Sharing the Load Snowballing

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Sharing the Load Snowballing”Have you ever heard of snowballing?” my wife asked me one night as she sensed my moment of climax rapidly approaching.We often spoke to each other during sex, even oral sex, which was our preferred method of satisfying ourselves and each other.Recently we had increased our gym nights from two to three each week, working out on the machines and enjoying the ever-present eye candy. For a couple in our forties, we were both in pretty good shape, if I must say so myself, and sweating and straining at the gym helped keep us feeling young at heart, plus it never failed to put us in the mood for the bedroom festivities which inevitably followed. Our typical gym nights always ended the same way, with us tearing our clothes off as soon as we entered our home and sharing a hot, steamy shower together before practically devouring each other in our king-size bed. As much as I enjoyed her taste and smell anytime, my wife drew me like a starving man to a banquet when we were both fresh from the shower. Something about being so clean always made me feel like doing something very dirty!On this particular night, after reaching her first orgasm at the tip of my curious and nimble tongue, my beautiful wife returned the favor by licking, nuzzling, and sucking me with all of the skill she had perfected over many years of marriage and countless previous canlı bahis opportunities. Then, intuitively knowing my orgasm was near, as she was always able to sense, she teased me by taking me out of her mouth and asking the question that would ultimately change our lives.I would not say we were in a rut, in fact, far from it, despite our years of monogamy. My wife and I had tasted and experienced each other in just about every way imaginable, and in some very interesting places. We shared our imaginations just as eagerly as we shared our bodies, neither of us placing limits on the other’s lustful desires. But it had been quite some time since we had tried anything new. And new, especially when it was suggested by my wife, usually meant exciting!Oral sex was our old standby, dating back to the time when we were high school sweethearts and used to sneak quick tastes of each other whenever we could get away with it. Somehow, while still mutually pleasurable all these years later, it was also very comfortable. It was certainly a routine, but I never thought of it as a rut.So despite our experiments in bringing pleasure to each other throughout our marriage, I had never heard of snowballing, at least not the definition my wife shared with me that night. It was not to be the only thing she would share with me that night, and every time since.Snowballing, bahis siteleri my beautiful wife explained to me while my erection pulsated in her soft hand, was when the man would reach orgasm in the woman’s mouth, but then, instead of swallowing it, she would pass the load back to the man via a passionate kiss, and he would swallow it.As I mentioned already, I had not heard of this before, and despite my state of near-orgasmic arousal, it did not appeal to me. While it was true my wife had swallowed countless mouthfuls of my semen, and if I had to guess how many loads she had consumed in her lifetime, I couldn’t even guess, the idea of swallowing semen, even my own, sounded like the last thing I would ever want to do.”Would you like to try it?” she asked while still holding me in her soft hand and licking me ever so gently, adding, “I think it would be very sexy.”I don’t know what possessed me at the time, maybe it was the way she said, “very sexy,” while holding and licking my throbbing member. But somehow I whispered, “OK,” and that was it. She went back to giving me possibly the most intense sexual experience, up to that point in my life, sucking and squeezing me until she had taken every single last drop.That is when it became really interesting.I was exhausted from the workout she had given me, completely spent. She was full of energy, among other bahis şirketleri things, and kissed her way back up to my face without saying a word. Although I sort of knew what was going to happen next, or at least I thought I knew, I was helpless to do anything except lay there in the bed I had made for myself with my whispered utterance of approval.When my beautiful wife got to my face, she held my chin with one hand and planted her mouth directly on mine, maintaining that contact long enough for me to open my mouth. For a split second it was a normal kiss, like the thousands we had shared at times like this for so many years, and I had a fleeting thought that maybe she had swallowed my load and was only teasing me about snowballing the whole time, just to see how I would react.Then she filled my mouth to the point of overflowing with the hot mixture of my semen and her saliva, pushing it down with her agile tongue.I had no idea there would be so much!Reflexively I swallowed the entire load, while she continued to kiss and suck my mouth with more passion than I had ever experienced in her kiss. And I have to admit, I absolutely loved it! Even the taste of my semen surprised me, if I can claim to have tasted it that night. It had always been such an intense feeling to reach orgasm in my beautiful wife’s mouth, I would never have expected that it could be even better.Needless to say, from that night onward, snowballing has become a regular part of our lovemaking, and my anticipation of the exchange magnifies the intensity of my orgasm in my beautiful wife’s mouth exponentially.

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