Sharing My Erotic Confession Ch. 02

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Sitting by the warm campfire, as the summer night grew chilly, (it often does in the Canadian Rockies,) I prepared to tell Steve about another encounter of mine. We shared a lot this man and I, he was the only person who knew my innermost secrets and desires. I had the thought that somewhere behind that smiling, good natured facade, that he was also living out some of his fantasies in mine.

” Well, Steve, do you remember that hot Brazilian, Marco that I told you about?”

Steve nodded and smiled bigger as I told him my next story…

Marco was a guy that I had met at a party one night. He was there with a friend of mine named Jen. He was about 5’8 had short dark hair, and a slim build. Now I’m usually not attracted to short, thin guys, but there was this ‘thing’ that emanated from Marco, a certain sexuality that I found compelling. I ran into him and Jen a couple other times as well, and then one night Jen dumped him in the middle of a big party and left with some guy she just met.

‘What an opportunity’ I thought to myself as I slithered up next to him and asked if he needed a ride home. What Brazilian man could resist me as I looked at him through my long dark lashes, my big brown eyes so sympathetic. I guess he felt a little humiliated because he wanted to go home right away. We talked a little as I drove, he had a thick accent but I was picking up on it fast. He had been in the states for a couple of years working for a consulting firm here in Seattle.

When we reached Marco’s apartment he invited me in to finish our conversation. He really seemed like a nice guy and I was mad at Jen for being a friend of mine who did what she did. If it were me I would have made ‘later’ arrangements with the other guy and took Marco home first, feigning exhaustion or PMS or something.

He had a big apartment and kept it pretty tidy, reminding me if I was to take him home with me sometime, that I’d better straighten up the place first.

We had a couple of beers and talked for hours. He said it was no big deal about Jen, that theirs was just a casual relationship, but he thought that she was tactless for leaving him like that. I readily agreed and told him that I could never do that to someone. We talked about Brazil and Seattle and how they contrasted with each other. The more we talked, the more we drank, then the conversation led into sex. Good we were finally on my favorite subject. I always felt that if sex were an academic course, I would get straight A’s, probably A+’s.

I was getting extremely excited and wondered if Marco might be feeling the same way. It didn’t take me long to find out.

“Kat, I want to show you something” he said.

Marco took my hand and proceeded to lead me down the hallway to his bedroom. As we walked inside he flipped the switch canlı bahis startling me. His bedroom was massive and along one full wall were mirrors mounted from floor to ceiling. ‘Wow’, I thought to myself, wild horses couldn’t drag me away now. I’m sure he could see by my face that I was turned on, and next thing I knew he was pulling me to him and kissing me. My God was this guy ever hot, I was thinking as he kissed me slowly. His hands came up and started unbuttoning my blouse, button by button, agonizingly slow. His lips followed the trail of buttons, slowly planting fiery hot kisses down my chest. I could feel butterflies in my stomach, hundreds of them aching to be free, as he dropped my blouse on the floor and unhooked my bra. His mouth found my breast as he pulled my bra free and dropped it to the floor also. He teased my nipple with his tongue, licking it, sucking it, nibbling on it. My breathing was catching in my throat, as his hand came up to massage my other breast.

I could see our reflection in the mirror and the scene presented to me was one of extreme erotic proportions, having a mesmerizing effect on me. I watched the image as Marco unbuttoned my pants and kneeling on the floor, slid them off of me. I was left standing before him in my black thong. He reached up and pulled that off as well.

I watched our reflection as Marco, still kneeling, kissed the back of my knee, his lips so hot they scorched my skin. His tongue like a warm wet snake made its way up the back of my thigh, leaving a wet trail. The sensation was nearly unbearable, and by the time he reached my ass, I was squirming in anticipation. He massaged my cheeks with his hands, and gently bit down on my right.

The mirror told me that he was standing, and then I felt his tongue snaking up over my ass cheeks to my lower back. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but my back is the most sensitive spot on my body. Marco seemed to sense this and started trailing his hot tongue all over my back, doing little circles and other shapes. I watched his hands reflected in the mirror come up to take a breast in each one.

By the time his mouth reached my neck, I was covered in giant goose bumps. My nipples were so hard I thought they were going to break off in his fingers. His hands fell away from me and the looking glass showed him pulling his own clothes off. It didn’t take him long and soon he was standing behind me again, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror as his scorching hot mouth branded my shoulder with a kiss.

I wanted to close my eyes but was afraid of missing what the mirror was presenting. I fought to keep them open as he slid around in front of me and kissed my lips. I watched his firmly rounded butt as he kissed my neck, covering the whole area with his blazing lips. Moaning lightly as his heated bahis siteleri mouth again found and kissed my breast, I wondered how much more of this I could take.

