Sexy Sister-in-law

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People say one must marry rich- I did not. I, however, married sexy. Salome and I met in grad school. She was a Statistics major and I was doing my master’s in engineering. Her slender body, with ample boobs, and a tight ass attracted me, but what captivated me the most was her face. She had an innocent face with big eyes and curvy delicious lips. It is not so much about the physical features of her face but the purity and innocence it emitted.

We fell in love and married quickly in a modest ceremony. Salome came from a lower-middle-class family. Her dad was a mechanic and mom worked for a housemaid service. She had a younger sister Naomi, who had just started college.

Right after our marriage, Salome and I got jobs as lecturers at a local community college and moved closer to our workplace which was about an hour’s drive away from her parents’ house. Even though I didn’t get to spend much time with Salome’s family, anytime I was over at my in-laws’, all I could think was how awesome it would be to fuck little Naomi. Naomi was not as beautiful as Salome but had a bigger ass and boobs than her sister which she flaunted every chance she got. What particularly attracted me to her was the “come fuck me” attitude about her. She had a certain sexiness which is hard to describe.

I always felt she gave me slightly longer and tighter hugs when we met. She also sat very close to me whenever we were sitting on the sofa. If I sat on the recliner, she would sit on the arm and put her arms around me. Because Naomi was the youngest in the family, she was allowed a little immaturity in her behavior. However, I think she realized this and took full advantage of it when she was around me.

Last year, Salome and I were attending a symposium in my in-laws’ city. The plan was to drive back the same day, but due to bad weather, and the following day being a weekend, we decided to drop by her parents’ house. Salome’s parents were delighted, and my mother-in-law cooked really great food at such short notice. Naomi came from college and gave me one of her trademark tight hugs. I have always wanted to slap her ass while she gave me a hug, but I never tried it-too risky.

After dinner, Naomi retired to her room while the rest of us chatted away. When it was time for us to go to bed, Salome’s mom said, “Oh no! Honey, Naomi has put all her books and other stuff in your room. There isn’t any place to sleep in that room.”

“No problem Christina, it’s actually our fault. We gave you no notice. You escort kartal see our original plan was to return today itself.” I said “I am glad you guys dropped by, John. If you came all the way to Williamsburg and didn’t stop by, I would have been very upset.” She said.

Christina, always the loving mother and mother-in-law.

“Dear, why don’t you guys sleep in Naomi’s room and she will crash on the couch here tonight,” Christina said to Salome.

Christina shook her head in protest even before I could say anything. Salome too readily agreed.

Salome went to Naomi’s room and was about to explain to her the sleeping situation.

“Already heard it, I am just gonna grab my stuff,” said Naomi with a smile, as she was about to turn off the movie she was watching on the TV.

“That’s OK Naomi. Finish the movie and then you can go.” I said. Naomi seemed a little hesitant.

“Yeah, sure. Finish the movie. I wanna watch it too.” Salome said, perhaps feeling a little guilty for kicking her sister out of the room.

“Not sure if you wanna watch it, John. I know you don’t like horror movies.” Naomi giggled.

“What’s to fear when I have two brave ladies with me,” I said grabbing her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Well, in that case, …let’s give it a really scary atmosphere,” Naomi said, turning the lights off.

Naomi sat on the bed leaning against the headboard and patted a spot next to her gesturing me to sit. I sat next to Naomi and Salome settled on my other side.

The movie wasn’t particularly interesting but the girl in it was hot and there was plenty of skin show. This got my motor running, not to mention the fact that Naomi was wearing waist-high silk shorts which showed a good amount of her ass. The room was getting cold, so I tried to push my legs under the blanket spread at the footboard of the bed.

“Here,” Naomi said, and in one swoop covered us all in the warm blanket. The room was getting cold and soon we were all covering ourselves up to our shoulders. Salome changed from sitting position to lying and soon we heard her gently snoring.

Encouraged by the situation in the room, I was getting extremely horny. I was looking down to guess where her thigh could be so I could “accidentally” touch her. Naomi thought I was dozing off and shook me placing her hand on my thigh.

“Don’t fall asleep” she said.

“No, I am watching,” I replied with a smile.

After a few minutes, I wanted to return the favor maltepe escort even though she was wide awake. I just wanted to touch her.

