MORE, MORE, MORE” I haven’t felt myself cum like this in a long time god I am going to squirt he better enjoy it like I am.After licking me almost clean he reached for something I didn’t see what it was but I felt it, he reached for another ow my yes, his cock was moving something inside of me of it feels so good deeper, harder more just make me cum again!Now you might be thinking so what was it I found out later after he had cum in my ass and mouth, it was golf balls, lol having them hit against his cock and my walls was as if putting an vibrating egg in and using those small metal sex balls with tails, but better.“Would you let me fuck you again like that?…………………. UM are you awake? Sleep my queen I will have food ready for you.”It was much later and why am I so relaxed? This isn’t my bed hm, yeah that’s right I had fun. As I was getting up I smelt this lovely food smell that made me realise what the time was, I had missed a meeting omg and my boss is going to be so made where is everything? “So you are up and I was going to come wake you anyways.” “Yeah food smells yum, I’ve got to deal with something where is my bag I need my phone.” “ No my dear your phone rang and I answered your meeting whatever it is for has been moved to next week.” He answered my phone? “Thank you, who was it that you spoke to?” Please, please be that stupid receptionist. “It was your boss as your phone had BOSS on it, I had told him that you where not feeling well and had gone to bed this is Friday after all” Ok I can deal with this boss is not going to be nosey, yeah right he is worse than a woman ow well. “Thank you can I get my clothes I am getting a bit chilly?” Where is all of my things? What else has he gone through? “ Sure, when you squirted the third time that was amazing and the way your body shock I want to do that to you again if you will let me? Your clothes are in the dryer I washed them as you did manage to wet even the roof” What is he asking me out? “Sorry about that and thank you, I am not normally this quite you just are acting like someone I once knew.” It can’t be the same side and the scare is the same. “I was waiting for you to put it all together, Luke from long time back and you have only gotten sexier!” “What Luke, lol I should have known but it’s been a long time, but you are married and have k**s I am not going to be a part of that sorry.”“No I am not any more, we are separated and she wants to keep them from me so no to that as well.”“Let me eat please Luke and we can talk over food ok.”Ow not this again I have been through, up and over him before eat get your things and go which won’t change at all.

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