Sexy Sunday Rivalry


Jessica Garcia= Tan skin, straight black hair to the shoulders. Shy but competitive. Bubble butt. Amber eyes

Denise White= Pale Skin, brown wavy hair to the hips. Assertive and confident. Sapphire eyes. Hourglass figure.

Sexy Sunday Rivalry

For a peaceful Sunday afternoon, I decided to visit my best friend’s pool. I gave her a call and she said it would be okay and there was a surprise waiting for me there. I’ve known Denise since preschool so we’re rather close. Just a secret, but she was my first and vice versa during a college party. On my way towards her house I could hear the birds chirping, the sun’s rays, and the smell of healthy flowers.

I made it to her house, and Denise’s voice could be heard. I followed her voice and reached the backyard where the pool was. The pool had a beautiful glimmer, and the chairs looked like a great place to nap as always. The table beside the chairs had the usual sunscreen for sunbathing and lube for when Denise felt like giving her neighbors a free show. Last time I checked, the couple on the left were swingers, and the other house on the right was currently vacant, and the house adjacent had a wooden fence that was too high to get a peep.

That piece of trivia aside, I noticed two familiar ladies by the pool, in a tense argument. Or perhaps it’s just playful banter. I approach the two. It was Denise White, and Jessica Garcia, an old friend visiting for the summer.

They noticed me immediately.

Denise and I shared the usual hug, her chest against mine, bare cleavage against my shirtless body. She knew how excited my dick would get from her bare hugs.

The sun gave her pale skin a soft glow and her brown wavy hair that was around her hips swayed with each movement of her hips. Denise’s habit of moving her body during arguments and banters still hadn’t changed after all these years I’ve known her. She sported a black and white striped string bikini. It left little to the imagination as I saw her nipples erect through the bra, and cameltoe on her matching underwear.

Jessica shyly waved at me. Unlike Denise, Jessica was tanned with straight black hair that reached her shoulders, she wore a simple blue skirtini bikini. The bra looked swollen from her chest. Jessica usually wore large hoodies and due to that, I forgot how ample her chest was.

“Help us settle a bet,” said Denise, “My tits are bigger than Jess’, right?”

So this was the surprise she mentioned earlier.

“C’mon Jess, tell him what you told me,” Denise said.

“It’s the bikini that makes it look… b-bigger,” Jessica said.

I stared at their chests. Denise’s large breasts looked as if they would pop out any moment while Jessica’s big blue bra shielded her entire chest practically.

“Well, the only way to find out is to take off the bikinis,” I said.

The two looked at one another and back at me. Denise knows I’ve seen every inch of her body, but it was Jessica that was the wild card.

“That’s a good idea,” Denise said, “it’s getting too hot for bikinis anyway.”

“You c-can’t be serious, right?” Jessica asked.

“I’m dead serious,” Denise said, “you gotta live a little sometimes. Like so.”

Denise untied her bikini slowly with one pull, holding the bra teasingly with one hand. With a wink with her sapphire-colored eyes, she dropped her black and white striped bikini top to the ground. Denise’s natural hourglass figure made her breast appear prominent now. I studied her figure intensely as I felt blood rush to my crotch.

“My tits are bigger, agreed?” Denise asked.

“Hold on!”

We both turned to Jessica who took a slow deep breath and removed her bikini top quickly. Jessica wasn’t falling behind in terms of breast size. Her hands covered her chest, but she quickly put her arms below her chest to provide support.

“Woo, look at those melons,” Denise teased as I whistled.

“You two are too much I swear,” Jessica said, trying to fight a smile.

As my shorts felt strained, the two girls presented their luscious orbs to me. Denise raised her arms behind her head and Jessica kept her arms folded underneath her breasts.

“Well,” Jessica asked, “mine are bigger, right?”

“Who’s got the bigger tits?” Denise asked.

I placed my hand on my chin as I thoughtfully inspected my eyes. Respectfully, of course.

Even with Jessica’s arms supporting her breasts, Denise’s tits were clearly ankara escort bayanlar a bit bigger, and rounder than Jessica’s chest. Denise’s nipples were proudly erect and Jessica’s nipples were smaller, but certainly not any less sexy.

