Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 08


Sriram was after my pussy and ass and was looking for an opportunity since the only time he had fucked me – even after his plans with the Manager, he could not succeed beyond a oint and now it was becoming unbearable for him to hold his sperm in his balls – he wanted me badly and did the sinister thing which one could not believe – he committed a fraud in the bank and labeled me as the culprit – it was easy since the Bank Manager was an accomplice – in this whole game, he closed a loan of mine towards my home loan of 35 Lakhs transferring a credit from a client account – and the accounts found it out and gave me a notice to explain within 3 days or face criminal proceedings.

The evening was Sriram’s wife Shruti’s birthday and I was invited – “Shanti I can save you from this fraud – after the party – wear the gown you find – please make sure only wear what you find you in the box and nothing else – and I will come at 10 pm – will fuck you the whole night. And in the morning I promise – the fraud will reverse and we will have the Manager absolve you – by the way, you will have to fuck him on another day” Sriram was very straight and clear in his utterances.

I’d spent all my life in meeting my fuck needs on my own, and it looked like this time I was going to spend the night depending on this scum to fuck me against my wishes and rest of it here, too. At twenty-four I was pretty much settled in, with no way I could ever see of getting away. My husband Sridhar was an asshole and a cuckold useless guy and he was bribed well in this fraud by these bastards – he was nowhere to be seen in the vicinity and when I called he did not pick his cell and it looked he was on some long-distance from his home as much as it was possible – that is what the beep of the mobile told me but maybe since he was often gone for days at a time, it didn’t seem so bad to him living there in the middle of nowhere, he was anyways of no use.

“Shanti, what’s wrong?” Sriram asked me kiddingly when he came in the night. “You look like your best friend just died or something. I hope there are no panties or bra beneath that gown you are wearing – and you look eatable – how much I will fuck you tonight – it will be a tear of all your holes, you Tamil Iyer bitch”

I went up and put my arms around him, hugging his muscular frame and faked it to make him good thinking he felt so good next to me, so solid. “I miss you so much,” I said softly, putting my head against his shoulder. “I really miss you thinking of the last time you screwed me.”

“I missed you, -too,” he smiled, “but it’s my job and there’s nothing I can do about it..”

I was wearing the gown without a bra and he reached up and squeezed one of my tits gently, cupping it in his large hand. My brown nipple hardened just at his touch, swelling into taut erection. He squeezed my other tit and a second later I was grabbing for his cock.

“Give me a good humping before you leave,” I whispered. “Fuck me so I’ll remember what I’m waiting for.”

He scooped me right off the floor in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. Both of us were naked in no time at all and then he had me spread out on the bed with my legs apart and his weight on top of me.

I spread my legs still wider, raising my bare ass up off the bed some so he could get at me better, and he shoved his hard cock straight up my slippery cunt. I gasped with the wanton sensation of his huge prick sliding into my hot snatch, my knees opening wider still as he rammed his meat up my hole.

My firm tits were pressed into his chest and I could feel his throbbing cock all the way up my snatch. He started fucking me and I started moaning, my ass moving up and down while his rigid pale of man-meat plunged in and out of my tight cunt. His balls were swinging back and forth and slapping into my squirming ass-cheeks, his massive prick ramming deeper and deeper into my quivering snatch.

His hips moved faster with each thrust and the harder he fucked me the more I loved it. His big prick kept slamming up into my juicy pink cunt and I was clutching wildly at his back and shoulders, my bare legs thrashing.

Sriram was holding down my hips, and then he worked his hands under the rubbery cheeks of my bouncing ass, his finger digging into my soft flesh and puffing my hairy crotch even tighter to his. He was stabbing me harder and illegal bahis harder with his cock and I was trembling all over with the fire racing through my loins.

Groaning all the louder, I began working my churning thighs up over his hips. His prick was pistoning in and out of my sopping snatch and his breath was hot and hard against my neck, his hips pumping furiously.

I managed to get my quaking legs up around his back and then my cunt-hole was wide-open to him, his thick cock slamming into the very depths of my snatch and starting to bottom out. I writhed and squirmed while he fucked the hell out of me, his cock battering my cunt to pieces.

The feel of his massive prick deep in my wetly gripping cunt was driving me wild, his balls slamming into my ass-cheeks still harder and spurring me on. I was groaning and gasping for air, my ass ‘bouncing up and down and my pussy getting humped the way it loved being humped.

Both of us were sweating like crazy and the strong smell of my wet cunt was heavy in the air My oily-slick juices were oozing out of my snatch and running down into the fleshy crack of my ass, my crotch and thighs and ass dripping wet with twat-cream.

Sriram’s rigid cock just kept driving deeper into my tight snatch, his bulbous cock-head parting and then filling the slick opening between my slippery cunt-walls. He was fucking me furiously and I was fucking him right back, my thighs and ass pumping to take his long cock still deeper in my hot cunt.

I had my legs crossed behind his back and every time he rammed his prick up my snatch, my ass raised up off the bed, my knees bending and my cunt gaping open wetly. His prick kept sliding in and out of my cunt-hole and his balls kept swinging and banging into my ass, all the while both of us getting closer and closer to getting off.

