Sharing my hot wife

Sharing my hot wifeFor anyone who has read some of my previous posts, you’re probably thinking you two are bisexual swingers, what’s the big deal with sharing your wife. This time was just a little different. We had always played together when we would play with other swingers. We’d always be in the same room, same house, same hotel, different rooms, but always together. This time my wife would be on her own with a guy I barely knew in a hotel room. My wife took a new job with a different company not long before this event took place. In the job she left, she’d been there for a number of years and had established good working relationships with most of the people at the company. One guy in particular was quite fond of her. I knew that they would flirt quite a bit at work, she would always tell me about it. I assumed it was quite innocent. My wife always dressed for work in what I always referred to as provocative business attire. She somehow managed to always show off just a little of her hot sexy body in the way she dressed. This led to some flirtations and comments from this one guy in particular. He was married and had a wife he described as giving up and not caring about herself anymore. Apparently while interacting with my wife, he’d tell her how his wife no longer cared about sex. My wife and I had met his wife at a couple of company events over time. She left us with that same impression and it was obvious she had let herself go. Being a family man, he was reluctant to do anything that would change their household. Even though my wife had moved on to another company, they kept in contact with each other.One evening while my wife and I were sitting on the couch, she starting talking about him and his situation. I knew she felt a little sorry for him I sensed that no longer having a work relationship, she’d be comfortable having sex with him. “You know, the way you’re talking about him, I get the impression you’d like to fuck him” I said. “I’ve really fantasized about that a lot lately” she said. “I get that impression” I said. “You know” she said “On more than one occasion he’s jokingly told me how much fun it would be if he could have sex with me”. “I’m sure” I said. “Are you suggesting that we have a threesome with him”? “I know we always said we would do it together when we played with other people, but I’d really like to do it with him alone”. I just sat there staring blankly at her. “You know how much I love watching you” I said. “If that’s what you really want, I’ll be ok with it.” Within a couple of days, she came home one afternoon to inform me that they had talked and he was all excited about the possibility. “He’s making arrangements for us to go to a hotel for an evening” she informed me. “He can’t get away for a whole night so we’ll check in and spend the evening together”. “He and I talked about how you and I always played together and how you like to watch”. he said he doesn’t have a problem with me setting up a web cam as long as it doesn’t get recorded”. “Nice” I said. “It’ll be fun to watch”. A week later, the two of them checked into a hotel about 50 miles from where we live. I turned on our home pc and coordinated it with the laptop webcam my wife had set up in the room. She called me on her cell phone and put it on speaker so I could hear as well as see the action. As I settled myself in front of the PC, I could see into the hotel room. Since web cam technology was fairly new back then, the picture wasn’t the greatest, kind of fuzzy in the dim light, and where it was placed seemed far from the bed, but I was just happy to be able to see into the room. He was sitting in a chair next bursa escort to a small table and my wife was sitting on his lap. She had obviously dressed for the occasion. She had on a short skirt with a slit up the side, nude pantyhose and red high heels. She had a white button down blouse that was pretty shear in that you could see a darker bra underneath. They were both sipping on a glass of wine and I could see he was whispering in her ear. It wasn’t long before my wife turned her head to face him and they set their wine glasses on the table. I watched as he started to kiss her passionately, his arms wrapped around her waist as they were making out. She kicked her red high heels off and they went flying partially across the the room. They continued to make out for what seemed like such a long time before I watched as his hand made it’s way to the buttons on her blouse. He slowly unbuttoned all the buttons and she slipped out of her blouse and it fell to the floor. My cock was really starting to get hard as I saw him unhook her bra and it fell to the floor also. His fingers found her nipples and as he kissed her deeply. She turned toward him to where he could get his mouth on one of her nipples and started to kiss and suck it. Over the phone, I heard the distinct moan from her lips, as