Shady Rest Retirement Center


Shady Rest Retirement Center     She had a slightly defiant look in her eye as she slowly opened her dress.  Button by button, when the last button was undone she hesitantly opened it to my gaze removed it and dropped it upon her bed.  “Well, she said, it’s not what you expected is it?” I closed the door to her room behind me and slowly walked to her, I took my time inspecting her, inch by inch, I moved behind her not touching, at first not speaking.  “Truth is, I said, I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t even know what I wanted to expect or see, I didn’t expect this, though.  Didn’t expect that you would be so….perfect.”       I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, the fragrance of her perfume filling my nostrils.  Behind her, I placed my hand on her shoulder, moved in and gently kissed her neck, just below her ear.  she leaned back slightly until our bodies met.  Moving closer still we paused and I kissed her neck and shoulders, ran my hand from her shoulder down her back then around her side to her breast in the front squeezed it gently and she [laced her hand over mine and assisted my squeezing her breast..  ‘Oh, she said half turning in my arms, you’re such a liar”, and she lifted her face so that we could share a kiss. ‘Such a liar she repeated turning fully and wrapping her arms around my neck.  I could feel her full breast as they rose and fell with each hurried breath and I released them from their confinement.  She slipped her arms from the straps and shimmied free and let her brassier fall to the floor.  Her eyes were on mine as she reached for her panties and I stopped her, ‘not yet, I said, in a whisper, I slipped my arms again around her looked down into her eyes and slowly kissed her, feeling her lips so lush,  so warm so inviting.  Our tongues wrestled momentarily and I broke it, kissing my way to her ears, nibbled slowly at her neck then just as slowly and gently  again and again across her chest until I reached her breast.  Her breath was deep and slow, she watched followed each seed of wanton attention, when I glanced up I saw the fire glowing behind her eyes, she took a real deep breath when my lips applied themselves to her nipples.’oooooohhhh she sighed, as my tongue grazed pendik escort her nipples, ‘Yes she sighed, yes Peter, like that, like that, oh my just like that….ppppleassse, oh ppplease..she lifted one leg and wrapped it around mine.  I slid one hand down across her stomach and into her lace panties, she was wet, man was she wet.  I watched as her head went back, eyes closed, sucking in air, my hand slid across her sex, I could feel the forest of hair that shielded her essence, I rubbed my hand fully across her body then slowly slipped a digit into her.  She sighed, began slowly moving her hips and I placed another finger into her, she looked me squarely in the eyes, the in swift movements began pulling my shirt over my head, my undershirt followed.  She closed her eyes for a second or so and paused and started again I pulled her panties down and she quickly stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.      I have been with women half her age who’s responses were not as captivating, who’s essences were not as womanly.  She turned away and went to the light by her door and turned it off.  In the ensuing darkness she came to me slowly stepping into my open arms.  Stretching upward I kissed each of her breasts as she leaned down to me, then I began working varying kisses down her body, across her breasts.  She was watching, eyes half closed working her body from side to side trying to guide my path, she knew where I was going, I knew where I was going, I held her to me my hands working her narrow hips, one then the other sweeping across her sex, a digit or two sinking inside.  I turned her, slowly and gently lay her down on the bed as I slid to the floor. I lifted her feet, lay them at the edge of the mattress she watched as I took one foot and kissed it, her eyes half closed as I suckled on her toes.  I ran my hand up and down her thighs then followed my hand with kisses until I was at passions gate.  We looked at each other for a moment, ‘Please, I heard her say, oh please.’  I smiled, leaned forward and ran my tongue from stem to stern” so to say.  ‘Oh she said breathlessly, and I continued, spreading her labia, I dipped deeply and felt her hips surge to kartal escort meet my thrusts.  I felt her hands holding gently at first to my ears, then soon she was guiding my head in search of release.  