Sexy Stephanie Puts On A Show

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“Holy shit…,” I thought, staring. Stephanie was absolutely stunning. My eyes ran up and down her figure: from her knee-high, black leather boots to the tight, black miniskirt that went no lower than a third of the way down her thigh. She wore a pink top, tied behind her neck but leaving her white, freckled shoulders bare to my sight. Her nipples stood out prominently against the fabric amid the swell of her bra-less breasts, and her bellybutton peeked out from well past the end of her shirt. She smelled sweetly of Body Splash.

I squirmed in my chair, feeling my hard-on grow as I watched her. “Don’t get up,” she told me. “Just stay there.” She smirked at my discomfort, knowing how much I wanted her. Running the sides of both of her hands slowly, almost unconsciously, down the sides of her neck and between her inviting tits, she let out a soft sigh to herself.

“Am I making you horny?” she teased, walking slowly up to me. I started to stand up, hoping to kiss her, but she stopped me with her hand. “And where do you think you’re going? Sit back down. I’m going to have to make you stay there,” as much to herself as to me as she picked up a pair of silk ties. She took her time tying my wrists to the back of the chair, knowing I could free myself without much trouble. When she finished, she ran her fingers along my skin from my hand, up the back of my arm, across my neck and pressed against my lips, letting me know only to watch and not speak. “That’s better,” she grinned, satisfied.

She stood up and faced me, looking sexier than I’d ever seen her before. “Do you like watching me?” she asked. Her fingers toyed with the bottom of her skirt while she asked and slowly started inching it up as I nodded. I saw the dark hair of her pussy and realized she wasn’t wearing any panties! I sucked in my breath, and she giggled.

“I’ve been so wet all day, thinking about you,” she sighed, her index finger brushing against her clit. I stared in awe as she dipped it into her pussy, bringing it back to rub her clit. Her face flushed as she masturbated and her breathing deepened, her eyes staring hungrily at my cock, straining against my pants. She reached down to my crotch and squeezed it, feeling how badly I wanted her. It was all I could do to stay in that chair as she lifted my shirt to expose my stomach and ran the pads of her fingers over my abs and across the line above my waistband. She dipped her fingers lower, only just down into my boxers before momentarily taking it out.

I groaned as she teased me. Stephanie just laughed and walked behind me, pressing her breasts canlı bahis into my back and putting her hands on my chest. Her breath whispered past my ear and I felt her flick my lobe lightly with her tongue. She ran her hands down to the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up and over my head, but, unable to free my hands, she left it around my shoulders and raked her nails across my body.

Coming back in front of me, she kissed me, her tongue immediately snaking into my mouth. Her lips trailed down my chin to my neck, slowly working her way down my body, stopping to lick and suckle on my nipples as she massaged my cock through my pants with her hand. Lower she went, licking my belly and pulling open my pants. They were down to my calves in an instant and her eyes gleamed as she stared at my large, turgid penis. Blood pulsed through my prominent veins and a drop of milky precum was already at my tip.

She reached her tongue out, a sticky line of fluid connecting to her tongue as she brought the drop back into her mouth. Grasping my cock with her hand, she let a pool of saliva fall on the head, watching it spill down the side as she started jerking it up and down in the lubrication. Then she took it in her mouth, going down as far as she could until I felt the back of her throat. Slowly coming back up, she came off my cock and licked down to my balls, to the skin below it and even darting for a quick second onto my ass.

Jolts of pleasure came from her talented tongue, which trailed back up my cock to resume her sucking. She knew I wouldn’t last long, being so excited, and after a few minutes she stopped and reached back to untie her top from her neck. It fell free and her tits along with it, my hands just waiting to touch her hot breasts.

She untied the rest of her top and took it off, leaning forward in my lap so her breasts were touching my cock. “Do my tits feel good against your dick?” she said in a sultry voice. I thought I would lose it right then when she pressed her breasts together around my cock and started to move her chest up and down. The head poked out from the top of her cleavage as she fucked me with her tits, her eyes looking straight into mine.

The muscles in my thighs tightened, and she felt I was going to cum soon, so she started jerking my cock with her hand, aiming it at her chest. Faster and faster she went, her hand slipping in the saliva still on my dick. My breath came harder and harder, and I started to moan lightly in the back of my throat. The finger on her left hand rubbed around my asshole, sometimes penetrating only to the first knuckle, bahis siteleri then coming out again to push against the ring of nerves around my sphincter.