“Oh, God!” I groaned in Sriram’s ear. “Oh, you’re flicking the shit out of me! Shove your big cock deeper up my snatch! Fuck me even harder! Ohhhhh, God, I love the way you fuck me, I love having your hard prick in my cunt! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Keep ramming your cock up my cunt! Ohhhhhh! Ram your prick in my snatch, ram it in deeper! Deeper! Ohhhhhh! You’re fucking me so good! You’re fucking me so damned good! Fill my cunt-hole up with your big prick, shove it up me as far as you can! Give me all of your cock, give me every inch of your cock in my cunt! Ohhhhhhh!”

Sriram was cramming his cock as deep as he could push it up my wet snatch, ramming it into me and then pistoning it back out. I was working my ass with a frenzy, pumping my hips as he slammed his cock as hard as possible into my cunt.

His swollen cock-head kept bottoming out each time he shoved it into my snatch, and I was jerking and squirming under him, taking the full length of his giant prick and wanting even more. My cunt-juices were flowing and soaking everything they touched, a steady trickle of warm liquid running from the crack of my snatch and seeping down to cover my throbbing asshole.

Sriram was working his hands along the cheeks of my ass and then his fingers found my stretched out asshole. He poked a finger deep up my butt, and I stiffened beneath him with a sharp moan, the sensation of having his rigid cock slamming into my snatch and his finger working in and out of my asshole almost more than I could stand.

He kept fucking my snatch and finger-fucking my asshole, his hips moving a mile a minute and his fingers digging even deeper in my shitter. He was gritting his teeth and his expression was intense, his breath and mine ragged and getting more so.

My hot thighs were clamped around his pumping hips and my ass was coming up off the bed faster and faster, my entire body straining as I tried to take his mammoth cock still deeper up my snatch. I could feel his cock deep in my cunt, and it was throbbing like crazy, the solid shaft of his driving prick filling my snatch almost to bursting.

“Cum in my pussy!” I gasped. “Shoot your wad in my cunt and let me feel your cum! Fill my snatch up with your cum! Fuck- me faster, faster, faster! Shoot your nuts off in my cunt, shoot all your cum right up my cunt! Ohhhhh, God! It feels so good when you fuck me, it’s driving me crazy’

Fuck me harder, harder! Ram your cock up my cunt and cum in me, cum every ounce of your cum in my cunt-hole! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh’ OHHHHHH!

Sriram’s illegal bahis siteleri plunging cock jerked wildly in my snatch, a harsh moan escaping his lips. Then I felt his cum gushing up into my cunt, thick streams of it squirting into the depths of my hole and filling me with warm liquid.

Fucking me still harder, he kept ramming-his shooting prick as far up my cunt as he could get it, pumping all his hot jism into my pulsating snatch. He was moaning and groaning and his thick cum kept spurting into my cunt, his thrusts feverish as he shot his rocks.

My slippery cunt-walls suddenly tightened round his ramming cock as my own orgasm overtook me, my cries of pleasure splitting the air and wave after wave of shuddering cunt-spasms slamming into me. My wet asshole clamped shut on his fingers and we ground together in an orgy of lust, his cock pounding into my quivering cunt with all the force he had.

We kept fucking until we were completely spent, then we lay there drenched with sweat and breathing hard. My legs dropped away from him and I sprawled out on the bed lifelessly, my cunt gaping open and his cum dripping out of me and oozing down into my ass-crack.

Sriram finally got up off me with a weary groan and pulled his huge cock out of my snatch, a last dribble of cum spurting from his prick and landing on my bare thigh. He rolled aver on his side next to me and took me in his arms.

“I guess I’d better take a shower and get going,” he said, nuzzling my neck with his face. “I should have been on the road a half-hour ago.

“GO ahead,” I smiled. “I wouldn’t want to get you into trouble with your boss. Hope tomorrow I am out of trouble ” He grinned and I got a feeling – he was going to betray and not hold on to his promise.

He got up and walked into the bathroom. A moment later I heard the shower and a moment after that I heard him step into the tub. I was still a little horny for his cock, and I tried to think of what else I could do just to get him to fuck me one more time before he left.

When he was finally finished with his shower, he stepped out of the bathroom and found me kneeling spread-eagled on the bed. My bare little ass was sticking out at him and I was spreading my firm ass-cheeks with my fingers, my puckered asshole stretched open and throbbing.

He stopped and stared at me, his dangling cock twitching at the sight. I knew he loved fucking me in the ass as much as I loved getting fucked there, and I was going to see right now whether being late for work was more important to him than giving me a good ass-humping.

“That’s not fair!” he laughed, coming over and sitting beside me on the bed. “I’ll never get on the road at this rate.”

I only smiled at him, my eyes taking in his cock and watching as it hardened. It wasn’t long before it was as stiff as could be, with the head engorged with blood and the solid shaft pulsing.

