Sgt Kazz and Amanda

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Sgt Tony Kazz is a supervisor with the State police in Melbourne, Australia, just turned 50, a veteran of 30 years. He’s a touch under 6 feet, dark hair with a touch of grey on the temples and one of the fittest veterans in the Division. He was on his routine supervision patrol; it is a hot, humid February night in the eastern suburbs. Nights like this sometimes caused brown-outs, a power supply issue because of the over demand and home alarms have a tendency to trigger back to the home base. Without power many home phones don’t work these days, everything is out life has gone digital which is great until the power fucks up, so Kazz’s crews have been stretched pretty thin responding to the volume of jobs, most of the loss of communication alarms, if not all, will be false alarms but they have a duty of care to respond.

A call comes out over the radio for house just around the corner in Berwick so Sgt Kazz logs himself out at the house on the computer aided despatch, it should only take a few minutes to verify the call and he’ll be back to supervise his troops.

Little did Sgt Kazz know that Amanda was lying on her couch naked letting her mind wonder, thinking about the last time she been with a man. She is an attractive, recently separated woman in her early 40s, with dark hair and very nice breasts. A reader of the erotic stories that fuelled her imagination and tonight had been one of those occasions, well before the power supply cut out. She was still daydreaming, fantasised about being dominated, wondering would she next have the warm embrace of the opposite sex.

Amanda heard the hard rap on her front door, waking you from her erotic daydreaming. Amanda sighed as she got up, don’t you hate it when people interrupt those fantasies. Amanda slipped on her black satin robe and walked to the door, looked out the small peep-hole, hmm, she though to herself, why would a policeman be knocking on her door . . . .

Sgt Kazz could hear the footsteps approach the door, it sounded like a woman, he knew it might take an extra minute or two for her to reassure herself it was okay to open the door, there had been some issues with a flasher in the area not too long ago. He sighed, thinking there’s so much more he could with his time besides these false alarms, he had been putting in a lot of work on that woman he stopped a month back, but that’s another story. Still, his mind was distracted by those flirty thoughts, a slight twinge in his cock. He snapped back to the job in hand and knocked once more announcing himself to the unknown person behind the door.

Amanda had paid that Eastlink speeding fine, but her mind is still half on her erotic thoughts and in the dim light this officer was not looking all that bad in his uniform, her mind drifted to her earlier fantasy but soon can back to reality when the policeman knocked a little harder and said in an assertive voice, “Police here, can you open the door, I need to have a quick chat, nothing too serious.”

Amanda turned on the front light and opened the door, Sgt Kazz asked, “I’m just making some inquiries about loss of communication alarm, do you have an alarm fitted to your house m’am?”

The alarm hadn’t even crossed her mind, brown-outs weren’t too common and the alarm was new, but maybe she could use this interaction to enhance her next erotic fantasy, she was feeling quite horny. Hmmm, yes, as soon as he leaves she will take care of that burning issue, when you have an itch you need to scratch it.

“Yes officer, I hadn’t given it a second thought, everything’s fine, sorry to waste your time,” she replied, and you should apologise for interrupting me she thought.

“And you live here by yourself?

“Yes officer, why?”

“Just routine questions . . . . your name for my sheet?

“Amanda #####, nothing’s wrong is it?”

“No m’am, just routine questions. Like I said, try not to bother you.”

Amanda noticed his name tag, Sergeant Tony Kazz, why did that name ring a bell? He stood 6 inches taller than her, was maybe in his late 40s, short dark hair and she didn’t mind the touch of grey; he looked fit with broad shoulders and was well groomed. All in all, he was what you imagined a cop to be, except that tattoo, why did have a smiley face tattoo on his forearm? And maybe being a Sergeant he should be a bit fatter and older, like those desk Sergeants you see on TV, oh and grumpy. Amanda bet this one would be grumpy, wasting his precious time on a false alarm. That thought was swiftly replaced with ones that brought more pleasure in life. Amanda didn’t want to tell him she had been lying on her couch thinking about being devoured. She noticed that her thin satin robe was clinging erotically to her sweaty figure showing every line of her curvy body a bit too well, her nipples poking provocatively in the direction of this tall stranger. If only he knew the extent of her arousal before the knock, or how she longed for some masculine interaction besides the mundane day to day contact with her colleagues at work.