Suddenly I tensed and held my breath. Stephanie pushed her finger all the way into my asshole, pressing upwards and watching my cock as it started to spurt stream after stream of hot cum all over her breasts, a little bit even landing on her chin. She kept stroking, slower now, until the semen stopped coming. She smiled and kissed me, her chest pressed against mine, our tongues deep in each other’s mouths. I could only exhale heavily.

“Oooh, that made me so hot,” she said, and she sat down in the bed across from me. I could see directly up her skirt to her pussy, and her hands pulled the article up and out of the way around her stomach. “Look what you’re making me do,” she said, rubbing her hands over the folds of her vagina, making her clit stand out. Her right hand went back and forth, slowly at first, but insistently over her crotch. She glistened in the soft light as her juices started to flow.

She knew how sensitive my ass was, but I’d never been able to show her how good it really felt. Tonight, though, she was feeling incredibly sexy, and I watched in awe as her left hand reached under her leg and pulled her ass cheek away from the other. She rubbed her clit more lightly as she started to move her fingers towards her own ass. She pressed against her perineum, and I knew the feelings she must be having with pressure against the incredibly sensitive area.

She moaned and threw her head back on the bed as she masturbated, rubbing her pussy harder now. Her fingers moved down further to her little ring, feeling the wrinkles against the tip. She didn’t enter it, but just let her fingers caress the area, seeking out the same pleasure that drives me mad when she touches me.

I could see that, when she pushed a little more in the right places, she felt more pleasure, her muscles involuntarily contracting as she explored. My cock was already hard again watching her give me such a shamelessly hot show. I wanted to touch it, to feel some sort of relief, but she let me sit there while she writhed in ecstasy.

She brought her finger up to her hole, letting the juice from her pussy coat it, before she put it back down to her ass, this time pushing the tip in. She wiggled it around a little and pressed it at times against certain spots, rubbing her clit furiously. She was the sexiest sight ever, her body arching in rapture, forgetting I’m even there. She ground her ass into the bed in a rotating motion.

“Ohhhhh, bahis şirketleri shiiiiiittttt…..,” she started to breathe, her leg muscles tensing and pressing against the bed.

That was it. “Oh, my god, Adam, ooh, watch me, I’m CUMMMMING!” she yelled, her feet pressing flat, raising her hips off the blanket. Her finger was still slightly buried in her ass and her other hand was almost a blur on her clit.

It took her a good ten or fifteen seconds to lower her hips and let the last dregs of her orgasm leave her. She took her hands away from her crotch and let her fingers play in the stickiness of my cum that was still on her chest.

After a minute, Stephanie looked up at me with a dreamy smile on her face. “That was amazing, Adam. I want to treasure this moment,” she grinned, pulling out a one-time use, Kodak camera from her purse. I did my best to look sexy for her, tied in my chair with a hard-on that ached for attention as she snapped a few shots from different directions.

She untied my hands so I could take some and she posed for me. She put her top back on so I could get one of her fully dressed, but then untied it so the front hung below her tits. She lifted her skirt for me as I shot pictures and even touched her pussy. She came over to me and put her hand around my cock, her head right next to it, staring at it as I took another, and for the next she put it into her mouth and looked into my eyes. I took one of her taking almost all of it in her mouth and another of her with her tongue on my balls. She put her finger into my ass and held my cock with the other hand and had me take one more of that.

Now she took the camera back from me, and told me to put my hand on my cock and stroke it while she took more shots. She lay back on the bed, top untied and skirt around her waist, beckoning me to her. She took a couple pictures of me as I mounted her, my cock slowly entering her soaking wet pussy all the way to the hilt. She gave the camera to me and I got pictures of her smiling in ecstasy, my cock in her and her beautiful breasts bouncing on her chest above her top.

I ran out of pictures, and we fucked and made love for another ten minutes until I felt my semen rising. I finally spoke, “Stephanie, I’m going to cum soon.”

“Mmmm, yeah,” she moaned. “Cum inside me. I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy.”

I grunted. “Oh, oh god, oh god, Stephanie, I’m going to cum. Oh my god, I’m going to cum in your pussy,” my voice rising from a whisper deep in the back of my throat. I pushed all the way into her and let go, my cock jerking inside her as my semen jetted against the walls of her vagina. Her arms held me close as I collapsed on top of her, spent. “Oh, Stephanie, I love you so much,” was all I could say.

“I love you, too,” she smiled.

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