Sexy Talk at Leo’s Cabin: Silkie, Leo and Tom


Sexy Talk at Leo’s Cabin: Silkie, Leo and TomI couldn’t take my eyes off Silkie: ”You’re like an Italian movie star..” (Then I thought my god, what a stupid thing to say.) Silkie laughed. “That’s what Joe said. Do you know what my name was before? Sylvia Greenburg. Isn’t that right from Brooklyn or the lower east side?” Holding up her breasts: “Leo Rabinowitz, meet Sylvia Greenburg. Yeah, I guess you could call me Jewish, but my grandparents on both sides, my parents, my brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, all non-practicing Jewish atheists. Italian? I think these big boobs started growing on the women in my family when we were Jewish. These big titties? I think maybe Russia or Poland-that’s where I got these. Like I said on the boat, someday they will probably fill up with cancer and kill me. Ashkenaz, baby. The same part of town as anadolu yakası escort Leo.” ” I can see you like them. You grew about 4 inches there big boy,” laughing, hugging and kissing me, taking my hands and putting them on her.”Oooooh, this is going to be nice.””Let me get these jeans off, and I want to tell you something.”It was as if this was the very first woman who had ever been sexual with me, going right back to Catholic Schools, first grade.” I like to watch you.” I was feeling a bit more relaxed now but not much. Silkie was a woman whose breasts moved gently from side to side when she walked. I find this to be incredibly erotic now, though I never thought about it till I met her. She enjoyed my attention to her breasts. She held them in her hands and turned around.”Do you think they ataşehir escort are pretty or just too big and goofy looking on my body?””Come over here and let me see.”She was standing next to me. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her in.” Those are the loveliest titties I’ve ever seen. All I want to do is kiss them and love them. “” Yeah, yeah, that’s what all the guys say when they want to get in my pants…………””I want to get in your pants long enough to slide them off. Leo, what do you think?”I was joking around, but Leo just looked at her with his beautiful brown eyes and didn’t say a word.His gaze cut right through all of our banter. Silkie was a performer, and that is what she was doing. The intensity in Leo’s eyes put her off her timing a bit.Silkie lifted her right breast, put it close to ümraniye escort my face.” Would you kiss my nipple, please?”Her nipple, her breast, and her other nipple were in my mouth.She dropped her hand down to touch me.” Mmmmmmmmm. Oooooh, that feels so nice. I love the way you kiss me. I can feel it down to my buzzer when you do that, Tom. I know you are going to come fast when we start making love. You have been rock hard since the shower this morning. Leo, you don’t have to stay over there. ……..”Leo had the sort of penis that was small when soft, but that got a lot bigger when hard. He was smiling, gently masturbating.” Here is something that is a treat for me. You know that I like to see boys or men jacking off. I don’t know why to call me a perv. It is so sweet for me to watch you doing that thing. I don’t know if other women like to watch men beat off as much as I do. I love to watch boys do that. When you and Leo get me naked like this, look at me and do that, both of you, who-hoo, that makes me crazy. I want to try to do that for you, but you have been doing that since you were a little boy, I’m sure, so that makes you the expert.”

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