sexy indian granny’s affair

sexy indian granny’s affairthis is the story of how i fucked my grandmother (my mother’s mother). she was married very young, i think when she was around 14 yrs. those days they were married young. my mom was born when my granny was 17!! my mother got married when she was 22 and i was born a year later. the incident happened during my 12th, i was 17 at that time my granny was 57 but she looked like she was 40 because of the regular work they did when they were young. my granny and granpa had a farm and some cows earlier but they sold all that and moved to the city when my mom was young. My granny has two daughters and a son and my mom was the eldest. My granpa then joined a company as a supervisor and worked there till let me tell you about the incident that happened. i was in my 12th and used to go to tuition classes regularly. after which i would go to my granny’s house and come back home for dinner. on that day when i went to class my teacher told methat she was going out and class was cancelled. so i thought i will go to granny’s place anyway and watch tv there because at my house my mom wouldnt allow me to watch tv at home because i was in class 12. so i went to my granny’s house and i saw my granny talking to her neighbhour. he was a good man and i have also spoken to him many times. so i just greeted both of them and went in to watch tv. i heard my granny ask him if he wanted some tea and he said yes. i said i also want some. so she went into the kitchen and started preparing some tea. my neighbhour (his name was ganesh) sat in the verandah and was waiting for his tea. all was normal untill i saw what happened next. my granny gave me the tea and went to give ganesh his cup as well. i was sitting on the couch and tv right opposite to me. the verandah was behind me and had huge windows. the windows were closed except for one part to let some air in. the tv was in a tv cabinet so it was surrounded by glass. i was sitting in such an angle that i could see the verandah in its reflection. so when my granny went and gave the tea to ganesh, he said thank you and asked her to come and have a seat and asked her to chat with him. since they thought i was busy watching tv and couldnt see me, my granny went and sat on his lap. i was shocked to see this. i didnt see them immediately but caught a glimpse of the reflection and saw the scene. my granny was sitting on ganesh’s lap and sipping her tea and ganesh was sipping his and having a conversation. then after sometime my granny stood up and he started messaging her breasts through her saree and blouse. i was watching this open mouthed and totally shocked. then i realised i was getting a hard on watching this. then my granny told him that it was almost five and her husband will be home soon. so he stopped and stood up and thanked her for the tea and while going out he said goodbye to me and at the entrance of the house he squeezed my granny’s ass and went. I didnt confront my granny then but got a totally different picture about her.Soon after i finished my exams, i started spending a lot of time at my granny’s place. since it was only a kilometer from my place and also to catch a glimpse of granny’s affair. i saw their play from time to time, he was squeezing her ass sometimes and breast sometimes and she would cup his member. the next incident i saw my granny’s breasts for the first time. once i was watching tv at my granny’s place and my granny was taking a shower. i heard the doorbell ring and it was ganesh our neighbhour. he told me his wife had prepared a sweet and wanted to give it to us. i told him granny was in the shower so he can give it to me but he said he wanted granny to taste it and get her opinion. so i asked him to wait and he went to kitchen and kept the bowl in which he brought the sweet on the table and came over and sat on the couch. my granny usually comes out of the bath in her petticoat and then changes in her room. this time after she came out she asked me whoit was and entered the hall, i told her it was ganesh uncle and by that time she had seen him. he also saw her just in her petticoat, she was holding it up till her breasts which were pretty big and juicy. he smiled at her and she also smiled back. she asked why he was here and he told her that his wife had prepared some sweet and he wanted granny to taste it and give her opinion. she said ok, where is it. he said its on the kitchen table and she went to get it. he also followed her. the kitchen is not exactly visible from the couch but if you try from an angle you will be able to see some part of it from the hall. so i was just looking at the tv and pretending to ignore their activity. they both saw me before entering the kitchen and then seeing me engrossed in the tv they went in. after they went in, i slowly shifted from the couch and sat in such a way that the kitchen was visible and made sure i was hidden. once i got a glimpse of what was happening in the kitchen, i immediately got a hard on. my granny had her petticoat on her hip and was giving a full view of her breasts. he was squeezing them with both his hands and they were pretending to have a loud conversation so that i will not doubt them. my granny said she liked the sweet and told him it is good. he said that it was thanks to her since his wife got the recipe from her only. canlı bahis