He had taken a good look of the cleavage showing through the opening of the robe, her nipples reeling more about her mood and current state of mind than she would have liked. Her hips, the curve of her butt, the sheen in her hair, the Sarge summed büyükesat escort up in his mind that this woman looked after herself. No wedding ring or even a tan line where one had been, was she single, divorced, separated? Attractive for sure but available, that was debatable. He drew his attention from those thought invoking nipples to her face, he liked what he saw, he had always been drawn to people’s eyes, its very hard to lie with them, they give so much away, mood, intent, desire, fear and in his job madness, intoxication or drug use was all to common. But he liked what her saw in her eyes, clear and bright; a state of relaxation, she was comfortable in his presence as well as a touch of the Devil, a wicked thought or two was in her mind. Tony was a very good reader of body language as well; you don’t survive 30 years on the street without certain skills and reading people was a must, so was taking control of situations.

Amanda felt her pussy tingle when she saw the glint in his eye and a bulge growing in his cargo pants. Her mind was conflicted, the thought of his grown manhood, the fact she hadn’t had sex with another person for some time or the idea that this is a complete stranger, true one she could maybe become involved with but she had never been a one night stand type of woman before she married. She sometimes regretted not getting to know other men intimately; her ex did have his limitations. The outline of his cock was appealing and that cheeky smirk, Amanda had to concentrate quite hard to get her focus back to the present, the fantasy in her head only moments before was doing its best to push her into one direction, her conservative past pulling her away from fulfilling that fantasy.

Tony was in no doubt this very attractive who stood before him was or had a very short time ago had been having the odd erotic thought or two, even to the extent of pleasuring herself. That thought, of her moist pussy, her hand, her moans . . . . his mind was racing, wow, is this really happening, within touch of a horny fox. Instinct was a key driver for the Sergeant, for him it was matter of going with flow and seeing where this ended up. He was willing to push the envelope; she was worth the effort that’s for sure. He knew his cock was hardening with every passing second and he knew she had fixed her gaze on it long enough to tell him she was having the same thoughts. Maybe false alarms were better than he remembered; he was now intent on seeing just how aroused this woman was, it might not end where he’d like tonight, but she did live in his patch and a follow up in the coming days could bare fruit. He liked the idea more and more, his cock wasn’t going to say no, in fact his cock was leading from the front, it was well and truly putting its best out there, and it knew what it wanted, no inhibitions, just a pure pleasure seeker.

There Amanda stood, only a thin piece of rode separating her naked body from this aroused stranger, she couldn’t help but feel pleased with herself, just turned 40, separated but in a matter of seconds the sight of her near naked body had stirred the primeval desires in this handsome man in front her. She still had it, and still wanted it. Oh God yes, her body was in no doubt what it wanted, just her mind held her back. The blood was flowing to all the right places, her body was preparing her for intercourse, her inner voice began to plant the seed, “Why not, you deserve some attention, even if I flirt with this policeman what’s the harm, you never know, maybe we could go out for a casual drink, maybe it was time to get back on the bike, go for, throw caution to the wind.” .

They both stood in silence, time was paused, by all accounts the Sarge’s job was done, the alarm was false and he could now be off. He couldn’t withdraw from this though, not now, not with this rampant cock trying to wrest control from him, he wanted to let go of his professional persona, rely on his instincts and step into her, push her back slightly, get her off balance and kiss her. Who would break this tension, who would take the first step.

Tony rarely takes a backward step and his wits haven’t been dulled with age. He decided to test the waters and he said, “M’am, have you been told lately that your eyes are hypnotic, it one of your many fine features, but I can’t help notice those sensational eyes.”

Surprisingly she blushed with that remark, she felt like a teenager. Well to be precise she felt like a woman in need of that hard cock and some attention. “Sergeant you made me blush, but thank you, it has been mentioned before but for some time. Would you care for a cold drink, I’m sure you had better things to do than chase up my stupid false alarm and it’s the least I can do for.”

Tony thought, yes, the very least is correct, and not “for some time” – lets tick unattached and move forward. He accepted her invitation and stepped into her house, she turned, having to think about how to breath, anxiety, desire, anticipation, emotions were swirling through her, the fantasy, the outline of his cock, that smirk, the glint in his eyes, she felt her body reacting and it was exciting, the very idea that she was being followed into the kitchen by this man, past the couch where only a short çankaya escort time ago she sat naked touching herself. The air was hot and humid and this turn of events hadn’t done anything to relieve that, quite the opposite, it felt like someone had turned on the heater. Her skin felt ever soft touch of her rode, how it rode up and down on her now aching nipples, the urge to touch them was intense.

