Shared Bed Ch. 02


I finished my shower and then changing quickly I walked downstairs to see Sam sitting at the table eating a sandwich. Mom and Aunt Jeannie were sitting on the couch watching TV, while Aunt Jeannie talked about their day. Sam and I exchanged glances and I nodded. He mumbled something but seemed more interested in his sandwich. I could never really understand Sam. He looked like the quiet sort and in fact was extremely timid, but then he had told me last summer about his month of watching his mother get fucked by two men while he masturbated, and how he dreamed of fucking his mother, and that changed my opinion of him.

“Danny, dear,” my aunt’s voice interrupted my thoughts, “Why don’t you come and sit here with your aunt. I haven’t seen you in such a long time.

I sat down on the small couch in-between my mother and my aunt. My mother had put on a dressing gown over her thin negligee but she had her legs folded on the couch and I could see the inside of her soft fleshy thighs where the robe had ridden up. I was squashed in between her and my aunt and was feeling quite aroused. My aunt was wearing a short black skirt and a lacy top. She was sitting on my right, her left arm against my thigh as she talked about the things she’s bought at the mall. My mother seemed to be engrossed with the TV show as I tried to concentrate on what my aunt was saying.

“The young people these days, they are unbelievably sexy,” she laughed. “I feel old.”

‘You’re not old, Aunt Jeannie,” I said truthfully. She was about 40 years old, but with her big breasts pushing against the thin blouse, her sexy sleek and soft thighs, white against the black fabric of the skirt, she looked unbelievably ravishing. She smiled and patted my thigh, “You’re so sweet, isn’t he, Marlene?” she asked my mother.

“He is, Jeannie, I am so proud of him,” My mother said and patted my other thigh. Now both the women had a hand on my thighs, my mother was resting her hand lightly on my left thigh and my aunt was resting her hand on my right one. Behind us, Sam was busy reading the paper.

I stole a glance at my mother, but she was back to watching the TV. My aunt had leaned back on the couch and had spread her legs. I could see her thighs all the way up. Almost up to her pubes. She caught me looking at her and smiled knowingly. I was embarrassed to be caught looking at her and began to watch the TV. After a few minutes I felt my aunt’s hand begin to stroke my crotch, only a few inches away from my mother’s hand. She began to stroke it lightly, caressing my cock, touching my glans through my trousers. I looked at her, but she looked straight ahead. I was afraid that my mother would see but I could hardly get up and suddenly without it seeming strange. By now she was stroking my cock with rhythmic slow motions and when I looked at her, her eyes were taboo heat porno closed and her skirt had ridden up all the way exposing her wet cunt lips. They were puffy and pink, moist and glistening in the glow of the TV light. Just as I was about to come, Sam sat up at the table, his chair making a sound as it scraped against the floor. My aunt moved her hand and stood up straightening her skirt.

“Oh gosh! I must have drifted off to sleep, “she said. My mother stood up as well, nut as she stood her hand brushed against my erect penis. She looked down at my crotch, at the obvious bulge in my trousers, smiled and then went to get supper ready.

Later that night, after Aunt Jeannie and Sam went to bed, I changed once again in to my T-shirt and boxers. My mother, as was her custom, went to the bathroom and changed into a thin chemise, the fabric once again revealing the outline of her soft large breasts and her big nipples. It ended just above her knees and she caught me looking at her.

“You don’t have to wear the boxers, I told you can take it off if you feel more comfortable. I mean, I’ve seen you masturbate now, so there really is nothing to hide.

I was mortified, but at the same time very turned on by the possibility of showing my mother my big erect cock. I took off my boxers and my mother just looked at my semi-erect cock and didn’t say a word as she turned down the bedspread and got into bed. I got into bed as well only too aware of her body next to mine.

“If it makes you feel more comfortable, I don’t wear panties to bed either,” she said. I became inflamed at hearing this, My own mother lying down next to me, only a thin piece of cloth covering her naked body, her pussy exposed under the bed sheets.

I tossed and turned for a few minutes every so often brushing against her thigh allowing her to feel my erect cock for a few seconds.

“What’s the matter, Danny, you can’t sleep huh?”

“Actually, I was thinking about Sam and Aunt Jeannie in my room. I wonder how they are managing, because my bed is much smaller than this, I hope they aren’t too uncomfortable,” I said.

“Oh don’t worry about Jeannie, she knows my how to take care of herself,” my mother said. “But, why can’t you sleep?”

“You know, earlier today, when I was…”

“When you were masturbating, yes what about it Danny, I hope you didn’t feel too uncomfortable because all I want to do is make sure you don’t have a complex about your sexuality, like I grew up to have.”