“Don’t fall I asleep” I said shaking her by her thigh. As soon as I did that, I realized that my hand overreached and was near her groin. Her shorts too had ridden up so my hand was a little over her shorts and some on her inner thigh skin.

Before I could feel embarrassed and removed my hand, she did the same to me saying “I am not asleep.” To her surprise, she now found that, where my thigh used to be earlier, now there is an extended, erect cock.

To diffuse the situation, I tried to turn our attention to the scene on the TV by saying “Hey look, she found him.” Our eyes were set on the screen now. Neither of us had removed our hand. I was fighting every fiber of my being from squeezing her sexy inner thigh and extending my fingers to her pussy. I realized that the characters in the movie started kissing. The kissing scene was progressing into a sex scene. The boy was half-naked and he was removing her tank top. She was running her hands all over his body.

At his point, I felt a gentle pressure on my cock, as if she was trying to feel its hardness. That was enough encouragement for me. I reciprocated by gently moving my fingers a tiny bit deeper towards her pussy. She began to gently squeeze my cock. Her fingers now curled to conform to the shape of my cock. Through the corner of my eye, I could see her biting her lower lip. I proceeded further until I got to her pussy lips. Her silk shorts were soaking wet.

I started stroking her pussy through the wetness of her shorts. She was a bit restless because the fabric of my pajamas was a little thick. She probably wanted a little more direct contact. Her fingers got restless and she feverishly searched for the waistband and put her hand in my pajama. As soon as she found my cock, she gripped it and let out a gasp. She started moving her hand, jerking me off. I couldn’t believe, my sexy sister-in-law was giving me a handjob.

My hand was fully over her pussy. It wasn’t a convenient position, but I started rubbing her clit. The faster I rubbed, the wetter she got, and the faster her hand moved. I moved my head close to her, as did she. I whispered in her ear, “The bed is shaking too much.” She slowed down her speed. I inserted my middle finger in her tight pussy. She leaned towards me, I did the same, expecting her to say something in my ear. As I moved closer, she kissed me pendik escort bayan on my lips. She had thick luscious lips. I kept sucking on them and then our tongues met. I sucked her sweet tongue. It was sheer pleasure.

She removed the blanket. In the faint light of the TV, I saw her thick thighs and my hand inside her silk shorts. Looking at her, in that position drove me crazy. I inserted my finger even more into her tight pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore. she was on the verge of a huge orgasm which, if she had gone through, would have woken up everyone. I whispered in her ear, “slide down.” As I whispered this in her ear, I also sucked on her ear lobe and then traced my tongue over her jawline. She squeezed my cock even harder. She slid down a bit. I put one hand on her mouth and with the other hand started fingering her pussy. Slow at first and then faster.

As I kept moving my finger I mouthed “Do you want it faster?”. She nodded. As I increased my speed, I kept asking her and kept increasing the speed until I realized she was about to explode in an orgasm. At the right moment, I put my entire body weight on her and covered her mouth and let her experience perhaps the biggest orgasm she had ever had. She crossed her legs so strongly that it almost crushed my hand.

She took several minutes to recover from the waves of orgasm she was experiencing. When she was done, she looked mischievously at me and mouthed “My turn.” She grabbed the waistband of my pajamas and slowly pulled them down. I guess she wanted to see my cock spring out. When she saw it, her eyes widened with lust. She opened her lovely mouth and took in the head of my thick, wet cock. She then swirled her moist tongue around it. I clenched my teeth. She was looking right at me with those big eyes as she kept going down, down all the way to the base of my cock.

After she moved up, she whispered, “It is so thick.” You can call me vain, but hearing that, and looking at the lust in her eyes just drove me crazy. I took her head and pushed it down until the tip of my cock felt her throat. She defiantly kept looking into my eyes as if saying “See, I can take it all in.” she was now on her tummy so, with one hand I pulled her shorts up turning them in G-string and exposing her juicy ass while with the other hand I kept pushing her head into my cock. After a few strokes, she took charge. She moved my hand from her head and held it down tightly. Now my cock was at the mercy of her mouth. She looked at me with an evil smile, and her mouth went to work on my cock. Slow at first, and then faster, faster and faster until I clenched my teeth and came hard. I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful scene I had ever imagined – Naomi’s mouth and face covered with my cum.

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