Marco gently slid down onto the thick rich carpeting, pulling me with him. His lips burnt highways across my chest, from one breast to the next. My hands were holding his head, fingers gently running through his short hair, my eyes still glued to the erotic scene in the mirror.

Sliding back up to my mouth, Marco looked into my eyes and slowly licked my lips. A shiver ran through me, a quivering aching desire as he put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “Kathrynn, tell me how much you want me to make love to you.”

Not being one to waste time or mince words, my comeback was quick and to the point. “Marco, I want you now.”

He stood , grabbing my hand and helping me up, as he walked across the carpet to sit on the edge of the bed. Sitting down next to him, I couldn’t help but notice his desire standing straight at attention, wanting attention. I put my hand around him and felt him quickly draw in a breath. He gently removed my hand and put it to his lips, kissing it, as he told me that I was the one who was being made love to. Hey, who am I to argue, if he wanted to do all of the work, it was fine with me.

Laying me back onto the bed, our legs hanging over the edge, he softly bit my neck as his hand found my warm moist opening. His skillful fingers made their way through my folds and into my warmth, gently working into me. His thumb came in contact with my hard little bud and spoiled it with attention, rubbing and flicking it, making it grow bigger and harder.

I was laying there feeling it all, experiencing these wonderful sensations when I really became aware of the room I was in. Opening my eyes wide, as I lay there on my back, I realized I was looking up into a mirrored ceiling. This served to elevate my degree of arousal, as I’m sure it was meant to do, and I watched as his head moved down over my stomach, wandering over an imaginary pathway of hot passionate lust, his fingers burying themselves deeper inside of me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the likeness I saw above , as Marco made his way lower , giving little attention to my navel as he traveled down the lusty track. His lips inflamed my senses as they met with my warm sex, scorching their way to find my hard excited nub waiting expectantly for a kiss. Marco’s skill was uncontested as he set my body on fire with his hot passionate lips, his tongue burying itself between my legs as I fidgeted uncontrollably.

My heart raced in my chest, as Marco pulled himself back up to me and kissed my mouth. Taking my bottom lip between his teeth he gently sucked while his hand smoothed the hair away from my face.

“Roll over,” he instructed bahis şirketleri as he broke off the kiss, his voice filled with desire.

I rolled over on my stomach as he helped me onto my knees at the edge of the bed, my hands helping in support. He got up and stood behind me, running his fingers down through my wet opening. I could feel his hard shaft pressing itself to my warm lips, as his hand moved to guide him there. He had one hand on my hip the other between my legs as he slowly entered me.

Letting out my breath, unaware that I was holding it, I felt Marco start to pull out, then he plunged himself in fully, evoking a cry from my deep within me. He reached down and pulled my arms up behind me, causing me to raise up against him. I looked over to the mirror and was rewarded by a view so spectacular that I couldn’t turn away. I could see a side profile of all that we were doing in vivid detail.

I watched as Marco lowered his head licking my shoulders and I let out a shudder. He kissed the back of my neck, gently sucking, then kissing again. He did everything so languidly, taking a slow and gentle approach as opposed to the one my body was screaming out to him. My impatience nearly rose to the surface, as I mentally beat it into submission, becoming dormant once more.

The mirror told us both that it liked the show, as we watched each others actions and movements, the images stark and sexy, reflecting back at us.

Marcos hands came around to hold my breasts, his deft fingers found my nipples easily, and pulled on them. His hips picked up the pace as we were glued together, moving in rhythm, our bodies following some unseen ritualistic dance. Marco was licking my neck, then blowing on it, when I decided I could take no more. I closed my eyes to the visions before me and let my passion take over.

Moaning loudly and breathing fast but deep, I reached my hand down between my legs and started rubbing my hard bud. I could feel every thrust and as they became quicker and quicker, my hand rubbed faster and faster. I could feel Marco biting down on my shoulder as I started one shuddering orgasm after another. My hand continued its manipulations as I felt him start to shake, feeling his hot liquid shooting inside of me again and again.

Opening my eyes, I looked to the mirror, watching the scene before me of two people in the throes of ecstasy, covered in sweat, and at the end of one hell of a climactic experience.

“It was a real turn-on,” I told Steve as I relived that moment in time. “Just seeing us as we came together, and that damn mirror….”

“Well it certainly sounds like a very erotic experience,” he said. “have you seen him since?”

Laughing and shaking my head as I said, “C’mon, Steve, you and I both know that he is not my type. The situation presented itself and I took advantage of it. That’s it.” Trying to look and sound innocent was not fooling Steve.

He looked at me a little cynically and just nodded his head. I mean, he does know me better than anyone.

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