he worked on her sensitive nipple. She turned even further toward him and he had access to both breast and he was tonguing and sucking one, then the other. I could tell, she was lost in the sensations. One of his hands had found the slit in her skirt and it had disappeared up along her gorgeous leg to her crotch area. I was sure he was fingered her pussy thought the material of her panties and pantyhose. The moans from her lips were getting more frequent and louder, a sign that she was getting really turned by all this attention. Just that quick, she pulled away from him, stood up in front of him and undid her skirt. The skirt fell to the floor and she just stood there in front of him with nothing on but her panties and pantyhose. I watched as he moved from the chair to his knees in front of her. His hands inserted inside the top of her pantyhose and panties on both sides of her hips. He slowly slid them to the floor. She stepped out of them and was completely naked in front of him. He put his hands on her ass cheeks as he buried his face in her pussy. The moans coming from the phone were getting louder and more frequent. I was stripping my clothes off and holding my cock as I watched her hold his head against her crotch. I could tell by the way her body was twitching and the noises coming from her throat that she was feeling the sensations of orgasm. I heard her beg him to stop as she let go of his head. He stood up and pulled his shirt off revealing his bare partially hairy chest. My wife dropped to her knees in front of him and undid his pants. She pulled his pants and his briefs down to the floor. He kick them off and took off his socks. He too was now completely naked. I watched as my wife took hold of his already erect cock. She pushed it up and put her mouth on his balls, one at a time and sucked them into her mouth. I listened as he said “that feels so good, my wife never does that to me”. “I’m not your wife” was her response. “I’m going to make you feel so much better than she can” I heard her say. Slowly she let his balls go and started to lick and kiss all the way up the length of his shaft until she got to the head. It slowly disappeared until most of it was deep in her mouth. The look on his face was priceless even though the picture was fuzzy. “Take it all” he said. She pulled off his cock, stood up and led bursa escort bayan him to the bed. She laid on the bed on her back and put her head over the side. “I can probably take it all now” she said. He moved toward her head and put his cock back in her mouth. I watched as it disappeared completely this time. He started to fuck her face as she sucked on his cock. I had to get up and move away to keep from cumming myself. When I got back to the screen, they were both laying on the bed and making out again, their nude bodies locked together. That’s something that my wife really loves. He laid on his back as my wife started to strattle his hips and cock. I watched as he reached for a condom on the night stand. But before he could open it, I heard her say, you wouldn’t need that as she lowered her wet pussy on his cock. His cock didn’t look any more impressive than mine as she was stroking it and sucking it. But at that moment with it sticking straight up where I got a better view, it was obvious that it was a little longer than my 6.5 inches, but it appeared thicker too. Slowly I watched as it disappeared inside that wet hot tight pussy of hers. The sounds coming from her lips, the moans, the giggles, the sighs, all adding to the moment as she worked to take that whole tool inside her. She started to work her body up and down riding his big member, slow at first then faster and faster until she drove herself into a massively intense orgasm. I heard her moaning , oh god, oh no, oh god as her body was convulsing and twitching all over on his cock. “Oh god your pussy feels so hot and tight when you come” I heard him say. “Slide off, I’m cumming” he was saying so loud he was almost yelling. I knew she was not about to pull off. She just kept riding it staring into his face as his body contorted and lifted upward toward her and she drove her body down on his cock to get it as deep as she could. His body started twitching wildly and he was making long guttural sounds as he emptied all of his cum deep inside her pussy. She collapsed onto his chest and a laid there until his cock softened up and fell out. I watched as she slid off and laid next to him and put her head on his chest. He had his arm around her and she was running her hand over his chest and stomach. They weren’t saying much as they lay there, but I watched as she started to work her hand down farther until she got to his cock. She started to stroke it and soon as he was moaning “that feels so nice”. I watched as his cock was got solidly erect again. Soon it stood straight out. “I came here to fuck you good today” I heard her say. She