“No, I’m not bothered by it,” I said. “But I feel like I need to do it now, and I was wondering if that would be OK with you…”

I was afraid that my mother might get angry with me, but she just laughed and sat up. She switched on the light and said, “Danny dear, don’t ever be embarrassed, from now teach that bitch porno on you can masturbate whenever you want, in front of me, OK? Now come on let me watch you as you do it.” And saying that, she pulled the bed sheets off, exposing my erect cock. I was a little shy but began stroking my penis as my mother watched. She was sitting against the headboard now, watching me stroke my cock. She wet her lips with her tongue as I looked into her eyes and pulled at my 7-inch cock. The chemise had slipped further upwards now and I saw the moist puffy lips of her cunt for the first time. She spread her legs wider as I masturbated. Suddenly I stopped.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Well, It’s just that I can see you sitting in front of me, just watching me, and I feel like you should also touch yourself.”

“Danny!” She looked horrified and brought her legs together hiding her cunt from view.

“C’mon mother, its only fair. If you want me to be less embarrassed about sex, I have to know that it doesn’t bother you.”

“That kind of makes sense…”

She was wavering and I persisted. “C’mon mom, let me watch you just this once.

“Oh, all right,” she said and lay back against the headboard again. She looked down as she spread her legs, her cunt-lips were even more wet and I saw with surprise that she had trimmed most of her pubic hair exposing her cunt almost completely.

“I want to see your breasts, please, Mom,” I said

Almost like she was in trance she pulled her chemise down and exposed her breasts. I almost came when I saw her like this, lying pliant before me her chemise covering her stomach, her thick soft thighs, her wet moist cunt, and her big soft breasts with large nipples.

“Touch yourself now mother, and then I’ll start masturbating”

“Touch your cock, Danny,” she whispered, and then spreading her legs as wide as she could she began to stroke her cunt with the index finger of her left hand holding the cunt lips open with her right hand. She began to fuck herself with her finger and I began to furiously jerk my cock.

“Put two fingers in, mother” I said, and she complied, her middle and index fingers working their way inside and out of her wet cunt. I could see her pussy juices coat her fingers as she laid back, her breasts flushed with the nipples erect.

“Put three fingers in please, Mom.” I said and she put three fingers in- her ring finger, middle and index fingers went inside her wet pussy. By now she was moaning, as she watched me pumping my cock.

“Can I touch you?” I asked, but she shook her head and continued to fuck herself, her entire lower body now thrusting itself against her fingers. I edged closer to her so I was kneeling, with my cock only a few inches away from her face. She looked at my teem skeet porno erect cock, and I began cumming in ropes and ropes of thick white cum which landed on her face, her hair, her breasts. She came at the same time, suppressing her moans, as she climaxed in coarse guttural sounds.

“Oh, look at the mess,” she said, taking her hand away from her cunt. “Can you wipe this off please, Danny?”

“Uh, sure, Mom,” I was worried that she might suddenly feel guilty about the whole thing, but she was acting like nothing happened, as if this was something we did every day.

“Here, use this,” she said handing me some Kleenex from the side of the bed.

I wiped the cum off her hair and her face but ended up smearing some of it on her lips. She just licked it off, saying. “Its good for the skin,” and then lay back.

“Go on, finish wiping me,” she said. I saw the cum puddles on her breasts and couldn’t believe my luck. She wanted me to wipe her big tits. I worked slowly my hands trembling, feeling the beginnings of another erection.

I wiped the edges of her breast first feeling the soft flesh, then slowly began wiping the nipple

“It’s a bit sticky,” she said “You may want to use some of your spit on the Kleenex.”

I spat into the Kleenex and began using my spit sodden tissue to wipe her tits. I massaged her tits feeling her nipples begin to come alive again.

“Still a little sticky, use a little more spit,” she said. Just as I was about to use my saliva on the Kleenex, she stopped me and said, “Why don’t you just use it directly. Just lick it off, that way it will be done faster.”

I was beside myself with excitement. This was my dream come true! To be asked to lick my own mother’s breast, something I hadn’t done since I was suckling baby.

I began working on her left breast, licking its warm soft surface and when she showed no signs of stopping me, I began to lick her nipple very slowly. I took the pap in my mouth and began sucking it. She still did not protest so I licked it some more, sucking like a hungry baby, licking it and playing with it with my tongue.

“Do my other breast,” she said, so I moved to the other breast and began licking and sucking that one. By now my cock was erect and was brushing against her thigh. I could feel her warm wet cunt against my thigh, rubbing slowly.

“You have an erection again. “she said, “let me stroke it for you, so you can concentrate on cleaning me”

She began to stroke my cock with her hands and began masturbating me as I continued ‘cleaning’ her breasts with my tongue. She stroked my penis lightly and expertly, fondling the head of my penis and brushing her hand against my balls.

This was unbelievable – she was grinding her wet cunt against my thigh while she continued to masturbate me as I sucked on her nipples.

Suddenly, we came together. I came in her hand and she came at the same time moaning and rubbing her wet pussy juice on my thighs.

“Come on, let’s get some sleep now,” she said and we went back to bed – ours shared bed, with my mother’s sexy body only a few feet away from me.

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