Sharing Donna


My name is James and I am an open minded and adventurous sexual adventurer and I noticed early on that my sex drive was high and I was involved with women that were open minded. I experimented with other men from my early teens with oral sex only but have always preferred women. I did develop a fetish for spanking and for hearing details about my lovers previous experiences while we were having sex. This narrowed the field so to speak but the internet was a perfect place for me to seek out like minded individuals. kaçak iddaa I met quite a few couples online that I hooked up with and women that enjoyed having their bottoms spanked in a variety of role play situations. Ironically, I met David because I worked with his girlfriend Donna.Because she later became my wife, most would say that we met in an unusual way, being involved with the same man, and we all met during an adventurous three way weekend and the chemistry between Donna and I led us to where kaçak bahis we are today. David, her boyfriend then, and I had shared several women previously and had evolved into pleasuring just each other from time to time. Donna was hot and heavy with him and we both fucked her on numerous occasions but there were no hard feelings when she gravitated to me and we began the relationship that we have today.I am basically orally bi and my wife just loves to fuck, and loves sucking dick also, which serves us illegal bahis both well. I do share her from time to time with other men and we both enjoy the cocks of the men we choose to invite into our private lives. We pride ourselves on our discretion and our skill in selecting our playmates for their passive and submissive traits combined with impressively large dicks. We are in charge of playtime and we require our playmates to follow our rules and this is made clear from the beginning.It just so happened that David, the man previously mentioned, and the man who I was orally involved with when I met her happened to call today to see how we were and Donna, my wife, whispered in my ear with a little giggle.

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