rolled over on her back and said “I need that cock inside me again”. He rolled over laid between her already open legs and laid on top of her. I watched again as his cock disappeared inside my wife’s wet sloppy pussy. I could see the juices running out as he penetrated it deep. She wrapped her legs around his waist as they fell into a steady rhythm of him pounding her pussy hard and fast. He kissed her passionately again as his cock was fucking her deep. She turned her head slightly and I could see the look on her face as a massive orgasm took over. She was moaning, almost screaming, and her body was bouncing all over. I knew that this would be a turn on for him as he just kept going faster and making her take it all. She was lost in multiple orgasms as she’s prone to do when she gets fucked like that. She begged him to stop, she was telling him she couldn’t take it anymore, but that wasn’t going to happen. But it would stop soon after as he let out a big oh fuck I’m cumming again. He made no attempt to stop this time. görükle escort His body was shuddering and at the angle the camera was, I could see his balls pulsate as he emptied his sperm into her body one more time. I watched as he pulled out and rolled off of her. Both laying on the bed their chests heaving up and down. “That was so great” he said. “I’ve never felt anything like that before”. “Glad you enjoyed it “she said, “I know I did”.After a while they stood up and I watched as they had more wine. I remember how my rock hard cock was covered in pre cum and I hadn’t even touched it. When they finished the wine, they headed in and showered together. When they came out of the bathroom, I expected to see them get dressed and leave. I was sort of stunned when he wrapped his arm around her and pulled their naked bodies close to each other. As they stood there passionately kissing, I heard me wife say, “fuck me one more time before we go”. “I would love to” he said. Standing there, she stroked him until he was hard again. She climbed on the bed on all fours and got into a doggie position. He climbed in behind her and slipped that hard cock all the way in again. She jumped, that feeling of his big cock penetrating her all the way up inside at once. He slowly fucked her for what seemed like another hour both of them lost in each other, my wife experiencing even more very intense orgasms. This went on endlessly until he got his final release of the night. With one big thrust and lots of moans and growls his body convulsed and he filling my wife’s pussy with his semen. I waited up for her to get home. I met her at the door, still naked and amazingly, still rock hard even after all that time. She smiled when she saw my cock straight out. She grabbed it and led me to our bedroom and I watched as she stripped herself down until she was naked. I noticed that she had put a wash cloth inside her panties to catch his cum running out of her on the ride home. She sat on the edge of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. As she was sucking and cleaning the pre cum off, I whispered to her, “It looked like you really enjoyed yourself tonight”. “It was wonderful” she said. “I’m happy for you” was all I could think to say. “Fuck me” she said and she laid back on the bed her legs spread wide open. Her pussy was so wet and sticky as I plunged my cock all the way in. “My cock isn’t as big as his, but it feels so good and so gooey in your pussy” I said. “I can feel his and your cum all over it.”. “I love your cock and I was hoping you would feel his cum on it” she said. “Does it feel good as I’d hoped” she asked as I kept fucking her. “I love it” I said as I punished her pussy with my cock. She was coming wildly and uncontrollably underneath me. My orgasm started to build and it raced slowly through my body and into my cock as I exploded deep inside her. I was shooting reams of cum deep inside her already hot wet sticky pussy. She laid in my arms and I held her tight before we drifted off to sleep. “He had such a bigger cock and it was so hard, was it all you thought it would be” I asked. “It was more than I could have imagined”. she said. “I loved his cock and the fact that I gave him much more than his wife ever could”. “That’s not the first time you’ve given someone something better than they get at home”. I laughed. “He wants me to do it again soon”. she added. “Really, not just a one time thing like you originally thought”. I asked. I told him “if we do it again, I want you there with me as a threesome”. I told him “I wouldn’t let him have me to himself alone anymore”. “What was his response” I asked. He said ” No problem, he’d do anything I want to have a night like that again”. Besides she said, “I’m selfish, I want your two cocks together for a night”. And, so as you can guess, we did it as a threesome on more than one occasion after that.

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