Shared With A Stranger Part 4

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Shared With A Stranger Part 4It has been a month since Sir invited John to become part of our lives, while I wasn’t certain how this arrangement would work it seems to be going very well. He does not always join us but when he does it takes me days to recover. Sir still has complete control and while he shares me with John when it suits him, he has not allowed John to take my ass or take me without Sir present. We have not seen John in almost two weeks, and our last meeting they seemed to be at odds about something although I am not sure what.I received the message that I will be picked up by Charles, Sir’s driver, within the hour. This has become more frequent lately and no longer takes me by surprise. I was not give instructions on how to dress so I’ve chosen a dress that I know Sir likes on me. Charles arrives promptly and comes to the door with a bag in his hand. When I open the door he hands me the bag telling me there is a note and he is wait for me after delivering the bag. I take the bag and thank him, I ask him if he would like to wait inside and he tells me no that would not be appropriate. As I shut the door, I don’t see what the problem is with him waiting here instead of the car, but I’m sure he is given orders to follow the same as I do. I take the card from the bag, and read it.You are to wear this today and only this when you meet me. Stop making Charles uncomfortable by inviting him in.I giggle as I read the last part. Of course Charles has told him, why did I even consider he wouldn’t. In the bag I find a new garter and thigh high stockings, matching bra, no panties and a dress so shear I can’t imagine being out in public with nothing else on. I take off his favorite blue dress and put on my gift. There are no instructions about wearing or not wearing something over it until I am with Sir and I chose a coat from my closet as I have no idea where I am being taken and I certainly don’t want Charles uncomfortable with my lack of coverage.I open the door to go out to the car and I’m not surprised that Charles is standing there waiting. He almost looks relieved, I wonder if he knew what was in the bag. Once we have started down the highway I ask him if he can tell me where we are going and he tells me we are going to the apartment. When we arrive Charles leads me to the door and then disappears like he always seems to do. Once inside I begin to remove the coat and hear footsteps coming my direction.“I had a feeling you would cover yourself baby girl. It was not necessary and was not what you were commanded to do.”“I beg forgiveness Sir, I did not feel Charles would be comfortable seeing what was intended for your pleasure.”“Oh baby girl, Charles is not paid to be comfortable, but seeing as I had told you to stop making him uncomfortable I will let it slide to a degree, but you will still be punished for wearing more than I commanded you to.”“I understand Sir.”He pulls me in close and smacks my ass as he kisses my neck before stepping back to look me up and down. His smile tells me he is pleased with how the dress falls over me. Without saying a word he grabs me and throws me over his shoulder and heads to the bedroom, smacking my ass the whole way. He sets me down and akkışla escort slides the dress off letting it fall on the floor. “ Kneel. I do love you in garters and stockings baby girl, we shall have to get you more of these.”This is one of the things that has changed since John has joined us. I received gifts before John, but since, Sir has begun to shower me with them more and more. Always something he will enjoy as well, and mostly for his pleasure. Kneeling with arms behind my back, a position I learned very early in my training, I hear him behind me but can’t be sure what he is doing. I feel his hand on the back of my neck, and realize he has something in it.“I thought we might blindfold you tonight baby girl.”“As you wish Sir. Will John be joining us?”“Why would you ask that? Do you want John to join us?”The tone in his voice has changed, I can tell he is upset with my asking.“No Sir, it’s just the blindfold is something we do when he does.”“We’re doing things different tonight.”“As you wish Sir.”I can tell I have angered him as he ties the blindfold on very roughly, not with the usual gentle touches as in the past. Suddenly his hands grasp my head and without warning his cock is deep my throat causing me to gag. It does not slow his thrusting as he fucks my mouth harder than he ever has, not backing off to let me catch my breath. Tears running down my face, I am confused. He notices the tears and pulls away from me. “Stand.”His tone is almost cruel, but still has an effect on my pussy as I realize I am wet. I stand and drop my hands to my sides. He grabs me and throws me over his shoulder again and carries me to the bed. He drops me down hard. I have never seen him this way.“Get on your knees and assume the position.”I turn over with head down and ass up, arms out in front of me. I hear him mumbling under his breath but can not make out his words. I don’t know if I should ask him what he said or not, but I decide I can’t possibly make him more angry so I will.“I’m sorry Sir, I could not hear my command.”“I did not give you a command. But I have decided that since you enjoy being tied up so much that we shall do so tonight. Don’t bother telling me no, I always let it be in the past, but I know how you enjoy it now, with John, so you’re going to enjoy it now with me.”So there we have it. He is angry because I asked about John, thinking I am not happy with just him any more. He couldn’t be more wrong. Yes I enjoy our time with John, but only because Sir arranged it. I much prefer time alone with him, and wish our time was as it was in the past, before John. I know there is no point in telling him and decide I will show him.He has cuffs around my wrists pulled to either side of the bed, pulled tighter than usual but I don’t say a thing. He has cuffed my ankles and is fastened them to the sides of the bed. I feel him behind me and suddenly I feel him sliding something along my pussy and realize he’s getting my juices on a butt plug and before I know it I feel it sliding in. Once inserted he gives me a hard smack with his hand that stings. He backs away and I hear him walking toward the chest. “Now what shall I do with you baby girl?”I know better than to answer and he is not really asking me what I want but deciding how he’s