Each thrust of her hips got stronger and stronger.  She let out a sudden ‘Oh, and with strength I’d not felt previously went into a series of convulsions.  She wrapped her legs around my head while burying her face into a pillow.      Slowly she recovered, she stared at the ceiling, taking deep breaths, then dropped her eyes to me moving up onto the bed.  She let out a slight moan when I latched onto a breast, she turned her head slightly away as I leaned in to kiss her. so I suckled onto her neck momentarily.  Then she turned back and met my kisses with her own.  Looking into my eyes she started kissing my breasts, suckling on my nipples, her hand went down and found my member, “Oh my she said softly, her hands warm and strong around my stiffie , she smiled, ‘forgive me she whispered, I haven’t done this in years.’   Maybe so, but she had talent, and she applied herself until I was so close I had to stop her.  I didn’t want it to go like that.  I wanted as the saying goes, The Full Monty.     She looked disappointed, but slowly worked her way up until she was over me, she looked down, ‘you’re larger than my husband was, I don’t know if I can take something like that.’  I laughed and started kissing her, first that neck, then her breasts, I slid down until I was directly under her and I inserted my tongue. ‘Oh, she said, uuuummmm damn,’  Her essence was flowing and I physically lifted her and bought her down on mu member.  she was tight, but he slid in and we were joined.  Her eyes were as big as saucers as she squirmed on her impalment.  Slowly she began movements that allowed her to adjust Circles, small, I could feel her muscles squeezing me, her juices seeping out and she leaned forward and started moving, really moving, lifting her ass and dropping again and again.  oooh, fuck, she uttered, she closed her eyes and lifted and dropped again and again.  I pulled her down and we kissed, I could the repeated slap, slap, slap of our bodies meeting.  At some point maltepe escort I rolled us over, I was atop her and she had her legs wrapped tightly    around me.  I took a push-up position above her, the only thing connecting us was my member, and we did the  ‘horozonal boogie in time to a song that was running thru my head.  She moaned, I moaned we both moaned, she reached down and grabbed her ankles and worked her legs back almost to her ears.  ‘Oh, oh, oh, she uttered in time to our strokes.  I was aware of her bed creaking, rhythmically thumping against the wall as we fucked.  ‘oh yes, oh yeah. oh fuck, her eyes opened and she began to shake, and quake, I swear she squirted, her eyes closed and she took deep breaths.  She let het ankles go and spread eagled herself beneath me, then she howled again and continued shaking for almost a full minute or so.  I smiled and eased myself off of her.  She went still, eyes closed waiting until her breathing returned to normal before  opening her eyes.  ‘Oh Peter, she said softly, you don’t know what you’ve done.’     After a few moments she turned away, I said nothing, got dressed, and moved to the door.  Peter, she said behind me, I turned and looked at her.  We can never speak of this, she said softly, never.  ‘I know I replied, but I’ll always have you in my heart.  She looked a me then whispered, ‘thank you, and turned away’.  I looked at my watch as I stepped into the hallway, “shit” I thought, I cut that a little close.  I reached the front desk and barely finished my nightly report before my relief walked thru the door.  ‘Hey, he said, what’s happenin round here?’  It’s been quiet I said, noth’n shake’n but the leaves on the trees.  We laughed, I briefed him on the patients and their concerns.  As I was preparing to leave he stopped me, ‘Hey Pete, he said, remember that lady you played the songs for last Wednesday?’  Yeah, I responded, she’s been asking about you.” Me, I responded, oh, yeah Misses Bailey, what about her?  ‘I think she’s got a crush on you, my friend, best be careful he said, you don’t want any trouble.  ‘I shrugged, I spoke with her earlier she just wanted to talk to someone I think.” When you have a little time, stop by her room and say hi, to her.  ‘Yo, he said shaking his head, The Shady Rest Retirement Home  kinda gets into yer blood,”  I looked at my watch, gotta go I said it’s been quite a night.  As I headed to my car I imagined I could smell her perfume, feel her fluids warm upon me, I was smiling as I got into my car.

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