Shameless for You

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I love the way the morning sun dances across your face, in the wee hours of the morning, I wake up to find you still asleep and I could lay beside you for hours my darling and simply watch you sleep, however sleepyhead it’s time for you to wake.

I quietly scoot in closer moving your hand aside, place my head so gentle upon your shoulder, pressing my breasts against your side and slide a leg over yours, gliding my knee up your leg, stopping just above your knee. I feel you stir slightly and hush my movements, and await the deep, slow breathing that tells me that you are still asleep, before i proceed, I lightly touch your chest, making little circular motions, with the tips of my fingers, starting from where my lips gentle kiss, your bare shoulder, up and over your broad beautiful shoulders to the slight indention wear between your collar bone.

i follow your collar bone to your other shoulder and flattening my hand I slid it down your arm, before i use my finger tips again to barely touch you on the way back up your arm, on down your chest to your navel circling on my journey up and around each nipple back down, around, and up i wet my finger slightly from my mouth, before placing that same finger on your nipple, i blow slightly, with pleasure I discover for myself that my mans nipples harden just as easily as my own, still unsure of weather i have waken you with my touch.

i slid two fingers between my lips, (or shall I say yours) i trace my wetness around the tip of your nose, and with a sly smile and as an after thought i again wet my finger to apply my juices to your lips as a lip gloss, however you illegal bahis are now on to my sly game and before i can even touch your lips, my hand is captured by yours, as you take each finger with a swift motion and lick them clean, i moan with the pleasure and find myself swept up in your strong arms, and straddling your chest, I bend down, pressing my breast against your chest.

Eyes glowing looking in to yours, i lick my parched lips, for i know the only thing that could quench my thirst, is to feel and taste your flesh, my lips parts as I draw closer, the electric shook that you send through my body all the way to my toes, lights me on fire, however it did not quench my thirst, it only intensified my hunger for you, i ache for more of you to taste, I wiggle my ass down further while kissing a path down your chest, I pause at my new found discovery and roll my tongue around your nipple, i nibble but slightly, before placing it in my warm and waiting mouth.

I roll my tongue up and under caressing before i raise my mouth and give your nipple a little kiss, you are so patient, with your hands folded behind your head, waiting and watching, I do not give your other nipple the same attention however i do give it a kiss as if on an after thought, instead I again begin my journey down, stopping at your navel, licking a trail around the rim before I snake my tongue in for a few quick jabs a tender kiss as once again i continue down, my eyes never once leaving yours.

I am soon rewarded, with what promises to be a fun filled morning, kissing and licking my way from the tip of your magnificent, head and down your illegal bahis siteleri long glorious shaft, taste you and also myself were my juices had dripped on you but moments ago when i sat astride you, I watch you raise an eyebrow as I do not stop there, only stopping when i am presented with your delicious balls, pressing my nose to them, Looking a way long enough to inhale deeply, your delicious balls, pressing my nose to them, giving them each a slight lick and then a very wet and mouthy kiss.

Before placing one at a time in my mouth, rolling and sucking them each in turn with a gentle and loving hunger, before i am whisked away from them to have something else thrust in my face that is i am sure angry from not having the attention that you feel it deserves, the pout on my face from being taken away from my task is soon replaced with a smile and with great joy and eagerness set to work on the new task you have so graciously set before me, as my mouth is filled to overflow as i slide up and down with my hot mouth caressing with my tongue as i go moaning with the sheer pleasure of pleasing you placing the palm of your hands and fingers on the back of my hair motioning my head up and down as you lift my long piggy tails up in the air holding them with a firm tightness.

a slight ouch is heard through my muffled mouth, more of a pleasure ouch then real pain, You tell me to make you cum all in my hot mouth, working faster i slide up and down unused to that much meat in my mouth i take it a little slower as i work more and more down my throat, longing to taste at last what my Master is longing to give me canlı bahis siteleri for only then can i truly know that i have done well and pleased him greatly i hear you moan with pleasure as a tense throbbing pleasure washes over you, i hear your cry of release, as it echo’s through the house as you explode the creamy wet warmth of cum all in my mouth and around the lips.

You smile with pleasure for i have been a very good girl tonight, i feast upon you as if it is my last meal savoring every drop. you feel i need to be well rewarded as you turn me around to be on my knees, spreading my ass, placing your dripping hard erect shaft into my sweet tight ass, pouting because i missed the drippings, hearing my deep moans you are assured of my deep feeling as i thoroughly enjoy the penetration of your erectifing hardness in to my ass, however rocking back to met each of your powerful thrust i am sure that you must be tearing me in two, caring not for to have you in my ass, is heaven, you fuck my ass with a fierce motion, smacking my ass with the palm of your hand making hand prints and marking me as yours, begging for more, harder, more harder, for i have no shame with you, and no in my heart that i will give you anything

i am barely aware of my crimson ass, and unaware of the world around us as i, spiral out of control.

but i will not lose control, for i am not here for my pleasure, but i will still enjoy the feeling, as my wonderful Master explodes deep in my ass, with a might thrust a tremble, and he is stated for the moment, pulling me with him as he is still buried, deep in the ass that now belongs to him, and we drift back to sleep, him with the knowledge that i am here and his, should he need my services, and me with the pride that i have pleased him and the great honor that i will feel, when i am allowed to lick him clean and am needed again.

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