he was wearing a lungi so she reached under it and took his long hard cock and started to squeeze it. he then put his mouth on her breasts and started to suck on one of them while he was kneading the other. then my granny told him thats enough we will continue it during the night. she told him that i might come in. so he let go of her breasts and she again took her petticoat to her breasts and then came out of the kitchen. she told him the sweet was good and thanked him. he went out and she went into the room to change. i then thought i will catch a glimpse of granny dressing so i went in after a minute, i was a little late as she had just completed hooking her blouse. i went in and asked her for the sweet, and she said its in the kitchen, i also asked for tea. she saod wait i will prepare it once i get dressed. i was waiting there till she got dressed. she did not mind me waiting there since to her i was still a k**.later that i told my mom since i was in holiday, i will stay at granny’s place that nite. she said ok and i told granny that and she seemed a little sad abt it because she had plans of fucking that nite. she still smiled and said good and told me to have dinner there itself. i wanted to see my granny get fucked so i pretended to feel sleepy and go to bed right after dinner. my granny house had just one bedroom, a hall and the kitchen. so me granpa were supposed to sleep on the bed and granny would sleep on the floor. but granny then said she would sleep on the couch and granpa agreed. i went to bed early and later granpa also came in and slept after dinner. i was pretending to sleep and was waiting for show. it was almost 12 when i heard the bedroom door close. i saw that my granny had closed the door and was with ganesh in the hall. i could see through the key hole but could not see the hall completely. luckily i could get get out through the window and came around the house and climbed onto the verandah. there i saw my granny with her blouse open and ganesh kneading her breasts. she was giving him a handjob under his lungi. then they decided to get naked. he immediately removed his lungi and t-shirt and started removing her saree. she removed her blouse and then her petticoat. my granny dosent wear any underwear and so she was fully naked now. he started fingering her and she was blowing him. then went and sat on the couch and my granny went and sat on his hard dick. she then started jumping up and down on his tool. she was facing him and he was playing on her tits. then my granny started rotating her hips simultaneously and also clenched her butt from time to time. i thought she must be really experienced. then she got off him and leaned on the coffee table. she was showing his butt to him. he then stood up and entered her from behind. he started ramming his cock into her pussy and and started pumping hard. he was ramming it so hard that his ball where bouncing off granny’s butt. this went on for another 5 mins. he then said he was going to cum and shot his load in her pussy. my granny was a little disappointed she had not reached her climax yet. she told him probably the next time he can hold it for sometime. he said he was sorry and will try the next time.After that granny went and opened the front door to let ganesh go out. she just wrapped her saree around without any blouse and petticoat. i immediately ran away from the verandah and came into the bedroom through the window. i heard the front door close and she opened the bedroom door. i lied down on the bed pretending to be asleep, while granma came in and looked at granpa. i opened my eye and was trying to take a peek, she was trying to wake granpa up. i think she was still horny and unsatisfied. she bent over granpa and was trying to wake him up, she was shaking his arm and opened his dhoti to look at his member. it was flacid, she took it her hands and was jerking it, granpa opened his eyes slightly to look at whats happening. he then realised his wife was trying to wake both him and his cock up. i could see her juicy tits shaking as the saree hardly covered anything when she was bent over. granpa was too tired and was in no mood to wake up and told granma to go to sleep. she was disappointed and covered his dhoti. then she saw me and i immediately closed my eyes. unfortunately i had a raging hard on from watching her till now. she could see that i had a hard on under my shorts. she came over and placed her hands on my dick, i could feel her soft hands on my hand member and she was moving her hands up and down for a couple of seconds and then removed it. i was almost in heaven. she must have realised that it is her grandson and it was a mistake. she then got up and went back to the hall and went to sleep. she did not close the bedroom door this time. i also slept in a few mins thinking about what had happened.the next morning i woke up early, just before 6 am. i saw my granny sleeping on the couch and she was still not wearing her blouse and petticoat. she must have slept just in her saree. i went towards her and i could see her left boob was fully uncovered and right was partially covered. i could see her navel and her saree was upto her left thigh and the other leg was hanging down. i took my penis out and started jerking bahis siteleri off in front of my granny watching this wonderful scene. then i realized what if she wakes