Sexy story to Armoprince66@yahoo mountain dew


Sexy story to Armoprince66@yahoo mountain dewNow for your listening pleasure i made up a song for you all…a NEW SONG FOR U SING ALONG NOW EVERYBODY….IF YOU ARE HORNY AND YOU KNOW IT CLAP YOUR HANDS …IF YOU ARE HORNY AND YOU KNOW IT CLAP YOUR HANDS ….IF YOUR HORNY AND YOU KNOW IT THEN YOUR FACE WILL SURELY SHOW IT…IF YOUR HORNY AND YOU KNOW IT CLAP YOUR HANDS..CLAP CLAP THANK YOU, THANK YOU… HAHAHA… LOL… FUNNY SH-T FOR SURE… CAN YOU SEE THAT BEING PLAYED WITH THE HOKIE POKIE AT THE SKATING RING HAHAHAHA HOW WAS THAT BOYS AND GIRLS HEHEHEHAHAHAHA!!!! Full service provider no greek IN THE GRECIAN LANGUAGE OF REDBOOK THAT MEANS SODOMY ANAL INTERCOURSE BU-T FU-KING GET I DO NOT GO THERE FOR MANY REASONS.Hey guys cum get sum!I have only used my toy once in two or more weeks I am ready to blow speaking of blow…THATS FUNNY REMEMBER WORDS CAN HAVE SEVERAL MEANINGS HEHEHEAHHAHA I would be interested in making arrangements in you supporting me they call that a WHALE here of red book Whale for intellegence because those gentlemen are no fools no sir ree:….So if interested in meeting me for I to be yours for so many days of the week or when you call to go out to gamble at the Casinos or just go somewhere this kept woman would love to come out and play with you.I work alone in a one bedroom nice apartment…boughten buy all your generous donations…I really appreciated how you all bahis siteleri pitched in for me with some fun of course when I got to Reno with just two suit cases…thanks again Now… I will be on call 24/7 unless I am out or asleep or freshening up I will answer it.I do not listen to my voicemail well on occasion if there is only five or so after that I stress…don’t worry about what my voice mail says I am coming out of the closet with my family I am 53yrs old I can do what I damned well please to do it’s my life and i truely enjoy this so call a bunch of times so I know for sure you are serious I am not a two bit whore I am an escort cum see me I am up up up and away right now also I am a Lady with Class and a sailor with none I do call back missed calls so if your with someone keep calling me okay AND THOSE THAT KNOW THE POLITE TIMES A PHONE SHOULD RING THEN MAYBE I WILL TALK TO YOU USUALLY NOT THOUGH 7 IS THE MOST IT SHOULD RING I WAS A TELEMARKETER FOR THE MANNS IN JERSEY FOR THERMAL GUARD WINDOWS AND DOORS…. three is to get my attention and four I will pick up four to fifth ring if it goes to 6 and 7 I am not answering the phone and today I said NO to a few hundred bucks but nope wasn’t going to do that guy again…Thanks for your interest and let’s all get off I have multiple Orgasms can make you pop a few…if the mood is right we might have a lot of fun I am lonely for I live canlı bahis on my own am 53 years old 5feet short stocky used to lift weights in those now younger days have the per usual pains we all get but one thing I am a true to life Nymphomaniac cum see my kitty is tight and clean can show you my card.We don’t want to die for just getting laid no condoms 100 blow job prostate play to 60-80 and 100 plus tips if you like 100 no condom regular bbbj 100 quickies 60-80-100 depends how much effort is put into it condoms both sizes provided in you want a cover okay it feelS better without.We all take chances IN LIFE even crossing the street so don’t be stuck on stupid LOOK BOTH WAYS.Call now and I will maybe make a deal if you like. I am worth THOUSANDS AND MORE alot more just know with my looks and body can’t ask for alot so a discount from now til’ I need some help fast evening is more discreet so I will try to stay awake for you call a few times if no answer ok….cock kisses AND love ohh yehh don’t forget to click the above ametuer porn sight of mine have fun guys come see me or jack that meat it is up to you but the real thing is better…wife or girlfriend…ignoring you? cum-n-see me…a relationship takes time and work if they stop giving to you…cum to me…love is better than hate. I do have a true pure heart kind and loving I do, do some FEMDOM but only what you can take even have a noose güvenilir bahis so you can feel the ultimate you won’t know for sure if you will d-e or if I will save you in time so thats the thrill of it…Now come trust me as I am trusting you to be generous and that I will be safe with a complete stranger well thats exciting also my pics are me I took the kitty one myself soft white skin give me a call or if you can not call or are shy text me serious callers only ok would like to get the love circle to only a few for discretionary reasons and disease reasons.I am only three blocks North of the Downtown Action in Reno,Nevada….one block off 80WEST so very convienant and plenty of parking in my very safe UNR college student district area hehehe you can see where I may live. Right…redbook does not allow addresses because of jealous fu-kers for it is lonely while they are all on break(the k**s) so come visit Sooner than Later…Lorenda Lovejuice Cumalot my web page is or watch my porn see ya…showers available with mens soaps plus party if you like just bring the refreshments ok donations are very much appreciated thank you remember if your fighting with your mate come relieve some stress. I do not do PHONE SEX I will answer restricted calls sometimes but usually it is for phone sex. So if you need me borrow someones phone and if you are at work it shows up as 8888888so use someone elses phone and you no better than to use company time for phone calls breaks only…give to me I give to you no more unconditional love there are conditions on love period.

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