Tony followed her into her well furnish home, she had good taste, well in his mind she did, he liked the way she had decorated her home, the colour scheme, the knick-knacks. Being the ever alert copper he was he couldn’t help notice she had travelled, small souvenirs from England and Ireland. A few pictures of her and maybe family, none of her and a man. But that only took a second or two, his eyes were fixed on her butt as she walked in front, well proportioned he thought, he like the movement of her cheeks and knew she had nothing under that robe besides a body worth working for. He called into the comms base that all was correct and he was taking a short break. He could keep an ear on the radio and let his mind think of what she looked like under that rode, shaved, maybe a small patch, shaped?? He noticed her legs were shaved and her hair flowed effortless over her shoulders. By now his cock was at full steam ahead, he felt a drop of semen on his inner thigh and his senses were on overdrive. He imagined her in his arms, his cock pressing against her stomach, cupping her neck and nibbling her ear, hearing a moan escape from her lips, yes, he liked her lips as well. What didn’t he like about this woman, the fact that her sensuality had provoked such a quick response impressed him but he didn’t like to lose control regardless of why. Mmmmm, but that was a lovely wriggle, she walked with self assurance and was she accentuating that wriggle for my enjoyment.

Sgt Kazz said, “M’am that robe really does justice to your figure.”

And her response was to pause for a split second then back to that walk, how enjoyed watching her walk, his thoughts were on grabbing her butt, feeling her soft flesh and pulling her close. He popped a Tic-Tack mint into his mouth, you never know, he might have the courage to see where this lead. They both stopped in the kitchen, she took a glass out of the cupboard and then got the cold water from the fridge, it was all in slow motion to him, the adrenalin was rushing through his veins, the hairs were standing on the back of his neck and as she handed it to him he held her hand with his right hand and took the glass with his left. He was slightly surprised that he let his instincts take over, without a thought he didn’t let go of her soft hand as he put the glass on the bench and drew her into him. Amanda leant into him and brush against his rigid phallus, electric tingles raced through her body, she was getting turned on by the fact he was so turned on. He placed her hand on his waist then with his left hand he brushed the hair from her neck then commenced with soft butterfly kisses up her neck to her ear, he nibble her ear lobe for a moment and said, “You smell sensational, you look incredible . . . . ” and proceeded to butterfly kiss her neck once more. Amanda’s body reacted instantly, her legs felt weak, she held her breath then let out a slight moan just as his hand slipped inside her robe, taking her breast in his hand, cupping it, caressing it, rolling the stiff nipple with his thumb, Amanda responded to his nimble fingers, she let her hand slip behind to his firm butt, her hand pressing his cheek, pulling him into her, pressing his hard cock into her body, oh that hard cock she longed to touch, to release it from it confines behind that uniform. His lips slide along her neck and whispers in her ear, “Amanda you’re liking this, aren’t you?”

She turned her head, their lips met, his lips touched softly and lightly, almost teasing her before she pressed harder in search of contact, he withdrew slightly, he was teasing her all the time caressing her breast, pushing his groin into her, then he matched her pressure, lips and tongues dancing, probing, the passion was now dictating this encounter.

Tony continued caressing with her body underneath her satin robe, pulling the robe aside letting her magnificent bare breasts to be viewed; grabbing her nipple between his two fingers and squeezing while his other hand is against the small of her back pulling them together. He leans forward and flicks his tongue around her nipples teasing them with his light touch. He moves his hand from her breast and lifts her chin up to look into his face. His eyes said everything; Amanda could feel her limbs shake with the lust as this police officer explored her body. Slowly he slides his hand up her tingling inner thigh, just before reaching the outer lips of her shaved pussy he grabs her by both shoulders and pushes her against the kitchen wall, he says nothing as he resumes what he was doing. He gently lifts up her robe as he eases his way back up her thigh. Amanda closes her eyes as he caresses the edge of her now eager pussy. His other hand holds her arms above her head, pinned against the wall. She wanted him to touch her, to spread her wetness, to press against her engorged clit hiding under its hood. ankara escort She tries to entice his hands, his fingers by moving her hips in their direction but again he teases her, skirting around her mound, his light touch causing goose bumps and in frustration she tells him to touch her. He laughs then proceeds to kiss her again, and as his tongue presses against her open mouth, his fingers move to her wet pussy, simultaneously probing her mouth and pussy. Her body had was melting, her mind racing, the images from her earlier daydream flashed through her mind as did what she wanted to happen.