up. so i went to the kitchen and was standing at the kitchen door and jerking off. after five minutes of intense shaking i shot my load on the floor. i got some tissue paper from the kitchen and clean my cock and the floor. then i went and woke my granma up. she opened her eyes and saw me and she then realized her boob was out. she immediately covered it up with her saree and was kinda startled to see me. then she took the blouse and petticoat from the floor just beside the sofa and went to the kitchen. i followed her asking for tea. she asked me to turn the other way so that she could wear her blouse, i turned and she wore her blouse and she asked me to turn back. when i saw her she had the blouse on but she did not have the pallu. i could see her cleavage clearly and she was wearing her petticoat underneath her saree. i was enjoying the scene and smiling slightly. she then wore the petticoat and dropped her saree, she tightened the petticoat knot and then she picked her saree up and started dr****g it. she saw me and asked why i was smiling, i told her that why did she remove her blouse and petticoat. she said she was feeling too hot and thats why. i said ok and asked for my tea again. she smiled and said go brush i’ll prepare it in 5 mins.She was fucking ganesh for a week like this and since i couldnt stay at her place everyday i caught the act 3-4 times and i could see ganesh was not improving much over the week. granma kept telling him, if you’re not able to satisfy an old woman like me how can you satisfy your wife? for that he said you’re only difficult to satisfy, my wife is happy, infact she comes way before me!! to that granma said, you’re lucky your wife is like that. after seeing them for a week and everytime ganesh not able to satisfy granma. i got the courage to confront her. for this i thought i should not confront both but should talk to her after he leaves. it was the same routine, she made me sleep in the bedroom and she was fucking ganesh in the hall. i was watching the act from the verandah. this time ganesh did not even last for 3 mins. granma was really unhappy. she was almost cursing him. he was really apologetic and told granma he will try harder. his face was hung and he left. only this time after he left i immediately jumped from the verandah and caught my granma just in her saree. she was shocked and almost screamed but realised it was me and asked what the hell are you doing here?i told i was in the verandah watching her act with ganesh, she was trying to deny it. she asked me what act what are you talking about. then i told her i’ve been watching for over a week and i know that she is not satisfied with granpa and also ganesh. she was shell shocked and she was trying to think what explanantion she could give to her grandson. she then realised there is no way out and told me she has a massive appetite and she wasnt satisfed by just one man. she told me granpa was satsifying her for a while but after some years he also lost the energy and interest. so she was fucking ganesh to satisfy her needs but even that also did not satisfy her. i told her that what if she tried someone else. she asked me who. then i told there is a young person who would like to fuck you and im sure he can satify you or atleast try. she looked at me and said this is wrong, it will be i****t. i told her even adultery is wrong. she said we cannot do this. so i told her give me chance, even today you’re not satisfied and you’re still horny. saying this i slowly dropped my shorts. she saw my throbbing member, it was 7 inches and was 2 inches wide. much bigger than granpa and ganesh’s. she smiled slightly and ok, lets give it a try atleast it will be in the family.she held my cock in her hand and was saying i didnt know my lil grandson had such a big penis! i told her i have grown up. she then slowly started stroking it and i was in heaven. my own granma stroking my cock. she dropped her pallu and i saw her melons. they were juicy and a treat to just see. i started cupping them in my both hands and they werent enough. i started kneading her boobs. she then said lets try something else. and knelt down and put my penis in her mouth. the feeling of my penis inside her mouth was out of this world!!! i was really excited and then i realised i was about to cum. i told her granma i’m coming and she still was sucking me off. then i came in her mouth, she drank it all, i shot my entire load in my granma’s mouth and she drank it all. she kept sucking me till the last drop and sucked me dry. i was ecstatic, i had closed my eyes and was enjoying the feeling. she told me that my cum tasted really good and then asked me you came already, how are going to satisfy me? so i told her give me 5 mins and started playing with her boobs and ass. she was still only in her saree. i was playing with her boobs and squeezing her ass and was fingering her pussy alternately. she was stroking me to make me ard again. i put my finger in her pussy and started stroking it vigourously, she told me dont make me cum only with your hands i also want to feel you penis inside me! she was letting out moans and was heaving up and down. then as she bahis şirketleri was stroking, she realised i was ready and exclaimed oh my grandson is ready already. she then laid down and opened her legs and told me insert my penis into her. i bent down and just as i