going to punish me. I feel his hand on back, running up and down my spine very slowly but firmly. He stops just before reaching my ass. His hand just resting there causes my breathing to quicken, my mind racing, will it be the paddle, the crop, the belt, I have no idea and my body tenses. Suddenly the crack of the crop on my ass causes me to gasp. He pulls the end of it along my pussy before lashing me again. He repeats this for some time and I lose count of the lashes. He slides a hand under me and runs it over my clit and pussy, it’s wet but not as wet as he wanted. I hear the crop hit the floor and feel his hand rubbing my ass, the other still on my clit. I begin to try and grind against his hand and can tell by his breathing this pleases him. “That’s my baby girl. Now we’re going to try something a little different. Different because you are tied up but let’s see how you can do. Up on all fours.”I feel his sliding under me and his cock brushes my lips. How am I going to suck his cock the way he likes without being able to use my hands? I can’t even finish my thoughts when his tongue plunges into my pussy as his hands grab my ass and me pull down and then pushes me up and away just as fast.“You better get to work baby girl.”I take my tongue and slowly run it around the head of his cock before taking him in. I work his cock in and out of my mouth, pulling off and running my tongue down the length of his shaft. I know he is pleased when I feel his tongue flicking against my clit again. I swallow him again until he’s hitting the back of my throat pulling off as I gag. Tongue sliding in my pussy. Up and down the shaft, slightly sucking each time I reach the head. I let my teeth barely graze as times as I know how much he likes this. He’s sucking my clit as I hear that growl beginning to rumble from him that tells me he is about to cum and take him all the way down my throat gagging as he cums for the first time. I need to cum but he has not said that I may cum freely and I begin whimper.“Something to say baby girl?’“Please Sir, may I please cum for you?”“Soon.”As he goes back to sucking my clit hard, he knows what this does to me and I take his cock back in my mouth, he starts spanking me. Oh god, I don’t know how long I can hold off, I feel it building. I pull my mouth away from his cock.“Please Sir, Please, please, please.”“NOW!”My pussy responds by squirting hard and filling his mouth with my cum. He slaps my ass and slides out from underneath me.“Good girl.”“Thank you Sir.”His hands rubbing my ass, I feel his cock pressing against the back of my leg. I’m trying to squirm so that it will slide in my pussy. A firm smack and then hard grabbing on my hips, tells me he plans to tease me now. I lay my head down and push my ass up high, pussy throbbing as I feel the head of his cock sliding back and forth against my clit slowly. He enters me, but only allows the head of his cock to penetrate me, slowly pulling out and going back in, over and over, stopping to rub it against my clit every few strokes. I need him to fuck me hard, I am throbbing and leaking cum so hard. He pushes his cock into me balls deep, and doesn’t move, I can his cock twitching inside me as my pussy squeezes him hard. He knows what he’s doing, he knows how bad I want him to fuck me like a slut. He pulls his cock out and again teases my clit with the head.“How does that feel baby girl? Do you like my cock buried deep in MY pussy?”“Yes Sir, I do. I love how your cock feels in “your” pussy.”“Do you want me to fuck you baby girl? Fuck you hard, allow you to cum?”“Please Sir, please fuck me hard.”“Tell me who owns that pussy baby girl.”“You do Sir, only you. You own my pussy.”“Good girl.”As he drives his cock into me hard and fast, my hips pushing back to meet every stroke, his balls slapping against my clit, it doesn’t take long and I hear that growl again, and just as he starts to shoot cum into me he takes mercy and gives me the command. As soon as I heard I started cumming so hard his balls and legs were covered with the cum that shot our around his cock. His cock slides out of me and I begin to whimper.“It’s ok baby girl, I’m not done yet, but I want to release you now.”He undoes all of the cuffs and lays me on my back. His lips lock on to my nipple as his fingers slide in and out of me. My hand stroking his cock and balls. He turns me on my side and lays behind me. His hand never leaving my pussy as his cock slides along the crack of my ass. He reaches down and removes the plug from my ass and shoves a finger in, his moan tells me that he is pleased and the plug has done its job. He slides his cock over my pussy getting it wet and works my ass with the head, taking his time. His cock enters my ass and we lay still as he allows me to adjust. Fingers buried inside me, thumb stroking my clit, I don’t want him to be still as I start pushing back against him. Grabbing across my hips he rolls over onto his back with me sitting on his cock buried deep in my ass. I starting riding his cock as I rub my clit , his hands firmly on my ass helping lift me with each rise and fall. I feel his fingers dig into me as I hear that growl once again and feel his hot cum filling my ass. Rubbing my clit fast I feel the spasms building, and he senses it from the way I am breathing. “Anytime baby girl, show me what I do to you, cum for me”The cum flows from me hard, fast, and without warning, soaking his balls and crack of his ass. He lifts me off and lays me beside him. My body is trembling, but he’s not done. His fingers thrust into me, pussy clamped down on them, thumb pressing my clit. His tongue on my nipple, his cock pressing into my leg. I start cumming and can’t stop, body spasms over and over, I’m so sensitive every touch makes me cum more, the light flick of his tongue makes me cum, the brush of his cock against my leg makes me cum. He pulls his fingers out and brings them to my mouth and shoves them in for me to lick clean.We lay on the bed, still covered in cum. He is holding me tight, stroking my hair.“Now baby girl, I have a question. Did you miss John not being here today?”“No Sir. Sir?”“Yes baby girl?”“If I told you I did not wish for him to join us again would that please you?”“Is that what you wish for?”“I wish for whatever makes Sir happy, yes having him join us is pleasurable at times, but you are all I need Sir.”“That’s all I wanted to hear baby girl. I will think about our arrangement with him.”“As you wish Sir.”

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