“Objectively speaking, I’d say Denise has the bigger tits,” I said.

Denise cheered while Jessica scoffed. A moment passed and I practically saw a lightbulb appear above Jessica’s head.

“Wait, there’s more to breasts than just looks, “Jessica said,” you have to feel them!”

Denise smiles.

Jessica aggressively guides my hands to her breasts. They’re quite large. Firm and soft too. I began to fondle, pull and twist her small nipples.

“Ooo…” Jessica quietly moans.

I tease her nipples even more. Jessica bites her lower lips as her right hand slowly slides to her string bikini and underneath to her nether region.

“Keep going, please!”

In the middle of the examination, Denise removes my hands off Jessica’s breasts and guides them along to her own.

“Sorry Jess, but he needs to examine both of our tits.”

My hands play Denise’s larger and softer breasts, like marshmallows. I play with Denise’s nipples as I did with Jessica’s. Denise’s nipples are much bigger and proudly erect. I give her left nipple a kiss and the right one a little nibble. I know that’s how she likes it.

“Oh damn,” Denise said, “someone’s hungry.”

In the corner of my eye, I saw Jessica’s envious stare. At least she was aroused from the show in front of her. After my examination, I concluded that Denise had the bigger and softer tits, and Jessica had the slightly smaller ones but more firm.

“So, who won?” Jessica asked.

“Tits go to Denise,” I said.

Jessica pouted, unable to accept defeat so easily.

“Well, how about ass then?” Jessica said, “Tits aren’t everything.”

I forgot despite how shy Jessica is at times, she can be really competitive too. I guess it’s a pride sort of thing. Not that I’m complaining.

Without missing a beat, Denise bent over; confident with her well-toned fair-skin ass. Her dance classes paid off, “I think we know who the winner for this one is.”

Denise smacked her own ass. Jessica gasped.

“Are you just gonna let her win, Jessica?” I asked.

“O-obviously not.”

Jessica, although a bit hesitant, had copied Denise’s pose. To much surprise, it seemed that Jessica’s bubble butt was bigger by quite a bit, even with the skirtini hiding so much. Given how she didn’t exercise as much as Denise, it’d make sense why her ass seemed bigger, softer even.

Now both asses were raised in the air for me to judge.

I wanted to rip my shorts and underwear off and get straight to pounding, but it wasn’t time for that, at least for now. Right now I had asses to examine.

I grabbed Denise’s ass first. It was firm, and smooth. I gave a playful slap. She shook her hips, twerked in an alluring manner. I was almost under her spell, but I had to stay focused.

I moved onto Jessica’s rear. My hands sunk in, Her rear was a bit bigger and softer. I gave it a playful slap and admired how it jiggled. I added a few slaps for fun.

“Well?” Jessica asked.

“I’ll need to do more than just look for this one. A few more tests to make sure.” I said.

“I’ll go first,” said Denise.

“Any objections to that, Jess?” I asked.

“I-it’s fine,” Jessica said.

I returned to Denise’s sexy ass. It jiggled and bounced. The underwear barely covered anything. I could see the edge of her cute puckering anus just past the black string. This time, I fell to its spell.

“Since you volunteered,” I grabbed Denise’s small bikini bottoms and pulled it to her thighs. It puckered excitingly. I teased her sphincter by inserting a digit. It had a soft and warm feeling, “do your best.”

I inserted another finger and dug deeper.

“I think I’ll pass this test easily,” Denise cooed, “I can handle whatever’s next.”

With that challenge, I took out my fingers and finally removed my shorts and underwear. My cock was freed from its fabric prison. Jessica gasped, watching my erect member bob and bounce. After I coated it with lube from the table, I inserted it in Denise’s tantalizing ass.

It was hot, wet, and there wasn’t much friction just as it was with my fingers. I slowly pushed, until my entire cock was halfway inside her soft, wet asshole. I moved slowly, ankara esmer escortlar enjoying how her inner walls accepted the visitor. Her ass felt so smooth and hot, yet wrapped around my cock lovingly. That’s one of Denise’s sexual strong suits, great anal.