was going for the pussy, she took my cock in her hand and guided me to the entrance of heaven, the first touch of her wet pussy was like heaven to me. she told me take it in slowly and i pushed it inch by inch. then it was fully in. she then told me take it slowly. i started to stroke it slowly, in and out, in and out. this went on for two mins. then she asked me to slowly increase the pace. i did a she told. i was following her instructions to the dot. then i built up speed, it was 5 mins already and she was impressed, she said you’ve lasted much longer then ganesh already. then she asked me to increase the pace again. i started humping faster, i was starting to sweat heavily. then started pumpimg faster and faster, harder and harder. she closed her mouth with her hand first to not shout, since granpa was sleeping in the next room. she then took a pillow and bit into it so that she’ll not yell. i was stroking faster, harder and kept going for another 5 mins and then told my granma i’m cumming. she told me she had already cum, that’s why she bit into the pillow. i was surprised and told her i’m cumming and then i shot my load into her pussy. i collapsed on her and she hugged me very tight and gave me kiss on my forehead and said, now you’re a man, you’ve satisfied a woman. my cock was still in her pussy was still shooting my load. i hugged her and told her thanks for giving me a chance. she told her from now on we can fuck daily and she will see to it that i learn how to satisfy a woman completely. i smiled and said thanks again and dunno when i slept, i slept with my cock still in her vagina. early in the morning i could feel some movement and i opened my eyes, it was my granma trying to get up without waking me up. i then smiled at her and she said it was only 5 am in the morning and she was going to pee. she then went to the bathroom, she was walking naked and seeing that and since it was morning time i got a hard on again.she came and saw me stroking my cock slowly, she told let me help you with that and then started stroking it. then she said lets try doggy style and she helped me up and went on all fours. the same way she held my cock and guided me into her pussy. i started slowly and was cupping her boobs with both my hands and slowly built up speed. i was ramming in and out, in and out for 5 mins and a medium speed. then i started thrusting with more speed and harder and harder. my balls were hitting her ass and the thrusts were making sound. we didnt bother this time because she had closed the bedroom dorr while coming from the bathroom and this was the time when granpa is usually in deep sleep. i rammed harder and harder and took her hair in my hands and was pumping as hard as i could after about 5 mins, she said she was cumming and i told her me too and we both came together. i collapsed on granma’s back and was still cupping her breasts. she then told me to get up and took me to the bathroom to clean me up. she gave me a blow job in the bathroom and drank my entire load again. she asked me to wear my shorts and go sleep on the couch and she will shower and prepare breakfast and then wake me up. I slept for few more hours in the morning. I was woken up with a blowjob from my granny. i was lying on the couch and could feel something on my penis, when i opened my eyes i saw it was my granny’s mouth and she was sucking it very dutifully. my manhood was rock hard now and granny decided to do all the work. she saw that i was awake and told me lie just like that and she inserted my cock into her wet pussy by sitting on me. she was wearing her saree and she had lifted it all the way up to her waist. she was bouncing up and down my cock like a young girl. she was telling me that granpa had left for work an hour back and she had finished with her chores so decided to have some fun. I told her that, I wanna wake up like this everyday and she smiled and said thats not a problem. you can stay here how much ever long you want. she started increasing her pace and was becoming tired. so i told her to wait and got up and asked my granny to lie on the couch. she did and put both her legs over my shoulder and i started pumpimg her like a dog. i didnt know where i got the energy but i was thrusting like there was no tomorrow. granny was moaning madly and after 5 mins i shot my load. i just lay on top of my granny for a while. she then told me to clean up and get ready for breakfast. actually it was almost lunch time. so i told her i will eat lunch directly.that day i fucked her couple of times after lunch and took a nap. then in the evening before granpa came i came in her. we repeated the same act in the night after granpa slept. the next day morning, after granpa left, granny came and woke me. she was just wearing a saree and no blouse or petticoat. she told me that she was gonna wear only this after granpa leaves daily. she said this way, we can fuck whenever we want. i asked her what if someone comes, especially ganesh. she saod she told him since you are staying here for a while it will be a risk and asked him to come after your vacation. we kept fucking like rabbits for weeks like this and granny had a surprise for me on the day i got my results. I got first class in my exams and was the topper in my class. for that she said she has a surprise for me.

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