He reached out with his hand and squeezed my buns, running his fingers down into my ass-crack and playing with my twitching asshole. Then he moved down and shoved two of his fingers straight up my wet cunt, moving them in and out until they were covered with my juice. Going back to my asshole, he smeared my oily cunt-juices all over it, getting it slippery wet and ready for his hard prick.

I spread my legs out behind me and he climbed on, his huge cock-head sliding in between my fleshy ass-cheeks and lining up with my tight shitter. He pressed the warm tip of his prick against my asshole, his hands holding my hips down.

I clenched my teeth for the stabbing sensation I was about to get, and he rammed his cock up into my wet asshole, jamming it in with one swift motion of his hips.

His big prick wasn’t quite all the way in my butt, and he pushed harder, forcing it into the slippery opening and making me shudder all over. I was working my bare ass against him and trying to get his cock all the way up my tight bung, the two of us shaving and groaning until his meat was finally buried to the hilt in me.

He didn’t even let me catch my breath before puffing his rigid cock back out of my pulsating asshole with a soft sucking sound and then slamming back in. I squirmed wildly as he began fucking my ass, each time he rammed his prick up my butt my breath rushing out of me.

I was clutching at the bed with my canlı bahis siteleri hands straight out in front of me and my hips were pumping up and down. Sriram’s solid cock kept sliding in and out of my clenching asshole and his hips were working feverishly. The feel of his pistoning meat all the way up my writhing shitter was really turning me on and soon I was gulping air through my mouth and trembling all over.

His fingers were digging into my hips and his weight was pressing my tits into the bed, my ass bouncing around and working against his humping all the more. He was reaming my slick asshole out as hard as he could with his meaty prick, and I was loving every hard inch of it!

Kicking my feet wildly, I kept straining with everything I had to take his piston cock still deeper up my butt, my thighs pumping faster and faster. My body was covered with a fine film of sweat and I was getting so slippery all over it was hard for Sriram to hold onto me.

He just kept slamming his hard cock all the way up my butt, pushing it as far up my asshole as he could and making me squirm even more. Then he worked his hands down under my churning hips and up into my sopping-wet pussy, his fingertips pulling my matted cunt-hair out of the way and going right up my hole.

He finger-fucked my cunt for all he was worth, jabbing his fingers as deep as possible up my snatch and turning me on all the more. My cunt-juices were running freely and drenching his hands, Sriram fingering me all the faster and fucking my ass all the harder.

“Keep reaming my asshole out!” I panted. Fuck the shit right out of my ass! Your cock feels so good up my butt! I love it! I love the feel of your hard prick in my asshole! Fuck my ass harder! Rick it faster! Fuck my ass off! Ohhhhhh, slit! Finger my cunt more! Make me cum, make me cum my brains out! I want to cum and I want you to cum, too! I want you to squirt your cum up my asshole! OHHHHHHHH! Fuck my ass harder!”

Sriram was slamming his hairy prick as hard as he could up my asshole, his balls bouncing crazily and his hips working away. I was working my sweaty butt against him with a jerky cork-screwing motion, taking his stiff cock all the way up my slippery shifter.

His stroking cock was plunging into my bung so fast my tight asshole was getting sore, his cock-head stabbing deeper and deeper into my guts. I was panting and groaning and lost in the sheer bliss of the ass-fucking he was giving me. The more he fucked my shit-chute the louder I groaned, and his cock was thrusting still faster into me.

I was working my hips back and forth frenziedly, taking his driving meat in my ass and grinding my dripping cunt into his fingers. He was shoving his fingers as far as he could reach up my snatch and his hands were cupping and squeezing the bulge of my hairy pussy-mound, inflaming it all the more.

His cock twitched in my asshole and then he was coming, his breath catching in his throat and his cum spurting up into my hot bowels. He ground his prick even harder into my butt, filling my asshole with his cum and pumping like crazy.

My snatch suddenly spasm with the wildly delicious climax racing through it and I went taut all over, my legs kicking out straight behind me. I shuddered and heaved and was coming like mad, my cunt contracting wetly on his fingers and my asshole grabbing tightly at his ramming prick. I

Sriram shot load after load of cum up into my sucking asshole, driving his cock still deeper. He was gasping and the whole while fucking the hell out of me. His balls tightened up and I felt another squirt of jism go deep in my asshole.

He kept finger-fucking my spasm cunt and humping my tight asshole and then finally he lay still, his breath hot against the back of my neck. I

Both of us lay in a sweaty stupor, too tired to move and aching all over. Sriram’s prick trailed a thread of sticky cum down the back of my thigh I when he pulled it out of my ass, his prick as limp as could be.

“Now can I go?” he asked with a laugh, slapping my bare ass playfully.

“I thought you just did,” I smiled up at him.

I knew my ass offering softened him and there was going to be some change of mind – he will get me out of the mess at the Bank.

“We have 3 days to get you out of the mess – and you will bare your holes all these 3 days – tomorrow – bare it to the Manager –he is salivating and will masturbate without touching his prick when I tell him soon that he will have your sweating holes tomorrow- how about noon time at the Bank Guest House?”

That was an offer I could not afford to refuse.

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