“Harder!” Denise demanded, “God that’s the spot!”

My hips moved with more vigor. Her ass jiggled with each thrust, that beautiful tush danced to the waves. I remembered she described anal like scratching an itchy spot on the back you can’t reach. A few minutes in and I knew I was close to blowing my load, but Jessica still hasn’t had a chance to prove her ass was better.

“You can’t be done already,” Denise said, “you didn’t blow your load.”

“Just a change of plans,” I said.

I pulled out slowly and turned to Jessica who was fingering herself. She got into the same position as Denise did. I quickly aligned it with Jessica’s asshole, “Ready?”

“Born ready,” Jessica said.

Denise sat on the chair and flicked her bean to the upcoming show. I reapplied the lube.

Now it was Jessica’s turn.

“W-wait actually, h-how am I suppose to do anal exactly?” Jessica asked as the crown rubbed against the entrance.

“Just relax and take deep breaths,” Denise advised, “and close your eyes, it helps concentration.”

She did as advised and I entered in one slow motion. The lubrication and precum eased the penetration. I penetrated her lively asshole.

“F-fuck! It’s hard!” Jessica said, “Denise how’d you fit it in?”

“Practice. And lube.”

She was still relatively new to anal it seemed. Her inner walls are much stronger than Denise’s, but it feels like it’s also milking me as well. I got a stronger grip on her hips. The warm feeling was increasing, like catching rainfall with my hands, the water would overflow.

“Focus on your breathing,” Denise said, “it’s easier if you relax.”

“Easi…er said… th-than done!”

It was tighter. Intense. I smacked Jessica’s soft ass. I felt her body react positively with that.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” I moaned.

The rainfall overfilled my hands. A few more thrusts and I came inside Jessica’s tight ass. The electrical surge of pleasure came. I filled her with my thick cum. Jessica began drooling from the new experience. In front of us was Denise who reached her own climax. Her body quivered and she pulled one of her tits and rubbed her inner walls once more, riding her orgasm out as long as possible.

After the 13th or 14th pump, my orgasm ran its course. I pulled out and watched Jessica stumble and rest on the chair, her face on the seat, and ass in the air, her hand collecting the flowing cum. My cum and her juices still coated around my cock. I sat down, catching my breath.

I looked to the peaceful skies and the scent of sweat and cum still filled the air.

“W-wait Deni-“

I looked down, and Denise wasn’t in her prior spot anymore. She left to eat Jessica’s ass out, to enjoy the cum and Jessica’s sore ass.

“It’s dirty!”

“I’m a dirty girl Jess. We’re both dirty girls.”

It didn’t take long but Denise got most of my cum out of Jessica’s ass. She moved to Jessica’s soaked pussy. Jessica’s protest quickly turned to growing lamentation.

“Just like that, your tongue feels so good Denise, don’t stop! Please!”

In record time of under a minute, Jessica came as her juices gushed out and onto the chair. However, it wasn’t enough for them. They kissed and tongues danced, coated with juices and cum. After their make out session, they looked at me, still energetic.

“So, who won?” Denise asked.

“I clearly won this round, he came inside,” Jessica said.

“Only after he fucked me first.”

“So whoever gets him to cum gets a point is what I’m hearing.”

“Jessica’s right, ass goes to Jessica,” I said, “though the cum rule was added now.”

I saw Denise’s devilish grin.

“Well, the scores even… one way to settle this.” Denise said, “best pussy wins.”

My cock was already hard for round 2 after watching the show. One more round won’t hurt.

This time, Jessica went first, aiming my cock against her wet pussy. The head was against the entrance now, all that was needed was an invitation. Jessica’s forehead was against mine.

“I’m like this because of you, so take responsibility.”

The fierce stare she gave me with her amber eyes had lust, sincan grup yapan escortlar of course, but a hint of feelings of desire I didn’t think she had for me. The emotional kind. Maybe I’m overthinking it.

“Yes ma’am.”