“Mmmm, you’re so wet.” he says, lifting her robe higher until it is resting around her waist. “Very wet,” as he slowly slides a finger inside her wanton hole, stroking the inner wall while his palm pushed light against her throbbing clit. And there Tony was, only a short time ago thinking of all the time wasting calls and now this, tongue and fingers working to pleasure this very sexy woman. And here Amanda stood, nude apart from her rode hanging from her, a stranger sliding his cool fingers in and out of her juicy pussy in hypnotic motions as she looked up at him with longing eyes. His eyes were fixed on her body, watch his fingers and hand caressing her.

“Mmmmmmm that feels good, you’re such a naughty boy, you do this to all the false alarms you go to?

“Only ones with sexy wildcats like you. I love your eyes, how your body responds to my touch, the feel of your wetness on my hand, feeling your pulse, feeling you push against my hand. Oh god you have me aching, my cock is so hard, its going to need some attention soon.”

“I want your cock Sergeant, your long hard cock, I want it in my mouth, I want to twirl my tongue around the head, to taste those beads of semen.”

Without warning, he pulls his fingers out and steps back. He grabs her wrists and pulls her towards him, leaning into you once more, one hand on her butt pushing his groin into hers they both continue kissing, tongues probing mouths, they both feel the burning desire building within, the anticipation of exploring each other’s bodies, to feel each other climaxing . . . . .

“Lets get comfortable Sarge, follow me,.” . . . . he pulls back and Amanda walks towards the bedroom with the Sarge behind her, his hand on her butt, his fingers probing her wet juicy pussy from behind, spreading her lips . . . . . she lets the robe fall off her bare shoulders onto his arms, he has to disengage to let it fall to the floor. He licks his lips as he surveys her nude body up and down. “Yum you’re hot.” He slides his hands up and down her tingling arms, over her shoulders, down her back as she stops at the bed . . . . he turns her around then gives her a little push, landing face up on her bed. He smirks and straddles her as he handcuffs her hands to her wrought iron bedpost. “Click” goes the first cuff . . . “Click” goes the second, Amanda is now on her back, with her hands cuffed above her head, at the mercy of this aroused stranger, her body tingles with anticipation. She bites at his uniform shirt, slides her foot along his leg.

“What you gonna do to innocent little me officer?

“Shhhh, be patient, you’ll find out soon enough, I’m wearing too much for this,’ as he slowly strips out of his uniform, letting drop onto your bedroom floor. She looks at the officer and the bulge pushing against his boxers. Amanda moaned unexpectedly, pushing her thighs together, rubbing her groin, feeling the juices easing out of her lips. He stands next to the bed, inches from the restrained Amanda, taking off his boxers, his long hard cock standing proud, his hand stroking the shaft, slowly, the head glistening from beads of semen, stroking up and down, his hand rolling over the top, holding it tantalisingly close to her. He slides his other hand up her inner thigh once more; Amanda arches her back as she feels her body strain against his hand as it brushes over her pussy. His fingers stop on her mound, slowly spreading her lips of her expectant pussy, she moans and arches her back once more trying to control the desire coursing through her veins, trying to control the fire burning inside her, wanting her soaking wet pussy to be pleasured. His palm rubs against the hood of her swollen clit, two fingers inside rubbing the wall of her dripping pussy, she can feel all the blood rushing to her throbbing clit, “oh God, yes…..!” She wants to hold his hand, to keep the pressure on the right spots, to guide him, but she can’t, the handcuffs bite into her wrists and she has no choice but to but he has the rhythm needed, he is letting his instincts control his movements coupled with her thrusting. The Sarge’s cock aches, he is so aroused by the way she wriggles and moans deeply to his touch, he is feeling the warmth and moistness of her pussy her. He is lost to this encounter, all his thoughts are on Amanda, how she’s responding to his touch, how turned on he his is at the sight of having her handcuffed and helpless, she has him hypnotised. She begins to thrash as she starts to lose this battle. “That’s it, cum for me.” Amanda moans, biting her lip, eyes clenched shut, her groin jerking and thrusting against his hand, all her muscles tense, her nipples ache. She bucks her hips against his hand, breathing wildly. Amanda screams and pants as his hand pushes her over the edge to her orgasm. Her pussy begins shaking involuntarily around his hand, throwing her head back as the wave of pleasure rolls over her body. Each degree of heat in the whole damn room is centred on her yielding body.

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