For now, my thoughts numbed as she lowered herself right in, her entrance, intense like nothing before. I wrapped my arms around her, her firm large breasts against me, her legs wrapped around my hips as I pounded into a frenzy.

I suckled her lovely nipples, a hint of sweetness and Denise’s saliva filled my mouth.

Her moans at first were quiet, and began to get louder. It was music to my ears. Jessica’s pussy. The urge to cum rose. I knew I would fill her with my cum. I kissed Jessica on her soft pink lips. Her tongue tasted mine. Breathing got difficult. I could see Denise on the side furiously masturbating while watching us have sex. Or make love.

I would cum any moment now. The surge of electrical pleasure waved through my body.

I hit Jessica’s sweet spot as her inner walls convulsed, her grip strengthened, toes curled as she screamed my name with pleasure. She looked me in the eyes with lust and loved-filled eyes and told me, “cum, please.”

Finally, I came, a heavy stream of thick cum filled her pussy, coating my cock and oozing around. I still pounded as my orgasm continued. Jessica was breathless, barely able to mutter my name. We had come together.

Slowly, the orgasm ended. I pulled out. She had one arm cover her tired face, and the other prevent the cum from flowing out.

“Filled like this…love it.”

The cum still leaked out.

I saw Denise on the chair. She spread her legs and motioned me with her slender fingers. I gulped. She wanted a creampie as well.

“Think you can go one for time?”

“A good competition needs a good judge.”

I had one nut left in me. Hopefully. Without resting I moved on to Jessica and positioned myself. Her pussy accepted the visitor. Slide-in with the help of Jessica’s and my cum. I humped and fucked her pussy.

The sounds of carnal pleasure increased.

“Whose pussy feels better?” Jessica asked while I pounded Denise passionately.

“Ask that after he cums,” Denise said.

Jessica got up from her chair, and rode Denise’s face while holding her legs in the air. Jessica let the cum flow into Denise’s mouth.

“Damn Denise, you’re so good at eating pussy!”

“Hey Jess, has Denise’s eaten pussy before?”

“Denise’s eaten more pussy than any frat boy alive, oh god right there!”

“Says the girl who spreads her legs for any hot girl in the sorority!”

The scenes of Denise eating pussy and Jessica getting eaten out played in my mind, Denise eating out the sorority girls. Jessica getting eaten out by sorority girls.

“That’s so hot, I can’t hold it back anymore!” I bit my lip, and my final orgasm arrived.

I came one last time, any reserves were gone. White thick ropes of cum poured and splashed Denise’s pussy. I pulled out and any last ropes or dribbles were now on Denise’s stomach. Jessica went in to slurp the juices and cum out of Denise’s pussy as Denise sucked my dick can any remaining juices as I ate Jessica’s pussy. It was a triangular oral session. Or a competition to see who could make who cum with oral. Whether I tasted my cum wasn’t a concern, just having her cum one last time was the goal. I made sure to treat her clitoris nicely.

“Fuck! Right there!”

“That’s the spot!”

Once Denise and Jessica came one last time from oral, the contest was over. The three of us were calming down after the heat session so to speak.

“So, who won?” Denise asked.

“Me, right?” Jessica added.

“In the end, all I can say is that both of you have your strengths and weaknesses, and it’s close but ultimately a tie,” I concluded.

“I guess next time we’ll change that opinion of yours,” Denise said, “we worked up a sweat, didn’t we Jess?”

“Let’s hit the showers,” Jessica said, “afternoon showers are the best.”

“Night showers are better, but lead the way.”

Denise and Jessica walked towards the showers, hips swaying and asses jiggling in a hypnotic manner.

Now alone, I laid on the chair. With the patio’s shade and cool wind now coming, my vision began to blur. My body was exhausted and balls were drained.

“Ah, now comes the worst part about cumming three times, emptiness and post-nut clarity,” I groaned.

The best course of action now is to take a nap for the remainder of the afternoon.

The winds soothed my sore body, and my eyelids grew heavy. I never got to swim. Oh well.

Today was eventful and the rivalry between Denise and Jessica still continues.

The End

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